100+ Brunette Hair Color Ideas for Women

Looking to go brown or give your brown hair a new shade? Check out these inspiring photos of ways you can get brunette hair!

Radiant medium-brown hair colors
Get inspired with these sweet and beautiful medium brown hairstyles!
Mushroom brown balayage ideas
Mushroom brown hair colors are already gorgeous, so why not amp it up with a balayage? It's even more beautiful!!
The best dark brown hair colors are right here
Get ready to be inspired with one of these rich, dark brunette hues.
Trendy ash brown hair colors
Considering this color? Then check here first to see which styles are most popular and how to get them.
Stunning brown hair with highlights
Give your hair more dimension and pop with one of these incredible highlights.
Light brown hair colors
We're in hair color love! These light brown hair colors are anything but boring. In fact, they’re so stunning that we can’t decide which one to try first!
dark brown hair with highlights
Adding a pop of color with subtle or even bold highlights can turn one dimensional brunette hair into a multi-dimensional masterpiece. Don't believe us? Check these looks out!
Excellent copper highlights on brown hairstyles
Brunette hair looks waaaay better with coppery highlighted streaks throughout.
best mahogany hair colors
Going brunette but confused about which shade to choose? Satisfy your curiosity by hopping into this woody trend.
Chocolate brown hair colors
If you've ever wondered what chocolate brown hair looks like, this article is for you! Indulge in our collection of 35 stunning shades of chocolate brown hair today.
Short brown hair colors
Wanna bypass all the troubles of taking care of your lengthy brunette strands? Check out these recent photos of edgy short brown hairstyles!
Honey brown hair colors
Oh honey! Check out the details on this super sweet color trend and how it can work for you...
Light brown hair with highlights ideas
What better way than to add some highlights to brighten up your hair and add more dimension. See which ones we found trending this year right here.
Luscious dark brown hairstyles with blonde highlights
Come see how to transform your simple brown hair into a sun-kissed bombshell!
Light golden brown hair color
Ever wondered what it takes to own stunning, glossy locks? This hair color will make you obsessed.
Light ash brown hair
Check out these light, ashy brunette hues!
Caramel brown hair color ideas
How about spicing up your brown hair with a little caramel? Here are some delicious ideas for ya!
trendy half blonde half brown hair
Go 50/50 with your brown and blonde hair coloring ideas!
Brown hair with red highlights
Give your hair a more Fall inspired look with one of these gorgeous highlights for brown hair! You'll find reds and browns of all shades and which color combo I think is going to be hot this season.
Blonde balayage on dark brown hair
Dark brunettes should consider adding a blonde balayage to their hair to amp up their style.
Trendy golden brown hair colors
Discover how you can glimmer under the sun with these golden brown hues!
The best chestnut brown hair colors
Browse through and be amazed of the impressive beauty of chestnut hair!
Bronde hair color ideas
Curious why you've been hearing and seeing the word 'bronde' everywhere? Find out here why it's hugely on-trend.
Balayage brown hair colors
Take a look at these stunning ways to get a brunette balayage!
Pictures of popular balayage dark brown hair colors
Considering trying the undisputedly most favored coloring style of the decade? Click here to learn how to make it work for dark hair.
Best lowlights for brown hair
Want an impressive color change without being too drastic? See these new ideas on how to get brown hair with lowlights.
dark brown hair with caramel highlights
Caramel highlights will add depth and dimension to your dark brown hair. Give it a try!
brown to blonde ombre
Attention blondes and brunettes! You can have the best of both worlds with an ombre. See how.
Short light brown hair
If you have light brown hair, consider amping it up with a short hairstyle.
Brown hair with caramel highlights
Do your brunette strands need a little kick? Adding some delicious caramel highlights is just the thing for you!
Brown hair with blonde highlights
Make your brunette hair pop with one of these amazing blonde highlights.
Most enchanting bronde balayage ideas
Bronde is already a gorgeous hair color, but when you add it to a balayage technique, it's amazing!
Caramel brown balayage hair ideas
Caramel brown is already beautiful, but adding it to a balayage will amp up your hairstyle game!
Brown and blonde balayage ideas
Opt for a blonde and brown balayage for your next color service.
sandy brown hair
Add warmth to your brown hair with this sandy shade.
Brown ombre hair ideas
Have brunette hair and looking for a fresh coat of paint? Try one of these gorgeous ombré's.
Prettiest chocolate brown balayage
Chocolate colored hair pairs beautifully with a good balayage.
Red balayage on brown hair
Looking to spice up your brown locks? Check out our article on the hottest shades and techniques for red balayage on brown hair!
Gorgeous ash brown balayage ideas
If you love balayage techniques, you should talk to your colorist about an ash brown hue.