60+ Trending Copper Hair Color Ideas for Spring 2023

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Copper hair is a blend of red and bronze colors and because there is no natural tone a copper hair dye is needed to achieve it. Copper is one of the most popular red hair colors for women right now. There are different shades of copper hair, including soft strawberry, and deep ginger to a copper penny. This hue is a slightly darker red compared to auburn hair color.

Picking the right combo will brighten your skin and give life to your tresses.

Here are images and pictures of the best copper hair colors that are trending this year for your inspiration!

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#1: Glossy Pumpkin Spice Copper Lob

Try a pumpkin spice copper long bob if you love vibrant hair. Dyeing your hair a vibrant copper is fun but will require lots of upkeep on your end and more frequent trips to the hair salon. Make sure to invest in good hair products and only shampoo 1-2 times per week in cold water. Style with loose curls and a shine spray to give your hair a glossy finish.

Spicy Copper for long haired women with a middle part
Instagram @catcoiffeur

#2: Spicy Copper

Consider a spicy copper red hair color. Copper will give you an elevated, sophisticated look. Ask for a level and tone of copper red that suits your skin tone and a root melt. Having depth at the root makes your copper look dimensional. Plus, it works great with darker hair tones. A demi-permanent color will reflect a lot of shine and add longevity to your color.

Stunning Mid-Length Copper and Blonde Hair Highlights
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#3: Stunning Mid-Length Copper and Blonde Hair Highlights

Copper and blonde hair highlights are a beautiful and unique way to add depth and dimension to any style. For a truly show-stopping look, ask your colorist for a combo of warm and cool tones. These should range from golden blonde to a vibrant copper shade. This color is best achieved when the highlights are woven in the hair in a natural pattern. So it’s essential to avoid heavy sections or a block of color. With the correct care and regular trips to the salon, this color can be easily maintained.

Beautiful Copper Makeover for Women with fine hair and choppy ends
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#4: Copper Makeover

A copper makeover is a perfect way to give your fine hair an edgy new look. Warm, golden, and copper hues playing with the contrast of light and dark can make your features stand out. For your new color choice, it’s best to avoid using too much heat styling. The color can quickly become dull and lifeless.

Amazing Copper Peach Hair Color
Instagram @romeufelipe

#5: Amazing Copper Peach

Spice up your locks with an amazing copper peach color. When you wear your hair with warm tones, your hair will look rich and shiny. If you have never tried copper tones, don’t forget to take little steps first. Try copper highlights first before coloring all your hair.

#6: All-Over Dark Copper

Color changes from light blondes to rich deep copper reds require time and expertise. The key to achieve this look is a double process starting with a fill on the hair. This is when you add the underlying warmth at the level you’d like to help the tone and longevity of color. If you don’t fill your color your hair will wash out and be completely flat! Following this process, you will apply your final color over the copper filled hair and rinse.

#7: Show-Stopping Copper Layers

Copper is the most asked for trend this season! This is a universal color, great on any skin tone, and easily achievable. My best advice would be to have your stylist show you a variety of copper shades. Or, come prepared with some of your own inspiration pictures like this one. Be prepared to love this look no matter how you decide to wear your hair!

#8: Dimensional Red-Copperish Short Hair

One of the best ways to spice up your color is by doing a combination of red and copper. During your consultation with your stylist, ask for an all-over dark red copper with light copper highlights. This has pumpkin spice written all over it! Perfect if you are looking for a new fall look.

#9: Bold Medium-Length Copper Hair Color

Looking for the perfect fall color? Ask your stylist to try a bold copper! This color is perfect for women with a warm or neutral skin tone. If you have light-colored eyes, specifically blue or green, this color will make your eyes pop! Anything in the red or orange family tends to fade a bit faster than other colors. Your hairstylist may suggest washing your hair in cool water or using a colored conditioner.

#10: Extra Long Bob with a Blonde Money Piece

Go for the season’s hottest style with an extra long bob with a bold money piece. Beautiful warm copper-rich tones make your locks look shiny and luxurious. A bold money piece is the number one best way to add a pop of color to brighten your hair and complexion. Be aware, that warm red and copper tones fade quickly so you will need to refresh it often to keep it looking fresh.

Sun-Kissed Copper Waves
Instagram @colorsbyjaime

#11: Sun-Kissed Copper Waves

Look ready for the upcoming season with sun-kissed copper waves. If you want your hair to look shiny and luxurious, warm tones are the way to go. Light-reflecting tones of gold and copper make your strands sparkle. Make sure you ask for a bold money piece around your face to really make the color pop and brighten your complexion.

Charming Bright Copper and Red Balayage
Instagram @valeconcas

#12: Charming Bright Copper and Red Balayage

Try a charming and bright copper and red balayage for a gorgeous natural-looking hair color that will turn heads. This is one of those perfect examples of copper hues, no matter your hair type. However, coppers may be more achievable if your hair is lightened. If you choose this copper color, I highly recommend that you use a color-safe shampoo.

Dark Copper Base with Light Copper Ends
Instagram @joyahairdesign

#13: Dark Copper Base with Light Copper Ends

Go for a bold color with a dark copper base with light copper ends. When dyeing your hair with red and copper tones know that it will fade quickly. Be prepared to refresh every 4-6 weeks to keep your tones looking bright and vibrant.

Stunning Mid-Length Copper Shag
Instagram @deeprootsatx

#14: Stunning Mid-Length Copper Shag

A mid-length shag paired with a fiery copper hair color is sure to “WOW” your audience. This stunning copper shag is the perfect modern-day hairstyle and will grow out beautifully. To recreate this chic hairstyle, grab a wide-tooth comb and brush out your curls once they have cooled and set. Finish with hairspray and voila, you’re good to go for the rest of your day.

#15: Vibrant Copper Balayage with Dark Roots

For a luxury look that shines and has vibrance, try an impressive balayage with darker roots. To achieve this style, ask your stylist for a hand-painted balayage with a dark shadow root. The mid-shaft to ends will be color melted together to get a seamless result. This look is a high-maintenance color that needs a refresh every 6 weeks, but the outcome is worth it.

Fabulous Light Peach Copper Long Hair
Instagram @nichole_tran

#16: Fabulous Light Peach Copper Long Hair

If you’re looking to show off your effortless red hair, we love the fabulous light peach copper long hairstyle. A light toning to a peach color can really accentuate your copper hair. Color-care red toning shampoo will help keep your color bright and shiny. Style with natural waves or use a curling wand, and finish with a pomade or a shine spray.

Touchable copper highlights on brown hair
Instagram @maeipaint

#17: Touchable Copper Highlights on Brown Hair

An easy way to brighten and give life to your touchable brunette hair is to blend it with luscious hazel pieces! Plus, the copper hair with highlights effectively shows off the shape and layers.

#18: Bright Red Copper Penny Hair

Real classy and pleasing to the eyes – this glamorous bright copper red bob has captured our hearts! Style with a big wave to boast its vibrancy and with full bangs for a completely sophisticated look.

Flattering sandy brown copper hair
Instagram @hairbymickk

#19: Flattering Sandy Brown Copper Hair

Get a balayage peeking through your natural redhead with a pumpkin-inspired color melt. The rich red tones complement and show off the eye-catching texture of the layers and ends incredibly.

The Best Copper Bob
Instagram @hairhecker

#20: The Best Copper Bob

Give your fantastic tresses a light and healthy appearance by getting this lively red-orange hue. With a color that requires lots of TLC, keeping it short yet stylish is a smart way to rock this one out.

Rich Sandy Brown to Brightened Copper Ombre
Instagram @bymae.lynn

#21: Rich Sandy Brown to Brightened Copper Ombre

Dramatic blonde ends make a copper hair color look lightweight and soft yet flattering and rich. A brown to copper hair ombre work best on any hair length as long as there are waves to make it look super dimensional and inspiring.

Coolest copper red bob
Instagram @sacaumut

#22: Coolest Copper Red Bob

Who doesn’t love a good copper hair tone on a freshly cut wavy bob with really cute bangs? This multidimensional hairstyle is so effectively done, thanks to the coolest colorwork that holds it all together.

Coppery Redhead Blunt Cut
Instagram @hirohair

#23: Coppery Redhead Blunt Cut

Transition beautifully into the redhead world with a bright copper in a subtle ombre. This hair color is so vibrant yet soft and works well with dark red roots.

Cool-Girl Orange Copper Hair Color
Instagram @hit_friz

#24: Cool-Girl Orange Copper Hair

Orange copper hair has a soft and faded tone, which is very feminine! It offers that “cool girl” vibe that suits younger ladies. To give it a more modern touch, jazz it up with loose waves and curls. Then, secure the style with a mist of texture spray to boost its definition and add dimension.

Natural-Looking Dark Red to Bright Copper
Instagram @glambyjailene

#25: Natural-Looking Dark Red to Bright Copper

What better way to show off your newly painted copper hair from roots to ends than styling it like this? The natural depth this edgy dark red color would provide your locks with exciting ways to style.

Gorgeous Copper Blonde Ombre
Instagram @fameho0ker

#26: Gorgeous Copper Blonde Ombre

Healthy hair is key in achieving a vibrant shiny and smooth ombre like this. This pretty color style would work best on long hair for a smoother transition.

Stunning & Fiery Balayaged Copper
Instagram @maggiemh

#27: Stunning & Fiery Balayaged Copper

A stunning fiery auburn to copper melt deserves to be noted by everyone. Just remember to consider your undertones if you want to try this ombre that’s ideal for medium to long hair.

Sultry ginger copper hair color
Instagram @leventkilic0

#28: Sultry Gingered Copper

Don’t be afraid to go drastic with a bright ginger shade like this one that suits pale and cool skin tones. This very feminine bob cut with blunt ends wouldn’t be at its best without the help of this dimensional copper hue.

Adorable dark brown copper color
Instagram @hairbyfranco

#29: Adorable Dark Brown Copper

Copper browns would look the most adorable when done on super wavy fine hair as it captures the light best and gives off a smooth lustrous look.

Vibrant Copper Color on Sleek Dark Hair
Instagram @nadasalon_

#30: Vibrant Copper Color on Sleek Dark Hair

A vibrant copper undertone can add distinction to your sleek hair and enhance your overall look when done properly. Reds and browns undoubtedly go together well.

#31: Copper Hair for Dark Skin

A vibrant copper could bring out the warm undertones in your dark skin especially on multidimensional curls like this. If you’re wanting to have little daily upkeep and maintain moisture for your hair at the same time then styling it in a bold mohawk with cornrows at the sides would be the way to do it.

#32: Fabulous Long Hair with Light Copper Gloss

A vibrant warm copper on fabulously wavy hair is an easy classic style. Styling it with waves also gives a super polished neat effect and would look best on long hair.

Inspiring Fiery Copper Balayage
Instagram @_watchmepaint

#33: Inspiring Fiery Copper Balayage

A deep mahogany root melting into a deep reddish-brown makes this copper-inspired look stand out in a crowd.

#34: Color-Melted Balayage Peach Copper

This is what we call color melting. It’s a technique that blends colors leaving no clear lines between the different tones which creates a multidimensional effect. It’s very trendy right now and so much fun to realize. As for the color, there’s a new wave of copper and I’m in love with these new soft blond copper tones.

When it comes to dyed hair, you need to ask your hairstylist if your stands are healthy enough for a balayage. Use Depigmento, a nourishing, reconstructing lightener that gives the extra shine. This style is a perfect fit for many of us as it has different shades, therefore, goes well with different skin tones. However, it’s always important to make sure that either the warm or cold hues fit the pigmentation in your hair and in your skin.

#35: Sunset-Inspired Chestnut to Brighter Copper Ombre

My absolute favorite thing about this color is it reminds me of a sunset. The way the golden brown blends so nicely into the copper just reminds me of a perfect sunset.

When the curls hit the sunlight you see all of the different tones. This was definitely a lot of fun for me to do.

Warmer undertones in your skin will bring out coppers the best, so when choosing a color like this keep that in mind.

Second, be specific on what kind of copper you are looking for because there is a lot of different variations, and when getting a lighter color than your natural one, even with copper, be prepared to take good care of your hair. That means use the best shampoos and conditioners meant for color-treated hair and the right products to keep your hair’s integrity.

Last but not least, if your lifestyle is kind of busy then I think coppers tend to be a better fit just because the richer the copper the better the fade-out, and the better the fade out the longer you can go in between toners and touch-ups.

Bold Cherry Red to Copper Colored Hair
Instagram @erika_gravel

#36: Bold Cherry Red to Copper Colored Hair

Fire hair, beautiful copper color, shiny hair, beautiful curls. These copper hair colors have it all! The best way to have beautiful hair, certainly, is to treat! I really like Olaplex treatment, and I used Lumishine coloring which repairs your hair. For the curls, I like to use my iron cone, because it works miracles! Then just pass our fingers or a comb with big teeth and you’re done. For the maintenance of your hair, it’s necessary to have a good shampoo and conditioner that is from a professional brand (I like the Redken color extend magnetics). You will also need a good treatment that will repair, moisturize, and at the same time revive the colors like the Joico luster lock. A curing oil always has its place too, and a little hairspray for the finish will do the trick.

#37: Sophisticated Long Copper to Merlot Ombre

This look is a warm red to copper color melt with a pop of yellow which I personally love the most.

Think if this would suit your personal style and lifestyle, as this type of color will need some maintenance.

Casual warm copper
Instagram @tamer_goksu

#38: Casual Warm Copper

What I love about this warm copper look is that it’s very unique. Most women are afraid to get out of their comfort zone when it comes to their hair.

You cannot go wrong with copper. It’s very universal and can work with you if you aren’t afraid to rock it!

Yummy & Delicious Chocolate and Copper Hair Color
Instagram @jecoart_

#39: Yummy & Delicious Chocolate and Copper

If you want a bright fun color like copper and chocolate, be ready to rock it! Heads will turn and you will get stared at.  The less you shampoo the better (dry shampoo is your best friend) and the cooler the water the better. Think of it like your bright clothes. You never want to wash your brights in hot water or they will fade extremely fast. Same goes for your hair!

Trust the process. If your stylist says copper may take more than one session, let them do it in more than one session! If your hair is dark, you cannot just add a bright color without lightening it first. Think of your hair as construction paper and your hair color as crayons. If you have a black or brown piece of paper and your color on it with a red or purple or copper crayon, it’s not going to show up well. But if you put it on a white piece of paper, amazing stuff can happen! You want to be lighter for the brighter colors to show in your hair.

Vibrant Curly Copper Cinnamon
Instagram @marcydoeshair

#40: Vibrant Curly Copper Cinnamon

I would describe this look as a dimensional copper-red with a shadow root. I went about 2 shades darker on the base and melted the dye job it into a vibrant red on the ends. This look can be easily achieved if you have lighter-colored hair. If you have dark brown or black hair, you will need to pre-lighten your hair to achieve this brightness. Be prepared for the added time and expense. If you’re wanting this fun color, at-home care is critical. A salon-quality color-safe shampoo and conditioner are required to help maintain this color. A professional color depositing shampoo or conditioner can also help with at-home maintenance, but it’s important to rebook with your stylist in about 4-6 weeks. This will ensure your copper red stays fresh and vibrant.

Transitional Pumpkin Spice Copper Hair Color
Instagram @mustinnn

#41: Transitional Pumpkin Spice Copper

This color melt reminds me of everyone’s favorite fall beverage the pumpkin spice latte! My favorite thing about it is that it’s a great transitional color for your summer blonde hair. It adds in that copper underlying pigment before transitioning them to their darker winter hues.

I recommend this look for fair skin types with more neutral/pink undertones. The high lift color on the ends does best on fine hair, but thick hair can wear it as well. With that said, copper should just take two processes to get to the desired lightness.

I believe this color will suit you if you are looking for some warmth in your life! It can be classy or edgy, depending on who is wearing it.

Romantic Copper Sunset Hair Color
Instagram @nadasalon_

#42: Romantic Copper Sunset

This color is a rich blend of copper and red copper tones, combining a few different shades to make the overall look pop. It reminds me of the warm, glowing shades that the setting sun displays in the fall. To keep the vibrancy of your hair color, use a sulfate-free, color-protecting shampoo like Redken’s Color Extend Magnetics. This is a fairly low-maintenance color which makes it a great option. It does need to be refreshed about every six to eight weeks to replenish its intensity. It works if you have a cool skin tone. Copper is an absolutely stunning color if you have blue or green eyes.

#43: Popular Dark Copper Balayage with Mahogany Hues

Try a gorgeous copper-infused balayage. It’s perfect for fall! I love the richness of the color and the movement the lighter copper pieces bring to the overall style. This look is perfect if you’re the on-the-go woman who can’t commit to coming into the salon every five weeks. It is a low-maintenance look that requires a root retouch at your discretion. It’s both cost-efficient and easy, so you can’t go wrong with that!

#44: Versatile Brown Copper Highlights

This particular copper balayage can go from season to season and still remain on-trend. The grow-out process is going to be seamless with no harsh line of demarcation. My favorite thing about this particular creation is the dimension. The highs and lows will force eyes to move up and down your hair! The only part to maintain would be the shade you choose. With this copper look, you would pop in the salon for a glaze every six to eight weeks or whenever you feel the need for a refresher! Copper can be brighter or toned down which allows for a variety of shades to cater to those in different work settings.

Natural-Looking and Classy Bright Copper Hair Color
Instagram @bangmyhair

#45: Natural-Looking and Classy Bright Copper

Ask your hair colorist to keep your natural root color, just enhance it slightly to give the dramatic look, but without creating and harsh regrowth lines. It also helps give a little more depth to your hair color and allows the copper to pop. Copper tones are always great on a more fair complexion, and can also help to accentuate your soft freckles and make your green eyes pop! A copper hair gloss or conditioner is viable to maintain the tone.

Unfortunately, copper/red tones like to fade. Use a gentler shampoo for colored hair or sulfate-free products. Adding in a copper shampoo like Joico Color Infuse copper shampoo/conditioner is a great way to keep the vibrancy of the copper at home in between salon visits.

Edgy dark brown to copper red ombre
Instagram @_watchmepaint

#46: Edgy Dark Brown to Copper Red Ombre

With the darker root and vibrant ends, it gives the look a deeper contrast around your face with a pop of warmth on the ends. The best thing about this look is the seamless transition from dark to light. It is gorgeous professional color, but with just a pop of edginess. This color is for you if you have a lighter skin tone. The warmth of your hair will look great with a light or light/warm skin tone. I would not recommend this color if you wash your hair daily as the color tend to fade faster. I recommend this color if you want a creative new look without having to come in every four weeks for a touch-up!

#47: Super Feminine Sunset Copper

Consider a gorgeous sunset copper shade that has lots of vibrancy and dimension. Redken Color Extend Magnetics shampoo, conditioners, and Megamask are what is needed to use between services to maintain the health and color. As long as your hair is pre-lightened, it will achieve vibrancy. Results vary depending on starting level, but all Redken color is customized and produces beautiful results.

#48: Coolest Natural Copper on Brown Hair

This natural copper on brown hair reminds me of fall. I love that it’s still natural, but vivid at the same time.  I recommend this gingery color if you have medium-textured hair. Medium to pale skin tones (even with freckles) looks extremely cute with this hair trend.

Intense Copper hair color with yellow highlights
Instagram @_all_dolledup_

#49: Intense Copper Hair with Yellow Highlights

I love this combination because it really brings out that sassy edge that we need sometimes. It will complement you if you’re a natural redhead or strawberry blonde. By intensifying the copper/red tones and adding dimension with yellow highlights, it really brings your color to life. You’ll want to use a sulfate-free shampoo to preserve the vividness of the color. Additionally, rinsing with cool water will ensure the longevity of your hair color. This look is perfect if you want to embrace your natural red hair and give it life again.

#50: Low-Maintenance Short Copper Hair

Try a stunning short copper red hair as a blunt cut. I recommend Lanza Healing Color shampoo and conditioner, as well as Lanza Healing Oil to style. These products give amazing smoothness and shine to show off the cut and color. It works best on thicker hair so you have the depth within your haircut. I have done this cut and color on both pale and olive skin tones. To maintain the sharpness of this look, it does take maintenance and regular salon visits.

Multi-Dimensional Natural Light Brown Copper Hair Color
Instagram @torijaynehair

#51: Multi-Dimensional Natural Light Brown Copper

Consider taking your natural copper to the next level with this multidimensional hue. To maintain your gorgeous color, I recommended using Unite 7 Seconds shampoo and conditioner for shine, moisture, and color protection. For gorgeous waves, I used a 1-inch iron from Babyliss, followed by Unite Texturiza and Unite Tricky Lite Spray to keep it voluminous and bouncy. In my experience, copper is so versatile. I truly believe that copper can work with most skin tones and hair textures, but finding the perfect copper for you is crucial.

Blazing red copper hair color with bangs
Instagram @myriamcurtet

#52: Blazing Red Copper with Bangs

Try a blazing copper and pair it with bangs. Your skin tone is very important when choosing a copper tint. For example, light skin tones wear coppers nicely, as well as ladies with clear eyes. On naturally copper hair, you can opt for a light balayage to strengthen the color. For blondes, opt for soft copper. For the brunettes, an intense copper color is marvelous. I highly recommend consulting an experienced hairstylist/colorist to choose your copper color. Do not try this at home! As with any color, coppers require a fair amount of maintenance.

#53: Luminous Deep Ginger Copper

Opt for deep ginger that’s full of depth. The roots gently melt into this rich and bright copper. It’s a very multi-dimensional color which makes it so luminous. This fiery copper goes perfectly on light porcelain skin and it will give more tan to this skin tone. Any hair type can suit this color, but you have to know that it will be high maintenance. Unfortunately, copper, ginger, and red colors often wash out fast. Talk to your stylist about refreshing it every five weeks.

Subtle Sandy brown copper curls
Instagram @hairbynicoleliu

#54: Subtle Sandy Brown Copper Curls

Try a sandy copper brown if you have slightly curly hair. These coppery tones suit both cool and warm skin types. The best sort of hair type for this color I would say is a medium to thick density, to allow the true color to shine through the more hair you have to play with and create movement the better. This color is perfect if you want something quite edgy and bold, and want to express your boldness through your hair. But on the other hand, it’s not great for you if you want something low maintenance.

#55: Fresh Brighter Copper with Gold Highlights

Glints of gold play off of the copper tones when it hits the light. Copper tones fade easily, so I recommend using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to increase the longevity of the color. Copper tones work well on fair-skinned women with green or blue eyes. These tones can warm up your pale complexion and add life to your hair. Copper hair does require maintenance and regular visits to the salon to refresh your color.

Rooty long hair with layers and copper color
Instagram @mis_heatherlynn

#56: Rooty Long Layered Golden Copper

Try a rooty, dimensional, golden copper hair color, which is close to an auburn hair color! I love this color because it can be both traditional and head-turning at the same time. It’s always a constant battle to keep red hair color as vibrant as it was when you walked out of the salon. My most important advice is to avoid washing your hair every day! To keep red hair vibrant in-between color services, I also always recommend investing in a red-toned shampoo. My personal favorites are WaterColors Fluid Fire for your true red-toned hair, Liquid Copper for your copper-toned hair, and Crimson Splash for your violet/red-toned hair. For this particular look, I would recommend Liquid Copper.

You need to make sure your skin tone is complementary to the tone of red you are looking for. Fair skin types with pink/rose undertones wear strawberry blonde and light coppery tones very well. Light to medium skin tones with warm golden or red undertones are the most diverse and can wear anything from golden strawberry to copper/red auburn to bright, red-toned hair. Medium skin with olive undertones looks best with cherry and violet-red. Dark skin tones should stay away from golden tones as blue/violet reds are most complimentary.

#57: Beautiful Copper Auburn

A copper auburn is a beautiful color to try. To achieve this color, your colorist could use L’Oréal Dia Richesse 6.53 with a copper mixer to really intensify the color. To maintain your hair color, I recommend the L’Oréal Professional Vitamino Color Shampoo, as well as the L’Oréal Professional Color 10 IN 1 Perfecting Multipurpose Spray. These products will help bright colors like this last by protecting against fading. This also acts as a leave-in/heat protectant, so it’s the perfect product if you are lower maintenance and don’t want to use five different products in your hair!

On-Trend Rich Copper Hair
Instagram @mustinnn

#58: On-Trend Rich Copper

This look says fall! Fall brings out beautifully rich and warm tones. This color is great if you have a light skin tone. Reds help bring color to paler skin tones. The style is very versatile and would look great on you, no matter what length your hair is.

blended copper tones
Instagram @stephderehair

#59: Blended Copper Tones

This is the perfect bold fall look with all of its blended copper tones. They remind me of Colorado’s autumn foliage. Use Joico copper/red shampoo for at-home care, along with using cold water to shampoo and a medium heat tool to style. These items will all help with the fading process. This look is for warm skin tones with fine-medium hair texture. It’s definitely a high-maintenance look, so it’s not for the person who only visits the salon twice a year. To keep it nice and fresh, visits every four to six are preferred.

#60: Melted Balayage Peachy Copper

This is a natural melt into a balayage peachy copper. It will grow out naturally and softly, so it’s actually lower maintenance than one might think. You can pop into the salon to have your roots topped up and ends refreshed as needed. I recommend this look if you who want a low-maintenance root but want to have fun with your ends. It’s perfect for you if you dare to stand out in the crowd, like to have fun, and are outgoing.

When choosing a color for your hair, consultation is key. You must always take into account skin tone, eye color, and lifestyle. If your skin tone is light with cool undertones, then you’ll suit more peachy tones of copper rather than red copper.

#61: Younger-Looking Copper Color Melt

This copper hair looks like a copper color melt. My favorite thing about this color is how it complements the changing of seasons. If you’re a blonde woman and you’re wanting to go darker, this is the perfect transitional look. Maintaining a copper hair color can be hard. But, you don’t have to stress. I recommend using a color conditioner or color ball every few washes to prevent fading. I recommend this color to you when you want a super fun but still natural hair color. Coppers also suit fair-skinned, freckled women quite well.

#62: Wonderful Copper with Golden Tones

Copper hair can remind me of autumn and the changing of the leaves. I love the red, copper, and golden tones. I blow-dried using Evo Shape Vixon volumizing lotion and Root Canal volumizing spray and curled with a 1-inch curling iron. Then, I used Evo Shebang-a-bang dry spray wax to give texture. For reds, it’s especially important to use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner. I used Evo The Therapist shampoo and conditioner.

#63: Fierce Fiery Copper

You should try one of the best colors in this fierce fiery copper. My favorite thing about it is that it’s a bold, vibrant color and is perfect for the fall. To maintain this look, I suggest using a professional color-safe shampoo and conditioner. I also recommend a colored conditioner such as Revlon’s Color Ball in 740. Using this will help maintain this hair color in between salon visits.

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