16 Hottest Brown Hair with Red Highlights

Brown hair with red highlights
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Brown hair with red highlights is perfect for a rich, eye-popping look. Whether your hair is a natural brown or you want to color it brown, you’ll find a look for you in the photos below. Browns and reds come in all shades; some work better than others. The color combinations are endless, from browns that are light and dark and reds that are copper, auburn, and burgundy! If you’re looking for a perfect blend of brown and red, you’ll find some nice chestnuts, mahogany, black cherry, and rosewood colors that will create a subtle dimension.

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#1: Chocolate Brown Hair With Crimson Red Highlights

These dark cherry shades are great for adding interest to a dark mane without getting too much contrast and lightening. It also complements skin tones with neutral to warm complexions.

#2: Modern Curly Brown Hair with Red Highlights

Curly, brown hair always looks spectacular with a pop of color – especially red highlights! Tones like these perfectly complement each other, just as they do on the color wheel. When curly hair comes into the equation, that effect is amplified. Each coil and bend will allow the dimension of red tones to shine through, as the brown tones provide a depth for the highlights to bounce off.

Warm Ash Brown Hair With Maroon Highlights
Instagram @dsbeautydivas

#3: Warm Ash Brown Hair With Maroon Highlights

A blend of rusty warm streaks and ashy light mocha hair creates a multidimensional effect that easily accentuates waves or curls, making it a versatile look. These reddish brown highlights also look great with layers for extra dimension.

#4: Bright Caramel Brown Hair With Dark Red Highlights

This is an eclectic mix of bright red hues perfect for giving your style a fresh and bright new look. It’s perfect for autumn and for adding dimension and movement.

Soft Brownish Red Hair With Deep Red Highlights
Instagram @winonalea

#5: Soft Brownish Red Hair With Deep Red Highlights

Creating this mix of luscious reds can add more depth to your lengthy waves or any hair length and texture. Putting lighter shades at the bottom also creates a light and soft finish.

#6: Chic Dark Brown Hair With Light Red Highlights

This is a perfectly complementing combination of vibrant and dark colors on a long and layered straight cut. This dark brown hair with light red highlights is chic and gives you a subtle hint of gothic.

#7: Vivid Chestnut Brown Hair With Copper Highlights

Stylist Rosanna took this lovely natural brunette to a vibrant red with a blend of a dark deep shade to a very bright one at the ends. This combination of colors looks stunning, especially when under the sunlight.

Natural Brown Hair With Auburn Highlights
Instagram @nyiaauom

#8: Natural Brunette Hair With Auburn Highlights

The impression of this color melt is truly one-of-a-kind with the softness and dimension it brings. It starts with vibrant reds from the roots and ends with pops of ginger and subtle purple at the tips. This makes this one of the most unique red brown hair color ideas that are easy to recreate.

Dark Chocolate Brown Hair With Cherry Red Highlights
Instagram @ashalily

#9: Dark Chocolate Brown Hair With Cherry Red Highlights

This is for you if you want to keep your natural hair color but add a little pop of color. The greatest thing about this red highlights on dark brown hair is how rich and natural a brunette base color remains.

It’s important to know that red hair color tends to fade faster than most permanent dyes, so it’s always recommended that you use color-safe products at home to extend the life of your hair color. Hot water and high-temperature styling irons can also fade your color faster for a woman who likes to style their hair daily. I recommend a heat protectant spray for styling.

Mocha Brown Hair With Ruby Red Highlights
Instagram @jcoolhair_

#10: Mocha Brown Hair With Ruby Red Highlights

Try a dimensional color and textured bob haircut. If you are thinking about this beautiful, fun color, remember the maintenance that reds require. Red is one of the fastest colors to fade and the hardest to get out! I would recommend a refresh on this color every six weeks. You also need to invest in salon-quality shampoo and conditioner. Try Color Minded by Bumble and Bumble. This helps keep your color lasting longer and more vibrant between salon visits.

Low-Maintenance Long Brown Hair With Cinnamon Highlights
Instagram @myguiltycrown

#11: Low-Maintenance Long Brunette Hair With Cinnamon Highlights

This is a cherry chocolate balayage color with long, textured layers. The key to a rich color is staying within the highlights. We highlighted it to a warm orange and then overlayed it with Redken City Beats Big Apple Red for the cherry highlights.

Ask your stylist for long layers cut with a razor for a shattered edge. The key to unlocking this look is in the styling! Think outside the box. Instead of a traditional curling iron, I love using a flat iron to form loose waves and show the contrast between the base color and the highlights! This wavy dark brown hair with red highlights is great for guests looking for head-turning hair color that is low maintenance.

#12: Rich Brown Hair With Burgundy Highlights

This color was achieved by using a base color and balayage technique. The base color is a deep crimson or wine color, described as a “cool-red,” – meaning violets are present. For the highlight, we chose a more “copper-red” for a brighter pop to reflect the light. The two colors create a nice balance of highlight and contour in addition to their tremendous shine.

The red color pallet has so many undertone options. There’s endless customization. There are red-violets, copper reds, and true reds. I’ve had many clients tell me that they once had their hair colored red, and it looked terrible on them. If the correct undertone isn’t present, any color can be unbecoming. Guidance on finding the tones that best suit your skin tone and eye color is key to enhancing your overall look.

Short Brown Hair With Strawberry Red Highlights
Instagram @anachellestyle

#13: Short Brown Hair With Strawberry Red Highlights

I think the beachy, wavy reddish brown hair is super chic. The texture is natural but polished, and the waves enhance her natural color. The cut is collarbone length with a small amount of face-framing, long layers throughout for movement, and shorter layers in the back for volume/lift. The greatest thing about this cut/style/shape is its versatility. You can make it sleek and modern, full and edgy, wavy and natural, or depending on your texture, you can scrunch product (like a mousse, texturizing spray, or curl enhancer) in and go. You can still pull it up and also do nice braids. It looks very chic on a wide variety of ladies as well!

A bob can be a low-maintenance style if you have a natural wavy/curly texture, but if you have fine and naturally straight hair and would like this style, you will need a styling tool and time to style every day. This style is also better for wider face shapes. The longer pieces in the front will make her face appear slightly longer than it is. This style is for you if you have a bold, sassy, and chic personality!

#14: Shiny Shoulder-Length Hair With Mahogany Highlights

Vintage rouge! A mix of deep and light red tones adds shine and dimension to this lightly textured lob. An ironed finish with one direction wave completes this look. It can be loosely combed with your fingers for a casual look or brushed out to provide an elegant finish for a formal event.

Before styling, Schwarzkopf Osis undercoat primer was applied to damp hair, followed by Osis grip mousse, then blow-dried. After ironing waves, the hair was sprayed with Osis Session Label super dry fix. This suits almost everyone, but maintaining this dark red brown hair can require maintenance. We suggest Evo Fab Pro customized color conditioner as a take-home product to maintain the vibrancy of these red highlights on brown hair.

Sweet Light Brown Hair With Magenta Highlights
Instagram @arossidoeshair

#15: Sweet Light Brown Hair With Magenta Highlights

This look is a sellable pop of fun! The gorgeous melt of red-browns and reds reminds me of a raspberry dessert wine. It’s a perfect combination of colors that can be worn in and out of any job! The melt of two colors gives it dimension and a look of bulk! The pop of color gives you a sense of fun and excitement for someone who can’t do a bright crazy color. The color is paired with a layered bob to give this skinny hair texture and movement.

It’s fun, practical, and sassy! Keep in mind the upkeep and insurance policy (the at-home care). This client has fine hair, so it tends not to last as long as most colors would. Take care of this color, and your investment will protect the longevity of your color. Using sulfate-free color care shampoo and even color conditioners like Keracare will help prevent color fade out. We all love our hot tools, but we also make sure that we use a heat protectant to protect the color and integrity of our hair. Keeping our hot tools at a lower temperature will save our hair from a little sizzle!

Medium Brown Hair With Subtle Red Highlights
Instagram @ellesartistry

#16: Medium Chestnut Hair With Subtle Red Highlights

This type of hair color, brown hair with a thick weave of copper and caramel highlights, can add so much dimension to your hair, making it seem fuller! If your hair appears more voluminous, it can be nicely paired with a layered cut! I love the way the beautiful colors intertwine. Sometimes women fear mixing a bold color, like red, with a light color, like blonde, and opt for something more subtle. A strong color is a statement piece.

A color like this brown red hair is best carried with beautiful curls or a nice, voluminous blowout! It’s also best carried with a great personality! Such a fun, bold color needs a great style to go with it! There’s no right or wrong way to wear a color. Make it your own, and have fun!

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