40 Fresh Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas Trending in 2022

Honey blonde hair colors

Honey blonde hair is a blend of dark and warm blonde with light brown. The rich blonde hair color gets its name by having a similar hue as real honey made by honey bees. This is a great hair color because it compliments nearly every skin tone.

There’s nothing I love more than a multi-tonal blonde bombshell. A bright platinum certainly gets my heart beating fast, but it’s always nice to add in multiple dimensions and really make each tone pop. If you want to switch up your hairstyle and color a little bit and looking for some inspiration, then add in a bit of a warm honey tone.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these gorgeous photos of honey blonde hair colors!

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Dark Brown to Yummy Honey Blonde Ombre
Instagram @capel_venere

#1: Dark Brown to Yummy Honey

Try a dark brown to honey blonde ombré for a unique and beautiful blend. If your hair can be lightened, this is great for almost any skin color. Bring a honey ombré image to your next appointment for reference.

Grey Covering Honey Blonde Hair Color for Older Women
Instagram @megancoralhair

#2: Grey Covering for Older Women

Look instantly chic and younger with honey blonde if you’re an older woman who needs her grays covered. Sometimes gray hair can be coarse and unruly. Coloring your tresses can soften your texture for smoother and softer-looking hair. This color will bring warmth into your hair and complexion for a more youthful appearance.

Honey Blonde Money Piece on Black Hair
Instagram @graceliliehair

#3: Honey Blonde Money Piece on Black Hair

Go for a 90s vibe with a money piece if you have black hair. Blonde highlights on black hair make your locks look fabulous and trendy. A lob haircut is a perfect length and sparkly gold tones give your locks a pop of color and shine. Show an image of a trendy lob style to your stylist on your next visit.

Natural-Looking Honey Blonde hair color idea
Instagram @hairstar86

#4: Natural-Looking Honey Blonde

Natural-looking hue can be your next natural hair color! Great for any skin tone, a honey dye job is a beautiful way to enhance your features. Examples of honey are also called warm and golden.

#5: Dimensional Color Melt

Catch the light with a dimensional honey blonde color melt. Super warm tone blondes will make your hair color look super shimmery and lush. Pick the best hair color that suits your skin tone and makes your complexion glow.

Honey Blonde with a Shadow Root on Medium-Length Hair
Instagram @kharmasalons

#6: Wwith a Shadow Root on Medium-Length Hair

Rooted hair tousled in soft curls fits perfectly if you are wanting a new look for your tresses while keeping them soft. This color hair has the perfect balance between golden and beige hues giving your color a bright, sun-kissed glow.

#7: Stunning Copper Red with Honey Blonde

A honey and copperish-red blonde balayage is such a classic look if you’re a natural redhead. Hand-painting soft dimension is the key to the perfect low-maintenance color, that most women dream of. Hair that’s curled together with a natural red base will show off these luscious warm tones.

Dimensional Honey Blonde Color on Straight Layered Hair
Instagram @primsalon

#8: Dimensional Color on Straight Layered Hair

Update your lackluster locks with a dimensional color on your straight and layered hair. Caramel honey blonde hair is a delicious warm tone that will give your hair a brighter and more luxurious appearance. To get a sleek straight style use a blow dryer and flat iron. Always use a heat protector to help your strands from becoming damaged.

#9: Flattering for Older Women Over 60

Consider doing a flattering honey blonde if you’re an older woman and over the age of 60. Sometimes a brighter blonde can wash out your skin tone, making you appear older. In order to help this from happening, stick with a golden honey tone which will add warmth to your complexion.

#10: Luscious Honey Blonde Pixie Bob

A bixie is a great style to rock during hot summer months to keep you cooler. Having your hair off your neck will make such a difference during heat waves. A blonde bob is very eye-catching due to its warmth, brightness, and shine, and really…your hair will speak for itself.

Dimensional Bright Blonde and Honey Blonde Balayage
Instagram @ashsalon_

#11: Dimensional Bright Blonde Balayage

Look simply stunning with bright blonde balayage. If your hair color is naturally light, bright blonde hues are easily lifted with minimal damage. Multi-dimensional honey blonde shades will give your hair a luxurious shine and make your complexion glow. Try a trendy and stylish new look so you’ll be ready for anything.

#12: Curly Honey Blonde Wolf Cut

Go for an edgy unique style with a curly wolf cut to pair with your new hair color. Your curls will spring up with ease with all the stacked layers. Prevent your curly hair from getting too brassy by using a purple shampoo at home and get frequent toners at the salon.

Darker Honey Blonde Balayage on Beautiful Long Hair
Instagram @nicoleannehair

#13: Darker Honey Blonde Balayage on Beautiful Long Hair

Try a darker balayage on your long hair for a sleek, slight-contrast color. It’s perfect for your hair if you want warmth such as yellow and gold. Bring this picture to your stylist for a great reference photo.

#14: Darker Honey Blonde on Medium-Length Wavy Hair

Warm up your skin tone with darker honey blonde on medium-length wavy hair. Warm tone hues are easier to achieve on your hair and will bring a natural sun-kissed glow. Golden honey hues will make your hair look shiny and luscious. Put some soft waves in to show off all the beautiful multi-dimensional hair colors.

#15: Hand-Painted Balayage

If you’re going for a natural look, try a hand-painted balayage for an elegant style that never gets old. Keeping the warmth with the honey tones keeps the overall color looking bright.

Easy short dark honey blonde hair
Instagram @iza_bella_hair

#16: Easy Dark Honey Blonde on Short Hair

A dark honey blonde hue works well for a girl who likes dimension. I do a lot of balayage on my clients because it has such an easy grow-out versus your basic foils. This color looks go great with this particular short hair style.

#17: Dark & Light Honey Blonde

Blonde waves are the perfect match when you wanna go for a fantastic textured flirty hairstyle. You can style your locks with some braids to push back and show off those dark roots that give an additional dimension to your hair’s deeper honey colors. The balance of light and dark makes this hair color pop.

#18: Coppery Honey Blonde for Older Women

Coppery blonde hair coloring is stunning for older women with a warm complexion. Darker, shadow roots allow for a better grow-out and easier maintenance, too.

#19: Taupe-y Honey Blend for Women Over 50

A taupe-y honey blend is flattering for women over 50 who want beautiful dimensions. The taupe helps add depth and helps the color look beautiful and bright. Complementary to medium and fair skin tones, ask your stylist to alternate hi-lite colors with lighter pieces around the face.

#20: Rich Chestnut Brown to Light Ombre

An ombre caramel color melt is a color that transitions between a lighter honey blonde and brown hair color. You can wear it straight and it will look blended. A honey-hued color is perfect if you’re wanting something low-maintenance. It grows out very naturally. Adding waves gives it more dimension and texture. If you have fine hair, use texture spray for body.

Modern shoulder-length honey blonde highlights with side bangs
Instagram @blondebybritt

#21: Modern Highlights

Consider a modern Bridgette Bardot with dark honey highlights. This hair color with highlights is soft, warm, and feminine, but the bangs give the overall look an edge and keep everything from looking too saccharine. This honey hair color is great for any woman since adding soft golden tones to your hair seems to be universally flattering. With the ashy color trends that we’ve been seeing the last few years, seeing warmth is refreshing. This is particularly true for older women since the complexion naturally cools down as we age. Warmth reinvigorates the skin and adds a cheery overall disposition to your honey shade.

Straight hair with sunkissed honey blonde highlights
Instagram @stephuneee

#22: Sun-Kissed Highlights

A blonde balayage is very trendy and low maintenance. The natural honey hue would be great for you if you’re wanting to be blonde and not having to come to the salon every 4 weeks.

#23: Stunning Ashy Honey Blonde

Rich mocha chocolate blended into honey as a balayage is stunning. Depending upon your natural base color, this level of blonde may take several hair appointments.

Natural-looking light honey blonde
Instagram @pavel_okhapkin

#24: Natural-Looking Light Honey Blonde

Try a light honey blonde by keeping your natural base and adding pops of blonde foils. It’s an easy to maintain and very natural look if you’re wanting to have this color but still wanting to stay on the natural side of the spectrum. If you’re wondering about the upkeep, this look is great for women who are busy and like a low-maintenance look. However, coming in every 6-8 weeks to maintain a healthy color like this is recommended.

#25: Bright & Warm Honey Shade

This bright and warm blonde is a natural alternative to a blonde for those who aren’t ready for honey platinum hair or want to keep some warmth to their current color. The best thing about it is how it will pull out the golden blonde tones in your skin tone and is bright and warm without being brassy! Use Brilliant Blonde color-enhancing shampoo from Monat to keep the golden hues beautiful and the health of your hair at its best with their natural, botanical color enhancers. When asking your stylist for streaks of warm blonde, definitely make sure they lift you to the correct level before toning to this beautiful shade versus using natural pigments to counteract the brass that could occur.

#26: Layered Hair with Balayage Highlights

This multi-dimensional balayage is a beautiful mix of honey blonde highlights and a warm brown base. These golden highlights should be handpainted and beautifully blended for a sunkissed, natural look. Handpainted highlights allow for a beautifully blended dimension without the demarcation lines of a heavy foil highlight. Adding a shadow root, typically closer to your natural color, will give you even more longevity between color appointments. These warm honey blonde strands reflect light and complement most skin tones, especially a fair skin tone.”

#27: Casual Golden Honey Blonde Hues

These golden hues are multi-dimensional and great for women wanting both blonde and brunette tones. The best thing about this shade is the versatility it allows and the way the tones amplify features like skin tone and eye color.

Natural Balayage honey blonde hair
Instagram @thedoverparlor

#28: Natural Honey Blonde Balayage

Try a natural blonde & honey balayage. Often, warm tones in your skin (reds, yellows) work well with warm tones in your hair (caramel honey). The technique is key and going to a stylist who has been trained to make a smooth and subtle blend up into the root will get you the best results.

#29: Refreshed Honey Beige Blonde Hair

A honey beige blonde color has warmer tones and dimensions added to it. I feel like a lot of the blondes I come across are very cool-toned, so it was fun to change things up a bit. Adding the beige color tones down your hair a bit.

#30: Flattering Blonde and Honey Balayage on Straight Hair

A balayage can look flattering on straight hair. The great part is that this shade stays fresh for a long time because of the warm colors.

Bright honey blonde hair color
Instagram @delamilita

#31: Bright Blonde & Creamy Hair

A bright blonde creamy hair is luxurious and natural. Right now it is all about warm, rich, and luxurious blonde colors. The BlondMe series from Schwarzkopf has a shampoo and conditioner that keeps the color rich and fresh. I also love Schwarzkopf’s Peach Foam Color that you can easily use at home as color-adding aftercare.”

#32: Neutral Honey Blonde

These hues can be achieved by doing a heavy application of traditional foil highlights and toning out unwanted warm tones. This wearable shade of honey-colored hair is for all skin tones! I suggest consistent trips to the salon for highlight touch-ups and a trim every six to ten weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows to keep your ends healthy and your new growth nice and bright! To extend your time between salon visits, add a toning shampoo to your hair care regimen to keep those warm tones at bay.

Sweet dark hair with honey blonde highlights
Instagram @emdoeshair_

#33: Sweet Dark Hair with Honey Blonde Highlights

Mellow highlights is an all-time favorite color to try. This sweet variation of the color is made exciting by having different tones of honey blonde streaks for more dimension.

Dimensional honey blonde hair
Instagram @britt_thomas

#34: Dimensional Blonde Shade With Honey Hues

A natural blonde shade with honey hues is gorgeous. When your ends start to look dingy, have your colorist do a toner treatment and you’ll be back to this lovely honey blonde color!

Trendsetting Honey Blonde Wavy Bob
Instagram @mustinnn

#35: Trendsetting Honey Blonde Wavy Bob

Ladies with pale skin take note: This version of the light honey blonde matches a wavy style since there is a range of hair colors that can be played within the style.

#36: Dimensional Highlights

Dimensional highlights create a luscious color that flatters warm skin tones.

Amazing Dark Roots with Honey Blonde Color
Instagram @pompandproper

#37: Amazing Dark Roots with Honey Blonde

My advice to a client looking for honey blond hair is that it is ideal if you are already naturally blonde and only going one level lighter than your own for the base color. It is also ideal for light grey coverage/blending. A few face-framing highlights every other root touch-up that brightens and adds dimension to an already beautiful tone.

Gorgeous Honey Blonde hair color for older women
Instagram @laurynsylvia

#38: Gorgeous Honey Blonde Layered Bob

If you’re an older woman, consider this shade of honey blonde colored hair to cover your grays. It’s a fun short cut with short layers that gives your fine and thinning hair body and volume. The best thing about it is how the color and the dimension give your hair a beautifully soft and fuller look. Use Kevin Murphy Body.Builder mousse and MoroccanOil Strong Hairspray. I love the Design Me Puff Me spray after the blow dry to give roots a beautiful lift and add some texture to your hair, too.

Balayage Highlights & Lowlights Honey Blonde
Instagram @suminleehair

#39: Balayage Highlights & Lowlights

Balayage highlights and lowlights with a shadow root are a great combination. This honey blonde hair dye has a dimension of the lowlights and the easy grow out from the shadow root. If you color frequently, I recommend doing a toning shampoo and deep conditioning treatment once a week. It always breaks my heart a little bit when I see women spend hundreds of dollars on their color but then use $5 shampoo at home and wash it all down the drain.

Warm & neutral honey blonde hair color
Instagram @reakakatie

#40: Warm & Neutral Honey Blonde

A warm honey blonde style is warm/neutral, so it works for a wide variety of skin tones. I recommend these shades of honey blonde if you want to add dimension and brightness to your hair.

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