16 Stunning Bright Red Hair Colors to Get You Inspired

Bright red hair color ideas

A bright red hair color is an ultra-warm and intense shade of red dyed onto the hair in the form of highlights, an ombre, a dip-dye, or a full-on solid hue. Warning: this is not for the faint-hearted!

Fiery tones of red hair are having their resurgence this season as famously seen on celebrity divas Christina Hendricks, Chloe Dykstra, and Jennifer Morrison. All the limits have been broken down when it comes to how extremely vibrant you can be with your tresses, and everyone’s joining in the movement!

Tennessee hair artist Josh Boynton showcases his hottest ruby hair creations on his feed, and there is only one thing to say – it’s pure perfection. From mermaid waves to sleek and straight, bobs to waist-lengths, vivid reds prove that you can never be too bright with red!

But of course, with great result comes great responsibility. Use color-safe products, wash with cold water, and follow your trusted colorist’s advice religiously. Do these and you’ll surely be turning heads for a longer time!

Ready to set your look on fire? Start now by taking a peek at these trendiest examples of bright red hair colors!

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Red with Blonde Highlights

Bright Red hair with blonde highlights
Instagram @guy_tang

To make those reds pop out more, paint over a lighter hue as an accent. Neon orange and fire bright red with bright blonde highlights are analogous colors that go really well with each other so you’ll never go wrong! This fiery red hair color is super hot right now!

Cherry Red

Bright cherry red hair
Instagram @hairbykate_whs

Jessica Rabbit would be envious of how sensual those big, shiny, bright red curls are! The longer locks, the more you can play around with it indeed!

Short Bright Red to Dark Ombre with Bangs

Short Bright Red to Dark Ombre with Bangs
Instagram @chica_pixie

Appreciate how the bright maroon colors turned into a glowing rose towards its ends. Even with such a short bright red hair with bangs, the colors were accentuated, along with the face make-up.

Side Swept Red and Blonde

Side Swept Bright red and blonde
Instagram @karyssadoeshair

A feathered ombre featuring platinum blonde to red colors! Side-swept waves add a windblown effect that presents the look with even more movement and dynamics.

Short Bright Red Hair

Short Bright Red Hair
Instagram @xostylistxo

Red heads unite! The short inverted bob makes rounder back but a sleeker, straighter front that both gives form and flattery to the look. Great for bringing out a blushed flush into your cheeks.

Shoulder Length Bright Auburn

Shoulder Length Bright Auburn
Instagram @stylesbyskye

Auburn for autumn, and for all seasons as well. The radiant crimson bright red hair is a sight especially with that wavy bob for a strikingly casual look.

Bright Ruby Red

Bright Ruby Red
Instagram @leahfreeman1

Go for the gold, or in this case, ruby! The rose glitters so vibrantly and goes so well with your long, silky hair.

Bright Red Highlights in Brown Hair

A delectable mix of strawberry, ginger, and reddish-brown tones. These bright red highlights add dimension partnered with layered hair.

Q&A with style creator, Katelynn Kwasniak
Foil Work / Creative Color / Balayage @ Blank Canvas Salon in Londonderry, NH

How would you describe this look?

This was an existing balayage that I had done in a prior service for my guest. She was wanting something different and fun without lightening her hair any further or compromising it. Also, it’s a color that we would be able to easily adjust back.

I used Pulp Riots Faction 8 boosters in their red (-66) orange (-44) and yellow (-22). I simply took one-inch randomized sectioning and applied color on the middle and ends to saturate. Then, I feathered up to blend as you would in a traditional balayage.

After processing, I cut her with softly textured layers not only to lighten her thick hair but to show all the colors when styled. I then styled her with smoothing cream and took one-inch sections to curl with a 1 1/4 curling iron. Once done, I used a wide tooth comb to break up the curls then sprayed with a medium hold hairspray.

Any advice for someone considering it?

For guests looking to go the red route, just keep in mind that it’s one of the harder colors to keep in your hair and does require a lot of at-home maintenance.

You will need to use professional color safe and sulfate free products such as shampoo, conditioner, etc. Also, you will need to keep shampooing to a minimum 2x at most, and when doing so, use cold/cooler water. Also, heat tools for styling must be at low heat.

As for wearability, anyone can do red! Whether it is a fire engine red to a chocolate cherry, an all-over color, or just a couple pops, anyone can wear, so just do it!

Curly Red Hair

Go for a night out and paint the town red! Those glorious bright red curls are for all the world to see.

Q&A with style creator, Sami Skinner
Hairstylist @ RIO Hair Studio in Jacksonville, FL

How would you describe this look?

What I love about this look is how fierce but yet wearable it is! This is about as true copper red as you can achieve with permanent hair color, and the cut is a disconnected pixie! By disconnect, we cut everything underneath, about two inches above the ear and below, shorter.

We decided to disconnect because it allows the curls to meet in a more organic fashion but gives the illusion that it is not shorter underneath. This is my favorite way to cut short hair to leave the shape very feminine with an edge!

Any advice for someone considering it?

I would first talk about this color, as it can be more upkeep than a more natural tone. We would talk about home care and what type of color care products they would need to add to their routing. I prefer Pureology hydrate shampoo and conditioner for home care followed up with Redken’s One United leave-in.

I would then ask about the haircut, what they are comfortable with displaying, their ears, their neck? – making sure they are comfortable with how this style wears. An elongated neck, oval to heart shape face, and confidence will wear this cut best!

I would next ask them what their hair regimen at home looks like and explain that this is actually very easy to maintain as long, as you are using appropriate products to keep the curl engaged and the frizz at bay. We used the Redken curvaceous line, starting with the Ringlet gel for hold and the Curl Refiner cream for a soft finish. This will help with any crunchy aftermath from the gel. We dried with the Sam Villa artist series dryer and diffuser nozzle for curly hair. Once it was dry, we finished with a half-inch curling iron, wrapping any lazy curls around for extra defining.

Poppy Red to Light Brown

Bright red to light brown
Instagram @megan.e.grimm

Cherry caramel combo with highlights? Delectable! Wearing them in long, wavy tresses? Superb!

Q&A with style creator, Megan Grimm
Owner / Founder @ Style by Megan Grimm & Brides of Indy in Broad Ripple, IN

How would you describe this look?

This formulation went from an all over poppy red to a deeper base with the new growth transitioning into a beautiful balayage blend. This could certainly be a strawberries-and-cream formula. We didn’t go too heavy on our foilyage. We still wanted to see all of that awesome color play in contrast.

Her cut allows the hair to be away from the face. Long, round layers give us bouncy, touchable movement, and it’s a great cut for more petite face shapes that have length.

The best part of this formula is its richness. As a red head, you are always looking for rich, fun, reflection!

Any advice for someone considering it?

My redhead conversation with my guests never looks over at-home maintenance and care, but luckily Lanza Healing Color is known for Color Attach System Technology. Our colors last and last and you will never see a more vibrant redhead come in for a refresh!

My guests use Color Guard to protect them from fading because of water before and after a shower. They use color care shampoo and conditioner, and we discuss the importance of making our shampoo and style last longer by being proactive with the right style products.

Being red in the head will always require some maintenance, and you will also want to consider if you might have a change of heart and want to change your color down the road. Making any kind of drastic color change can be stressful for your locks.

If a feisty red fits your personality and you can get your formulas for a color refresh to work for you rather than against you when it comes to browning out your reds, you can enjoy radiant reds over and over again.

Bright Magenta

Pretty in pink just came into town! This bright red balayage was done very tastefully as to have the roots protected from the color but not that it is completely disconnected from the whole vibrancy.

Q&A with style creators, Cecile Washington – Salon Owner / Hair Stylist
and Gil Kolkman – Hairstylist @ Washington House Salon in Innisfil, CA

How would you describe this look?

This beautiful magenta hair color and cut were done by Gill Kolkman, a team member at Washington House Salon in Innisfil, Ontario Canada!

Owner and Stylist Cecile Washington had this to say about this look. This look is fun, funky, and fresh! Our favorite thing about this look is how bold it is. This magenta ombré can be worn straight or with a beautiful soft wave to accentuate the gorgeous root extension and graduated layering when it comes to the cut.

Any advice for someone considering it?

If you’re considering a bold vivid color like magenta, be ready for some maintenance. We recommend a refresh of tone every 4 weeks. Home care would include washing your hair with cold water and using color protection shampoos and conditioners.

If you’re living a busy lifestyle and can’t commit to the maintenance, this isn’t the color choice for you. But there are definitely lots of fun options for you out there!

Bright Ginger Pixie

Bright Ginger Pixie
Instagram @miamihairmel

With all the seemingly bad things that goes with having orange locks, this one just proves them all wrong. The copper with bright ginger hair color is an extravagant statement for all who judge any ginger heads.

Q&A with style creator, Melanie Adaros
Hairstylist & Colorist @ Luxe – The Colour Lounge in Miami, FL

How would you describe this look?

This look is liberating – with a true ambiance of a femme fatale. I mean, just look at her! She’s glowing in copper charm, showing off her beautiful facial features and not hiding from anything or anyone!

This cut was done by me for my lovely, bad-ass, and inspiring boss lady Annette (@annetteluxe). She is a very daring yet fabulous woman and, at the moment, was in need of a change. We daringly transitioned her from a long, platinum pixie to this cropped ginger cut.

It is so hard to name my favorite thing about this look – perhaps the way she just looks so light and capable of anything is what really gets me. If I saw her walking on the street, I would probably be both intimidated and fascinated.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Short hair is so in right now. Having a pixie is both low and high maintenance. Low maintenance in the sense that you can just wake up, style in a little texturizing paste, and go.

However, such a short haircut would require getting a shaping at least every 4 weeks. As for the color, copper is beautiful and one of my favorites but is also high maintenance and would require refreshing with a semi-permanent gloss no less than every 4 weeks to stay looking vibrant.

Pixies are so versatile, fun, sexy, and elegant. I think that practically any face shape can pull it off with styling and shape of the cut taken into consideration, as there are so many creative and accommodating pixie cuts. If you have always wanted to do something bold and spicy with your hair, do it.

Faded Bright Red

Faded Bright Red
Instagram @samannbeauty

Pomegranate is as sweet a fruit as it is a hair color! The straight locks enhanced the coloring technique even more.

Q&A with style creator, Samantha Schmidt
Hair Stylist / Colorist @ Hair by Samantha Schmidt in Sharonville, OH

How would you describe this look?

This color was a true definition of ruby. It was deep, but it was bright! This client has extremely fine, curly hair naturally. This sleek straight style was so silky compared to her starting point! I would love to show the before. It will make you truly appreciate this work of art!

My favorite was the seamless blend. I could have parted her hair into any section, and there would never be a flaw!

Any advice for someone considering it?

Upkeep! Any red is a commitment. Without proper take-home products, your color will never have a chance. Red is hard to remove and hard to keep all at the same time. During any consultation, I always consider my canvas before questioning my client about their lifestyle. If the hair is not healthy, it can cause red to really cling to the porous hairs and process and fade differently.

Having healthy hair is an important key to vivid colors. It can go south very quickly. The longevity of their color and fade is just as important to the day of their color. Education to clients will keep money in their pockets and smiles on their faces!

Speaking of faces, I think skin tone is very important when choosing red as your color choice. I have many women who sit in my chair who have very red cheeks. Red hair, against red skin, can be a horrible combination.

Bright Red Violet

Bright Red Violet
Instagram @lockedbyleah

Q&A with style creator, Leah Cameron
Hair Stylist / Colorist @ Wicked Hair & Nails Salon in Leominster, MA

How would you describe this look?

For this look, first I applied a dark red base and balayaged the brighter red throughout the hair, leaving thin pieces of the darker base color through the ends for a little dimension. The cut is a long layered cut with an angled front and bangs. To style, I always apply a leave-in conditioner before blow drying, then blow-dried the hair with a round brush. Next, I sprayed a light layer of hairspray then curled with a 1-in curling iron. I sprayed the hair with a shine spray and used a paddle brush to gently brush through the curls

Any advice for someone considering it?

Follow proper aftercare instructions and be prepared for regular maintenance. Bright red is one of those colors that can fade very quickly without proper care. You should use professional color care shampoo, wash in cool water, and don’t wash every day. I tell my clients the longer you can go in between shampoos the better. If you frequent the beach, lake, or pool often, this may not be a color that would suit your lifestyle.

Bright Copper Bob

Q&A with style creator, Tekla Vähärautio
Hair& Makeup Artist @ Kreivin Aika in Oulu, FI

How would you describe this look?

I love this color and cut combination. We wanted to create a blunt bob look which also looks good with beach waves. I created waves with styling iron and salt spray. Dark copper roots with lighter copper teasy lights give dimension for the hair and make them look thicker than they actually are. Red copper tones also look super good with clients light skin tone.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This bright red haircut is perfect for someone struggling with thin hair. Styling with sea salt or powder spray will boost the volume of the hair and makes it look fuller whenever you style them with waves or just keep the hair straight.

Hot copper tones look great someone with a light skin tone. The most important is finding the right shade of copper for clients complexion and style. Copper tones make a hair look shinier and healthier. If the client wants to be bold and turn heads, this look is great for them.

Bright Long Red Hair

Q&A with style creator, Aspen Day-Flynn
Hairstylist @ Arcane Hair Parlour in Phoenix, AZ

How would you describe this look?

Every time I see this beautiful head of hair, all I can think of is the iconic hibiscus flower. Fashion/vivid color is 100% a passion of mine. I’ve been doing this guest’s hair for quite some time now, but the first time I colored her hair it was a pretty hefty color correction going from grown out and old color/blonde to this!

Anytime I do color, regardless of it being a fashion or natural color, I absolutely love adding dimension and depth to the hair. If you can’t tell from checking out my Instagram page, I’m a big fan of bright vivid reds. Fashion/vivid colors will always have a special place in my heart but I have fun adding a more modern and on-trend twist to it.

Of course, the haircut plays a crucial role in the overall look, including how it affects the color. Having those soft long layers but then breaking it up by adding texture really softens and brings even more dimension, which to me is so important. Everything to the color, cut, and style should be cohesive so that the start to finish complements each other.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Although this is my line of expertise, I would not recommend this service to everyone. It’s definitely a lifestyle. The reality of this color is that it is high maintenance, so the first thing you should always do before making an appointment to book this sort of service (if you have never had a fashion color before) is to come in for a consultation with your stylist.

Once you’ve decided that this is something you want to move forward with (awesome!), just keeping in mind that once you leave the salon your work isn’t done. It is imperative that you have professional products (shampoo, conditioner, styling products) at home that will help prolong the longevity of your color and maintain the integrity of the health of the hair.

Doing little things like washing your hair in cold water and maybe not heat styling it as much is always helpful. It’s just one of those things – if you’re at a point where you’d love to have fun and exciting hair then I absolutely think everyone should at least try it. Just be sure to do your research. Let me tell you, it’s totally worth it!