20 Sweetest Caramel Blonde Hair Color Ideas You’ll See This Year

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A caramel blonde hair color is a shade between blonde and brunette. Brimming with shine, a caramel-blonde hue is ideal for transitioning from dark to light hair.

Caramel blonde has many variations. From beachy, sun-kissed to chestnut, the sexy color is taking Hollywood by storm! Cleo Wade, Jasmine Tooke, and Jessica Biel amped up the hype on this warm-toned, creamy shade of blonde! This earthy shade looks stunning on warm skin tones alike.

Linda Gattineri creates beautiful manes with these golden caramel tones. These are her top pieces of advice when getting a caramel color. “Talk about your hair history with your stylist and describe the journey. Do a strand test to see if you need one or many services to lighten your hair?”

Linda recommends Kente Bond Shampoo and Conditioner by Seven to strengthen the hair. She also uses Oi All In One Milk by Davines to detangle, moisturize, and protect your hair from heat.

Brassiness is your number one concern when wearing caramel hair because of its warm tones. “After six weeks, these tones tend to fade. It’s ideal for getting a gloss and conditioning treatment. Do this to add back the faded tones and keep the hair looking healthy.”

Take a sweet plunge into this luscious hue. These pictures of trendy caramel blonde hair colors might be the one for you!

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Caramel and Buttery Blonde
Instagram @razzohaircare

#1: Caramel and Buttery Blonde

With how divine it turns out, this caramel hair color with blonde highlights is everything you hope for and more! The caramel and buttery blonde give a vibrant hair color that goes very well with long, thick locks. The transition of two shades is so flawless as you flaunt it with big, voluminous waves.

Caramel Brown with Rich Blonde Highlights
Instagram @xoxo_balayage

#2: Caramel Brown with Rich Blonde Highlights

A caramel brown with rich blonde highlights adds warmth and light. These blonde and caramel highlights are great for lower-maintenance brunettes that want to go lighter or blondes who want to add depth.

Caramel Silver Blonde Hair
Instagram @hairbyjayymeow

#3: Caramel Silver Blonde Hair

A caramel silver-blonde hair offers uniqueness to complement your glam style. Don’t doubt getting this look when you have smooth, long locks for such a brilliant result.

Caramel Balayage on Beige Blonde Hair
Instagram @kels.hair

#4: Caramel Balayage on Beige Blonde Hair

Are you craving a new sultry style for your long hair? Switching to a balayage is a great move. A caramel balayage on beige blonde hair looks beyond impeccable, with curvy waves added to it.

Caramel and Warm Blonde Ombre
Instagram @kawaiihimehair

#5: Caramel and Warm Blonde Ombre

Have a taste of richly satisfying hair color, and pull off this caramel and warm blonde ombre. Subtle waves on lengthy strands and face-framing pieces add a softer touch to top off the style. Time to change up your look with this stunning caramel blonde ombre!

#6: Caramel and Strawberry Blonde Ombre

This caramel blonde hue is the epitome of good fashion taste! Opt for this caramel and strawberry blonde ombre if you want a chic balayage effect. Shades blend naturally, making your long tresses look luxurious and exquisite.

#7: Caramel Lowlights on White Blonde Hair

If your fondness for your current blonde hair slowly fades, you only need to shake things up. These caramel lowlights on white blonde hair look stunning, and you need to try them. With loose waves and curls, your new long hairstyle and color will be breathtaking.

#8: Dark Caramel and Sandy Blonde Hair

A wavy, shoulder-length lob plus a caramel blonde balayage is an actual work of art! The sun-kissed highlights complete the warmness of the look you’ll be trying to go for. This gorgeous dark caramel and sandy blonde hair offer darker roots and lighter ends.

Caramel Highlights on Dirty Blonde Hair
Instagram @hairbynivein

#9: Caramel Highlights on Dirty Blonde Hair

Boost the sleekness of your long, straight hair by adding warm and natural-looking caramel blonde shade. You’ll not regret wearing the caramel highlights on dirty blonde hair for a new glam.

#10: Short Caramel Light Blonde Balayage

How else can you amp up your look? This short caramel light blonde balayage hair shows a sign of a dimensional effect. Absolute texture and movement in a neck-length haircut are worth extra time in styling.

#11: Caramel and Auburn Blonde Hair

Featuring two shades in one mane! Here’s the caramel and auburn blonde hair perfect for your shoulder-grazing cut. Both the waves and colors work hand in hand to make your locks fuller and more volumized.

#12: Caramel Bright Blonde

This caramel bright blonde is the shiniest and prettiest thing you ever need to see! Its beautiful color melting effect works wonders on your long waves.

#13: Caramel and Cool Blonde Hair

Who can stop you when you have naturally smooth, long locks? Elegant waves are vital in adding a glow to this caramel and cool blonde hair.

#14: Caramel with Icy Blonde Highlights

The dimension is staggering that you can’t stop going crazy over it! Aim of this light caramel blonde by embracing a warm shade of caramel with icy blonde highlights to balance things out. You’ll be gold with this color on your soft and long hair!

Caramel Platinum Blonde Hair
Instagram @bdroombeda

#15: Caramel Platinum Blonde Hair

Glorify how your long tresses appear by brightening them with a new caramel blonde tone. This caramel platinum blonde hair is as dazzling as your beauty, jazzing it with loose curls at the ends.

Caramel Ash Blonde on Dark Brown Hair
Instagram @kingdivinefive

#16: Caramel Ash Blonde on Dark Brown Hair

Wear it to impress! Once you achieve a lengthy mane, don’t miss your chance to show off a sweet ashy tone via balayage ombre. Beach waves will love playing around with this caramel ash blonde on dark brown hair!

#17: Brown Hair with Caramel and Golden Blonde Highlights

A money piece is trying now and looks beautiful with face-framing caramel blonde strands. But make sure you choose the correct hair color for it to be effective. If you have an olive skin tone, brown hair with caramel and golden blonde highlights must be your first bet. It’s certainly suitable for your fine, mid-length cut.

Caramel Butterscotch Honey Blonde
Instagram @wellahair

#18: Caramel Butterscotch Honey Blonde

If you want flawless waves on your long mane, pull it off with a caramel butterscotch honey blonde color. The volume seems satisfying, carrying out a good shape for your locks. Be confident to flaunt this caramel and blonde hair outside, as this balayage shines the best in the sunlight.

Caramel Creamy Blonde Balayage on Dark Hair
Instagram @suesy.k

#19: Caramel Creamy Blonde Balayage on Dark Hair

A caramel creamy blonde balayage on dark hair makes a lengthy, straight mane the finest! The mixed power of handpainted highlights and shadow roots forms a multi-dimension. What more could you say? This is a straight-up genius!

#20: Caramel Highlights on Dark Blonde Hair

Try some caramel blonde highlights on your natural brunette hair. Note that maintenance is required to preserve your color when it comes to carmel highlights or any lighter accents.

According to its colorist Rosie Alexander of Ogden, UT,  you’ll want to make sure you’re using color-safe professional hair products. “I love the brands Lanza, Pau Shau, and Neuma. Do regular trims every 8-10 weeks with touch-ups to color as needed,” says Alexander.

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