23 Ways to Get Brown Highlights on Black Hair for Stunning Dimension

Brown highlights on black hair

Brown highlights on black hair is a hair color that adds instant depth and life to your tresses. With black as your base, the level of contrast you’ll have is sure to be astounding!

Whether you like subtle hues or beachy and bright highlights, you’re about to find the best shade of brown highlights for black hair. Brunette highlights reflect light to create a beautiful, dimensional appearance!

Pro colorist Luana Stavar from NJ did a tress talk with us about this dimensional combo. Her go-to rule? “Do something nice and natural! Avoid making the hair super light. I feel that when brunettes go too light too fast, they end up hating their hair in a few months,” she shares.

Stavar goes on to explain, “less is more! Don’t try to change your entire look in one session. Start slow and build your color within time.” You’ll find that this hair color is easy to maintain and effortless like a day at the beach!

When it comes products, Stavar says that a good shampoo, conditioner, and mask are a must with a brown balayage. Don’t know which product brand to go with? Stavar loves the Truss Miracle Shampoo and Conditioner. Their heat protectant, the Truss Professional Amino Miracle, is also highly recommended.

Finally, Stavar says don’t forget to ask your colorist these major questions, “What is the maintenance like with this color? How much time will this session take? Do I need to see you for a glaze between balayages?”

Before your next hair color appointment, check out these popular photos of brown highlights on black hair.

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auburn brown highlights on wavy black hair
Instagram @califormulas

#1: Wavy Hair with Auburn Brown Highlights

This wavy hair with auburn brown highlights in black hair is everything! The movement boosts dimension, which also gives the appearance of more texture in black hair. Pair your medium-length chop with this balayage for an ultra-natural glow.

dark chestnut brown highlights on black hair
Instagram @brushedbyaraven

#2: Dark Chestnut Brown Highlights

Look stunning as you wear added streaks of a chestnut brown shade on your lengthy black hair. The brunette balayage creates a natural warm tone that you can display with beachy waves. Definitely ideal for stirring up movement and lively feel to amp up your thin locks.

Partial brown highlights on black hair
Instagram @brushedbyaraven

#3: Partial Brown Highlights on Black Hair

Partial brown highlights on black hair create an effortless dimension and are a beautiful way to change up monotone dark hair. Brown highlights are the perfect tone for darker hair, acting as an effortless natural tonal highlight. Consider partial brown highlights if you want a subtle change that takes minimal maintenance.

Brown burgundy highlights on black hair
Instagram @lisacaveneehair

#4: Brown Burgundy Highlights on Black Hair

Brown burgundy highlights on black hair are a beautiful, fresh way to spice up dark hair. Brown burgundy shines brightly when the sun hits it but can also have a more toned-down look with natural lighting. Warmer hues work best for women who already have a warmer skin tone, as it complements them. Consider brown burgundy highlights if you want a subtle fun change for your dark tresses.

Very dark hair with copper highlights
Instagram @anadoes.beauty

#5: Very Dark Hair with Copper Highlights

Very dark hair with copper highlights will give women an authentic sunkissed look while instantly emphasizing its long layers for a more polished appearance. For maintenance, glossing the tresses every 4-6 weeks will help maintain unwanted brassy tones and shine.

Black hair with subtle highlights
Instagram @miranda.whitecar.hair

#6: Black Hair with Subtle Highlights

Black hair with subtle highlights is a great low-maintenance hair hue! This natural-looking color will add subtle dimension and a soft sun-kissed glow to your tresses. You will be in awe of how seamless the grow-out will be.

mahogany brown highlights on long black hair
Instagram @sarahmerritthair

#7: Mahogany Brown Highlights on Long Hair

These mahogany brown highlights on black hair will add a sense of fiery vibe to your look. Match the color of your long hair with layers for a more fashionable edge.

bronde highlights on african american hair
Instagram @destiny__danna

#8: Bronde Highlights for an African-American Woman

Feel the confidence if you pull off some accentuating shades to put on your dark hair. These are the optimum bronde highlights for an African-American woman like you. Straightening your innate long curls may take hours, but its outcome is all worth it.

mocha brown highlights on natural black hair
Instagram @salon.93

#9: Natural Black with Mocha Brown Highlights

You deserve it, so go for it! Dare to rock natural black hair with mocha brown highlights plus long voluminous waves now. The balayage is subtle yet rich to result in a sun-kissed payoff.

light brown highlights on straight black hair
Instagram @kendalljshair

#10: Light Brown Highlights on Straight Hair

It looks sensational and is low maintenance. What more could you ask for? Light brown highlights on straight hair are stylish with a subtle edge for an easy growing out process. The balayage shows depth and dimension even without the added waves to your long tresses.

copper brown highlights on black hair
Instagram @haarkunst_trier

#11: Copper Brown Highlights

Featuring copper brown highlights to bring out the vibrancy into your black mane! Warm balayage and voluminous waves work as a team to make your long hair appear its finest!

mushroom brown highlights on short black hair
Instagram @ivydoeshair

#12: Mushroom Brown Highlights on Short Hair

Turn your black, shoulder-length bob into your most glamorous asset. Nothing beats these mushroom brown highlights on short hair. The dimension in this balayage gives a calming vibe, which also goes well with soft waves.

dark brunette highlights on black hair
Instagram @jess_stanski_hair

#13: Dark Brunette Highlights

Another subtle touch to jazz up your mid-length locks. Thanks to foilayage, dark brunette highlights will lighten your black tresses. Finish the style off with waves and texture for overall aesthetic beauty.

golden brown highlights on black hair
Instagram @duda_doeshair

#14: Golden Brown Highlights

Golden brown highlights will emphasize the layers on your haircut. If you have long and fine tresses, you can rock this style in no time.

subtle honey brown on long wavy hairstyle
Instagram @jessicayoung.hair

#15: Honey Brown on Long Wavy Hairstyle

A warm tone of honey brown to go perfectly with soft waves! This is how you class up your long, layered hair.

dark brown and blonde ombre on black hair
Instagram @defactosalon

#16: Dark Brown and Blonde Ombre Highlights

One thing’s for sure—there’s a gorgeous gradient effect happening here. Let your wavy locks experience a color melt, achieving these foxy dark black and blonde ombre highlights. Try it on a thick, shoulder-grazing lob for added depth.

espresso brown balayage on black hair
Instagram @jellydoeshair

#17: Espresso Brown Balayage

Time to go from drab to fab! Delicate waves on your long, lighter black hair will highlight the espresso brown balayage. If you’re a huge fan of anything fabulous, try adding these dimensional highlights to your dark locks.

chocolate brown highlights on black hair
Instagram @desireecolorcreations

#18: Chocolate Brown Highlights

The chocolate brown is an excellent addition to carry out dimension and a cooler tone to your mid-length hair. Style it with waves, and a glossier look for extra depth.

caramel brown highlights on black hair
Instagram @sarah_princetonsalon

#19: Caramel Brown Highlights

It has a classic beauty and is sure to add a dimensional illusion to your long hair! These streaks of caramel brown highlights will make you the total babe, especially if you have a tan skin tone.

reddish brown highlights on black hair
Instagram @musesalonvancouver

#20: Reddish Brown Balayage Highlights

Here are the reddish-brown balayage highlights to alter your fine, black tresses.

light ash brown highlights on black hair
Instagram @jenny_im12

#21: Light Ash Brown Highlights

Say no to dull, black hair and choose to bring brightness with light ash brown highlights! You won’t be sorry about going for a light ash brown foilayage to add highlights to your long tresses. Waves on your hair will outline the added color, looking so much better under the sun.

mousy brown highlights on curly black hair
Instagram @adihikri2

#22: Full Curly Hair with Mousy Brown Highlights

What’s more gorgeous than this full curly hair with mousy brown highlights? The accentuating color adds brightness to dark tresses. When going for this look, focus on the definition and volume of your locks. These two vital factors will give your long, black hair a fuller outcome.

warm brown highlights on black hair for black women
Instagram @getyourlondonlook

#23: Warm Brown Highlights on Naturally Black Hair

Don’t be scared to try out a new color to add to your black locks. Why not take this black girl’s warm brown highlights as inspiration? Choose the brown or lighter shade that matches best with your eyes. Wear a sew-in wig for instant longer hair, and the highlights won’t damage your natural curls. Style it with waves for extra movement, too!