15 Stunning Ways to Get The Dark Ash Blonde Hair Color Trend

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Dark ash blonde hair is a deep shade of blonde with a touch of grey for cool and smokey undertones. It’s trendy among girls and is the perfect hair color for every mood and every season!

Opt for this shade to lighten your natural brunette locks without getting a platinum hue. Otherwise, you can use this hair dye if you’re a blonde babe who likes a deeper tone.

Balayage, highlights, ombre, with shadow roots—there are many ways to apply this color to your mane. Choose whatever can offer you a dimensional effect to go well with your skin complexion.

Let your colorist know how you want it to appear, says the hairstylist and owner of Hare Studio, Effie Lei. This is vital to avoid getting the unwanted “too yellow” or “too grey” pigment. More of the ashy tone reflects a darker-toned finish, while the more blonde side makes it look lighter.

Expert colorists like Lei will consider the integrity of your mane. If it seems damaged and has the opposite shades, you may not get your desired look after one session. Be patient, and Lei guarantees that you’ll get there eventually.

Take it from the stars Amanda Seyfried, Cara Delevigne, and Elizabeth Olsen. Getting it done took time and effort, but these ladies nailed it! If they can rock this trend with flair, you can, too!

In time, the blonde hair color may get warm and brassy, so Lei suggests using Milbon’s blue shampoo. “You need to neutralize the orange underlying pigment…to maintain your ash tone.” He adds, “I recommend it because it’s not drying your hair like other brands.”

Now’s the time to try new hair colors and hairstyles. Let’s dive into this gorgeous trend. Get inspiration from these photos of the most stunning dark ash blonde hair color ideas!

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Dimensional Grey and Dark Ash Blonde Hair
Instagram @toan.d.mai

#1: Dimensional Grey and Dark Ash Blonde

The magic of grey and dark ash blonde with a shadow root will leave you in awe. It provides a low-key result with its softer and lighter shade. Therefore, this grey-blonde hair color perfectly matches your mid-length waves.

Stunning Silver Ash Blonde Hair Color
Instagram @sabinamakeover

#2: Stunning Silver Ash Blonde

Try silver ash blonde for a stunning darker blonde. Ask a stylist if your hair can be lightened enough for an ashy tone, as it may only work for some.

Gorgeous Ash Blonde with Dark Roots on Short Hair
Instagram @toan.d.mai

#3: Gorgeous Ash Blonde with Dark Roots on Short Hair

A combo of dark roots and ash blonde on short hair means low maintenance. It already appears captivating, which matches your innate beauty. Fringe and waves paired with a shoulder-length cut will display the blonde balayage better.

Subtle Blonde Hair with Dark Ash Blonde Highlights
Instagram @idastyles

#4: Subtle Blonde Hair with Dark Ash Blonde Highlights

Here’s blonde hair with dark ash blonde highlights to form a subtle but still fab dimension. Jazz it up with a shadow root, allowing your natural tresses to grow without destroying your hair. Wearing it down straight and on a mid-length chop would be great.

Smokey Brown to Dark Ash Blonde Ombre
Instagram @scalisalon

#5: Smokey Brown to Dark Ash Blonde

Start with your dark root, then let your tone melt from brown to a dark ash blonde hair color. You’ll achieve a smokey ombre finish, perfect for getting rid of brassy ends. Make the long layers of your haircut noticeable by adding beach waves.

Flattering Dark Ash on Light Blonde Hair
Instagram @kevinhairsalon

#6: Flattering Dark Ash on Light Blonde Hair

Flattering dark ash on light blonde hair with dark roots is how you get a dark ash blonde tone. It’ll go well with your color, creating a dimensional illusion. When you have such long lovely locks, please don’t fret about pulling off this trend, but you should style it with soft waves.

Natural-Looking Dark Ash Blonde
Instagram @adamdoesstyle

#7: Natural-Looking Dark Ash Blonde

Nothing can exceed the beauty of an effortless and relaxed-looking style and color. Though versatile on any cut, this natural dark ash-blonde hue would look gorgeous on your long, wavy locks. A shadow root makes it low maintenance and easy to let your natural hair color grow out.

#8: Stunning Dark Ashy Blonde on Bleached Hair

Stunning on bleached hair, a blonde balayage works well with a root smudge and beach waves. Movement on these strands is luscious, emphasizing this ashy-toned hair. Growing out your long, wavy mane will always be exciting with this trend.

Traces of Dark Ash Blonde Ideal for Brown Hair
Instagram @kevinhairsalon

#9: Traces of Dark Ash Blonde Ideal for Brown Hair

Subtle traces of dark ash blonde are ideal for brown hair. They do a great job of adding spice to your complete look. As you pull off a sweet and bubbly aura, this color will look gorgeous on any haircut you have.

#10: Dynamic Dark Brown Hair with Ash Blonde

Give this hairstyle and color a go when given long and fine tresses. The color melting effect plus the smooth waves create a soft movement that goes with thick locks. Your dark brown hair with ash blonde will win everyone’s attention.

Beautiful Dark Ash Blonde Highlights on Black Hair
Instagram @kevinhairsalon

#11: Beautiful Dark Ash Blonde Highlights on Black Hair

These dark tresses look amazing thanks to the voluminous waves and streaks of a lighter hue. Dark ash blonde highlights on black hair, done via balayage, glimmer in the sunlight. Add layers to your hair to add more movement and give your dark blonde hair color more life.

Stunning Dark Ash Blonde on Straight Hair
Instagram @kevinhairsalon

#12: Stunning Dark Ash Blonde on Straight Hair

Getting hints of dark ash blonde on your straight hair gives your hair more depth and dimension for a more eye-catching look. With a root shadow and subtle color melt, you’re about to tell the world whose mane is alluring.

Lovely Ashy Dark Blonde on Dark Hair
Instagram @kevinhairsalon

#13: Lovely Ashy Dark Blonde on Dark Hair

Your long, voluminous, and black locks need some brightening up. A dark ash blonde balayage with babylights turns out lovely on dark hair. The length and waves frame your face; this smoky dark blonde hair color will flatter your medium skin tone.

Classic Black to Dark Ash Blonde Ombre
Instagram @kevinhairsalon

#14: Classic Black to Dark Ash Blonde Ombre

A black to dark ash blonde ombre is real, and you must try it! Don’t these shades blend beautifully? The movement caused by waves looks amazing, especially on a long and thin mane. I recommend using hair treatments and purple hair shampoo to maintain this ash-black hair. Also, try your best to stay away from over-the-counter hair dye. When you arrive at your hair salon, the more natural your hair is, the better the results will be.

#15: Statement-Making Curly Dark Ash Blonde

In a world full of blonde, you can pull off a curly dark ash blonde hair color and make a statement! Nothing’s better than a long hairstyle filled with defined kinks plus a chic color.

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