Cherry Cola Hair Color Is Starting a Trend: See All 26 Stunning Examples

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

#1: Glossy Dark Red Waves

After 8 weeks, you will likely want to refresh your color to keep the gem tone vibrant. Consider also getting a matching trim. Think about having a balayage 2-3 times a year to maintain the color intensity around the face or let it grow out gracefully. You can also opt to refresh the red color in between for easy upkeep.

#2: Soft Brown Cherry Color with Long Layers

A color mix of soft brown and cherry with long layers is a great option for those interested in the cherry cola hair trend. The layers near the face allow the new hair color to enhance your appearance, complementing your face and making your expression warmer.

Cherry cola hair color makeover for women with long dark brown hair
Instagram @kaylee.burdshair

#3: Cherry Cola Makeover

Turn your dark brown locks into a cherry cola masterpiece of dimension and depth. You’ll love the way the sun highlights the various tones and pops of color throughout.

Deep Red-Brunette Hair with Dimension
Instagram @hairbyvalerien

#4: Deep Red-Brunette Hair with Dimension

Ready to spice up your brunette? Ask your stylist for deep red-brunette hair with dimension! This standout yet subtle hue adds loads of rich dimension to otherwise flat hair colors.

#5: Bright Cherry Coke on Face-Framing Cut

Bright cherry coke hair color goes well with a face-framing cut! This vivid hue is a stunning way to brighten up your look, all while staying on trend.

Long Red-Brown Hair with Subtle Cherry Cola Tone
Instagram @sunkissedbytay

#6: Red-Brown Hair with Subtle Cherry Tone

The cherry cola hair trend is made up of red-brown hair with a subtle cherry tone. A rich and luscious hue is an excellent choice for redheads wanting to go darker or brunettes wanting a color change.

#7: Wavy Black Hair with Cherry Highlights

Wavy black hair with cherry highlights is the perfect way to start experimenting with bold colors. The scattering of the highlighted strands gives the hair a dramatic yet effortless effect. It enhances the texture and color, making it easy to maintain and fun. If you have brown hair and can commit to refreshing your color every 6-8 weeks, consider this balayaged placement. You’ll also need to book a full balayage appointment 2-3 times a year to keep this style. At home, curl with a 1-inch barrel iron to add movement and beautiful waves throughout.

#8: Cherry Cola Balayage on Long Bob

This cherry cola balayage on a long bob is stunning. What could be more in the moment than a trending cherry cola color paired with a timeless lob cut? This style can seem edgy. This depends on how much red tone the stylist applies to your hair. It also depends on the point cutting and layering used to add movement and texture. You can modify this look to fit any style you want to match your unique fashion.

#9: Natural Dark Cherry Hair Color

Consider a natural dark cherry hair color for your next hair appointment. It’s a bold yet subtle shade. The unique color of dark cherry draws attention to your hair. It also suits most skin tones when the right formula is chosen. However, it needs regular maintenance to prevent it from getting dull. In conclusion, this wine-red tone is ideal for those who want an exceptional color. It boosts confidence and adds charm, but it needs regular upkeep.

Black-Red Cherry Cola Hues on Medium Wolf Cut
Instagram @chey_stylezz

#10: Black-Red Hues on Wolf Cut

Want to make your hairstyle look bold? Use black-red shades on a hairstyle known as a ‘wolf cut’. Creating this hairstyle starts with a defined shag or wolf cut. This includes bangs and layers all over. After that, team it up with a cherry red shade that matches your skin tone and desired color. The shade can be more red or violet based on your liking. To decide on this, make sure to show examples of your preferred shade to your professional stylist in your appointment. When all these elements are put together, the outcome is a front-forward style that provides volume, texture, and color.

#11: Dark Cherry Plum Color

A soft but edgy dark cherry plum color can be applied fully, highlighted, or in a balayage style, based on how much you wish to experiment. The brown shade with red and purple tones gives a cherry cola spin to the hair. The hair can be styled either straight or curled.

#12: Chocolate Hair with Soft Cherry Tones

Try chocolate hair with soft cherry tones, which is similar to cherry-cola colored hair. Leaning more towards burgundy, this mahogany shade has more red and brown tones that give a natural but still bright shine to the hair. It’s perfect for those who like slight color changes or those trying hair dye for the first time. A professional stylist can enhance your beauty and boost your confidence with unique color placement and a custom mizens color.

#13: Mahogany and Cherry Tones on Curly Hair

Mahogany and cherry tones on curly hair are a combo made in hair heaven! Lucky for you, this color placement and tone are less aggressive on fragile curls than other colors, yet they add brightness and a unique vibe. Ask your stylist to hand paint or foil throughout for all-over dimensions and work together to create a cherry tone that suits your skin tone – you’ll leave feeling refreshed, bright, and on-trend.

Black Cherry Cola Undertones and Long Waves
Instagram @tayxtiger

#14: Black Cherry Undertones and Long Waves

The black cherry brunette has a rich brown hair color with a cherry cola undertone. Her hair is styled with loose, long curls to create a beautiful finish.

Deep Cherry Cola Hair Tone for Longer Locks
Instagram @elysiansalon.cos

#15: Deep Cherry Hair Tone

This client’s dark cherry cola red is perfect, complementing her eye color beautifully. Styled with voluminous loose curls.

Light Cherry Coke Red for Medium Hair
Instagram @melted.bybri

#16: Light Cherry Coke Red Hair

Enhance your appearance with a light cherry coke red hair color! The trending hair color displays a deep red burgundy tone, comparable to a stunning glass of red wine. You can uphold this color at home by washing it no more than twice a week. Use a color-safe shampoo and a color-depositing mask, such as Davines’s Red Alchemic Conditioner. Wear your hair straightened for an edgy, weightless feel, or style it curled for extra volume and dimension.

#17: Reddish Brown Wavy Lob

Ask for a warm reddish brunette color complimented with an inverted lob and styled with loose curls.

#18: Subtle Cherry Cola on Brunette Hair

Today, a subtle cherry cola color effect on brunette hair is a trend that draws inspiration from the 90s. This refreshing turn from bold fire engine red hair allows your hair to subtly catch attention. To achieve this look, consult with your stylist. They can create a color that blends deep red with rich brown to reflect the cherry cola tones. Don’t forget to book your retouch appointments every 6-8 weeks, including a trim.

Longer Locks with Rich Cherry Cola Color and Dark Roots
Instagram @biahdamascena

#19: Rich Cherry Color with Dark Roots

The color is a rich red, similar to cherry cola. It has dark roots to add depth. Styled with loose beachy waves.

Luscious Dark Red Cherry Cola Curls
Instagram @salonefirriolo

#20: Luscious Dark Red Curls

Tightly spiraled curls, styled in a corkscrew fashion, add a ton of volume to the overall look. The look is then topped off with a dark, rich cherry-cola red.

Dark Cola Cherry Red on Short Bob
Instagram @arisalons

#21: Dark Cherry Red on Short Bob

Dark cherry red on a short bob is a great way to add a unique pop of color to your overall look while maintaining a natural balance on your skin tone to keep your color semi-subtle yet fun with your short, layered look! You may want to lean more red-purple or more red-brown, depending on your preference!

#22: Vibrant Cherry Brown Hair

How well does this vibrant cherry brown hair pair with those blue eyes and fair skin tone? This is the power of consulting and investing in a pro stylist to create a look that makes you YOU, as you can see executed in this auburn, mahogany jewel tone applied from roots to ends. Pair this color with any length of hair, add bangs, or don’t – either way, this look is sure to boost your confidence and add brightness to your overall look.

Mid-Length Warm Cherry Cola Red Curls
Instagram @kalinavictoria

#23: Warm Cherry Red Curls

Warm cherry red curls are in style if you want to make your hair color livelier. The mix of warm tones with a touch of brunette creates a cola-like color loved by everyone.

Cherry Cola Red Highlights on Long Dark Hair
Instagram @hairrbyhaze

#24: Cherry Red Highlights on Dark Hair

Looking for luscious yet fun ideas to change up your hue? It’s time to try cherry cola hair! Cherry red highlights on dark hair perfectly match the color trend. They will give your hair the striking brightness you desire while maintaining a deep, rich look.

#25: Muted Cherry Cola Bob

Are you considering a new color to enhance a cool skin tone? Select this attractive muted shade known as a cherry cola bob! This sleek hairstyle enhances cooler facial features and pairs well with the root melt technique if a darker hair base is preferred.

#26: Burgundy Cherry Red Hair

Burgundy cherry red hair is a highly popular hair color that’s loved by many! This stunning and deep color adds lively color to dark hair while keeping the overall color dark and simple to take care of.

Are you thinking about a bold, new hair color? Cherry cola might be the perfect pick. It’s a rich, deep color that can light up your look. Let’s break down what you need to know, guided by expert Harry Leo Donohue.

Meet The Expert

Harry Leo Donohue
Harry Leo Donohue
Harry is a hairstylist & salon owner with over 7 years of experience.
You can find Harry at his studio in Cherry Hill, NJ

Choosing the Right Shade

Harry explains that olive or darker skin tones match well with cherry cola hair color. “Cherry cola hair color would look best on people with olive tones or darker complexions,” he says. If you have lighter skin, consider a copper shade. Yet, there are no strict rules. Some people with different skin tones also rock this color well.

Keeping Your Color Bright

To keep cherry cola hair looking fresh, Harry suggests, “Wash your hair in cold water.” This helps the color stay in your hair longer. He recommends visiting the salon every 5 to 6 weeks for touch-ups and a gloss refresh. Also, use a color conditioner to keep the color vibrant. “You can get this conditioner on Amazon as well,” Harry adds.

Talking With Your Stylist

Cherry cola isn’t an easy color to maintain. Before diving in, think about the time and money you can spend on your hair. Harry points out, “Cherry cola is a 5 to 6 week touch-up.” Costs can add up, so plan ahead. Also, discuss your base color, lifestyle, and the cherry cola shade that fits you. Whether you want a darker tone or something brighter, there’s a shade of cherry cola for everyone.

Photos of the Most Popular Cherry Hair Colors