33 Stunning Examples of Brown and Blonde Hair

Best brown and blonde hair colors
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A brown and blonde hair color is a fusion of any brunette and blonde hues to produce a natural, sun-kissed look. The resulting contrast between the dark and light pieces sets off a beautiful dimension for the hair!

This is why A-list celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Blake Lively, and Chrissy Teigen were recently spotted on the red carpet, flaunting their manes with these timeless brown and blonde hair color combinations.

You can combine golden blonde highlights on chestnut brown or caramel highlights on golden blonde hair for example. Professional stylists like balayage expert Cristen Smith of SoFlo have been creating various looks using different shades of browns and blondes, and the outcomes are simply divine!

With the wide ranges of these two classic hues – from ashy tones to rich shades to vibrant golden ones – anyone can wear this hair color no matter the skin color. The main reason why modern women are head over heels for this trend is because of its lived-in, dimensional look that doesn’t need monthly salon visits, saving your time and money as well.

Before your next hair color appointment, check out these inspiring photos of the most popular brown and blonde hair color ideas!

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Effortless Brown Hair Color with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @valeconcas

#1: Effortless Brown Hair Color with Blonde Highlights

This sun-kissed, lived-in brown hair with blonde highlights looks effortless like the girl just spent a week in the sun. It’s a balance between blonde and brown, and the styling has a beachy feel to it.

This coloring is for women who enjoy low-maintenance hair color. Since the highlights don’t start at the root, they grow out more forgiving and the coloring doesn’t have to be maintained very often. It’s a very versatile hair color that can be worn by almost all ages and skin tones. Styling products include a curling iron/wand and some hair spray/texture spray.

#2: Brown and Blonde Skunk Striped Hair

Skunk stripes are in, and this brown and blonde skunk-striped hair color is the perfect example. The brown and blonde colors blend well, appearing asymmetrically on both sides of the face.

Brown and Blonde Diffused Color Block for women with edgy styles
Instagram @krsbrsh.hair

#3: Diffused Color Block

If you crave extreme depth, this diffused color block would be a great option. I suggest talking with your stylist if this may be a look you want to try. They can go over your best color options for your skin tone and the process to achieve this look.

#4: Hand-Painted Ash Blonde Highlights On Dark Brown Hair

I did hand-painted ash blonde balayage on dark brown hair with three-quarters of the head (all the hair above the occipital bone) and then did baby light foils on the top, crown, and sides in order to have the thicker pieces peak through the bottom.

Go to someone who is highly trained in balayage techniques. When the pieces are painted boldly but are still blended it looks incredible. You want to make sure your hair is healthy first before highlighting it and willing to use professional hair products at home. If your hair is super curly, you can also receive this color treatment, but the outcome will look different as curly hair doesn’t lie as smoothly.

Golden-blonde balayage on brown hairstyle

#5: Fantastic Brown and Golden Blonde Balayage with Beach Waves

This sun-kissed hair is a textured beachy bronde. I really like the contrast of the darker pieces of natural interspersed with the golden highlights of those beige and caramel blonde pieces.

One thing to consider is that it requires multiple techniques to achieve. I used a combination of balayage in foil and in the open air in order to achieve different levels of lightness. Overall it’s still rather low-maintenance because balayage only really needs to be touched up every 12-20 weeks. You can also add golden brown highlights to brown hair as well for a good balance.

Voluminous Brown and Blonde Reverse Ombre
Instagram @jhonyveiga

#6: Voluminous Brown and Blonde Reverse Ombre

Be bold and daring. Go for a reverse ombré with brown and blonde! This stunning combo of hues will give you an eye-catching look that won’t go unnoticed. To keep this look long-lasting, use a nourishing shampoo & conditioner for color-treated hair. Get regular trims, which will help you maintain a healthy look. A deep conditioning mask will give you shine and vibrancy!

#7: Soft Bronde with Curled Ends

Consider soft bronde highlights styled with curled ends. In my professional opinion, this look is best suited for a woman who likes to style her hair regularly. To get this look in the salon, it’s helpful to tell your stylist you would like a money piece with highlights and a root smudge.

#8: Curled Brown Hair with Blonde Ends

A way to accentuate your balayage is by styling your curled brown hair with blonde ends. A high-contrast balayage can look a little flat if styled straight. Adding waves will give you dimension. A balayage is great for brunettes looking to add some brightness.

#9: Naturally Curly Blonde and Brown Hair

If you are looking for a way to accent your curly brown hair, ask your stylist for a blonde balayage. My best advice is to keep your root natural for a trendy style. It will also keep it low maintenance. The blonde highlights will create depth and make your curls look defined.

Unique Two-Toned Blonde and Brown Hair
Instagram @bucio.glam

#10: Unique Two-Toned Blonde and Brown Hair

Looking for a transformation? A two-toned blonde and brown hairstyle may be just the color for you! A bold and creative hairstyle, a two-toned color, will gain some attention. You can use elements of blonde, or you can get creative and add other fun vivids. You have to be sure to use color-safe products to maintain the blonde.

Sexy Bronde Balayage
Instagram @hair_bykate

#11: Sexy Bronde Balayage

A fusion between blonde and brunette, this sexy bronde balayage will blow you away and give you the best of both worlds. One of the best hair colors to try if you struggle with the maintenance of being fully blonde and have naturally brown hair. Try to leave higher blonde pieces around your face to give your hair a nice face-framing highlight. This will give your hair the illusion you have more blonde in your hair than you actually do at first glance, but with the dimension and depth of a darker base color.

Brown and White Blonde Color Block
Instagram @chloe.hmua

#12: Brown and White Blonde Color Block

Color blocking is one of the most dramatic looks that will have everyone commenting. However, you should consider the maintenance on this look. You will want to be in every 6-8 weeks maximum to continue looking polished. I would recommend using a purple toning shampoo to keep that contrast bright and not yellow!

#13: Sweet Light Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Caramel, mocha, and chocolate tones are in this light brown hair. All the goodness of a sweet treat in a very delectable light brown hairstyle!

Caramel blonde highlights on brown hair are perfect transition pieces.

Yummy Chocolate Brown to Rooted Auburn Blonde
Instagram @locksbylaurynn

#14: Yummy Chocolate Brown to Rooted Auburn Blonde

Chocolate brown to rooted auburn blonde is a stunning dimensional look that will turn heads! The blonde and brown hues intertwined are the perfect combination of colors. Style in waves and you’ll leave people obsessed.

A Pretty Honey Balayage Brown for Natural Brunette Hair
Instagram @haircolorist.lacey

#15: A Pretty Honey Balayage Brown for Natural Brunette Hair

That smooth ombre from dark brown to a blonder hue is gorgeous! The combination of the warm blonde and light brown hues create a luscious honey color that goes well with voluminous waves and curls.

#16: Touchable Light Brown and Blonde Hair Highlights

Almond hair with a touch of blonde hue is up for all the clamor these days. This brown-blonde hair is pretty easy to get and maintain, might I say.

If you have a brown base or black hair and want to level up your locks’ dimension, this is the one to opt for!

#17: Natural-Looking Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

Brown hair with caramel highlights is natural-looking and perfect for adding an extra layer of dimension. Caramel highlights are very versatile and can be modified to suit your complexion the best.

#18: Gorgeous Dark Brown with Beach Blonde Balayage

A dark brown with beach blonde balayage is a stunning low-maintenance color. Add a money piece of blonde in the front to make the color stand out even more. Styling your hair with waves shows the dimension of this gorgeous color.

Dimensional Brown with a Partial Balayage
Instagram @romeufelipe

#19: Dimensional Brown with a Partial Balayage

Brown with a partial balayage is perfect if you want to brighten up your brown hair but want to keep a lot of dimensions. The blonde makes the brown look deep and rich. The waves can add texture and volume to the overall appearance.

#20: Polished Short Brown Pixie with Highlights

A short brown pixie with highlights can add texture and fullness to your hair! This color combination along with tousled waves is the whole package. Finish the style off with some texture spray to lock in the style.

Chunky blonde highlights on a brown base
Instagram @annenhiuspiste

#21: Chunky Blonde Highlights on a Brown Base

Chunky brown highlights on a brown base is making a comeback! The bold highlights bring out the richness of the brown. This color would be great for all skin complexions because of the warm and cool tones.

Delightful Dark to Medium Brown Hair with Highlights
Instagram @hairbymickk

#22: Delightful Dark to Medium Brown Hair with Highlights

A bronde caramel smoothie coming right up! The dark to mid-tones on this wavy hair are sweet and delightful. Spice up your medium brown hair with highlights and maybe some lowlights, and ask for a bright blonde money piece.

Golden Blonde Ombre on Glamorous Long Hair
Instagram @john.n1115

#23: Golden Blonde Ombre on Glamorous Long Hair

Just like pouring cream on coffee, the delightful transition in this golden brown and blonde ombre hair is a surprising yet ideal one.

It looks cute with waves, adding extra glamour to the locks. Since it has two tones with brown on top, blonde on the bottom, it works on either a tan or light skin tone.

#24: Two-Layer Haircut with Blonde-Brown Color

Try this two-layered haircut with brown and blonde colors! This color is best on a medium brown color but could be adjusted if your hair is naturally darker or lighter. The layers give this cut a luscious full look!

Coolest Platinum Blonde Balayage
Instagram @meganomorgan

#25: Coolest Platinum Blonde Balayage

A cool platinum hue makes a fresh, bright, and modern take on a blonde balayage. “Balayage highlights allow you to have a dimensional color while growing out your natural hair without the 4-6 week upkeep,” says stylist Megan Morgan of Avon, OH.

When getting blonde and brown hair like this, Morgan says to be realistic about what your hair will do without damaging it.

“Trust your hairstylist,” she notes. “If a client is able to achieve this level of lightness, we advise taking care of it with conditioning treatments and heat protectant sprays at home. We also advise you to not wash every day, as that can dry your hair out. Replenish the moisture with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, too.”

Rich & Warm Dark Brown and Blonde Hair Highlights
Instagram @hairlover603

#26: Rich & Warm Dark Brown and Blonde Hair Highlights

This bronde hue is warm and rich and was created by hairstylist Crystal Imperato of Houston, TX.

“This is great for women with dark hair looking to add a little sparkle and dimension to accent their natural color,” says Imperato. “It’s a very low-maintenance look for the busy woman who doesn’t have much spare time to come to the salon.”

Fabulous Ash Brown and Ash Blonde Highlights
Instagram @hairbycalsea

#27: Fabulous Ash Brown and Ash Blonde Highlights

The tones in this medium-length hair contrast between the lowlight and highlights and brown and blonde hair colors. They were created by hairstylist Calsea Gowan-Sand of Canada.

“It’s not too dark or too light and you can feel like both a blonde and/or a brunette,” says Gowan-Sand. “This look can be worn straight and curled and looks great of mid-lengths (bobs) and longer.”

While no color is zero maintenance, a color like this can give women a little more time between appointments whether you’re a natural blonde or natural brunette.

She adds, “the key to maintaining a color like this is purple shampoo! My favorite is Milkshake Purple shampoo to keep the tones ashy.”

Shade of Blonde Hair Tips
Instagram @khairstylist

#28: Shade of Blonde Hair Tips

The brown-blonde gradient in this mid-length hair is a highly dimensional and low-maintenance spin on the modern blonde. It was created by hairstylist Kayla Hodges of North Wales, PA.

“My favorite thing about it is that while the warm hues in the color keep it looking natural and ‘off-the-beach,’ the strategically placed balayage brightened the face and grows out softly between maintenance appointments,” she notes.

She continues, “this brown and blonde hair color simulates the natural tones present in hair, so it keeps the upkeep at a minimum. Balayage is a hair color trend for a reason. It mimics our natural reflection and brightening of the sun in the summertime.”

Reverse Blonde to Brown Ombre with Highlights and Lowlights
Instagram @hairbydani_o

#29: Reverse Blonde to Brown Ombre with Highlights and Lowlights

This blonde to brown ombre is great for women with light hair who still want the two-toned look. It was created by hairstylist Danielle Osborne of Fulton, NY.

“Darkening the ends gave her a new look without the harshness and the maintenance of changing her roots,” she explains. “I did add highlights and lowlights for some dimension throughout.”

This look would be good for the low-maintenance women and women who already have an ombre. Plus, the blonde highlights and lowlights will help to blend any solid root as it grows in.

“It’s a nice option for women who have long hair as the dark color is not as damaging on the ends of the hair as a blonde lightener would be,” says Osborne. “It’s a great style for fine hair as all the color gives more dimension for a fuller appearance.”

#30: Blonde and Brown Hair Lowlights on a Lob

“I love blondes but the only thing that is hard is the upkeep. If you’re blonde, and you need something a bit more low-maintenance, you might want to opt for these lowlights on a lob,” says salon owner and master stylist Dennise Allende of San Antonio, TX.

“I suggested doing a color melt on her roots while adding the lowlights for depth, which in turn makes the blonde stand out more,” she notes. “As far as the cut, she is in the process of growing out a bob, so I trimmed it and gave her a side-swept bang to give it more style.”

#31: Chocolate Brown Hair with Dark Blonde Highlights and Lighter Front Pieces

This chocolate brown hair with blonde streaks on a lob cut is perfect for brunettes who want to go lighter.

Want milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Either way, the sweet goodness of the dark blonde and rich brown colors harmonize for this transcendental look.

Keep the front pieces lighter, and you’ll surely fall in love with this hair idea!

Delicious Icy Mocha Brown Hair
Instagram @bassamrachid

#32: Delicious Icy Mocha Brown Hair

The icy mocha brown hair has a lighter tone that doesn’t require high maintenance. Hairdresser Bassam Rachid of Dubai achieved this stunning mocha shade with two techniques.

“I freehand-painted the lightening powder on the whole length of the hair. For the roots and the area around the face, I used babylights. These blend the dark tones with the lighter ends and for less obvious regrowth effect,” says Rachid.

#33: Blonde Block Color on a Dark Base

Blonde color blocking on a dark base is a great way to keep brightness around your face while still embracing the dark side. The blonde around the face keeps the dark base from washing out light skin tones while still giving that deep rich dimensional dark contrast. The blonde color blocked area will need the occasional tone or purple shampoo to keep the desired tone. Try Nook the service color shampoo for that perfect toning wash.

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