24 Hottest Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights for 2018

Pixie Cut

Brown hair with blonde highlights in a pixie cutInstagram @kasdoeshair

Don’t let your super short hair stop you from being stylish and noticeable! Highlights would do the trick when you want to add movement and texture to your look.

Long Hair

Long wavy brown hair with blonde highlights and omInstagram @nataliedmakeuphair

With Caramel Blonde Highlights

Long wavy brown hair with caramel blonde highlightInstagram @nataliedmakeuphair

Golden Blonde Highlights

Brown hair with golden blonde highlightsInstagram @laurenaliciahair

Lightened ends and shadowed roots look stunning in any season. Work your long beach waves with some highlights for added movement.

Honey Blonde Highlights

Light brown hair with honey blonde highlightsInstagram @laurenaliciahair

Stacked Bob

Short brown wavy hair with blonde highlights in aInstagram @aureliosalon

Waves on stack look fabulously dimensional with a neck-length bob. You can also add some chic blonde highlights for a more stylish look.

Copper Blonde Highlights

Wavy brown hair with copper blonde highlightsInstagram @hernameismel.hair

Nothing looks more charming on a long wavy hair than a vibrant dimensional copper. Just remember to invest in the best hair products to keep it lasting all season!

Rose Gold Highlights

Shoulder length wavy brown hair with rose gold higInstagram @nataliedmakeuphair


Brown hair with blonde highlights in an ombreInstagram @dolledupbydalia

Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Wavy brown hair with strawberry blonde highlightsInstagram @the_saltymermaid

A super trendy way to have a dramatic effect on your gorgeous warm brown hair is these sweet strawberry blonde highlights! Also a perfect transition color for brunettes since they are not too bright and won’t require much maintenance.

Medium Brown Hair

Straight medium brown hair with blonde highlightsInstagram @inuschki

Subtle highlights can go a long way for thin medium length hair with dark roots like this. It would be a fantastic change plus they don’t require too much salon visits.

Dark Brown Hair

Wavy dark brown hair with blonde highlightsInstagram @christopherstammler

A fresh chopped and textured bob can add an overall volume and depth to your hair. Some classic highlights would enhance it more and provide contrast to your gorgeous hair.

Light Brown Hair

Long straight light brown hair with blonde highligInstagram @divinestudio_

Take out some weight from your long gorgeous thick hair by getting a light brown balayage for a soft and flirty touch. Plus you can opt for some layers for a more stylish look.

Ash Brown

Ash brown hair with blonde highlights in a bobInstagram @donnadstylisthairsalon

Try the trendiest ash brown out there right now with blonde highlights to spice it up a little. These two shades in a bob definitely catch eyes with the depth and movement they produce.

Sandy Brown

Sandy brown hair with blonde highlightsInstagram @kharthair

Waves and highlights are the perfect match if you’re looking for a way to make your long hair more interesting and voluminous. Ask your stylist for a superb sandy brown balayage like this one!

Short Hair

Short brown hair with blonde highlightsInstagram @dolledupbydalia

You can add dimension and depth to the classic neck-length bob by trying some warm blonde highlights on a beautiful brown base. Warm blondes can also brighten and enhance your skin tone when paired nicely with your base color.

Shoulder Length Hair

Shoulder-length brown hair with blonde highlightsInstagram @fatal.studio

Pop in the all-time blonde highlights to your ash brown medium hair to get the perfect contrast and depth. Style some flirty curls at the ends to also add movement to your whole charming hairstyle.

Straight Hair

Long and straight brown hair with blonde highlightInstagram @haarteam

Q&A with style creator, Ramona Patte
Stylist @ Haarteam in Gütersloh, Germany

How would you describe this look?

This look is an embodiment of the classic hair beauty. It’s a straight cut, but it radiates and shines due to an amazing haircare pampering program.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look is for women who are searching for natural looking hair with a special hint. It’s for women who like the classic Audrey Hepburn look.

This luscious universal color and cut would best fit for an oval-shaped face. It can bring all the attention to your beautiful face.

For the haircare, we used hair color by L´Oréal Professional and intensive haircare Kérastase Fusio Dose with a booster.

Mocha Brown

Shoulder length mocha brown hair with blonde highlInstagram @rachelcskipper

Q&A with style creator, Rachel Skipper
Cosmetologist @ Rock Paper Scissors The Salon in Perry Hall, MD

How would you describe this look?

My client has the most beautiful rich, chocolate brunette hair color naturally but wanted to brighten things up for summer, so we decided to add some caramel balayage highlights!

I love that these highlights add natural, sun-kissed dimension and make her base color pop even more!

After highlighting we cut off a few inches to give her this sleek, blunt lob!

Even though we didn’t add any laters to her cut, I did use a few texturizing techniques to remove weight and add movement!

We finished off this look with a smooth blowout to tame her naturally curly and frizz-prone locks.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Balayage highlights are incredibly low maintenance because they grow out very softly when done properly. Some of my clients go up to six months between touchups! This highlighting technique is perfect for anyone with a busy schedule that struggles to get into the salon on a regular basis.

Variations of the “lob” haircut can work for any face shape, but most require daily styling to look their best.

If you like this smooth and sleek style, you will definitely need to pick up a few good products.

The Blow-Dry Spray by Kenra and the Blow Out Cream by Monat are my favorite duo and work well for most hair types! I recommend using less product and avoiding the root area for thinner, finer hair and adding more product from ends to roots on thicker, coarser hair.

I applied a light mist of the spray throughout her hair and then added a quarter-sized amount of the cream starting at her ends and working it up to her root. Then, I used a large round brush and my favorite BaByliss Pro dryer to smooth and straighten. You would never even know that she has natural curl!

Medium Length Hair

Medium length brown wavy hair with blonde highlighInstagram @eliserhair

Q&A with style creator, Elise
Owner @ Touch Of Elegance By Elise in Keswick, ON

How would you describe this look?

This look is soft and romantic. It has tones that are warm and golden, which creates the appearance of a naturally beautiful hair. I love that although it is highlighted, it doesn’t look stripey or overly processed but dimensional and sunkissed.

The little bit of curl gives it the soft romantic look. I love the depth underneath that creates a base for the lightness to veil over. The cut is just lightly layered and texturized so that all lengths don’t fall at the same line, creating bulk and the lampshade effect, but rather spacing the hair out to create an even weight throughout the cut.

Lesley has an in-home daycare and is a very busy woman with her own kids as well, and therefore doesn’t have much time in the morning, which is why we created such an amazing style for her. When she wakes up, all she needs to do is shake this out and it looks fresh again with lots of movements and flow. And on weekends, she can take some extra time to add some curl.

Any advice for someone considering it?

For this hairstyle, it is pretty versatile and will suit most women. Always thinking about face shape and achieving that perfect oval look is very important. So if someone had a longer face, the best version of this cut would just have shorter layers around the face to break up the length.

If someone had a rounder face, perhaps a side swept bang and longer layers around the face would be a nicer version. If someone had a more square shaped, you would want a layer to cut off the corner of the jaw. If someone was really short, you would bring up the length a bit.

This hairstyle is classic and lovely. You can blow-dry it with a round brush to create some more flowed movement or blowdry upside down and shake out for a bit more shaggy, unpolished look. Or again, curl with a wide barrel iron for a softer more romantic look.

Chestnut Brown

Q&A with style creator, Kelly Thornham
Hair Artist @ Vq Salon in Winnipeg, MB

How would you describe this look?

The thing I really love about this color and style is it is very versatile and low maintenance. Any way you style it, it will set off the color differently because of all the dimensions given by the highlights.

The drop root also allows you to extend the time in between visits to the salon, so if you have a busy lifestyle and don’t want to end up with harsh roots then this is a perfect solution.

I find that the richness of the color with the deep root really adds warmth back into the complexion. Dark alone may just wash them out when you have a more neutral or cool skin tone. It can be very soft and very striking at the same time.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Like I said before, the maintenance of this cut and color are very easy. I would just recommend getting a product to keep the ends healthy and prevent splitting.

The Redken Anti Snap is light, has a jelly-like consistency that doesn’t weigh the hair down, promotes healthy ends after being processed, and protects against heat.

Some of my favorite brands of shampoo and conditioner that protect the color of the hair are Kevin Murphy, Pureology, and Redken.

A really good shampoo to keep the tone of this hair is the Celeb Luxury Gem Lites Amber color wash, as it is a pigmented shampoo that helps prevent fading.

I would also suggest a dry shampoo as it is more beneficial to the hair, but not to wash it very often (1-2 washes per week) to protect the color of the hair. My go-to is R+co Death Valley as it leaves no white residue on the hair and really reduces the appearance of oily hair.

Naturally Curly Hair

Naturally curly brown hair with blonde highlightsInstagram @j_martin.hair

Q&A with style creator, Jacki
Hairstylist @ Salon San Carlos in Pensacola, FL

How would you describe this look?

This look is a fun bob tweaked to perfection with Ouidad cutting technique and a seamless blend of dark chocolate to copper/gold foilyage that can be worn straight or with natural curls as shown.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This is shown with natural curl texture and isn’t expected to look the same day to day. Curls are unpredictable but with a great curl correcting cut, such as an Ouidad cut, the style is extremely more manageable and wearable for multiple days at a time.

Curls need and want moisture and lots of product. Top curly hair mistakes would be not putting enough water and products when styling.

This style is definitely for those wanting a more organic, carefree style and those who aren’t afraid to express themselves with texture and colors.

A complaint from the guest’s husband is that they can’t go anywhere without multiple people commenting on her beautiful hair


Q&A with style creator, Sarah Smith
Educator and Vivids Director @ The Business of Balayage Sola
Suite Owner @ Nest Hair Studio in Richmond, VA

How would you describe this look?

I would call this look a shiny chocolate lob with honey balayage highlights. The cut is an update on a blunt bob with lots of texture through the ends for a more updated and edgy look. We styled her with a 1 & 1/4 inch curling iron to give her a fun “lived in” waved texture.

What I love about this cut and color combo is how low maintenance it is. We only highlight her hair 3 or 4 times a year, and the cut is the perfect length to wear straight, dress up with waves, or throw up in a pony for busy days.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This cut is very versatile for all face shapes and looks incredible wavy or straight. Styling isn’t too hard but will require a little effort. I suggest Eufora Sea Spritz for a textured blow out before protecting your hair with something like Eufora’s Retain (a hold and heat protectant in one) to keep the curls in place and your color safe from hot tools.

This length is really flattering on most face shapes, but based on your features you may want to add some soft detailing around the jawline or forehead to soften the style. I love rich warm tones on olive and skin tones and especially near green eyes.

Platinum Blonde Highlights

Short dark brown hair with platinum blonde highlightInstagram @thehairfaerie

Q&A with style creator, Ilona Bartnicki
Stylist @ Platinum Studio in Granby, CT

How would you describe this look?

The best way I can really describe this look is that it kind of reminds me of a quartz crystal, or an icicle. You see different colors depending on how the light hits it, and there’s a lot of substance in some places. It’s a really clean, clear white, whereas in other angles, there’s more depth and dimension in color.

My favorite part of this color is the hint of a blue-violet overtone that gives it a bit more substance and surrealism than your average platinum blonde.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Be patient, and trust your stylist’s process. We used a more aggressive lightener with the help of Olaplex to keep the hair’s integrity.

I made sure to leave out the platinum ends until the very end to make sure they were still intact when we were ready to rinse. In the area our salon is located, everyone has hard water, so cool tones fade away more quickly then usual. If this is an issue in your area, make sure to follow your stylist’s instructions to keep it looking its best by making regular toning and deep conditioning appointments.

Platinum is a very high maintenance color to have, but when taken care of correctly, it’s so worth it because it’s head turning and so beautiful!

Highlights are also a great way to add a little extra volume to anyone with fine or flat hair or to add some brightness to the face! In the winter, I like to keep blondes more subtle and warm to add some color back into the skin, while in the summer I like to make the blonde a little bolder to stand out nicely with a tan!