25 Dark Blonde Hair Color Ideas Trending in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Dark blonde hair color is the darkest shade of blonde. Shades of dark blonde hair can range from a dark golden tone to a cooler tone of dark ash, which makes it a versatile hair color for all seasons and many skin tones. The warmer shade of blonde works great for spring and summer, while the cooler and neutral blonde shades work well for autumn and winter.

If you’re a woman looking to change hair colors and looking for blonde shades, a darker shade is an easier transition because there is more to work with in terms of different highlights and combinations of darker hues.

Before your next hair salon appointment, check out these pictures of this season’s best hair trends of dark blonde hair colors for your inspiration!


#1: Low-Maintenance Dark Honey Blonde Highlights

Try dark honey blonde highlights, which are great for any season. This low-maintenance sun-kissed color creates a beautiful, effortless look on your base color.

Popular Dark Blonde Lob Haircut

#2 Popular Blonde Lob

The cut and style combine well to form a beautiful dimension. It’s great for you if you only have a little time to visit the salon but still want to look terrific!

Long Layered Dark Blonde Balayage Hairstyle

#3 Sunlit Balayage Cascade

This sunlit balayage cascade offers a divine blend of multi-tonal dark blonde hues, perfect for adding a touch of sunlight to your tresses without a drastic change. The gradual transition from deeper roots to illuminated ends not only enhances the hair’s movement and dimension but also affords ease in maintenance, blending naturally with your growth. Ideal for medium-density locks, the layered cut with soft waves can be effortlessly styled for volume.

Flirty Dark Blonde with Dark Rose Gold Highlights

#4 Flirty Blonde with Dark Rose Gold Highlights

A flattering dark blonde hue with rose gold is called a pink champagne hair color. To fight your dirty blonde hair, you’ll want to try the Kenra professional color-charge shampoo, conditioner, and spray serum.

Dark Buttery Blonde Hair with Dark Lowlights

#5 Dark Buttery Blonde with Lowlights

These multi-dimensional dark blonde tresses have a mixture of both warm and cool tones. Your stylist should tone with Redken Shades Eq for the best shine and longevity. With this color trend, the mixture of warm and cool blonde tones works well if you have a light skin tone and eyes.

Gorgeous Dark to Platinum Blonde Hair

#6 Gorgeous Dark to Platinum Blonde

This shade of dark blonde to light platinum makes for one incredible ombre! To best show off this blonde hair color, you’ll want shoulder-length to long straight hair.

Trendy Dark Bronde

#7 Trendy Dark Bronde

If you’re searching for hair color ideas, a natural dark blonde tone that mixes brunette and blonde will never do you wrong.

Natural-Looking Dark Sandy Blonde Hair Color

#8 Natural-Looking Dark Sandy Blonde

This sandy blonde is very dimensional. The natural dimension of this dirty blonde color will provide you with beautiful longevity. You should be able to go 6-12 months without a touch-up. You should use a violet shampoo because it’s essential to remove mineral build-up and eliminate brassy tones, maintaining a fresh, dirty blonde hue.

Smokey mushroom blonde hair

#9 Smokey Mushroom Blonde

A mushroom blonde hair is ideal for cooling your brown hues down. It is perfect for going dark after being blonde all summer. You’ll want to lift the bleach and tone for a woman blessed with naturally darker hair. In particular, this hair color brings out a smokey mushroom color, added with a hint of brown.

Impressive Deep Strawberry Blonde Hue

#10 Impressive Deep Strawberry Blonde Hue

A deep strawberry blonde hue is always fresh and in season. Strawberry blonde is great if you’re a natural redhead who has started to go gray and wants to keep your red color alive. To achieve this hair color, your hairstylist would use a deep copper color to cover any grays at your roots and add a few balayage highlights on the hair’s middle and ends to brighten your color.

Subtle Darker Warm Blonde

#11 Subtle Darker Warm Blonde

A darker, warm blonde tone is buttery with subtle dimensions, like a golden yellow blonde, to give you a sun-kissed color. A natural light brown base gives a great canvas for a seamless blend. Use dry shampoo between washes to keep your new color looking clean & beautiful!

Charming Dark Blonde Ombre Hair Color with Beach Waves

#12 Charming Blonde Ombre with Beach Waves

A blonde ombre makes a shiny, dimensional hair trend. This is optimal if you want to enhance your natural blonde hair color. What’s fun about it is it doesn’t require a complete transformation. To highlight the lighter strands, jazz up your blonde locks with beach waves.

Flattering Dark Ashy Blonde Hair Color

#13 Flattering Dark Ashy Blonde

A punch of dark, ashy blonde can bring out a flattering hair color. It isn’t too dark or light but enough for your fresh haircut. It would be best if you prepared to spend 3-4 hours in the salon to achieve this blonde balayage blend. The softness of the tone gives your locks a seamless grow-out.

Textured Short Hair with Dark Blonde Highlights

#14 Textured Short Hair with Dark Blonde Highlights

Match your short hair with dark blonde highlights when working with your fine-density tresses. This short, neck-length haircut will give your mane extra fullness. Achieve the bronde hue by adding highlights to your brown hair. The dimension and the shattered ends offer added texture to your hair.

Iridescent Dark Balayage Blonde Hair Color

#15 Iridescent Dark Balayage Blonde

This dark balayage blonde is also called a dark iridescent blonde hair color. By creating shadows in the corners of brownish-blonde hair, your face will appear more oval. The balayage on your hair stirs up softness and dimension. It also gives your result depth and illumination.

Cool Light Brown and Deep Blonde Hair Color

#16 Cool Light Brown and Blonde

Try light brown and blonde hues to create a hair color with light balayage. This color is great for almost every skin tone and eye color, such as brown eyes. It may have a darker hue but offers a cool-toned dishwater blonde without washing out the color.

Dimensional Dark Roots with Ash Blonde Hair Color

#17 Dimensional Dark Roots with Ash Blonde

If you’re a brunette, try dark roots with ash blonde. This low-maintenance hair color is perfect for avoiding frequent gloss sessions every 4 to 8 weeks. Ask your stylist for a dark shadow root and an ashy level 8 blonde to create these dark blonde roots.

Wearable Brown to Dark Caramel Blonde Ombre

#18 Wearable Brown to Dark Caramel Blonde Ombre

A wearable brown to dark blonde ombre fades seamlessly from roots to ends and will be an extremely cool look. This blonde color is perfect if you’re a natural dark brunette and want to lighten your hair but avoid the maintenance of coming into the salon for dark highlights on your blonde hair every 6 weeks.

Feminine Dark Bronde with Blonde Highlights

#19 Feminine Dark Bronde with Blonde Highlights

A dark bronde with blonde highlights is great if you want a little warmth in your hair. You should use a root lift and style cream to accentuate the dark blonde hair color’s dimension leave-in conditioner. This is the perfect balance between a dark natural base and you being a blonde.

Sweet Honey Blonde with Dark Blonde Roots

#20 Sweet Honey Blonde with Dark Blonde Roots

If you want honey-blonde hair with dark blonde roots, it is an easy, low-maintenance look if you have olive or tan skin tones. Your maintenance ranges from 4-6 months, whether your service is for a highlight or a balayage.

Beautiful Natural Ash + Dark Caramel Blonde

#21 Beautiful Ash + Dark Caramel Blonde

Try a dark ash caramel blonde for a great contrast between the base and highlights. It’s good to keep dark hair shades in the same color family for the most natural look and easy upkeep. The dishwater blonde style is for you if you want to be a darker blonde but do not want great damage to your hair.

#22: Dark Rooted Curled Blonde Hairstyle

A dark-rooted, curled, dark blonde hairstyle is one of the best options for a dramatic and voluminous look. Layer a light brown base with dark blonde highlights to get the perfect tone. This look provides a natural dimension and a subtle yet flattering blend of colors.

Dark Blonde with Light Blonde Money Piece Highlights
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#23: Dark Blonde with Light Blonde Money Piece Highlights

A dark blonde with a light blonde money piece highlights this season’s hottest trend. The money piece is a great way to frame your face with brightness. This specific look is easily adjustable to fit any color you want or need. This is a very low-maintenance look that comes with a very soft grow-out. The money piece can be incorporated into a panel look or, in this instance, a balayage/highlighted look.

#24: Effortless Dark Natural Blonde

A natural hair color is not busy and requires little effort for the wearer. Your maintenance for this medium blonde shade is very relaxed due to the slight variations in level.

#25: Stunning Dark Golden Blonde

If you’re looking for hair inspiration for something more subtle and dimensional, such as dark blonde with highlights of golden blonde and brown hair. Embrace your light or tan skin color, love yourself, and tailor your dark and blonde hair to your personality.