Blue Highlights – Not Your Ordinary Hair Highlight

When you are deciding on a winter color or highlight for your tresses, we know blue is not necessarily the first color that comes to mind! Contrary to what your initial thoughts of blue hair might be, there are actually some really neat ways to incorporate shades of blue to your tresses and add real interest and dimension to your style. So before you shoot this crazy color idea down, take a look at these styles and see if you change your mind!

Midnight blue streaks or an all-over black/blue shade are great winter hair hues.
midnight blue highlights  black blue highlights

Blended blue highlights add interest and an edginess to these otherwise typical brunette bobs.
blended blue highlights  a blue bob hairstyle

Peek-a-blue! For those that want a more obvious color addition, brighter blue chunks or turquoise blue tips might be for you.
chunky blue highlights  peekaboo blue highlights

Blondes can wear blue too but it is of course more obvious and more difficult to reverse if you change your mind. We love the softer, pale blue streaks on the model on the left as well as the chunk blue bangs on the right – so cool!
blonde and blue highlights  blonde and blue highlights 2

If you do decide to fight the winter blues by adding some fun blue hues to your tresses, be sure and discuss your options with an experienced colorist. This is not your average or everyday color, so it is important to work with a stylist who is experienced and well-versed in extreme coloring so you can achieve the blue look you want. Happy coloring!

So, what do you think of blue hair now? :)