Dark Blue Hair – How to Get This Darker Hair Color in 2023

Dark blue hair colors
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Dark blue hair is a hair color that combines a deep blue hue with naturally dark hair. Creating a shade of dark blue requires mixing darker shades of green and violet and painting them on dark hair.

Having your hair a dark blue is a bold fashion statement. It has been popular with celebrities and influencers like Billie Eilish.

Beware that a professional colorist better applies some variations of dark blue hair dyes.

When determining how to get darker blue hair, know that when dyeing it this dark blue, it’s important to pre-lighten your strands first if you want a vibrant result.

A dark blue tint flatters every complexion with its customizable hues, and wearing this dark denim hair color with textures lets you show off the natural highlights and dimension it possesses.

Below are amazing pictures of this year’s best dark blue hair colors for your inspiration!

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Black and Dark Blue Highlights
Instagram @ccahair

#1: Dimensional Black and Dark Blue Highlights

Dark blue highlights on black hair give an amazing look to tussle about. This blue hair dye for dark hair is Cobalt Blue and was done using Joico colors of Sapphire Blue. A beautiful darker blue color enhances your naturally black hair when given a one-length haircut to frame your face. Wash your hair with a color-safe shampoo and cool water. This will help to keep your dark blue hair dye from fading.

#2: Sophisticated Midnight Blue Hair

A dark, midnight blue hair on a sleek bob that’s rounded at the back and goes blunt forward gives you a mysterious and sophisticated vibe. The darkest color of blue works best on women with really dark hair. This blue black hair dye is perfect if you’re over with the usual blonde or brown hair colors.

#3: Medium-Length Dark Blueberry Color

The dark blue trend on medium-length hair looks incredible when keeping your dark roots. It’s almost a deep shade of navy blue hair.

Shiny Curly Dark Blue Hair Color
Instagram @hairby_zoraima

#4: Shiny Curly Dark Blue Hair

An ocean-inspired dark blue hair color is a cute way to flaunt your amazing hair texture and style. With such high-quality hair color, you’ll catch the light and show off an incredible shine that reflects the sea.

#5: Amazing Dark Blue on Beautiful Long Hair

This shade of dark blue hair looks amazing when you mix it with your natural black base! The outcome is a muted, subtle blue and defined on long wavy hair.

#6: Sassy Brown to Dark Blue Ombre

If you have naturally dark hair, this brown to dark blue ombre is just for you! This shade is some blueberry brunette, and the whole look will be amazing on your hair.

#7: Bold & Vibrant Dark Blue on Short Hair

Is this color blue, dark, or black? It’s a combination of all! A dark blue tint on your short hair turns into a magnificent bob! A sleek and high fashion blue-black hair is ideal if you have the confidence and elegance to wear it.

Marvelous Dark Metallic Blue Hair Color
Instagram @hairbytessarah

#8: Marvelous Dark Metallic Blue

If you’re ready for a change, consider a deep dark metallic blue that is a color combination of midnight and navy.  I’m obsessed with marvelous thick waves. Stylist Tessarah tips that patience is needed to own this work of art, as all good things take time!

#9: Electric Dark Neon Blue

A dark neon blue is a vivid color you’ll love. Electric blue hair like this will make you the talk of the town. Get electric with these chilly mermaid ocean hair vibes!

#10: Flattering Dark Sapphire Blue

A dark blue shade is perfect if you have very dark hair. If you want to dye your hair dark blue, then wash your hair as little as possible once you do to preserve your color.

#11: Youthful-Looking Dark Navy Blue

These navy dark blue locks have so much movement with the layered haircut. If you want to pull off a darker blue hairstyle, use a curling iron to create beachy waves. Choose a high-quality coloring product like Joico when considering a black hair dye for a blue-black hair color like in this navy hair.

Trendy Black to Dark Blue Ombre
Instagram @hairbykassieee

#12: Trendy Black to Blue Ombre

If you want a change, try a stunning color blue, a dark black to dark blue ombre. The black hair color was applied first. Then the color blue was added using the balayage technique to give it the dark blue ends.

Mature Dark Grey and Blue Hair Color
Instagram @hairbyangiela

#13: Mature Dark Grey and Blue

A smokey dark blue balayage can be gorgeous on you when mixed with grey tones. The combination of shades creates hints of soft pastel. It’s even way easier to maintain if done with semi-permanent hair color. The coolest thing about it is the dimension from the natural dark locks which contrast with darkened blue hair.

#14: Dynamic Dark Royal Blue

A dark royal blue all-over hair color is a fresh hair dye that not every hairdresser can pull off. When opting for blue dyed hair or any vibrant hair color, you should choose a colorist wisely to see their previous work with bold colors like dark blue hues.

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