25 Burgundy Balayage Hair Color Ideas for a Cool Reddish Hue

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist
Medium-to-Long Soft Wavy Deep Burgundy Balayage Hair
Instagram @bad.bitch.hair

#1: Soft Wavy Deep Burgundy Hair

Opt for a soft and wavy deep burgundy hairstyle. I vote wavy hair all day to show off all the gorgeous tones a deep burgundy will bring out in your hair. Creating this deep tone takes a little work to lift dark hair with a balayage or foilyage. This creates soft diffused lines at the root and brightness through the ends. Once you lift to a red-orange you will be able to tone it with a darker burgundy. If you want a little brighter, make sure the hair is lightened slightly more than 1-2 shades.

#2: Mid-Long Hair with Rich Burgundy Balayage Ombre

Prepare to make a bold statement with a rich burgundy balayage ombre hairstyle! This look combines the versatile length of mid-long hair with the allure of a rich burgundy. The transition from deep, burgundy to vibrant red tones creates a nice effect. It adds depth and dimension to your tresses.

Waist-Length Dark Raspberry Burgundy Balayage Red Hair with Choppy Ends
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#3: Waist-Length Dark Raspberry Red Hair

Make a bold statement with waist-length dark raspberry red hair. This hairstyle combines the richness of dark raspberry red hues with the length that falls to the waist. The vibrant color adds depth and intensity to your locks. For styling, enhance the sleekness and shine of your hair by applying a few drops of hair serum. Use a curling iron to create soft waves for a romantic look.

#4: Vibrant Burgundy Hair Ends

Adding a burgundy shade to the ends of your hair can be a great way to accentuate your naturally dark hair color. Balayage highlights mean a fairly low-maintenance hair salon visit schedule. You will only need to visit the salon every 3-4 months. Ask your stylist what color-depositing masks or shampoos they recommend to upkeep your desired hue at home.

Dark Red Burgundy Balayage Highlights with Black Roots for Long Tresses
Instagram @beautybymorg_

#5: Dark Red Highlights with Black Roots

Consider a dark red highlight with black roots. Amp up your balayage with a burgundy red from the color line Pravana. With natural black hair, you will pull reds and oranges first when lifting the hair. So if you want a pretty red, lifting to a red-orange is fine when toning in a burgundy red tone.

Low-Maintenance Burgundy Berry Balayage on Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @giselachairez.hair

#6: Burgundy Berry Balayage on Mid-Length Hair

Here’s a burgundy berry balayage on mid-length hair. The effect of balayage is a soft blend between the root and ends. Adding a burgundy berry tone will reflect reds and violet. They compliment darker hair bases. You can color melt worth a darker root into your burgundy if you need a darker base or accent your dark hair.

Muted Burgundy Balayage Long Waves with Middle Part
Instagram @felicia.chiu.hair

#7: Muted Burgundy Waves with Middle Part

A wavy, muted burgundy with a middle part is so charming. A burgundy balayage will surely blow your mind. For dark-haired beauties, a red balayage gives a sophisticated edge to your color. Allow for a highlighted effect while maintaining a dark root for a softer blend and less contrast. A perfect tone for darker warm complexions.

Burgundy Red Wine Balayage with Mid-Back Haircut
Instagram @salonshearenvy

#8: Burgundy Red Wine Balayage

The burgundy red wine balayage is rich in color and sophistication. The luxurious shades mimic the velvety allure of red wine. It creates a head-turning and glamorous look. For styling, embrace the natural texture of your hair. Apply a volumizing mousse and create loose, tousled waves with a curling iron.

#9: Bright Burgundy Balayage Highlights

Ignite your style with the captivating bright burgundy balayage highlights. The result is an eye-catching look that adds depth and dimension. For styling, embrace the natural movement of your hair. Use a spray to enhance the texture, and create loose waves with a curling wand for a carefree look.

Dark Chocolate Burgundy Balayage Hair with Medium-to-Long Beach Waves
Instagram @lavvishlooks

#10: Dark Chocolate Burgundy Hair

Liven up your dark brown hair with a chocolate burgundy shade. Refresh your color between in-salon touch-ups. Use Moroccan Oil Bordeaux Color Depositing Mask.

Burgundy Red Sombre Balayage on Very Long Brown Hair
Instagram @hair.byale

#11: Burgundy Red Sombre on Brown Hair

Give your brown hair some liveliness with a gorgeous burgundy-red sombre. This is a perfect color if you want to dye your hair but don’t want to have a lot of maintenance. You can refresh this color yourself with a color-depositing mask. I like O&M CLEAN.tone Red Colour Treatment.

Burgundy Plum Balayage for Textured Long Bob
Instagram @blondie_snips

#12: Burgundy Plum Balayage for Long Bob

A burgundy plum balayage on a long bob cut is a chic mix for women looking to make a statement in a subtle way. Plum is a great shade for olive skin tones and darker complexions.

#13: Loose Curls with Mahogany and Burgundy Tones

Add elegance and shine to your dark hair with mahogany, burgundy tones, and loose curls. Try the Beachwaver to achieve soft and elegant curls.

#14: Burgundy Highlights on Shoulder-Length Cut

Give your shoulder-length cut a little pizazz with burgundy highlights. This color is fairly low-maintenance. You can refresh the burgundy color yourself at home between salon visits. I recommend Keracolor Color + Clenditioner Merlot.

Dark Burgundy Balayage Hair with Long-Length Soft Waves
Instagram @colorbycasey

#15: Dark Burgundy Hair with Soft Waves

This amazing dark burgundy hair color would be great on a dark brunette if you want to add dimension and shine. The soft waves accentuate the burgundy shades of dimension. The waves also showcase the layers.

Medium-Length Hair with Light and Fiery Burgundy Balayage
Instagram @moniquestyling

#16: Medium Hair with Fiery Burgundy Balayage

The fiery burgundy balayage brings this medium-length cut to a whole new level. The depth of the burgundy gives the hair ultimate shine. The deep wave technique to curl this look gives a very lived-in and elegant vibe.

Light Burgundy Balayage on Very Long Black Hair
Instagram @hair_by_silver

#17: Light Burgundy on Black Hair

You could try doing a light burgundy for a more dramatic change on your black hair. The placement of the color on her tresses makes the color pop against the dark root. Plus, it has a mesmerizing result!

#18: Muted Burgundy on Medium-Length Wavy Hair

Try a muted burgundy hue if you want a red shade that isn’t too bright to liven up your medium-length wavy hair. Ask your stylist for a browned-out red wine tone.

#19: Sangria Red Soft Ombre

For any red hair fanatics out there looking to change up their color, try this sangria red with a soft ombré! The subtle graduation from the dark root to the lighter and brighter ends is fun. It’s still modern and sophisticated.

#20: Reddish Purple Balayage Ombre

This reddish purple balayage ombré is a wonderful option if you like cooler reds. Keeping the root darker and richer helps keep a natural looking and soft grow out. The purple ends keep this look trendy.

Waist-Length Straight Creamy Burgundy Balayage Hair
Instagram @crystalxhair

#21: Straight Creamy Burgundy Hair

This straight creamy burgundy hair is stunning! This soft yet vivid color transitions the dark and light tones on her hair strands!

Soft Burgundy Balayage for Long Brunette Hair
Instagram @kylucious

#22: Soft Burgundy for Long Brunette Hair

Try a soft burgundy highlight to warm your long brunette hair. Keep this beautiful shade vibrant between salon visits with a color-depositing mask. Try Moroccan Oil Bordeaux Color Depositing Mask.

#23: Burgundy Red Highlights on Dark Hair

Ask about burgundy red highlights in dark hair. Warm complexions look great with dark burgundy tones. You will want to highlight a few pieces to make the difference in red pop.

#24: Dark-Rooted Burgundy Ombre

Try a burgundy ombre with a dark root shadow if you have dark hair and want a low-maintenance but fun hair color. Having a dark root close to the shade of your natural color will help your color look blended even after new growth. You can refresh this red shade at home with a color-depositing mask, like O&M CLEAN.tone Red Colour Treatment.

Melted Maroon Burgundy Balayage on Longer Dark Hair
Instagram @_mmaarrii._

#25: Melted Maroon Hair Color

Try a melted maroon shade if you’re looking for a bold hair color. This burgundy shade is sure to turn heads. Try O&M CLEAN.tone Red Colour Treatment to refresh your color between sessions with your hairstylist.

The rich hue of burgundy balayage sits like a flowing river of red wine in many hairdos. The queen of this color, Tamara Jones, spills her expert pearls of wisdom on this tantalizing trend.

Meet The Expert

Tamara Jones
Tamara Jones
Tamara is a hairstylist with over 20 years of experience.
You can find her at Salon ISH in Puyallup, WA

Finding Your Perfect Match

“Reds are an intriguing color,” Tamara starts. Your skin tone does play a role in how the hue will look on you. Darker skin pairs well with more violet-burgundy tones. Lighter skin makes less violet tones truly shine. But remember, rules have exceptions. Lighter skin might look stunning with violet burgundy. Darker tones might steal the show with less violet hues.

Caring for Your Balayage

“Use a color protecting shampoo.” Top picks include Kevin Murphy’s Everlasting Color Wash and R&Co Gemstone Shampoo. Don’t wash your hair in hot water. It can harm the color. Try to wash it just once or twice a week.

A good dry shampoo is key. Tamara loves Kevin Murphy’s Fresh Hair, Moroccan Oil’s Dry Shampoo, and R&Co’s Spiritualized. Your lifestyle plays a part in hair care. If you swim daily, are in the sun often, or wash your hair daily, keep that in mind. You may need more upkeep than others.

Burgundy fades in the sun, so expect changes during the summer months. Not using your stylist’s recommended products may speed up the fade. Don’t worry, with a bit of TLC, a burgundy balayage can remain striking from one appointment to the next. Expect touch ups about every 6-8 weeks. A gloss can help you keep that vibrant look.

Choosing Your Shade with Your Stylist

Picking out the right color is a joint effort between you and your stylist. “When picking a burgundy tone, I always place a color swatch next to my client’s skin,” Tamara shares. Your skin tone and eye color help to find your perfect red. Keep in mind the further from your base color you go, the more the regrowth will stand out.

Pictures of the Most Beautiful Burgundy Balayage Ideas