52 Blonde Hair With Lowlights You Have to See in 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Blonde hair with lowlights offers a luscious, dimensional color to modern women. What to adore about this hair idea is how it enhances most skin tones and eye colors.

Veronica Guzman, a seasoned colorist in Elgin, IL, shares her ultimate rule on this shade. It is to “create a routine for yourself.”

She explains, “Get in the habit of doing treatments and using products before getting it done. Having a routine is setting yourself up for a successful hair journey.”

Find a stylist who you trust. Ask questions about the things you must understand first before changing your color.

Will it compromise your hair if you wish to go lighter eventually? How often should you be coming in to retain the tones?

Maintenance is the key to a vibrant color that lasts long. Toning shampoos neutralizes brassiness, but excessive usage leads to drying your strands. If this happens, book a glossing service to refresh the hue.

Guzman’s recommended products for keeping blonde tones include Redken Extreme shampoo and conditioner. You can also use Schwarzkopf’s Keratin Restore bonding mask once weekly for a deeper reconstructive treatment. If your locks get brassy so fast, try the Redken Blondage Anti-Brass mask.

Shake things up! Get ideas from these images of the trendiest ways how to rock blonde hair with lowlights.


#1: Warm Blonde Lowlight Style

This warm blonde lowlight is a very artificial change in color. What I love about this blonde hair with brown highlights is the smooth but still astounding complexion of colors. It makes people turn their heads on the streets but still gives you that decent natural look.

This suits women with a warm spring or autumn color hair type, ideally with light brown to blond hair. Since the hairline is darker, a rejuvenation of color is only needed every three months. Having a busy schedule and a jet-set lifestyle would be fine. Hair care is key to all long hair, though. I recommend a conditioner and a hair mask from time to time.

Sexy Blonde Lowlights on Long Hair
Instagram @romeufelipe

#2: Blonde Lowlights on Long Hair

If you find your hair color is dull, request blonde lowlights for long hair. Adding lowlights to long blonde hair will give it depth, making your hair appear fuller and healthier.

Dashing Blonde Highlights and Lowlights
Instagram @_tlchair_

#3: Dashing Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

Blonde highlights and lowlights are a great blended combination to give your hair a dimensional effect. Blond highlights and lowlights can create a 3 tone look, which helps to soften the harshness that highlights can cause. This look can be low-maintenance if applied in a balayage manner and long-lasting.

#4: Multi-Dimensional Blonde Hair

A multi-dimensional blonde is one of the most requested colors of hairstylist Paula Avery in Stoneham, MA.

With a heavily highlighted blond, Avery added lowlights to bring back the base and natural hair color. “The lowlights add contrast, thus enhancing the blonde pieces,” she assures.

The low lights on blonde hair bring a lower-maintenance color to match a medium-length cut that is perfect for a busy lifestyle.

#5: Trendy Blonde Ash Hair with Lowlights

Stylist Tyler painted this ashy blonde hair a little cooler to soften the golden tones and added some lowlights for dimension and depth. This blonde hair color with lowlights and highlights enhances natural skin tone and eye colors, making it suitable for most ladies.

#6: Very Short Hair with Lowlights

Here’s a great idea for very short blonde hair. Try rocking a short blonde pixie if you have fine hair, and paint with lowlights for some definition. Ask your stylist to use a semi-permanent color for the lowlights to make the color easier to remove and cause less damage if you lighten your hair.

#7: Blonde Hair with Brown Lowlights

If your blonde looks too solid, try adding brown lowlights to your blonde hair. The lowlights for blonde hair create gorgeous ribbons of dimension that will make your hair appear thicker. Blonde hair with brown lowlights underneath helps the blonde ‘pop’ in contrast to the depth. Choose a warmer-toned brown lowlight to avoid the color fading to a muddy or hollow color.

#8: Blonde Hair Extensions with Lowlights

If you desire long hair, consider adding blonde hair extensions with lowlights. Extensions can be used to add length and fullness and can be customized by your stylist to match your exact blonde hair color with lowlights. Several hair extensions include tape-in, sew-in wefts, and I-tips. Talk to your stylist about which extensions will be best for your hair type and goals.

Blonde Hair with Red Lowlights Underneath
Instagram @tamaxhair

#9: Blonde Hair with Red Lowlights Underneath

Warm tones are back on trend, and blonde hair with red lowlights underneath is sure to stand out from other blondes. This unique two-toned style compliments fair, warm-toned skin. Choose finely woven lowlights for a blended look or chunky weaves for a cute and modish style.

#10: Blonde Curly Hair with Lowlights

Blonde curly hair with lowlights will be envy-inducing everywhere you go. Your stylist should pay close attention to your curl pattern and place the lowlights where they’ll have the most impact but keep the ends bright. Maintenance of blonde dimensional hair is of the utmost importance – try a weekly hair mask to maintain moisture and bounce in your curls.

Strawberry Blonde Hair with Lowlights
Instagram @amanda__lol

#11: Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry blonde hair will give you the chic dimension you desire. Utilizing darker shades within your color will allow the strawberry tones to shine through, making your hue more pronounced.

Platinum Blonde Hair with Dark Lowlights
Instagram @witcombekelly

#12: Platinum Blonde Hair with Dark Lowlights

A platinum blonde hairstyle with dark lowlights gives off that “oh so silver” vibe everyone is going for. If you’re into ultra-icy hues, consider hair dyeing using this color. Be sure to ask your stylist to pull your darker bits to your ends to achieve extreme contrast.

#13: Bleach Blonde Hair

Bleach blonde hair adds some dimension to your blonde. Over time, bleaching your hair can get a bit drab. Adding lowlights and tonal lights will refresh and revive your color, giving you a new look.

#14: Dark Blonde Hair Lowlights

For a softer look, consider dark blonde hair with lowlights. Medium to dark blonde shades are trendy now because of their natural and lived-in appearance. Ask your stylist for a “money piece” of lighter face-framing strands to bring brightness where it counts.

Platinum Blonde Hair with Lowlights
Instagram @hairbyeve_g

#15: Platinum Hair with Lowlights

Remember to keep the lowlights lighter rather than darker if considering platinum blonde hair with lowlights. Platinum blonde can be beautiful if the contrast is more tonal and subtle than boldly contrasting. The look you are going for should be multi-dimensional and not stripe-y. If your lowlight is too dark, it can bleed into your platinum, making it look muddy and dull.

Dark Gold Blonde
Instagram @umbrasalon

#16: Dark Gold Blonde

A dark gold blonde is rich and beautiful. Keeping hair blonde means more than having one solid, light shade. Today’s blondes are natural, lived-in, and full of depth and dimension. If you love a warm tone, consider a lovely gold or caramel base with pops of brightness throughout.

#17: Blonde Hair with Caramel Lowlights

Try blonde hair with caramel lowlights for a beautiful and rich color. Blonde hair lowlights add warmth and dimension to a color that looks flat and lifeless. Multi-tonal blonde looks are more natural and healthier. Ask your stylist to finish the color service with a semi-permanent clear gloss to preserve the color and add shine.

Blonde Hair with Copper Lowlights
Instagram @hair_bymer

#18: Blonde Hair with Copper Lowlights

Consider blonde hair with copper lowlights for a beautiful and rich color. Copper and warm-toned blonde hair with lowlights ideas are a great way to change your look without committing to an extreme change. Changing the tone of a lowlight is a fun and simple way to give your blonde a whole new look.

Blonde Hair with Dark Lowlights
Instagram @hairby_annar

#19: Blonde Hair with Dark Lowlights

If you are searching for something bold, consider blonde hair with dark lowlights. Brown lowlights on blonde hair offer a lot of contrast and a dramatic effect. This look does require a little more maintenance than some, as lowlights tend to fade quickly. Wash with sulfate-free shampoos and heat style minimally to help preserve the color longer.

#20: Blonde Hair with Lowlights Balayage

For a rich and flattering color, consider blonde hair balayage. This technique creates a lived-in color that requires minimal maintenance. Beige and “bronde” blonde shades are very popular right now, so ask your stylist to modernize your platinum hair with a root shadow, lowlights, and toner.

#21: Blonde Highlighted Hair with Lowlights

Consider blonde highlighted hair with lowlights for a fresh look. Keep the shade of the lowlight only one or two levels darker than your blonde to keep the blonde looking natural and multi-dimensional. Tone everything with a lovely semi-permanent gloss to add shine and preserve color.

Ash Blonde Hair with Lowlights
Instagram @cloudninehair

#22: Ash Blonde with Lowlights

If you like cooler tones, try ash blonde with lowlights. Having an ash blonde is trendy, but only some people can achieve a truly ashy color. Consult with your stylist about whether this option would work for you.

#23: Blonde Grey Hair with Lowlights

For a fashion-forward color, try blonde-grey hair. Very cool and icy blonde tones are having a moment. These blonde hair color ideas with lowlights are a great option for those who are already very light blonde. Remember that these fashion colors are very high maintenance on your hair and bank account.

Beige Lowlights
Instagram @colorbymarina

#24: Beige Lowlights

For blondes wanting to go a little darker, consider adding beige lowlights. Adding lowlights to blonde hair is a wonderful way to add richness and dimension to your color. Keep the lowlights to only a shade or two darker than the rest of your hair not to look unnatural or stripey.

Blonde Hair with Lowlights and Dark Roots
Instagram @colorbymarina

#25: Blonde with Lowlights and Dark Roots

Try blonde with lowlights and dark roots if you want a more modern blonde. Darker roots are popular with those wanting a softer look and lower maintenance. The effect is a more natural-looking blonde with lots of dimension. Ask your stylist for a shadow root at your next appointment.

Blonde Hair with Lowlights and a Shadow Root
Instagram @colorbymarina

#26: Blonde Hair with a Shadow Root

Consider a lovely lived-in color. Blonde with a shadow root and lowlights requires very little salon maintenance. If budget is a concern, this may be the perfect blonde color option. The initial salon visit may be expensive, but you can go much longer between touch-up appointments. Ask your stylist what they suggest.

Icy Blonde Hair Color with Lowlights
Instagram @hbihair

#27: Icy Blonde Hair Color

Everyone’s going lighter and lighter nowadays, like this color, made perfect with added lowlights into the icy blonde mane. This is a trendy color that demands a vast amount of time in bleaching and hair dyeing, depending on how light or dark the tresses are.

Long Bob Blonde Hair With Lowlights
Instagram @vidasalon_tg

#28: Long Blonde Bob With Lowlights

Stylist Teresa created this long bob and placed some lowlights on blonde hair to make it pop. This gorgeous look is fun to wear and ideal for women of all ages! If you’re feeling spontaneous, you can always bring your stylist pictures of blonde hair with lowlights and highlights that look great.

#29: Blonde With Lowlights for Older Women

Hairstylist Sarah colored, cut, and styled this contrasting blonde with lowlights. This highlighted hair is a perfect example of coloring and styling for older women.

Platinum Blonde Balayage Hair Lowlights
Instagram @jennajahiukset

#30: Platinum Blonde Balayage Hair Lowlights

There is no way to spice up your platinum blonde hair than to add balayaged lowlights. This technique makes your blonde hair look brighter and your hair color multi-dimensional. One of the many wonderful things about balayage is that it gives seamless results. No lines, no streaks.

Beachy Blonde Hair with Brown Lowlights
Instagram @maurilima_

#31: Beachy Blonde Hair with Brown Lowlights

This blonde hair with brown lowlights is the optimal beachy, Malibu Barbie, California girl look. The perfect blend of sandy blonde, natural darker roots, bleached-out ends, textured layers, and slight waves create the look of spending hours in the ocean.

#32: Caramel Blonde Lowlights

The dimensional lowlights and the variating tones in this caramel blonde hair are mesmerizing! One of my favorite things about this look is how natural it looks despite some of the lighter pieces giving it definition and movement.

Attractive Long Middle Part Waves
Instagram @ellajadehair

#33: Attractive Long Middle Part Waves

Rock long hair with a middle part and waves for an attractive, flattering style. This is an extremely versatile style. You can pair multiple colors together and get amazing results. Bright blonde shades compliment brunette styles in many ways; wouldn’t it be fun to try them all?

Dark Blonde Base
Instagram @hair.by.kaity

#34: Dark Blonde Base

Try dark blonde as your base color if you’re looking for blonde but don’t like anything too bright. Dark blonde hair with lowlights can work wonders, especially if you like warm blonde tones. Make sure to talk to your stylist about whether warm or cool tones complement your skin and eyes before trying this color.

Dimensional Blonde
Instagram @chrisyvohair

#35: Dimensional Blonde

Dimensional blonde is the best blonde. Having multiple shades of blonde is extremely beautiful and helps reflect the light, making the hair look ultra-shiny. Ask your stylist what steps you must take to achieve this color.

#36: Multi-Dimensional Blonde Hair

Multi-dimensional blonde hair is a beautiful color to try. Multi-dimensional blonde means multiple shades and tones of blonde throughout the hair. This tends to help the blonde look more like a natural hair color than a harsh, bright color.

Easygoing Lowlights
Instagram @stylesbystarla

#37: Easygoing Lowlights

Easygoing lowlights are wonderful because they make light hair more dimensional and low-maintenance. Lowlights in blonde hair create more contrast and tones, which make for the perfect style. Ask your stylist if they think your hair could benefit from lowlights.

Dimensional Blonde hair
Instagram @stylesbyaliiii

#38: Dimensional Blonde

Dimensional blondes are an absolute favorite by most ladies. The secret? Adding lowlights to blonde hair! What’s great about this hair is that it looks fuller and gives it a stunning dimension. A messy, effortless style would match the color very well.

#39: The Blonde Vibe

The blonde vibe is something to try if you love blended colors. The white blonde in this is striking and makes it stand out from other colors. Remember that white blonde is extremely fragile and difficult to maintain, so speak to your stylist about it before taking the plunge into this cute color.

Shadow Root Color with Highlights
Instagram @_guccimanes

#40: Shadow Root Color with Highlights

Try highlights with a shadow root color if you love the contrast. Blonde hair with lowlights and dark roots is the perfect way to go if you love having more than one hair color. Blonde hair with dark lowlights is awesome to try if you want something different but still want to stay blonde.

Dimensional Honey Blonde hair color
Instagram @hair.heroine

#41: Dimensional Honey Blonde Hair Color

This color is a dimensional honey blonde with blended natural lowlights. My favorite thing about this look is how the placement of the lowlights adds contour to create somewhat of a faux shadow root while the highlights keep brightness around the face and throughout the layers.

#42: Dimensional Balayage

Ask for a dimensional balayage if you love to be blonde but aren’t a fan of being high maintenance. This beautiful style uses a technique that blends the blonde well with your natural color, so you don’t need to come back into the salon for upkeep as often. Since the line of demarcation is so much softer, your roots growing in won’t bother you nearly as much.

Transitional Blonde hair color
Instagram @jackyohhair_

#43: Transitional Blonde Hair Color

This is a fun and what appears to be an effortless blonde color. I love that it looks dimensional but also has a shadowed root, so the grow-out isn’t so harsh as it would look when you get highlights. It’s more transitional.

#44: Light Blonde with Lowlights

Here’s light blonde hair to match a mesmerizing long and wavy style. These deep, bold, golden lowlights are perfect for fine, thin hair. They create an illusion of thicker strands. It’s the natural golden tones that give it a trendy Barbie-like appearance.

Dirty Blonde on a Bob Cut
Instagram @ocvetelina

#45: Dirty Blonde on a Bob Cut

Dirty blonde hair with lowlights helps create contrast within the hair, forcing your blonde strands to pop and shine. Dirty blondes can further heighten their impact by opting for shorter crops. A-line bob hairstyles and other short styles look particularly great with this color, as shorter hairstyles help show off the precision of highlights and lowlights.

dual tones blonde with lowlights
Instagram @peachstockholm

#46: Dual-Toned Blonde with Lowlights

Incorporating a dual-toned blonde can bring hair back to life. It’s such a cool trend to get away with the high-lift blonde hue. Add medium ash or sandy blonde lowlights to break up the current hair color. Ensure strands around the face have a lighter shade to avoid a color shock. The two-tone bronde or the cool gold tone best flatters golden skin complexion.

#47: Pastel Blonde Lowlights

A pastel blonde shade is ideal if you opt for some pastel hues and smokey low lights. Say goodbye to the usual brown and blonde combination. This shows off a different lowlighting method merging blonde and cool pastel tones. This hair’s interplay of warm and cool blonde tones works better on light skin tones.

champagne blonde with lowlights
Instagram @valarie.ann_

#48: Champagne Blonde Blend with Lowlights

The champagne blonde blend with lowlights has the contrast deepest at the base, so lighter ends pop out. Mix up the extra lowlight hue with the warmth of a blonde for an upgraded, soft dimension. This blonde hair with lowlights and highlights has, no doubt, deep golden brunette tones to liven up a light golden blonde beauty.

#49: Blonde Ombre and Lowlights

This long blonde hair ombre represents beauty. It’s hard not to be obsessed with it! Soft transitions from dark roots to sandy-golden tones on mid-lengths keep it low maintenance.

ashy blonde with lowlights
Instagram @hair_arena

#50: Ashy Blonde with Lowlights

Go ash blonde with lowlights whenever you want that perfect balance of depth and emphasis. This hairstyle has a smokey silver tone to beak up an ultra-blonde color. It’s ideal if you’re the girl who wants to leave a blonde bombshell status—a cool, smoky tone of this ash blonde hair with lowlights flatters lighter skin tones.

Lowlights on Golden Blonde Hair
Instagram @hellorae_hair

#51: Lowlights on Golden Blonde Hair

This long blonde hair is so divine! The dimension pops even more with lowlights and the blonde beach waves, and the hue looks, fresher. Keep the base darker to achieve that soft, golden-hued ombre style.

caramel blonde tones
Instagram @hellorae_hair

#52: Caramel Blonde Tones

Caramel blonde tones add warmth to tresses for a youthful glow. There’s an interplay of sandy lowlights and golden blonde hues that suit a yellow or peachy complexion. Blending dark and light caramel tones is best to soften golden blonde hair.