Brown-Haired Ladies: Copper Highlights Are In and Here Are 25 Ways to Get It

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist
Dark Auburn with Copper Highlight Tones on brown hair
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#1: Dark Auburn with Copper Tones

The colors dark, auburn, and copper tones complement each other well. These colors consistently stay in style and on-trend.

Medium Brown Hair with Hints of Blonde and Copper Highlights
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#2: Medium Brown Hair with Hints of Blonde and Copper

Medium-brown hair with a hint of blonde and copper is a beautiful look. If you’re a natural medium brown and noticing some greys, try adding highlights. This can blend the greys without the need for a full-color job. For darker hair, adding warmth to your tones gives a youthful appearance. Avoid adding too many light blonde pieces to prevent washing out the skin. Too many light blonde pieces can make dark hair appear grey. A mix of blonde and copper is a great solution.

#3: Subtle Copper Highlights on Dark Brunette Hair

Opt for subtle copper highlights on your dark brunette hair. The best part of the highlights is the color options. They can fit your skin tone and complement your style. Warmer tones naturally sit well with dark bases. I would suggest either a balayage or foilayage technique for a soft root and lighter ends. For a modern color and warm vibes, try subtle golden copper highlights next time you change your hair color. Get a haircut every 6 weeks to maintain the vibrance of your hair tones.

Dark Chocolate Brown with Copper Highlights
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#4: Dark Chocolate Brown with Copper Highlights

Dark-haired ladies can rock highlights too! This dark chocolate brown hairstyle with copper highlights is a perfect example of how to add highlights to darker manes.

#5: Rich Copper Red Highlights

Rich copper red highlights can enhance your hair. When looking to add a pop of color and dimension, a rich copper red will bring out brightness and compliment dark hair color. If you often color your hair, consider getting highlights every other time. This will help maintain your dark base color without overdoing the highlights. I suggest a gloss refresh between colorings. This will keep the red in your hair shiny and vibrant.

Deep Copper Highlights on Medium Red-Brown Hair
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#6: Deep Copper Highlights on Red-Brown Hair

Deep copper highlights are the perfect complement for red-brown hair. The addition of lighter, warmer highlights can make flat auburn hair look more lively and bright.

#7: Dimensional Brunette with Copper Accents

A brunette style with copper highlights easily brings out the body and movement in dark hair. If you like dark hair and want some depth, you must try this style.

#8: Fiery Copper Red Teasylights

Red hair lovers rejoice! Fiery copper red teasylights are all the rage. These soft, blended, yet standout highlights are a beautiful compliment on darker manes. If you are planning to add these bright highlights to your mane, be sure to be mindful of your ends. The impact of this color comes from the subtle color fade at the hair ends, not from big stripes running down.

Copper Foilayage Highlights on Dark Brown Hair
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#9: Copper Foilayage Highlights on Dark Brown

Get ready to feel absolutely fabulous with copper foilayage highlights on brown hair! This rich hue is full of dimension and body and will take your existing hair color from standard to stunning!

#10: Copper Ombre Highlights with Root Shadow

Chunky copper highlights on dark hair will give you a root re-growth within 4-6 weeks. One way to create that seamless growth blend is with a root shadow. A root shadow is designed close to your natural hair color, or it can be a half to a full shade lighter to ensure a smooth blend in the highlights. If you choose to extend the root shadow further down your hair, the result will resemble more of a color melt.

Soft Autumn Peachy Copper Highlights on Brown Hair
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#11: Soft Autumn Peachy Highlights

The gentle contrast between dark hair and copper highlights can be achieved in two ways. A feathered highlighting technique helps maintain a blended soft growout. On the other hand, balayage brightens mid-lengths and ends. It’s essential to uphold this beautiful copper tone. Regularly gloss your hair every 6 weeks, preferably during your trim.

Mid-Length Copper Penny Highlights with Dark Brown Roots
Instagram @beautybyshali

#12: Copper Penny with Dark Roots

A copper penny highlight reflects the color of dark roots. When copper tones are applied, they create a soft, rooted foilayage of highlights on dark hair. Adding copper tones not only looks gorgeous but also ties in perfectly with the dark roots.

Coppery Orange Highlights for Darker Brown Locks
Instagram @hair_by_norma_

#13: Coppery Orange Highlights

Coppery orange highlights are a stunning and chic way to lighten darker hair. You need not turn your hair blonde for a hair makeover try fiery orange highlights instead!

Hints of Auburn Copper Highlights Hue on Dark brunette hair
Instagram @haaratelier.valentina

#14: Hints of Auburn Copper Hue

Are you currently rocking a brunette bob? Try adding hints of auburn copper hue! The auburn copper hue features expertly placed light areas that enhance the bob cut’s shape and complement your facial features.

Red-Copper Highlights on Dark Brown Hair
Instagram @salonenvysa

#15: Red-Copper Highlights on Dark Hair

Red-copper highlights stand out on dark hair. Adding highlights is a great way to add dimension to dark hair. After determining the best highlighting technique with your stylist, you can proceed to choose a toner that suits your style and skin tone. Techniques could include balayage, foilyage, or a traditional foil highlight. If you are not used to copper tones, I suggest you give them a second thought. It could be the right color for you. Copper tones are beautiful and reflective, bringing lots of life to your hair.

Light Copper Highlights with Lowlights for Medium Brown hair
Instagram @la.rosesalon

#16: Light Copper with Lowlights

Women with fair skin will love this light copper-toned hair color enhanced with darker tones (lowlights). A blend of blonde and copper, this hair color mix provides a unique variation of the term strawberry blonde.

Copper Balayage Highlights on Deep Brunette Hair
Instagram @danielle.nichol

#17: Copper Balayage on Deep Brunette Hair

Seeking to enhance your hair color? Ask for a copper balayage on your deep brunette hair! This rich, warm hair color makes almost every skin tone look more beautiful.

#18: Golden Copper with Brown Undertones

Golden copper with brown undertones makes for a stellar pair when added to a wavy bob or mid-length hairstyle. This cut and color combo is a striking way to dress up your mane.

#19: Bright Copper Hair Highlights

Bright copper hair highlights are a feminine and eye-catching way to change up your brunette tresses. This hair color is an excellent choice if you seek a low-maintenance color. The highlights fade naturally.

#20: Copper Money Piece on Darker Hair

A copper money piece can enhance darker hair. It gives a cute little A-Line bob a nice touch. Dark hair stands out with a warm contrast such as warm, spicy, golden, and cinnamon tones. A face-framing money piece is a great way to add dimension to your color. Add a few strands of highlights on the crown for a blended, soft transition to a bolder fringe.

Melted Warm Copper Highlights on Brown Very Long Tresses
Instagram @vanillasaloncm

#21: Melted Warm Copper Brown

Looking for a hair color that will complement your natural brunette hue? Melted warm copper brown is a great choice! This tone is flattering, rich, and easy to maintain. It adds stunning brightness to your existing hair.

Copper Red Highlights on Short-Length Brown Bob

#22: Copper Red on Brown Bob

Opting for copper red on a brown bob is a stunning way to add dimension to a short crop. Try asking your stylist to add dimensional copper and red highlights to create a unique and blended look.

#23: Ginger Copper on Deep Brown Hair

Apply ginger copper to deep brown hair. Illuminate your brown hair with a gorgeous copper. Staying within warm tones on dark hair looks stunning. They are easier on the hair compared to cool ashy blondes. Ashy blondes can sometimes make your hair look grey and dull. If you’re a natural brunette, go for the warm tones. You won’t be disappointed by all the compliments you receive. Your stylist will help you decide on the perfect copper tone to match your skin tone. This step is important before starting the actual process.

Medium Dimensional Copper Brown Hair with Copper-Blonde Highlights
Instagram @currin_marie_

#24: Dimensional Copper with Blonde Highlights

Pairing dimensional copper with blonde highlights is a gorgeous way to brighten up your mane for spring or summer. Both redheads and women with copper hair can benefit from adding blonde highlights when they want a lighter look.

#25: Brown Copper with Reddish Highlights

A shiny, deep brown copper color with red highlights in hair is all the trend. This soda-inspired hair color is especially striking when matched with bouncy, full, long hair.

Adding copper highlights on brown hair is like sprinkling cinnamon on your latte; it’s the perfect blend of warmth and style. Let’s dive into expert tips from Hayley Jones, a renowned colorist, on how to make these highlights work for you, no matter your skin tone.

Meet The Expert

Hayley Jones
Hayley Jones
Hayley is a hairstylist with over 10 years of experience.
You can find Hayley at her own studio in Visalia, CA

Finding Your Perfect Copper Shade

“Copper highlights can really bring out warmth on any hair color base,” says Jones. She highlights the importance of choosing the right shade of copper based on your skin tone and eye color. For those with pale skin and a yellow undertone, a warm golden copper makes blue eyes pop. On the other hand, if you have an olive undertone with brown eyes, a red copper will add a beautiful burst of color. It’s all about finding that perfect match to enhance your natural beauty.

Keeping Your Copper Bright

Maintaining the vibrancy of your copper highlights is key. Jones advises, “Copper formulas can lean more golden, red, or even cool down depending on the product line you use.” She recommends Wella’s Illumina for those looking for a cooler tone to their coppers, thanks to its purple base. For a warmer touch, Wella’s Color Touch line is the way to go. Keeping those highlights shining requires the right care, so don’t shy away from asking for product recommendations that align with your hair’s needs.

Consultation Is Key

Before you dive into copper highlights, Jones stresses the importance of a thorough chat with your stylist. Discussing your current hair color, desired shade, lifestyle, and budget are crucial steps. “Your stylist should consider how porous your hair is,” Jones points out. This might mean your hair requires a filler or a second toner to ensure those red tones cling on for longer. And when it comes to hair care at home, cooler water is your best friend, and be cautious with color depositing conditioners unless your stylist gives the green light.

Photos of the Most Vibrant Copper Highlights on Brown Hair