39 “Bronde Balayage” Hair Color Ideas Women Are Loving

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist
Rich Bronzed Bronde Balayage Hair
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#1: Rich Bronzed Balayage Hair

Add a pop of brightness to your brunette hair with a rich, bronzed balayage color. Dark hair lifts with a lot of warmth. So by staying in the warm bronze tone, your color will look natural and last much longer. For a more subtle look, opt for a partial balayage. If you want a more dramatic look, try a full balayage with face-framing highlights in the front. Face-framing highlights add a pop of light right around your front hairline for a brighter look.

Bronde Balayage for Long Fine Hair
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#2: Gorgeous for Long Fine Hair

If you want to add texture and dimension to your fine, long hair, a bronde balayage is a good option. You won’t need a pricey maintenance schedule for this style. A balayage adds the desired volume and brightness to your hair. It provides a natural look that extends the time between salon visits.

Long Wavy Dark Bronde Balayage Hair with Beige Brown Highlights
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#3: Dark Hair with Beige Brown Highlights

If you have dark hair, consider getting highlights in beige brown. With its neutral undertones, beige brown can complement women of any age and look amazing on various skin tones. Keep the depth in your hair color by requesting a dimensional and rooted styling.

#4: Bright Butterscotch Long Bob

If you want to make your blonde bob darker but not totally brown, consider bright butterscotch. This color is a bit more golden than the bronde trend, and it suits neutral or cool skin tones well. Using a balayage technique, your stylist can apply this color. This makes the color grow out seamlessly. The balayage technique also means you’ll need less upkeep.

Lived-In Bronde Balayage with Wispy Ends
Instagram @ryleeheyzahair

#5: Lived-In Bronde with Wispy Ends

If you desire more depth for your hair, consider a well-blended brown and blonde balayage finished with light, thin ends. The brown and blonde balayage technique mixes warm and cold hues to craft a natural-looking blend and is a stylish, low-maintenance choice. This bronde shade flatters varied skin tones and complements warm and cool undertones. Request a skilled colorist to adjust the shades to complement your skin tonality, whether olive, tan, or light.

#6: Copper Bronde Color

Bronde is an attractive hair color. To make it unique, choose a copper bronde balayage. A copper bronde gives the richness of bronde hair but adds a hint of spicy red.

#7: Shoulder-Length Wavy Bronde Hair

You can add a touch of luxury to your hair by styling it into a shoulder-length wavy bronde style.

Long-Length Tousled Brown Hair with Blonde Money Piece Bronde Balayage
Instagram @_hairbypaula

#8: Tousled Brown Hair with Blonde Money Piece

You can brighten up tousled brown hair by adding a blonde money piece around the face. This cutting-edge style adds a unique touch to your regular brunette look.

Low-Maintenance Medium Brunette Bronde Balayage Hair with Soft Blonde Highlights
Instagram @yogacolourist

#9: Low-Maintenance Brunette with Soft Blonde Highlights

A hair color that is low-maintenance brunette with soft blonde highlights creates a bright strobing effect without the need for too much bleach or lightener. The low-maintenance brunette with blonde highlights is the perfect hair color for those looking to add a touch of blonde without going too extreme.

Dimensional Ash Blonde-Brown Balayage for Waist-Length Hair
Instagram @hairbykacie1

#10: Dimensional Ash Blonde-Brown Hair

Try enhancing your ash blonde hair by giving it more depth. Giving more depth to your hair prevents it from looking dull and lifeless. Also, you can add various ashy shades to your style.

Long Bronde Balayage Beachy Waves with Textured Ends
Instagram @ryleeheyzahair

#11: Long Bronde Beachy Waves

Bronde color on long beachy waves will give you that classic California blonde vibe. Bronde is a deeper blonde tone, best suited for naturally darker hair. Adding bronde tones can contribute softness and depth to hairstyles.

Sexy Bronde Balayage for Fine Hair
Instagram @eunicekimhair

#12: Flattering Bronde for Fine Hair

A bronde balayage is a great option to make your fine hair appear thicker. Lightening your hair can result in a fluffier, bouncier look.

Short Round Curly Hair with Bronde Balayage Highlights
Instagram @lndn_hair

#13: Curly Hair with Balayage Highlights

If you apply bronde balayage highlights to curly hair, it will enhance your curls. The bronde tones will reflect light off your hair and won’t lighten your hair too much or dry it out.

Chest-length Choppy Layers and Espresso Bronde Balayage Color
Instagram @ailainajean.hair

#14: Choppy Layers and Espresso Bronde Color

Choppy layers combined with an espresso-bronde color on a darker base create a gorgeous image. When darker natural hair is lifted, it tends to become warmer. The color transitions from blue to pale yellow undertones to achieve a platinum shade. However, the bronde shade sits comfortably in the red-orange range, somewhere in the middle. Moreover, toning the hair at the same level can help improve the color’s longevity. You can ask your stylist to keep your roots more natural-looking, helping your hair grow out subtly and reducing the need for maintenance.

Rose Gold Bronde Balayage for Mid-Length Rooted Hair
Instagram @namngosbest

#15: Rose Gold Bronde Hair

Rose gold bronde hair is fun but also wearable for professional babes. Starting with hair that’s already lightened extends the life of this color. This lightening could be from previous highlights or a service from your stylist. If your blonde color isn’t good, your pink color won’t be good either. Pink notably fades quickly, giving you a gradual transition from pink to your previous color, like a two-in-one deal.

Light Brunette Bronde Balayage with Long-Length Beach Waves
Instagram @beauty.by.annalee

#16: Light Brunette Balayage with Beach Waves

If you want a new look, try out a sunkissed light brunette balayage with beach waves. Opting for a more subtle balayage is perfect for a pop of lightness. It also provides a soft, blurred line of growing out. Two great products for beach waves are Joico Beach Shake and Joico Body Shake. Beach shake provides a waxier texture to the hair for more definition. The body shake provides a dry texture for volume and hold.

Middle Part Medium-Length Waves with Soft Bronde Balayage Babylights
Instagram @rob.levi

#17: Medium-Length Waves with Soft Bronde Babylights

Medium-length waves with soft bronde babylights create a beautiful and natural-looking hairstyle. It combines effortless waves with subtle bronde highlights. This hair color and texture mix adds depth, movement, and a sun-kissed glow to your overall look. The medium-length waves add softness and femininity to your hairstyle. They create gentle curves and cascading movement throughout the hair. It gives it a romantic and relaxed vibe. The waves can be achieved using various styling methods such as curling irons, hot rollers, or braiding techniques.

#18: Mushroom Bronde with Medium Layers

Mushroom bronde with medium layers is a chic and trendy hairstyle. It combines the earthy tones of a mushroom brown base with the softness of bronde balayage. This bronde on straight hair looks amazing. It adds depth and texture to create a modern and sophisticated look. The mushroom bronde base color is a unique shade. It blends cool-toned brown with hints of ashy or gray undertones. This creates a natural and earthy effect that complements a wide range of skin tones. The medium layers are incorporated into the haircut to add movement and volume. They make the hair appear fuller and more dynamic.

Very Long Wavy Brunette Hair with Warm Blonde Face-Framing Highlights
Instagram @danielmbeauty

#19: Brunette Hair with Warm Blonde Face-Framing Highlights

Go for brunette hair with warm blonde face-framing highlights. It’s a gorgeous and eye-catching combo that adds depth and dimension to your hair. The base color of the brunette provides a rich and lustrous foundation. The warm blonde highlights add brightness and a sun-kissed effect to your look.

#20: Natural Bronde for Medium Brown Hair

Here’s a natural bronde balayage for medium brown hair. A face-framing foilyage on brown hair gives high impact. It has lifting power and lightness to achieve an even color when choosing a gloss. It’s important to have lifting powder, especially on darker hair. So you can lift past the reds and oranges into a yellow gold, or pale yellow for results. It won’t have an added brassiness. Unless you want coppers and reds, then it would be necessary to keep orange-yellow in the hair.

Ashy Brown Bronde Balayage with Subtle Honey Highlights for Mid-Length Locks
Instagram @leboudoircoiffure.mtl

#21: Brown Balayage with Subtle Honey Highlights

If you want a reflective honey to create the perfect bronde, ask your stylist about using Wells Illumina. This color line has a beautiful balance of a rosey pearl that has a shine like no other. A warm blonde with brown creates a blended effect and can be achieved in one visit to the salon. Maintenance of glossing between highlight sessions can be helpful. They help to keep the shine and tone looking fresh every 6-8 weeks.

#22: Vanilla Bronde Highlights with Thin Waves

If you want to amp up your brown hair, ask your stylist for soft, diffused highlights, either with balayage or foilyage. This allows for a low-maintenance color by not bringing the color up to the root. Glossing with a vanilla tone will complement a natural darker tone with a mix of cool and warm colors.

Medium U-Cut with Ash Brown and Soft Blonde Pieces Bronde Balayage
Instagram @moline.varle

#23: Ash Brown with Soft Blonde Pieces

Ash brown with soft blonde pieces is the perfect bronde balayage. For an ashy mushroom bronde, start with the desired base brown-dark blonde. After that, your stylist will choose which technique to create lightness. Either balayage, foilyage, or thinner highlights will create this look. After lightness has been achieved, you can gloss and tone your hair to desired shade. This is a semi-low-maintenance color. It has a soft diffuser regrowth that can be touched with a gloss and trim every 8-12 weeks. Re-lightening every 12-16 weeks so you don’t over-blonde.

#24: Honey Blonde Sombre for Brunette Hair

An ombré for dark hair is called a sombre. When going lighter on dark hair, it’s a great idea to keep lighter hair through the mid-lengths and ends. This helps to keep the color low-maintenance and gorgeous. When bringing highlights right up to the root, it can grow out fast. You’ll look like you need it redone within a few weeks. Glossing sessions between highlight sessions will keep your color looking glossy and fresh. Schedule these appointments every 6 to 8 weeks.

Dark-Rooted Glossy Bronde Balayage for Long Hair with Loose Waves
Instagram @styledby.allie

#25: Dark-Rooted Glossy Bronde Hair

Dark-rooted glossy bronde hair with golden blonde hair balayage is a stunning hairstyle. It combines the richness of dark roots with the golden bronde. The dark roots provide depth and contrast to the overall hair color. It adds a natural and lived-in appearance. They create a strong foundation for the glossy bronde. And blends brunette and blonde tones for a multidimensional effect.

Honey Brown Muted Bronde Balayage Highlights on Long Dark hair
Instagram @the.studio.stkilda

#26: Honey Brown Muted Highlights

Honey brown muted highlights are a gorgeous and subtle way to add dimension and warmth to your hair. This hair color combines honey brown tones with highlights to create a natural effect. The honey brown base color serves as a rich and warm foundation for the highlights. It complements a range of skin tones and adds depth and richness to your hair. The honey brown shade has golden undertones that create a soft and natural appearance.

#27: Golden Dirty Bronde Foilayage

A golden dirty bronde foilayage is a great option if you’re looking for a low-maintenance color with a big impact! These tones fade well and help keep your grow-out seamlessly.

#28: Cool Smoky Brown-Blonde Balayage

A cool smoky brown-blonde balayage is a stunning and contemporary hair color choice. It combines cool-toned browns with soft, ashy blondes. The base color of the cool smoky brown-blonde balayage is a rich, cool-toned brown shade. This creates a solid foundation and provides a contrast to the lighter blonde tones. The cool undertones in the brown color add a sense of depth and complexity to the overall look.

Long and Wavy Dark Brunette Balayage Hair with Honey Bronde Hues
Instagram @mollykate.hairgallery

#29: Dark Brunette with Honey Bronde Hues

Consider a dark brunette with honey bronde hues if you have dark brown or medium brown hair. Honey bronde and blonde look great on medium skin tones. They pair perfectly with dark brown or black eye colors. Keeping highlights a warmer shade help to create a rich, luxurious tone in the hair. To keep your honey bronde looking fresh, wash it every 2 weeks. Use Celeb Luxury Gem Lites Cognac Quartz Colorwash. This will refresh your tone in between hair appointments.

Blonde and Brown Balayage Highlights on Very Long Black Hair
Instagram @colorbymarina

#30: Blonde and Brown Highlights on Black Hair

Blonde and brown highlights add high contrast to black hair. Ask your stylist to highlight using a balayage technique. This way, you can avoid a strong line of demarcation when the color grows. Doing so will buy you time between appointments and create a beautiful effect.

Mid-Length Waves with Dark Bronde Balayage Tones
Instagram @aline.vogl

#31: Mid-Length Waves with Dark Bronde Tones

A mid-length wave with dark brown tones is charming. A gorgeously done balayage will bring out warm notes that are not brassy. A melt of warm to cooler blonde on dark hair will give an overall bronde effect. A summer look that translates well into the fall looks blonde but still brown. And it can have a soft grow out with the balayage or foilyage technique.

#32: Bronde Chunky Highlights with Money Pieces

Ask for a bronde balayage with chunky highlights with pieces. Bronde is a predominately brown hair color with blonde added to the color giving a bronde effect. Try chunky highlights if you want to see dimensional ribbons throughout your hair. This is a high contrast look. A gloss of gold and violet can give you the perfect tone to your blonde that compliments brown beauties.

#33: Caramel Bronde for Long Dark Hair

It would be best for your stylist to do a balayage to achieve softness through the crown, ribbons, and ends. You may need a foilyage to create enough heat for lighter results if you have really dark hair. Toning with warm colors like honey, caramel, and beige will give you the perfect bronde gloss.

#34: Milk Chocolate Hue with Dark Base

A wash of warm blonde over dark hair gives a creamy chocolate milk vibe. You create a dimensional bronde with hints of gold, light beige, and light red. A balayage will give you the perfect base to gloss over and formulate to bring out these rich tones. A colorist can do it to compliment your base and your skin tone while bringing out the summer fun.

#35: Dark Brown Hair with Front Blonde Highlights

Dark brown hair with front blonde highlights is beautiful. It creates a striking contrast that adds dimension and brightness to your look. The dark brown base provides a rich and deep foundation for the hairstyle. And the front blonde highlights add a touch of lightness and lift to the front sections of your hair. By placing the highlights around the face, they can frame your features. They can also bring attention to your eyes and facial structure.

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#36: Dark-Rooted Golden Bronde Highlights

Dark-rooted golden bronde balayage highlights create a stunning effect. It combines warm golden tones with darker roots. This hair color technique adds depth, dimension, and a sun-kissed glow to your overall look. The dark-rooted base creates a natural and seamless transition from your roots. It allows for a low-maintenance style as the hair grows out. It adds richness and depth. And it provides a solid foundation for the golden bronde highlights.

#37: Glossy Ash Bronde Wavy Bob

Try combining a glossy ash bronde with a shoulder-length wavy bob for your next cut and color. If you are tired of full blonde and want a more natural look, a bronde color is perfect. Bronde combines blonde and brunette and is complimentary on most skin tones. A shoulder-length bob is a great cut option because it’s flattering on any face shape.

Mid Back-Length Wavy Warm Bronde Balayage Highlights with Straight Bangs
Instagram @hratchohair

#38: Wavy Warm Bronde Highlights with Straight Bangs

Wavy warm bronde highlights with straight bangs create a stylish look. It combines the warmth of bronde (a blend of brunette and blonde) highlights with the sleekness of the bangs. This combo adds depth, texture, and dimension to your hair. This results in a unique and eye-catching hairstyle. The wavy warm bronde highlights are strategically placed throughout your hair. They create a sun-kissed effect and add a touch of brightness to your overall look.

#39: Sandy Bronde Hair with Layers and Flipped Ends

Sandy bronde hair with layers and flipped ends is a beautiful and dynamic hairstyle. It combines the warmth of sandy tones with the modern flair of flipped ends and layered texture. This hair color and style create a natural effect while adding dimension to your locks. The sandy bronde hair color blends a sandy blonde hue with subtle touches of brunette. This results in a warm and earthy tone that suits various skin tones. This versatile shade provides a soft and natural appearance, like the sun’s light on your hair.

Bronde balayage is a hair color technique that blends brown and blonde tones, resulting in a stunning sun-kissed, multi-tonal effect. I spoke with Kimberly Tvedten, an experienced stylist and colorist renowned for her expertise in this popular hair trend.

Meet The Expert

Kimberly Tvedten
Kimberly Tvedten
Kimberly is a freelance stylist with over 16 years of experience
You can find her at Viola Rosa Salon in Scottsdale, AZ

Ideal Matches for Major Skin Tones

When asked about ideal matches for different skin tones, Tvedten emphasized the versatility of this shade. “Bronde is a very versatile shade. Therefore it is flattering on the majority of skin tones,” said Tvedten. Bronde offers a range of beautiful tones, including rich caramels, espresso, and gorgeous beige shades from champagne to latte. Whether you have fair, medium, or dark skin, this balayage can enhance your natural beauty.

Considerations for Shade and Tone

Tvedten suggests considering several factors when choosing the shade or tone of bronde to complement your skin tone. “It’s important to discuss with your stylist your expectations, home care, maintenance, and investment,” she advises. By bringing in inspiration photos, you enable your stylist to create a customized plan tailored to your needs and goals. This ensures that the shade and tone of bronde align perfectly with your desired look.

Maintaining Your Balayage

Tvedten says that a bronde balayage is relatively low-maintenance due to its combination of brown and blonde tones. Whether you are a brunette looking to add some brightness to your locks or a blonde aiming for a summery vibe, bronde is a versatile option that can be worn year-round. When it comes to aftercare, Tvedten recommends using sulfate-free, color-safe products such as Kevin Murphy Everlasting Colour Wash & Rinse or Oaui Fine Hair Shampoo to maintain the vibrancy and longevity of your balayage.

Communication with Your Stylist

To ensure a successful balayage experience, Tvedten highlights the importance of open communication with your stylist. “Always discuss maintenance and care with your stylist.” Share your current base color, lifestyle, and any specific concerns or preferences. By having a clear conversation with your stylist, you can achieve the desired results and understand the necessary steps for maintaining your balayage.

Pictures of the Most Beautiful Bronde Balayage