A Brown to Blonde Ombre Is So Gorgeous – See 28 Incredible Ideas

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

A brown to blonde ombre is a hair color that starts with brown at the roots and gradually becomes blonde as it reaches the tips of the hair. Here comes a color technique that will level up your hair game. Guaranteed!

Courtney Alexander, a Missouri-based pro colorist, gives her clients these extra-dimensional highlights. She says, “Consider if you already have colored hair, your hair condition, and what tone of blonde you want on the ends. Ashy and platinum tones with little warmth are on-trend right now.”

Your worst nightmare is getting an ombré that isn’t seamless! Courtney advises to “be clear on the tones of both blonde and brown you want. Also, ensure they are achievable within the time frame you want and within budget.”

Another topic to discuss is your history. She explains, “It’s crucial to your stylist to find the best way to achieve your goal.”

Before your next hair coloring appointment, check out these trendy photos of brown to blonde ombre hair color ideas!

Lived-In Bronde Ombre
Instagram @anhcotran

#1: Lived-In Bronde Ombre

Have a cool girl vibe with a lived-in bronde ombré. Ombré is one of the best blonding techniques for giving your strands a pop of color, but it is surprisingly low-maintenance. Ensure you’re still getting frequent trims to keep dead ends away, and avoid using too much heat to keep your hair healthy.

Brown to Golden Blonde Ombre on women with long wavy hair
Instagram @filipaalves.hairstylist

#2: Brown to Golden Blonde Ombre

When dyeing your hair, ask for colors within a few levels of your natural hair. It will ensure your hair is lower maintenance. An ombre will give you lots of brightness towards the ends. It gives you a high-fashion look while staying close to your natural base color. There are many variations if you choose, and you can go as vivid or natural as you would like, depending on your style.

Dimensional Mid-Length Brown to Blonde Ombre
Instagram @mizzchoi

#3: Dimensional Mid-Length Brown to Blonde

Try mid-length brown to blonde hair to save time and money. By doing this low-maintenance color, it will grow out gracefully, and you can go longer between salon visits. To maintain this dimensional color, you must visit the salon two to three times a year. Mid-length or longer hair works best for this color technique.

Brunette to Pale Blonde Ombre
Instagram @camdalehair

#4: Brunette to Pale Blonde

A brunette to blonde ombré is a high-contrast option for women looking for eye-catching hair color. The brunette roots in this ombre blonde allow for longevity, while the pop of pale blonde color gives a beautiful contrast to the dark.

Warm Brown to Dark Blonde Ombre Hairstyle
Instagram @_lyssacolors

#5: Warm Brown to Dark Blonde Ombre

The technique used is a balayage ombré since the ends are lightened.

Colorist Alyssa Berg of Sacramento, CA, explains, “We balayaged her hair and gave her a good haircut taking out a ton of weight. When going blonde, always consider taking some inches off. We like healthy hair!”

Berg also points out, “If you’re thinking of going blonde, you’ll need hair products such as oils, purple shampoos, repairing shampoos, masks, hair lotions, etc. It’s a commitment!”

#6: Caramel Brown to Blonde Ombre with Bangs

A caramel brown to blonde ombre with bangs offer a playful and creative ombre hairstyle. Ombres are easy to maintain as your hair grows and look majestic with beach waves. The full fringe, meanwhile, adds a youthful touch to the chop.

#7: Brown to Blonde Reverse Ombre

A brown to blonde reverse ombre is a low-maintenance hair color that allows you to be a brunette and blonde at the same time. Talk to your hairstylist about trying a teasy light or balayage technique with a bold face-framing money piece to give you a bright pop of blonde around the face. To add texture, use a flat iron to your blonde to brown ombre style tresses to create loose, messy curls.

#8: Auburn Brown Ombre with Blonde Ends

Consider auburn brown ombre with blonde ends if you want a sun-kissed glow. Keep your locks natural-looking with an ombre hair color. A warm auburn brunette base with blonde ends will give off sunset vibes off your tresses.

Strawberry Blonde Ombre for Brunette Hair
Instagram @janedoe.hair

#9: Strawberry Blonde Ombre for Brunette Hair

Consider a strawberry blonde ombre for brunette hair if you are bored with your brunette. Keep your hair color low-maintenance by sporting a rich, warm brunette base with a strawberry copper-toned balayage. Show off the beautiful hues in your brown ombre hair with some waves for a polished, luxe finish.

Straight Golden Brown to Blonde Ombre
Instagram @tazhairlondon

#10: Straight Golden Brown to Blonde Ombre

Consider a straight golden brown to blonde ombre color as an optimal way to go for a stylish and low-maintenance look. It works great and will appear sleeker and smoother on long, fine tresses. Feel free to use a shine spray all over your brown and blonde hair for a glossier effect.

Wavy Copper Brown to Golden Blonde Ombre
Instagram @kaylalockss

#11: Wavy Copper Brown to Golden Blonde Ombre

With a wavy copper brown to golden blonde ombre, it’s not the color that only melts but also the hearts of anyone who sees it. Its subtle edge is why you’ll be forever in love with this medium-length ombre hairstyle.

#12: Curly Brown to Blonde Ombre Hairstyle

Flaunt your natural kinks by wearing this curly brown to blonde ombre hair. The lighter tone pops out more, caused by your volumized curls and the depth of your roots.

Mahogany Brown to Platinum Blonde Ombre Hairstyle
Instagram @gems_hair_

#13: Mahogany Brown to Platinum Blonde Ombre

With a classy mahogany brown to platinum blonde ombre added to your mane, you’ll never go wrong. The dimension and delicate waves on this hairstyle work well together. If you want a nice ash blonde touch for your brunette tresses, ask your colorist for this ombre color!

Red Brown to Blonde Ombre
Instagram @bellebybay

#14: Red Brown to Blonde Ombre

You can never go wrong with a color melt on long, wavy locks. Amp up your brown to blonde hairstyle by pulling off a red-brown to blonde ombre. Play with some beach waves to boost the dimension brought by balayage.

Mocha Brown to Subtle Blonde Ombre Bob Hairstyle
Instagram @yochigershon_

#15: Mocha Brown to Subtle Blonde Ombre Bob

Screaming for a melting hair color that will lighten your locks and match your olive complexion? This is a shoulder-length mocha brown to blonde ombre bob cut with side bangs, suitable for your fine hair.

#16: Honey Brown Roots to Blonde Ombre

Opt for a honey bronde ombre hair color that will complement the flirty and chic vibe you’re going for. Brighten your look with these honey brown roots to blonde ombre, and spice it up with curls at the ends.

Brown to White Blonde Ombre Style
Instagram @tassathair

#17: Brown to White Blonde Ombre

Sometimes, ladies don’t like waves and curls, and that’s fine because an ombre can still have that wow factor on straight hair! If your hair is straight and you have medium to long hair, this is the brown to white blonde ombre for you. The blended hue in this blonde and brown hair is guaranteed to give you that edgy vibe, which also flatters a fair skin tone.

Brown to Ash Blonde Ombre
Instagram @salonaugustin

#18: Brown to Ash Blonde Ombre

A brown to ash blonde ombre will breathe new life into your dull tresses. Beach waves will also carry out more of the dimension on your layered, v-cut hair.

Black Brown to Blonde Ombre Style
Instagram @hairbymonika.q

#19: Black Brown to Blonde Ombre

Who wouldn’t be obsessed with gradually blending this black-brown to blonde ombre? This is a chic way to amp up your natural hair color. Waves can bring out movement and shine to your long tresses.

Ash Brown to Blonde Balayage Ombre Hairstyle
Instagram @balayageorbust

#20: Ash Brown to Blonde Balayage Ombre

An ash brown to blonde balayage ombre plus the beach waves results in a chic finish. Hairstylist Danielle Cooley from Canada painted those blonde streaks for a natural-looking edge. She used “teasylights and foilayage to create this beautiful, seamless blonde.”

Medium Chestnut Brown to Blonde Ombre
Instagram @theorganicmane

#21: Medium Chestnut Brown to Blonde Ombre

Opt for a medium chestnut brown to blonde ombre that has balayage highlights. With this stunning color, it’s also important to style your locks with soft waves.

#22: Short Dark Brown to Blonde Ombre

This short dark brown to blonde ombre features a flawless color melt effect. And it looks beautiful on fine tresses! This trend offers a dark root, letting your natural locks grow without constant dyeing. Work on styling your neck-length chop with waves because nothing beats a chic wavy bob.

Hairstylist Terri Nadin of Cardiff, UK, calls this a traditional sun-kissed ombre with a soft transition from darker roots into a biscuit blonde, then into brighter ends. It’s cut into a blunt, one-length bob styled with textured beach waves. It’s so versatile and suits just about everyone!

The melted color on this short hair is ideal for women who struggle to get to the salon for regular color services. If you are dark and would love to go lighter without maintaining traditional highlights, you can keep the roots natural, and the color will grow beautifully.

Light Brown to Blonde Ombre with Face-Framing Highlights
Instagram @manely.painted

#23: Light Brown to Blonde Ombre with Face-Framing Highlights

Loose beach waves match this long light brown to blonde ombre with face-framing highlights. Lighter accents create a suave balayage finish.

“I love how the pops of blonde show off the texture in her hair perfectly, and the blonde frame around her face pulls the whole look together,” states Hannah Moore, a balayage specialist from Statesville, NC.

This look allows any lady to enjoy her color and grow into her style with less maintenance and less worry of having to come in and get her color touched up every 6-8 weeks. And in case you have naturally light hair, why not try a blonde to brunette ombre?

Cocoa Brown to Medium Blonde Ombre
Instagram @marion.castang

#24: Cocoa Brown to Medium Blonde Ombre

This look is a natural creamy blonde ombre on brown hair by hairstylist Marion Castang of Vancouver, BC. “I like that it’s shiny and healthy. I also like that this bronde ombre hair looks natural,” Castang points out.

This ombre style is for women who want something other than high-maintenance hair. A good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner are recommended at home to keep the hair healthy and smooth.

Castang adds, “From time to time, use a purple shampoo to keep the shade of the blonde. It can be done on any hair (thin, thick, long, or short).”

Chocolate Brown to Blonde Ombre
Instagram @jureintorres

#25: Chocolate Brown to Blonde Ombre

This is a dramatic melting chocolate ombre with blonde strands on a wavy and layered hairstyle, created by Massachusetts-based stylist Jurein Torres.

“This dimensional hair color transitions from light and warm brown roots to bright blonde ends. This look was styled with a curling iron with brushed out curls to give a softer, wavy hairstyle,” she describes.

Torres explains, “It can be retouched every six months for those who don’t want to deal with seeing roots every 4 to 6 weeks. I would also recommend this color to women who don’t want to get rid of their blonde hair completely but want to try something new in their hair, like adventuring into deep rich browns.”

#26: Brown to Dirty Blonde Ombre

This brown to dirty blonde ombre was created by balayage artist Katie Carroll of Milford, CT.

Carroll usually tells brunettes looking to go blonde how the process works and how many sessions it will take to achieve the look. This took Carroll about 3 to 4 sessions to achieve the brightness, considering how dark the natural locks are.

Medium Brown to Blonde Ombre
Instagram @hairbykamo

#27: Medium Brown to Blonde Ombre

The ombre is done with a balayage, a freehand hair coloring technique that gives a blended natural look with no obvious lines.

Stylist Kamo Kameran of Malmö, SE, loves doing this technique. He says, “Playing with colors is the best part of my job, and then cutting, as it gives life to the hair. The last thing is styling which comes after cutting, to showcase how the hair was cut clearly.”

The best thing about this technique (balayage) is that the whole process can be done without ammonia, so it’s no more damaging than any other color process. Although, Kameran explains, “We have to be honest and tell women if it fits their face shape and personality, as the hair is the most important part of your body.”

#28: Brown to Light Blonde Ombre

This ombre has a soft blend on top. The haircut adds soft layers and face-framing that brings out beautiful features, and the loose curls add the perfect touch to the style. The whole hair idea is by Lily Nguyen, a stylist from Canada.

When asked for tips, Nguyen states, “Know that going to an ashy blonde from dark brown is that not every one’s hair is the same. Certain hair types may need more than one session to achieve this look. A tip to all women is always to have purple shampoo in your hair routine!”