25 Women Show Off How to Get Cherry Red Hair in 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist
Mid-length cherry red hair with subtle gradient, perfect for dense, wavy textures.

#1 Intense Cherry Red Hair with Feathered Layers

Look at this fiery cherry red, darlings! A bold color for those ready to stand out. This shade works wonders on mid-length hair, offering dimension with its subtle gradient. Perfect for dense, wavy locks. A caveat? Red hues can fade quickly, so commit to upkeep. Ideal for oval faces, this look adds flair without overpowering. Regular gloss treatments will maintain that luster. A confident choice for sure!

Cherry red hair with fashionable curtain bangs, framing the face elegantly.

#2 Cherry Red Hair with Curtain Bangs

This cherry red paired with curtain bangs is a trendsetter’s dream. The bangs frame the face while the red hue boosts your overall look. It’s a match for most hair types and great for elongating round faces. Reds require care to keep vibrant, but it’s worth it for this fresh, modern vibe.

Cherry red hair mixed with brown highlights for added depth and lower maintenance.

#3 Cherry Red Hair with Brown Highlights

Brown highlights mingle with cherry red for a down-to-earth yet spirited style. The blend is perfect for adding depth to your locks, especially if you have a straight to wavy texture. While reds can be high-maintenance, the brown eases the upkeep. A delightful choice for anyone looking to add some subtle dimension.

Cherry red hair with dark roots for an edgy, low-maintenance look.

#4 Cherry Red Hair with Dark Roots

Loving this cherry red with its dark roots peeping through! It’s great for creating an edgy look with minimal root maintenance. This style suits straight to wavy hair types and looks fabulous on oval faces. Be ready for the upkeep on the red to keep it from going dull. A chic style for those who love a pop of color without constant salon visits.

Cherry red hair with layered waves, suitable for women over 60 looking for a vibrant style.

#5 Cherry Red Hair for Women Over 60

A vivacious cherry red for the fabulous over-60s, this style’s full of life! The layered waves add volume, perfect for fine hair, and the side part enhances a youthful look. Reds might fade, so a color-protecting regimen is key. It’s a cheerful hue that warms the complexion, absolutely radiant for those with a zest for life!

Dense hair with cherry red color and vibrant highlights for a luminous look.

#6 Cherry Red Hair with Vibrant Highlights

Can’t get enough of this cherry red with vibrant highlights! They catch the light and give life to each wave, ideal for dense hair that wants to show off its layers. Suitable for all face shapes, this look brings movement and dimension. Color upkeep is key, but the result is a luminous, multi-dimensional mane.

Cherry red wolf cut hairstyle, adding volume and texture to the hair.

#7 Cherry Red Hair with Wolf Cut

The wolf cut in cherry red brings an adventurous spirit to any hair type. With its shaggy layers, it’s a breeze for styling and adds instant volume. Perfect for round faces as it elongates and adds angles. Keep in mind, reds do require some commitment to color care. A fun, flirty option for those ready to roar.

Cherry red hair with a contrasting blonde money piece, highlighting thick hair.

#8 Cherry Red Hair with Blonde Money Piece

This cherry red is jazzed up with a bold blonde money piece, making it a standout choice for those who love contrast. It works wonders on thick hair, drawing the eye to the face. Ideal for square or diamond faces, it highlights your angles. Reds and blondes both require upkeep for color longevity, so brace for the glam maintenance.

Short pixie style in vibrant cherry red, perfect for accentuating facial features.

#9 Cherry Red Hair in Pixie Style

A pixie in cherry red? Absolutely striking! This style is low on maintenance but high on impact, ideal for fine hair that craves a little boldness. It can accentuate the eyes and cheekbones, especially flattering for square and heart-shaped faces. The color will need love to stay vibrant, but the payoff? Stunning.

Medium-density cherry red hair with feathered bangs, framing the face.

#10 Cherry Red Hair with Feathered Bangs

Feathered bangs with this deep cherry red give a soft, yet edgy look that’s fabulous for medium-density hair. It frames the face gracefully, ideal for those with oval or longer faces looking for balance. Reds like this may fade, but with proper care, you’ll keep turning heads. It’s bold and playful, yet polished.

Long wavy hair with a chocolate cherry red blend for a warm and rich hair color.

#11 Chocolate Cherry Red Hair Blend

This chocolate cherry red blend is like a sweet treat for your hair! It’s a fantastic option for those wanting warmth without the brightness of typical reds. Suited for straight-to-wavy hair types and a sure winner for warmer skin tones. While stunning, the blend can require some upkeep to maintain the depth. It’s a luxurious and warm hair color that brings softness to all face shapes.

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Rich cherry red hair with burgundy tones, enhancing thick, wavy hair texture.

#12 Burgundy Tones in Cherry Red Hair

Here’s a stunning twist on cherry red, infused with deep burgundy tones for an elegant feel. This shade works magic on thick, wavy hair and lights up against any skin tone. While reds can fade, burgundy tends to hold on a bit longer. This color choice is versatile, flattering a range of face shapes, especially angular ones by adding softness.

Vibrant cherry red curls on a black woman, showcasing confidence and style.

#13 Vibrant Cherry Red Hair for Black Women

Lustrous cherry red on black women is absolutely captivating! This vibrant hue paired with bouncy curls is a testament to boldness. It works wonders on various hair densities and will require upkeep for the red to stay as lively as you are. This style is a head-turner that exudes confidence and charm.

Medium-length cherry red hair with subtle highlights and side-swept styling.

#14 Cherry Red Hair with Subtle Highlights

This cherry red’s got pizzazz with those subtle highlights adding a flicker of brightness to each strand. Perfect for adding texture to medium-length hair, and the side-swept style is oh-so-flattering for round and heart-shaped faces. Keep in mind, red can be a bit high-maintenance to keep its spark. But for an instant boost of glam? This is your go-to!

Long layered cherry red hair providing movement and body to thick hair.

#15 Long Layers in Cherry Red Hair

This luxurious cherry red with long, flowing layers is perfect for thick, straight hair or wavy types seeking movement. The layers offer body and style with ease. While stunning, reds can fade, so be ready for maintenance. The cut and color combo here suits a variety of face shapes, especially lovely on longer faces, giving a balanced elegance.

Short and curly cherry red hairstyle for a playful, voluminous look.

#16 Short Curly Cherry Red Hair

Adore this short, curly cherry red! It’s a match made in heaven for those with a natural wave. Low-maintenance styling here, and the color adds so much character. It can require frequent touch-ups to keep the color fresh, though. Ideal for petite face shapes, these curls create volume up top for a balanced look. A perky, spirited choice!

Dark to cherry red ombre hair showcasing a vibrant transition ideal for any hair type.

#17 Cherry Red Hair with Ombre Transition

This ombre cherry red hair is the perfect blend of daring and subtle. Starting with a dark base, it eases into a vibrant red, ideal for all hair types. It’s an artistic choice that allows for easier upkeep at the roots while enjoying a burst of color. Suits a variety of face shapes, and it’s especially captivating on curls. Trendy and transitional!

Short feathered cherry red hairstyle, adding volume to fine hair.

#18 Short Cherry Red Hair with Feathered Cut

Chic and edgy, this short cherry red feathered cut is a showstopper. It’s perfect for those with fine to medium hair looking for a voluminous boost. Short cuts like this can be a breeze to style and maintain color. The layered texture will beautifully enhance a square jawline, adding softness. A feisty choice for those wanting to turn heads!

Cherry red layered haircut perfect for fine to medium hair with a 90s vibe.

#19 Cherry Red Hair with 90s-Inspired Layers

Cherry red with 90s flair? Yes, please! This cut’s got layers that bring out a playful, youthful spirit, tailored for fine to medium hair. Those face-framing pieces work magic on heart-shaped visages, softening angles. The red demands attention, but beware of color fading—investment in color-safe products is a must. Fabulous for adding movement and volume!

Bright cherry red hair with voluminous curls for a bold look on long hair.

#20 Bright Cherry Red Hair for a Bold Look

Bright cherry red that pops with each curl! Suited for the bold at heart with long, dense hair. This radiant hue pairs well with voluminous curls, creating a sea of movement. Be mindful, though, bright reds require care to keep their brilliance. Long face shapes will adore how these waves soften their features. Dare to dazzle with this one!

Soft cherry red hair with gentle waves, perfect for women over 70.

#21 Cherry Red Hair for Women Over 70

Who says over-70s can’t rock cherry red? This soft, waved style is stunning, giving a lift to fine textures. It’s a low-fuss look that’s easy to manage, with a color that enlivens the face. Regular touch-ups will keep the red from dulling, making it a spirited choice for the young at heart!

Vibrant cherry red hair with naturally curly ends, ideal for thick hair.

#22 Cherry Red Hair with Curly Ends

End the search with this cherry red and its curly ends! A spectacular choice for thick hair, offering bounce and zest. Suited for those with a bit of natural curl, it’s a less frequent salon visit—just trim and go. The red might need extra love to keep vibrant, especially on curls. Works well on broader face shapes, balancing with bouncy ends. A vibrant, playful pick!

Fair skin complementing wavy cherry red hair with a side part.

#23 Fair Skin Complementing Cherry Red Hair

This cherry red is a dream for fair-skinned beauties, creating a striking contrast. The color is rich, the waves are soft, making it a romantic choice. If you’ve got fine hair, these curls will give you volume. But reds can be a commitment, fading requires touch-ups. Great for adding warmth to cooler skin tones, and the side part? It’s flattering for most face shapes.

Cherry red balayage on long hair creating a seamless color transition.

#24 Cherry Red Hair with Balayage Effect

Stunning cherry red balayage breathes life into long locks! This technique blends hues seamlessly for natural growth appearance, ideal for those with medium to thick hair. It’s a commitment with high-impact results, so consider the maintenance. The transition from dark to light is flattering on most, adding depth and dimension. A chic and modern take on red!

Layered bob in dark cherry red with caramel highlights for thick hair.

#25 Dark Cherry Red Hair with Underneath Highlights

This dark cherry red with sneaky caramel highlights is just divine for adding depth. Best on a structured cut with layered ends, it’s a fresh twist on the classic bob. Thick hair types will see the most benefit, catching the light just right. But remember, reds can be high-maintenance with color retention. A striking choice for rounder faces, balancing the features beautifully.

Cherry red hair isn’t just a color; it’s a bold statement that speaks volumes about your style and personality. This vibrant shade, rich with deep purple undertones, transforms any look, providing a dynamic contrast that flatters a wide array of skin tones. Whether you’re considering a subtle touch of cherry cola or a full head of fiery red, understanding the nuances of cherry red is crucial. Selecting the right undertone is essential to enhance your natural features, ensuring the color not only pops but also harmonizes with your complexion. Achieving that perfect shade involves choosing between permanent dyes for long-lasting vibrancy or semi-permanent options for those who prefer flexibility.

Ready to unleash the striking elegance of cherry red? Let’s find your perfect shade and embrace a hair transformation that’s as daring as you are.