34 Jaw-Dropping Blue Balayage Hair Color Ideas

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

#1: Vivid Light Blue Hair

This vivid light blue hair is glowing! Try this contemporary and trendy color today.

#2: Dark Blue Roots with Periwinkle Hue

Creating a perfect base for this color requires a blonde color, lifted to a pale level 9-10. Use violet shampoo for pre-toning to remove any remaining yellow color in the hair. Mixing underlying pigments into vivid colors creates different tones. As combining blue and yellow creates green, it’s crucial to adjust these tones first. Applying multiple tones of blues and periwinkle in a balayage color melt results in a dark root with lighter ends, creating a vivid dimension.

#3: Black to Blue Ombre Balayage

First, lighten your hair using numerous highlights and lightened tips to create a gradual color blend. Adding black lowlights and coloring your roots black will provide the necessary contrast for the blue in the ombré look. In between visits to the salon, use color cream cleansers like Afterworld Organics and conditioners that deposit color to freshen up the hair.

Blue Balayage with Yellow Money Piece
Instagram @bonne.vie_salon

#4: Blue with Yellow Money Piece

Before changing your hair, talk to your hairstylist. Discuss your hair’s current state, the price of the color service, how long it will take, and upkeep plans. Changing your hair to a fancy color requires both time and money. I believe it’s worth it! Don’t be put off. You can live your dream and become a dazzling person with blue hair! Most hair stylists aim to help you get the hair look you want. They also keep in mind your budget and upkeep needs.

Ocean Breeze Blue Balayage Hair
Instagram @msnataliejean

#5: Ocean Breeze Blue

If you want a hair color that reminds you of the sea, consider ocean breeze blue balayage hair. This unique hair color mixes blue and light silver to blend the quiet colors of the sea. The ocean blue works best on those with fair to medium skin tones, as it beautifully complements their complexion. To achieve this look, ask your colorist to carefully hand-paint the blue and silver hues onto your hair, creating a seamless gradient effect. Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair color bright.

#6: Blue with Purple Roots

If you’re looking to add a bold and vibrant touch to your long locks, consider dyeing your hair a stunning blue balayage with purple roots. The purple roots blends beautifully for a head-turning look. Rich blue tones gradually fade into vibrant purple roots, creating a striking look. This color choice is perfect for those who want to showcase their individuality and make a statement. Whether you have dark or light hair, this color scheme can be customized to suit your skin tone and style. Talk to your colorist about finding the right shades to complement your features.

Minty Blue Balayage Hair
Instagram @artistic.aestheticss

#7: Minty Blue Hair

Minty blue balayage hair is a hair color trend that achieves a vibrant look by combining cool mint green tones with soft pastel blue hues. Achieve this style by applying a full bleaching procedure and then use the balayage technique to introduce blue tones. The minty blue is a striking blend of unique hair color and well-placed tones. Pair this hair color with a soft bang and face-framing for added contrast.

#8: Bold Violet-Blue

For a bold color transformation, try a violet-blue balayage. Talk to your stylist before dyeing your hair this shade, as it requires bleaching, and your hair must be able to handle this process. Schedule time for salon visits as your hair may need re-toning.

#9: Metallic Blue

This metallic blue balayage hair is super cool! Your grow-out will be soft with a balayage color, but you will need to plan regular toner appointments with your stylist. You may want a blue shampoo at home to keep this color nice and ashy!

#10: Icy Blue

Consider an icy blue balayage. But only if you’re looking for a fresh, striking hair color to showcase your vibrant, long, wavy locks. The cool blue tones contrast your natural color, making you stand out best. This color looks beautiful on those with medium skin tones. To achieve this hue, ask your colorist to blend light and dark blue shades in a balayage technique. You should limit washing your hair to keep your color vibrant. Ask about products for maintenance at home.

#11: Navy Blue Hair Color

This navy blue balayage is gorgeous! This color looks best on dark hair. Talk with your stylist so they can let you know what type of maintenance is involved. You will need proper at-home products to keep this color vivid!

Brunette Balayage with Saturated Blue Tips on Curled Medium Hair
Instagram @e.p_haircreations

#12: Brunette with Saturated Blue Tips

Try this brunette with saturated blue tips ombre. This look would be best on a medium to dark natural brunette. Talk to your stylist today and see if this look could work for you!

#13: Ocean Pastel Blue Hair

Get inspired by a pastel ocean blue hair color. For a beautiful ombré color melt of blues, you must do a global blonding first to get your hair light enough. Working with a stylist to protect the integrity of the hair is key. Try different shades of blue to try this mermaid ocean blue.

Turquoise Blue Balayage with Money Piece for Short Layered Mullet Hair
Instagram @ashlee_swan

#14: Turquoise Blue Mullet Hair

A turquoise blue mullet hairstyle is edgy. For the alternative enthusiast, pair a shaggy mullet with a vivid aqua blue. Ask your stylist for blue tips around the face to create a framing dimensional pop. You’ll need a color-safe cleanser to keep this from fading. Hairstory’s New Wash Original is the best for gentle cleansing.

Muted Blue Balayage and Purple Hues on Shoulder-Length Layered Cut
Instagram @morph.that.mane

#15: Muted Blue and Purple Hues

A muted blue and purple-hued color is one to consider. For a subtle transition in hues of color, try a mix of blue and purple throughout the hair. But alternate and melt them together. Blue and purple complement each other well and look great on warmer skin tones.

Aqua Blue Balayage Tones for Medium-Length Dark Hair
Instagram @whisperinghair

#16: Aqua Blue Tones for Dark Hair

Ask for aqua blue-toned balayage for dark hair. Color melt your dark hair into a fun blue ombré balayage. Check out Pulp Riot Nightfall and La Richie Directions Turquoise. Both will help you to replicate this tone. Make sure you are using a moisturizing cleanser that is color safe, like Evo The Therapist Hydrating Shampoo. This product will hydrate bleached hair and preserve vivids.

Blue-ish Teal Balayage on Short A-Line Bob with Bangs
Instagram @vividmacabre

#17: Blue-ish Teal on A-Line Bob

A blueish teal a-line bob is edgy and funky. A dimensional blue balayage is a color you didn’t know you needed to make your bob pop. A dark-rooted base with blue and teal melted vivids is a perfect combo. Try a demi and permanent vivid colors for long-lasting effects.

#18: Soft Metallic Blue Money Piece

Dark hair looks so good with a blue pop. Remember blue-black being such a cool trend? Here is the modern money piece of dark blue paired with black hair. Add some reflective pieces throughout the midnight blue hair to tie it all together.

#19: Vibrant Blue Ombre for Black Hair

Go for a vibrant blue ombré for black hair. A cool way to grow old color is by adding a fun vivid to the mix if your style is edgy. When a global blonde begins to grow out, you still have blonde hair through the mid-lengths and ends. Create an ombré effect with your natural color melted into a blue to compliment your skin tone.

#20: Deep Blue Streaks for Long Black Hair

Deep blue streaks for long black hair can be a great way to incorporate a fun color into your jet-black locks. Black hair can be a difficult thing to lift. So it’s important to give yourself realistic options for your starting level. Darker tones like blue, purple, or green are the perfect colors. You have to lift the hair before depositing any fun color into it. I recommend doing a full balayage technique first to create your desired placement.

#21: Rich Blue Highlights on Dark Roots

This rich blue highlight with a dark root almost looks glowing! This is a great color option for a dark brunette. The dark base will make that blue pop!

#22: Dimensional Blue Bob with Voluminous Waves

Try a dimensional blue bob and add a few voluminous waves! This cut and color will require you to be in the salon more often, but it’s worth it.

#23: Glossy Blue Black Hair

Ask about a glossy blue-black hairstyle. A black and blue color melt on your highlighted hair is stunning and will create a reflective shine. Try a blended approach of black melting into a couple of blue tones. It will help to give your hair depth and dimension.

Face-Framing Electric Blue Balayage Highlights for Long Darker Locks
Instagram @witchybeautyy

#24: Face-Framing Electric Blue Highlights

Ask about a face-framing highlight with an electric blue. The money piece just got sassy. If you’re looking for hair ideas with an edge, try contrasting electric blue and black colors to wow the crowd. You will be doing all-over highlights first. This will get your hair light enough to deposit the perfect blue to compliment your skin tone.

#25: Painted Blue Green with Shadow Root

Give this blue-green color, aka teal color, with a shadow root a try! This super fun and trendy spring hair color will be a show-stopper!

Blended Silver and Blue Balayage Tones for Long-Length Wavy Hair
Instagram @hairbyshum

#26: Blended Silver and Blue Tones

Try this hair color with blended blue and silver tones. This is perfect for summer and can transition into fall and winter. Talk to your stylist today!

Light to Dark Blue Mermaid Balayage Ombre for Waist-Length Waves
Instagram @gab.rubertohair

#27: Light to Dark Blue Mermaid Ombre Hair

This beautiful dark-to-light mermaid hair is a beautiful color! This is a great option to keep your natural dark root while having a fun, colorful dimension.

#28: Cobalt Blue with Black Roots

This cobalt blue color with black roots is so rich in tone! It’s a great option to show off your natural texture while keeping your hair looking luscious.

#29: Brown-to-Blue Ombre

Try this brown-to-blue balayage to add a little fun color to your natural hair color. Ask your stylist if this color combination is a good option for you!

#30: Long-Length Royal Blue Waves

A wavy long-length royal blue hair color. Try a blue balayage or foilyage for those with dark hair who need more lift. Try a color melt of dark into a royal blue vivid color for a beautiful blend. You will want to use color, safe shampoo, and help me turn the brightness of your blue. Try Oway’s Color Protection Hair Bath.

Light and Dark Blue Balayage Tints for Long Wavy Mermaid Hair
Instagram @xostylistxo

#31: Blue Tints for Long Mermaid Hair

I love this blue-tinted long mermaid hair! These blue hues are so lovely and would give you a show-stopping look.

Bright Blue Balayage with Hints of Purple for Shoulder-Length Bob Hair
Instagram @neill

#32: Bright Blue with Hints of Purple

Try this bright blue color with hints of purple if you love vibrant colors. These shades will give you a unique and fun look to wear daily!

Denim Blue Balayage Highlights for Thick Hair with Mid-Length Cut
Instagram @hairbyhao

#33: Denim Blue Highlights

This denim blue balayage is one to try!! The depth and dimension will turn some heads. Talk to your stylists today to see if this is an option for you!

Icy Blue Hair Balayage Highlights on Mid-Length Choppy Haircut
Instagram @deisydoeshair

#34: Icy Blue Hair Highlights

Try this icy blue color with highlights for a fun winter hair color. The shades of blue give tons of dimension while keeping that cool, muted look.

Blue balayage is a popular hair coloring technique that involves painting blue highlights onto the hair gradually and naturally. However, achieving the perfect balayage can be challenging, as different skin tones and hair types require different considerations. Tina Thao Ta, an experienced colorist, shares her expertise in achieving, maintaining, and customizing the balayage look.

Meet The Expert

Tina Thao Ta
Tina Thao Ta
Tina is a hair colorist with over 30 years of experience.
You can find Tina at The Room Hair Studio in Garden Grove, CA.

Achieving the Perfect Blue for Your Skin Tone

You must consider which skin tone category you fall into – cool, warm, or neutral. Cool skin tones have pink, red, or blue undertones, while warm skin tones have yellow, peach, or golden undertones. Neutral skin tones have a mix of both warm and cool undertones. Tina Thao Ta advises that lighter shades of blue such as pastel or icy blue, can be especially flattering for cool skin tones. For warm skin tones, blue with warm undertones, such as turquoise or teal, can complement the golden or peachy undertones of the skin. A wide range of blue shades can work well for neutral skin tones.

Maintaining Your Balayage

Maintaining a balayage requires extra care to keep the color vibrant and healthy. Tina Thao Ta shares some tips for aftercare and touch-ups. Using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner is essential to maintain the vibrancy of your blue hue, as sulfates can strip the color from your hair. Using a color-depositing shampoo or conditioner can also help keep your blue looking fresh. Tina Thao Ta recommends Joico Color Balance Blue Shampoo and Conditioner, Celeb Luxury Viral Extreme Blue Colorwash, and Overtone Vibrant Blue Coloring Conditioner as great options. To prevent damage, it is essential to avoid heat-styling tools. Regular touch-ups are necessary to keep the color looking fresh, and it is crucial to protect your hair from the sun’s UV rays using a hat or UV protection spray.

Customizing Your Balayage

To achieve the perfect blue balayage, having a clear and open conversation with your colorist/stylist is important to ensure that you achieve your desired look while also considering factors such as your current base color, lifestyle, cost, and maintenance. Your natural hair color and any previous color treatments can affect the final result of your balayage. Discuss with your stylist what your current base color is and what steps may need to be taken to get your hair ready for the balayage process. Consider your lifestyle when choosing a blue shade. A more subtle shade of blue may be more appropriate if you have a professional job or are in a conservative environment. On the other hand, if you have a more creative job or are drawn to bold looks, a brighter shade of blue may be a better fit.

Pictures of Eye-Catching Blue Balayage Hair Colors