25 Incredible Balayage Dark Brown Hair Colors to Steal

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

#1: Dark Balayage for Long Hair

A dark balayage is a great option for those wanting to add depth and dimension to long hair. I recommend this color for natural, lived-in waves. It will contrast the lowlights and highlights, creating an effortless look. Be sure to tell your colorist you want dark brown tones with light caramel pieces blended in your hair. To maintain balayage, use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner weekly. I recommend Davines OI All In One Milk to protect your color from quickly fading.

Glossy Dark Brunette Balayage Tones
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#2: Glossy Brunette Balayage Tones

Glossy brunette balayage tones are perfect for brightening up naturally dark hues. This subtle addition of candlelit warmth brightens the eyes and face, enhancing the person’s facial features.

Dark brownish caramel balayage hair color
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#3: Dark Brownish Caramel Balayage

Try a brownish caramel balayage if you have dark hair and want a low-maintenance color. This color is helpful to warm up your complexion and give you a sun-kissed look.

#4: Glossy Balayage with Blonde Tones

Are you a woman with long, wavy hair looking to add depth and dimension? A glossy balayage with blonde tones is a stunning option. This hair color features a seamless blend of creamy and neutral blonde highlights. They create a sun-kissed effect against the rich, dark brown base. The result is a natural-looking, multi-dimensional hair color. It works best for those with warm skin tones. To achieve this look, ask your colorist to create a balayage effect that adds depth and volume to your hair.

Sultry Long Dark Brown Balayage Hair with a Money Piece and Middle Part
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#5: Sultry Long Dark Brown Hair with a Money Piece

Having sultry long balayage hair with a money piece is a great way to switch up your style. To make this look pop, use a large curling iron or wand to create soft waves. It will help accentuate the balayage color. Use a hairspray with a medium to medium hold to keep the curls soft and bouncy all day. You can keep your style in place without making it look stiff. An oil-based serum helps tame flyaways and add shine to your look, so you can end up with a sleek and stylish finish.

Luscious dark brown to ash blonde balayage
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#6: Luscious Dark Brown to Ash Blonde

Gorgeous dark brown to ash blonde balayage is all the rave this year. This one looks like you just sprinkled frosting all over your luscious locks!

#7: Stunning Dark Hazelnut Tones

These stunning dark hazelnut tones on a current all-over brunette color are divine. Avoid over-lightening. Instead, ask for a more natural golden or caramel shade to avoid becoming too intense. Try the Moroccanoil color complete service for high shine and color longevity. Rock some curls to give your hair more fullness.

#8: Dark Brown Base with Light Ends

Dark rich espresso roots fading into a soft brightness are a great choice for your next hair. It would be best if you did not go too tone-on-tone, or you will not see as much dimension in the color unless that is your desired look. Wear your hair with some loose luscious waves to show off your new look.

#9: Dark Brown with Copperish Balayage

The copperish balayage is a stunning autumn color that isn’t very common because the copper toner will fade away quickly from the previously bleached locks. If you want to keep the toner longer and maintain it at home, wash your hair less often with cooler water and a copper color-depositing mask or treatment. These products will help you with the longevity of such a colored brown balayage for dark brown hair.

#10: Deep Brunette for Short Hair

There’s nothing quite like a deep brunette balayage for short hair. A subtle, natural highlight on dark hair can bring some movement and dimension to your hair. If you’re considering going lighter all over, your best bet is to start slow and natural with this blonde balayage on dark brown hair. Your first visit may be long, but the follow-up visits will be shorter than your traditional highlights.

#11: Gorgeous Bronde Balayage

A gorgeous bronde balayage is the perfect combination of blonde and brunette tones and will give you a very lived-in effect. If you don’t color your hair often or are very low maintenance when it comes to your hair, a balayage is one of the best options for hair color.

#12: Fall-Inspired Caramel Balayage

Try a fall-inspired caramel balayage on dark brown hair if you want a subtle change to your hair. Fall hair colors include reds, golds, coppers, purples, and shades of brown. Golds and coppers are a great place to start if you plan to color your hair. Golds and coppers look phenomenal paired up with darker balayage brown hair. And this makes it super easy if you already have naturally dark hair.

#13: Curly Balayage

When it comes to curly balayage, one of the best ways to wear your hair is natural. Women with natural curls will love the addition of lightness in this hair, as it will make individual coils and curls stand out and shine.

Yummy dark chocolate brown to light brown balayage
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#14: Yummy Dark Chocolate Brown to Light Chocolate

This gorgeous color combination works regardless of your hair length or hair type. The chocolate brown pops beautifully on deeper complexions.

Dimensional honey balayage highlights on dark brown hair
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#15: Dimensional Brown and Blonde With Honey Highlights

Some sheer highlights to brighten your look. The brown and blonde balayage with dark roots never looked so good together!

Best-looking dark ash brown balayage
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#16: Best-Looking Dark Ash Brown

Natural balayage hairstyles are best if you want a low-maintenance color. Keeping your dark roots makes for a long-lasting grow-out. This is low-maintenance and beautiful, giving you the glow you’ve been looking for without the hassle.

#17: Sophisticated Dark Brunette Lob

Any hair color stands out with a lob haircut. In this case, ask for a color melt to blend with your naturally dark brown hair.

#18: Inspirational Lived-In Blonde and Dark Brown

If you’ve ever wanted to go light and bright, this blonde balayage is your color. Ask your colorist for a more lived-in inspired balayage. Note that it might take several appointments to achieve this color, depending on how dark your hair color is.

#19: Velvety Dark Burgundy and Brown

Rich red velvet and chocolate colors will look amazing on your locks, creating a dimensional hair trend! Big curls create an illusion of mixed velvety and chocolate colors for the best presentation.

Delicious Caramel and Dark Brown
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#20: Delicious Caramel and Dark Brown

There’s only one way to describe this color: a toffee bar dessert blended in all its gooeyness. This full balayage adds radiance and warmth, perfect for those with olive skin tones.

#21: Spiced-Up Red and Dark Brown

A combo of these colors creates a toasted chestnut look that is yummy! The warm tone is slightly spiced up but not bright or in the blonde range. Even though the tone is vivid, the dimension will still blend in with your naturally dark hair, creating something interesting and eye-catching.

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#22: Universally Trendy Black to Dark Brown

A black to dark brown balayage is that it’s so easy to maintain, both cut and color. This haircut is also easy to maintain and style. A few gloss+cut appointments in between are needed to keep the redness and dry ends away.

Glazed Subtle Dark Brown
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#23: Glazed Subtle Dark Brown

The magic of glazes (toners, gloss) goes beyond just making the hair feel good, giving it luster. It can give you a completely different look without going through the whole coloring process again.

Very Bold Light Brown to Dark Brown
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#24: Very Bold Light Brown to Dark Brown

This has rich tones and ribbons of warmth, giving the hair color a unique finish. It stands out while still maintaining a professional appearance. The long layers allow your hair movement to showcase the highlights and bounce your curls. Adding dimension is key when dealing with brunette hair. It helps transform an average color into a showstopper.

#25: Dimensional Low-Maintenance Dark Brown and Silver

This is a great look for brunettes who want to go lighter without fully sacrificing being a brunette and want something low maintenance. The texture layers are also a great choice if you have finer hair and want body and movement in your hair without losing too much weight from the ends. Consult with your stylist about whether or not this look is achievable, and determine how many sessions and in-between stages you will have to go through before this look can be achieved.

A dark brown balayage is a hair color characterized by softer, more natural-looking highlights dispersed on a dark brown base. There is no prettier way to create perfect dimension and movement for your chocolate locks than the balayage way.

If you’re craving a bit of summery feels on your strands, getting intermingling highlights on your dark brown hair is the best way to do it. Hair artist and educator Sue Tyrell does amazing balayage work on dark brown hair, revealing the extra contrast and body you’ll get once you own the look.

You’ll be amazed at how customizable this coloring technique is, and it all depends on you – your features, hair texture, skin tone, and even your lifestyle. Fan-favorite A-listers Miranda Kerr, Jourdan Dunn, Rose Byrne, and Izabel Goulart recently proved how super versatile a dark balayage is with their hairstyles representing all sorts of hair – curly or straight, long or short, and even on different skin tones!

Keep scrolling to get updated on the trendiest dark brown balayage hair colors that will make you want to give your colorist a surprise visit!