14 Prettiest Brown Ombre Hair Ideas of 2023

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A brown ombré is a hand-painted hair color technique that colors hair brown at the top of the head and gradually blends to a lighter color at the bottom.

If you’re a natural brunette considering a brown ombré hair color, then you’ve come to the right place! An ombré offers a unique layered coloring that is different from highlights and gives you a unique color style that grows out beautifully.

There are so many shades of brown colors to choose from, but the best place to start is with your natural brunette as the base and add color that gradually gets lighter as it works its way down to the ends of your hair.

Some popular ombré colors include light brown, dark brown, chocolate brown, bronde (blonde + brown), and caramel brown.

Tips for Getting a Brown Ombré Hair Color

  • Consider the reverse ombré trend if you have a lighter brown color for a unique look.
  • Consider having your colorist/stylist do a balayage for that trendy natural look.
  • A sombré is that seamless transition from the darker color on top to the lighter color on the bottom.
  • Invest in a good color-preserving shampoo and wash your hair with cold water to make your color last longer.

Now, get ready to be inspired by some of these popular brown ombré hair colors below!

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#1: Gorgeous Dark to Light Brown Ombre

If you want a hair color that is elegant, go for a dark to light ombre. Curls make this style complete by helping the ribbons of color pop, and it offers you a long-lasting grow-out.

#2: Lived-In Brunette Ombre with a Money Piece

Are you a woman looking to add depth and dimension to your long hair? A lived-in brunette ombre with a money piece is a perfect choice. This hair color provides a natural, low-maintenance look that’s both stylish and versatile. Ask for warm brunette tones with subtle highlights toward the ends of your hair. The money piece, a lightened section framing your face, provides a youthful glow. This hair color is perfect for fair, medium, and dark skin tones.

Sexy Black to Dark Brunette ombré
Instagram @hairbyskylak

#3: Sexy Black to Dark Brunette

Keep it low-key with subtle light brown to dark brown ombré waves on your long layered mane. With long ombre hair like this, you’ll have endless ways to style and play with this beautiful color.

Brown to purple ombré
Instagram @kimstylesme

#4: Subtle Brown to Purple Lilac Ombré

This brown to purple ombré balayage is sure to make everyone’s head turn with its smooth transition and soft finish. It works beautifully well with light to medium brown hair.

Sweet Short brown to Red ombré hair color
Instagram @hairshaftbelle

#5: Sweet Short Brown to Red

This features a stunning combination of chocolate tones dipped in sweet cherry ends that look great on any hair length and texture, straight or wavy. Certain shades work better with each other ad create an interesting combination.

#6: Natural Brown to Caramel

If you’re the natural-loving type of woman, you can avoid harsh transitions and still get a marvelous ombré like this even on straight hair with a slight wave. This can also disguise any regrowth you’ll have to make it a really low-maintenance style.

#7: Casual Golden Brown to Auburn Bob

Flaunt your vibrant red-brown ombré hair under the sun this season with this wavy long bob with choppy ends. This auburn shade with golden brown ombré will look most adorable on light to medium skin tones.

#8: Stunning Light Brown to Ash Blonde

Straight and long is the best way to go if you wanna show off your shiny metallic ash blonde to light brown ombré hair. Simply style using a flat iron for a sleek and elegant finish.

Yummy Espresso brown to Blonde ombré for Short Hair
Instagram @theladyofhair

#9: Yummy Espresso Brown to Blonde for Short Hair

This chin-length tousled bob is proof that you can rock a blonde and brown ombré hair color no matter the length of your tresses! Take advantage of the definition that this high-contrast color melt brings by putting in a lot of texture through layers and waves.

#10: Cappuccino Brown to Copper for Straight Hair

This gorgeous long straight hair with a blunt cut and a center part really makes the ombré pop. The darker cappuccino brown on top blends beautifully into a lighter copper color. Transitioning from much darker shades to much lighter shades can have a fantasy effect.

#11: Stylish Mocha Brown to Pink Long Bob

Pink hair is always pretty especially when melted with a soft brown and a layered wavy shoulder-length cut. With this brown to pink ombré, women can keep their natural color and not worry about that awkward grow-out phase. Pink shades are very unique and not everyone will want this color but for those that do, rock it!

Chocolate Brown to Rose Gold ombré for Medium-Length Hair
Instagram @hairbynoora

#12: Chocolate Brown to Rose Gold for Medium-Length Hair

Going for a fashion color is certainly not impossible for dark rich chocolate brown ombré hair color, leaving you with a noteworthy shade of rosiness without losing your natural color. Pair it with a medium-length haircut for easy and versatile styling. Rose gold shades are still the hot trend when it comes to hair color.

Chestnut Brown to Silver ombré Lob Cut
Instagram @maddiebbaldwin

#13: Chestnut Brown to Silver Lob Cut

This is the mushroom brown to silver ombré. Although the name isn’t pleasant, that’s what we call “the new brown.” It’s a very ash brown ombré with some silver notes. We did a blunt cut to achieve fullness and used a 1″ curling iron to achieve these waves. This could be considered a variation of bronde.

If you’re going to invest in a good cut and color, always invest in good professional products! One of my favorite products is Moroccan oil. I can’t keep the color protect spray or dry shampoo on the shelf. The dry shampoo feels like you’ve just washed your hair (no residue) and it smells amazing and comes in dark or light. For this look, you’d want the dark one.

Toffee Brown to Grey ombré for Long Hair
Instagram @hairbyshaylynn

#14: Toffee Brown to Grey for Long Hair

I’d call this look a smokey brown to gray ombré with a long and textured haircut. When possible I love using a natural dark brown hair color as their base or roots, so that way it’s a little less maintenance for them. Fashion colors such as gray or silver are more maintenance than natural colors. At-home maintenance and product use are crucial in keeping the color vibrant.

I always recommend turning down your heat and making sure you are always using a thermal spray. When determining if the client is a good fit, we have to consider what shape their hair is in. Since I’m putting lightener on the ends of your hair which tend to be the driest, we have to take extra precautions to keep hair in its healthiest state. Fashion colors are not for someone who isn’t prepared to take extra steps in their getting ready routine.

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