30 Chestnut Brown Hair Colors You Gotta See Next (Photos)

The best chestnut brown hair colors

Chestnut brown hair is a combination of the boldness and warmth of reds and the natural tones of browns. This rich mixture of sexy colors produces a shade of chestnut that is not too heavy and dark and totally livens up brunette hair! What’s unique about this chocolatey hue is its gloss that automatically transforms any mane, textured or straight, into a multidimensional one, making it super easy to style!

Chestnut Hair Color Tips

Zendaya, Ashley Graham, and Miranda Kerr were all seen rocking this sexy hue at various gala events, and this makes it very hard not to fall in love with it! On the chestnut brown hair color chart, hues range from burgundy to mocha, and from a red chestnut to a medium chestnut, too. There are lots of options!

Balayage artist Macy of Color & Co. Beauty Salon in Florida proves how versatile this chestnut shade is with her chart-topping examples on IG, not Pinterest!

Your undertone says a lot when looking for the most flattering chestnut hair shade for you. As the rule of thumb, opposites complement each other – warm undertones go excellent with cool chestnut reddish-brown hues and vice versa. Opt for a solid nut-brown hair for a natural-looking and shiny result or try highlights or an ombre that adds even more definition to your look!

You’ll be surprised how much you can do with this appealing shade, and this updated album of chestnut brown hair ideas will make you fall deeply in love with it!

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Dimensional Chestnut with Light Brown Highlights
Instagram @hair_by_n4t

#1: Dimensional Chestnut with Light Brown Highlights

A chestnut with light brown highlights is a natural and easy-going look. Go bolder by asking for thicker panels of light brown highlights, but away from the root to keep it low-maintenance. Toning appointments every 6 to 8 weeks will keep your color fresh and your hair shiny. Curling your hair will show off all the dimension in your color.

#2: Beautiful Chestnut Brown Ombre

If you’re looking for a natural, yet impactful style try a chestnut brown ombre. The ombre look is darker at the root and gradually gets brighter and bolder towards the ends. If you have naturally brunette hair, you’ll ask for a balayage ombre in chestnut to golden blonde. Coloring will be low-maintenance with toning every 6 to 8 weeks and lightening only two to three times a year.

#3: Sleek Short Chestnut Bob Haircut

A short bob haircut is sassy and cute. A great option for women that prefer short hair and easy styling. The bob is always a classic and very popular, as you can make a big statement with minimal styling effort. A chestnut color makes for a shiny, healthy look. A volumizing shampoo with no sulfates is recommended for upkeep at home.

Warm Chestnut Balayage
Instagram @hairbyrojin

#4: Warm Chestnut Balayage

A warm chestnut balayage is a natural sun-kissed look. A balayage is a painting technique that keeps the highlights away from your root and lighter on your ends. Balayage leaves your hair with no line of growing out and keeps this color low-maintenance.

Natural-Looking Chestnut Brown
Instagram @hairbysalah

#5: Natural-Looking Chestnut Brown

Chestnut brown can be achieved with a painting method called balayage. Ask your stylist if they are familiar with balayage and let them know you’d like highlights that look very natural and are low-maintenance. Upkeep will be color gloss treatments every 6 to 8 weeks.

#6: Sexy Brunette Balayage

If you’re thinking about going lighter for the first time, ask for a brunette balayage. A balayage is painted on highlights that look very natural by mimicking what the sun does to your hair naturally. Ask your stylist what tone will be best for your highlights depending on your natural color and undertones in your skin. A brunette balayage is very low-maintenance since the color will grow out seamlessly. Color gloss appointments will be every 6 to 8 weeks.

#7: Sleek Straight Long Chestnut Hair

We love a sleek straight long chestnut hair color. If you’re looking to grow your hair long and healthy, the best option is to stay away from blonding services. Doing a nice chestnut color in a gloss or a semi-permanent can add shine and excitement while keeping your hair healthy.

#8: Chestnut + Mahogany Brown

Chestnut and mahogany go beautifully together. The natural chestnut tones mixed with the flair of mahogany will create a beautiful dimension for any brunette. Mahogany is one of those colors that fade fast, so regular toning in the salon will help keep your hair color fresh. Use color care products at home and try not to shampoo every day, but at least every other day.

Very Dark Chestnut Brown
Instagram @hairbyvalerien

#9: Very Dark Chestnut Brown

A very dark brown is a great low-commitment color for women coloring for the first time. If you have naturally dark hair and are interested in switching it up, ask your stylist for a subtle change with a chestnut color. Your stylist can paint on highlights and tone your hair to a gorgeous dark chestnut brown.

#10: Glossy Light Toasted Chestnut

A lightly toasted chestnut brown is a head-turner. Working from a natural light brunette, your stylist will decide to keep you at your natural level and add warmth or a level or two lighter with natural warmth. When going from blonde to the toasted chestnut color, your stylist will do a deep gloss with neutral, warm, and gold tones.

Lived-In Chestnut Balayage Highlights
Instagram @hairbymeliah

#11: Lived-In Chestnut Balayage Highlights

If you’re wanting a low-maintenance color, a color with chestnut balayage highlights is a perfect choice. The chestnut highlight looks best over a dark brunette base. The balayage technique will create highlights that mimic the sun naturally to your hair. The typical maintenance will be toning every 6 to 8 weeks along with deep conditioning to keep your shine.

#12: Rich Chestnut Red

A rich chestnut is a bold and gorgeous statement. The coloring can be done in a block pattern to melt brunette and red together. You can do a balayage toned with the chestnut red as well, which will keep the root a natural brunette and grow out easily. Keep your color fresh with color-safe shampoo and conditioner.

Stunning Chestnut Beach Waves
Instagram @mhair_thesalon

#13: Stunning Chestnut Beach Waves

Chestnut beach waves are great for an effortlessly gorgeous style. Chestnut color is very natural looking and is easy to upkeep. Styling is easy to moderate with a blowdryer and curling wand. Curl your hair away from your face all in the same direction so when you brush out the curls you’ll get a nice wave. Finish your style with texture cream. Add some dry shampoo at the root for added volume and to make your style last longer.

#14: Beautiful Chocolate-Cherry Chestnut Brown

A chocolate-cherry brown is a fun way to try out warm tones. We love that styles are trending more on the warm side again. Warm hair color looks great on most skin tones, so ask your stylist if a chocolate cherry color would work for you. The cherry tones can be kept fresh with red toning shampoos or conditioners. Try to not use high heat when styling and your color will last longer.

Gorgeous Balayage with Chestnut Tones
Instagram @hairbyvalerien

#15: Gorgeous Balayage with Chestnut Tones

A gorgeous brown balayage with chestnut tones is chic and classic. If you have dark brown hair, adding balayage highlights toned to a level or two above your natural color will add a beautiful dimension. Upkeep on the balayage will be minimal with a toning gloss every 6 to 8 weeks. Keep your color fresh with a moisturizing color care shampoo and conditioner.

Effortless Chestnut Brown on Extra Long Hair
Instagram @hairbysalah

#16: Effortless Chestnut Brown on Extra Long Hair

A shiny chestnut brown on extra long hair is a natural-looking, beautiful look. If you’re a brunette naturally you can ask your stylist for some added warmth to your brown, or even ask for a few balayage highlights toned to only a level or two lighter than your brunette color. If you have blonde hair and want to go darker, your stylist will have to add lots of warmth to keep the color from looking muddy. It’s always recommended to use color care shampoo and style with color-locking cream.

Darker Chestnut with Beautiful Blonde Highlights
Instagram @fredyhair

#17: Darker Chestnut with Beautiful Blonde Highlights

Do your long tresses need a new look? How about you freshen them up with a chestnut hair color? You can get inspiration from the browns of the woodsy chestnut tree! Jazz up this shade of darker chestnut-colored hair with blonde highlights, and pull off this stunning look. If not, pair your chestnut brown color with caramel highlights. When it comes to styling, waves will add a pop to your hair’s new color.

#18: Nutty Ash Chestnut Brown

This hue is inspired by one of the top ten colors that stand out in New York Fashion Week, Spring-Summer Collections – toffee. However,  some slight adjustments were made by increasing the ash component, making it closer to a chestnut brown shade so as to eliminate the brassiness. To give it more depth and gradient,  balayage your hair with Goldwell Silk Lift Lightener prior to toning. This creates an illusion of fuller hair too. The best thing about this hair color is that it’s neither too cool or warm. This means that it is an extremely safe and neutral hair color as it complements almost all skin types and shades. Moreover, maintenance is easy. Just use an ash shampoo (blue) and leave it on for 5-minutes daily.

This is a classic and timeless hair shade that will never go wrong regardless of your profession, personality, or fashion style. The 2 types of skin tones that should avoid chestnut hair are almond and chestnut skin tones. Choosing a hair color that is extremely close to your skin tone and shade will make you look dull and tired. It will not complement your features in any way too. Lastly, always remember to match your eyebrow colors with your new chestnut hair shade, it’ll make your eyes pop!

#19: Sun-Kissed Chestnut Hair with Balayage

Look at this gorgeous cherry-choco, maroon + mahogany color! It’s a medium reddish shade of brown that looks sun-kissed. The coloring technique used incorporated the colors to give this red-brown and chestnut auburn hair color.

#20: Sassy Dark to Light Chestnut Ombre

When opting for low-maintenance brunette color, this ombre will be your best option. It’s a gorgeous dark to light chestnut ombre that suits your warm undertone. It offers a darker shade on its roots to let your natural black hair grow out. If you have long and thick hair, this trend works great, especially when you style it with hair products for classy, chestnut waves.

This medium chestnut brown hair is a sweet treat that works on all hair types, including Korean hair. Sticking with warm shades compliments a natural caramel chestnut brown hair color. It’s a beautiful chocolate honey color melt. If you plan on going for this look, I definitely recommend getting your haircut first.

Perfect Reddish-Brown Chestnut Hair Color
Instagram @kimwasabi

#21: Perfect Reddish-Brown Chestnut

Glow up by wearing a strong reddish-brown chestnut color! Either you do it yourself with boxes of hair dyes or ask for help from a colorist for a perfect finish. When styling your reddish hues on your auburn long hair, go for soft waves to add movement to your chestnut strands.

Warm Chestnut Hair Color
Instagram @pink.dagger

#22: Warm Golden Chestnut

A full fringe (bangs) and asymmetrical chestnut bob is ideal for ladies with a rounder face shape and fair skin tone. This warm golden brown will frame your face and highlight your lovely features adorably.

Lovely Dark Chestnut Hair Color
Instagram @gretawagner_

#23: Lovely Dark Chestnut

If you have dark hair then consider this dark brown chestnut color! Add a bit of a shine to your long, wavy tresses, and show off a lovely dark chestnut brown hair color with flair. Apply oil from your mid-lengths to your ends for a glossier outcome.

Multi-Dimensional Chestnut and Blonde Balayage
Instagram @styledbycase_

#24: Multi-Dimensional Chestnut and Blonde Balayage

This chic chestnut and blonde balayage hair trend screams dimension! It even looks more dramatic when matched with voluminous waves. Don’t forget to dry your long chestnut locks completely before curling to avoid any breakage. It’s a perfect example of a dimensional warm balayage, where you can see all different colors and brown tones. The warmth of this chestnut brown hair balayage keeps the blonde bright with rooted rich shades.

Curling your hair showcases all of the colors in there. More texture and/or wave in your hair always gives you the full effect of balayage. Notice the contrast between the depth of the root, and the brightness of the chestnut brown ends. It’s beautiful! A chestnut balayage with dark roots works best if you wear your hair wavy, curly, or textured. It can be straight, but the waves really bring out the dimension and contrast. If you have finer hair, I recommend different, more unique chestnut hair color ideas, like cinnamon or chestnut red hair, suited just for you.

Sultry Dark Hair with Light Chestnut Highlights
Instagram @paigehallhair

#25: Sultry Dark Hair with Light Chestnut Highlights

Brown highlights suit any natural hair color and length. Very dark tan hair like this will certainly show off a deep bronze accent. If it’s too much, ask your stylist for chestnut brown hair with honey highlights instead.

Deep Chocolate Brown Hair with Chestnut Highlights
Instagram @rissvibes

#26: Deep Chocolate Brown Hair with Chestnut Highlights

Dark brown hair is extravagant, but when put together with deep brown and almond highlights makes your look all the more delectable. Ask your stylist for a deep side part and long bangs to frame your face when going for a mocha chocolate brown + chestnut brown hair color.

Gorgeous Light Chestnut Hair Color
Instagram @lavishhairrrr

#27: Gorgeous Light Chestnut

Looking soft and natural! This ravishing shade of light chestnut brown hair offers a more lived-in, low-maintenance look. Who doesn’t want that? Add very soft waves to the ends of your lengthy lighter tresses for a subtle movement. This toasted hair color won’t appear as radiant as it is without using a shine spray.

#28: Romantic Chestnut Brown with Highlights

Chestnut brown hair with highlights on wavy, long tresses is the combination for any woman that wants to make an entrance. Try adding more of a shade of copper highlights to bring out the nuttiness in your hair.

Youthful medium chestnut brown
Instagram @_ajquinones

#29: Youthful Medium Chestnut Brown

Try a lived-in chestnut hair color. A lot of brunettes tend to fall flat and lack depth, but with some simple balayage and a glaze, you can have a beautiful multi-dimensional color. Ask your stylist to give you a simple round brush blow-dry to accentuate the layers and the style.

As far as the haircut goes, the daily maintenance is really up to you. A little surf spray and texture cream are ideal for a wash-and-go look – especially in the hot summer months when blow dryers are out of the question. If you want to go for a more polished look, reach for a volumizing mousse, blow-dry cream, a round brush, and go!

Subtle Golden Chestnut
Instagram @alexisseurin

#30: Subtle Golden Chestnut

What I like about a golden chestnut color is its subtle soft degradation, while being highly technical at the same time. My beauty tip to carry off a highlighted chestnut brown look is to start with hair that has a mid brown base. To maintain your look at home, I recommend the brand Réflexion by Kerastase. Continuous care leads to a healthy head of hair!

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