32 Coolest Ways You Can Get A Copper Balayage

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Copper balayage is a reddish-brown hair color with hints of rich golden hues. It provides depth and brightness, creating a soft and dimensional effect on tresses.

Pamela Mladenov, the Australian salon owner and senior stylist, is a whiz when it comes to working with bold hues like these. These are her recommendations for ladies interested in adopting this look.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • Be sure this is what you actually want before you commit.
  • Be patient with the process. Most of the time, more than one session is needed to get the desired shade.
  • Don’t forget to book in for toners to keep the copper looking vibrant and fresh.
  • Pamela recommends the Wella ColorMotion+ product line to preserve the tone and shine of colored tresses while keeping their integrity.
  • Things to consult with your hair colorist:
    • Their honest opinion about your choice of color.
    • The entire process to achieve it.
    • Do they think the color suit your lifestyle and budget?

In case you’re now in the mood for some red hair, here are images of eye-catching copper balayage hair ideas for your consideration.

Dreamy Copper Balayage
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#1: Dreamy Copper Balayage

The dreamy copper balayage has a rich color with notes of red and brown. For variation, add cinnamon and vanilla ribbons to the hair. This color choice suits people with olive and fair skin tones. It’s best to have it applied by a stylist experienced in red hair. Consider curling your hair to show off the mixed blonde and red hues.

Soft Ombre on Copper Balayage Hair
Instagram @salonbyjf

#2: Soft Ombre on Copper Hair

A luscious ombre on copper hair gives a bright, healthy glow to your beautiful mane. Copper balayage hair is the perfect choice for women with fair skin and bright eyes. The warmth in the color softens the cooler tones. Don’t forget to take selfies and show off your new hairdo that will make your eyes sparkle.

#3: Vivid Copper Caramel Hair

When going copper, red, or any vivid, I suggest going with a dimensional look. Adding in layers of colors, using a balayage technique to bring out a soft diffused highlight. Then, mix your color with a deeper root shade and other red hues. Use a razor tool to apply color through sections for this layered look. The outcome will look professional and add sophistication to the vivid color.

Rooted Copper Balayage Hair
Instagram @aaashleee

#4: Rooted Copper Balayage Hair

If you want a bold, striking hair color, try a balayage with natural roots. The mix of intense tones and natural roots gives a balanced, blended look. Copper balayage suits people with warm skin tones. Its warm undertones will enrich and improve your skin color.

Chestnut Pumpkin Spice Copper Balayage with Root Shadow for Long Wavy Hair
Instagram @hollyydoeshair

#5: Chestnut Pumpkin Spice with Root Shadow

If you want a new look for this fall season, try a hair color blend of chestnut and pumpkin spice tones with a darker shade at the root. The beautiful blend of chestnut and pumpkin spice tones suits cool skin tones, while a darker blend works well for olive-toned skin. For maintaining your vibrant color at home, ask your stylist to recommend the best color-depositing shampoos.

Copper Sunset Balayage with Waves
Instagram @looks.by.alex

#6: Copper Sunset Balayage with Waves

If you want to add warmth and vibrancy to your hair, consider a copper sunset balayage with waves. This hair color presents a beautiful blend of rich copper tones, akin to the colors of a sunset. The balayage technique effortlessly transitions from natural hair color to copper shades, giving you a natural and sun-kissed look. The copper sunset balayage works best for those with warm undertones in their skin. It elevates their complexion and adds a vibrant glow. Whether you possess straight or wavy hair, the copper balayage with waves will furnish a stunning and eye-catching look so that you can wear your hair with ultimate confidence!

#7: Fiery Copper Balayage Tones

Try a copper balayage to add sparkle to your medium hair with waves. Fiery copper balayage tones work well on different skin tones. If your skin has an olive undertone, this hue can highlight and accentuate your features. Your colorist can adjust the technique for lighter skin to brighten the color tone.

Long Lived-In Copper Balayage Hair
Instagram @colour.jade

#8: Long Lived-In Copper Balayage Hair

Your best bet for long-lived copper balayage hair is to find a skilled colorist who can create the look. To keep your style looking fresh, ask your stylist to use a Demi permanent acidic color. It will keep a high shine and allow for a softer fade. Pairing this with using Davines’ Alchemic colored conditioner in the color copper. It will help maintain a blazing copper. For an extra boost of hydration, apply Olaplex No 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo once per week. It’ll give your strands added protection from environmental damage and heat styling.

#9: Vivid and Warm Copper Hair Color

Try a vivid and warm copper hair color to spice up your hair style. If you’re looking for something new to try, but don’t want to do the typical blonde highlights, go for a copper color. This is perfect for warm brunettes wanting a brighter look without going blonde. This way they will naturally lift on the warmer side.

#10: Shoulder-Length Copper Balayage

A shoulder-length cut with copper balayage is such a fun, bold color yet still so classic. One of the best ways to maintain copper is to invest in a pigmented shampoo/conditioner. It will keep the color up between visits. I recommend Keracolor in Copper to be used once a week. Remember to avoid hot showers. It’s best to use cool water on your hair to preserve the color.

Bold Copper Balayage Hair
Instagram @hairhecker

#11: Bold Copper Balayage Hair

A copper balayage hair color is perfect for most skin tones. With this color technique, you don’t have to always style your hair with curls. But to avoid heat damage to your hair, I suggest a heat protectant like Amika’s The Shield.

#12: Dimensional Copper Balayage on Brunette Hair

Dimensional copper balayage on brown hair screams autumn. A copper brown balayage is definitely a match made in heaven. These two shades complement one another so well. I recommend my clients go with a bold money piece to get the most brightness and face-framing glow.

Dark Strawberry Blonde and Copper Balayage
Instagram @hairbyjaayyy

#13: Dark Strawberry Blonde and Copper Balayage

When considering a new color, try a dark strawberry blonde with a copper balayage for that fall vibe. The subtle dimension helps highlight movement and texture in the natural ginger color. This look is perfect for ladies with fair skin looking to add some warmth to their look.

Light Copper Balayage on Short Hair
Instagram @salon262

#14: Light Copper on Short Hair

Fall into the perfect hair color with light copper on short hair. A copper blonde balayage will give your hair a strawberry sun-kissed hue. Natural and hand-painted balayage is soft and subtle for a graceful grow-out.

Bright Copper Balayage on Dark Hair
Instagram @miyuki.hair

#15: Bright Copper Balayage on Dark Hair

Give your hair some warm luster with bright copper balayage on dark tresses. Doing foil highlights will help lighten dark hair to get to your desired level of lift. And, you will be able to achieve a beautiful copper tone. I would consider teasing the root before foiling to get a defused and soft transition. Your color will blend seamlessly.

Dark Brown with Copper Balayage Highlights
Instagram @beckpedhair

#16: Dark Brown with Copper Balayage Highlights

Dark brown hair with a rich copper balayage is definitely a go-to for many of my clients. A copper balayage on dark brown hair gives the perfect amount of shine and soft dimension. All without taking over the depth of the base.

#17: Orange Copper Tones for Long Hair

Take a walk on the red side with orange copper tones for long hair. Balayage is a free-form painting technique that will give such a soft and natural blend. Warm tones will make your hair look super glossy and shiny for glowing strands.

Dark Brunette Bob with Bright Copper Balayage Ends
Instagram @bxs.beautybysteph

#18: Dark Brunette Bob with Bright Copper Ends

A vibrant dark brunette bob with bright copper ends is a trendy hair color for dark to olive complexions. However, it can work magically on any complexion with the right undertones. Hand painting a ginger balayage on brown hair gives a seamless bold blend. Tousle your curls by starting your waves in the middle to the ends. Then, rake through with your fingers for separation.

Copper Balayage Hair Color with Subtle Orange Tones
Instagram @hairbypreya

#19: Copper Hair Color with Subtle Orange Tones

Spice up your locks with copper hair color with subtle orange tones. With a hand-painted balayage, the copper color blends into warm orangey tones. Red and browns tend to fade fast, so using color-safe products is always recommended.

#20: Brown to Copper Blonde Ombre

Try the perfect fall color with brown to copper blonde ombré. Copper balayage on dark hair blends seamlessly and gives a vibrant pop of color. Balayage hair painting creates zero harsh lines and has a smooth transition.

#21: Light Brown Hair with Subtle Copper Tones

Light brown hair with subtle copper tones is a naturally beautiful look that women love. We are seeing more and more copper tones on women and we are loving it! Ask your stylist for dark blonde copper tones for your perfect fall color.

#22: Light Chocolate Brown Hair with Copper Gold Highlights

To create a perfect color for your clients I would suggest trying a sun-kissed balayage. Start with less is more tactic with the amount of placements and the difference in tonality in the color. A warm and soft color like a copper balayage on light brown hair is a perfect example of how the sun naturally creates these tones.

Dark Copper Peach Balayage Color Melt
Instagram @gorgeoushairuk

#23: Dark Copper Peach Color Melt

If you’re looking for a cool new color, consider a light copper balayage. Pair it with a dark copper root for a beautiful peachy color melt. This is a great color for any skin tone. Make sure to ask your stylist for tips on how to keep this color fresh!

Natural Copper Hair Balayage
Instagram @grosieshears

#24: Natural Copper Hair Balayage

Natural copper hair balayage is some serious hair goals and you will be obsessed! Many will think you’re a natural ginger because of how beautiful and natural this looks. You will love your new balayage hair.

#25: Melted Copper on Mid-Length Brown Hair

A melted copper on mid-length brown hair is a stunning warm combination of colors that you will love! The best part of a melted color is that the grow-out will be seamless if you have a dark base to work with. Blend the brown base into the copper mids for a beautiful transition.

#26: Golden Copper on Curly Hair

Consider copper on your curly hair if you have a rich dark base to work with. Copper is a gorgeous hair color and a copper balayage on brown hair will keep it low-maintenance. Use a curl cream and diffuse to make your curls come to life!

Copper Balayage Brown Highlights on Black Hair
Instagram @kevinhairsalon

#27: Copper Brown Highlights on Black Hair

Consider copper brown highlights on black hair if you want to add some dimension. A copper balayage on black hair is a beautifully blended look! You will love the hue of the copper against the black.

#28: Dark-Rooted Copper Red Hair

Dark-rooted, copper-red hair is an awesome way to add some spice to your life! A copper balayage with dark roots has a rich shade at the base and a perfect tone of warmth throughout. Stylists are loving these warmer tones.

Copper and Ginger Balayage Highlights
Instagram @roxy.bate.hair

#29: Copper and Ginger Balayage Highlights

A copper and ginger balayage is a fun way to add some color to your locks! Ask your stylist for a copper red balayage when you are at the salon. Your stylist will know what tones of red and copper will suit your complexion.

#30: Copper Color Melt with Shadow Root

Transform your dull locks into a glossy copper color melt with a shadow root. A copper balayage will give your locks such a sparkly shine. Adding warm tones will make your hair and complexion glow. Adding a shadow root will make your color look more natural and keep maintaining down.

Autumn Copper Balayage with Auburn Tones
Instagram @hairbybecad

#31: Autumn Copper Balayage with Auburn Tones

Try a copper balayage with auburn tones if you want a warm beautiful dimensional color! This color is so natural-looking with this dark copper balayage. Style your hair with waves to show off the different tones.

#32: Copper Hair with Amber Tones

Try copper hair with amber tones, you will not be disappointed. There is nothing subtle and boring about this rich gorgeous color. Try double-pigmented copper to get rich and bright copper tones!