19 Dark Blonde Hair Colors Trending Right Now

Dark blonde hair colors

Dark blonde hair color is the darkest shade of blonde. A darker blonde has many different tones including cool, warm, and neutral ones.

Shades of dark blonde hair can range from a dark golden tone to a cooler tone of dark ash which makes it a versatile hair color for all seasons and many skin tones. The warmer shades work great for spring and summer while the cooler and neutral blonde shades work well for autumn and winter.

Did you know blonde hair turns darker with age? For any woman changing hair colors and looking for blonde shades, a darker shade is an easier transition because there is more to work with in terms of different highlights and combinations of darker hues.

Here are pictures of this season’s best dark blonde hair colors for your inspiration!

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Dark Roots with Ash Blonde

Dark Roots with Ash Blonde Hair Color
Instagram @sofiafrancescabeauty

Dark roots with ash-blonde offer a low-maintenance hair color for brunettes. The rooty dark ash blonde color [!keep internal link here] can save a dark-haired lady a few salon appointments. It’s perfect if you don’t want frequent gloss sessions every four to eight weeks. To create these dark blonde roots, ask for a dark shadow root and an ashy level 8 blonde.

Dark Sandy Blonde

Sandy Blonde
Instagram @hairbyatellez

Q&A with style creator, Angela Tellez
Hairstylist @ Shenanigans Hair Lounge in Riverside, CA

How would you describe this?

This dark sandy blonde balayage is very dimensional.

What’s your best advice for this?

The natural dimension of this dirty blonde color will provide you with beautiful longevity, many women choose to go 6-12 months without a touch-up.

A violet shampoo is essential to remove mineral build-up and eliminate brassy tones, maintaining a fresh blonde hue.

Trendy Dark Bronde

Trendy Dark Bronde
Instagram @hairbyjessquinlan

A natural dark blonde tone that mixes both brunette and blonde can never go wrong.

Dark Buttery Blonde with Lowlights

Dark Buttery Blonde Hair with Dark Lowlights
Instagram @hairbymelb

Q&A with style creator, Melody Bartelson
Hairstylist @ Olive Grace Collective in Lake Geneva, WI

How would you describe this?

These multi-dimensional dark blonde tresses have a mixture of both warm and cool tones.

What’s your best advice for this?

Use Wella Freelights and Wella Permanent hair color for the dark blonde highlights and blonde lowlights. Tone with Redken Shades Eq for the best shine and longevity.

The mixture of warm and cool blonde tones work well for women who have a combination of light skin and eyes.

Dark to Platinum Blonde

Dark to platinum blonde hair
Instagram @dylanakendal_stylist

This shade of dark blonde to light platinum makes for one incredible ombre! To best show off this dark blonde hair color, you’ll want shoulder-length to long straight hair.

Blonde with Dark Rose Gold Highlights

Dark Blonde with Rose Gold Highlights
Instagram @nicolenadevito

Q&A with style creator, Nicolena DeVito
Hairstylist @ Adore Hair Studio in Morgan, PA

How would you describe this?

A dark blonde hue with rose gold is called a pink champagne hair color!

What’s your best advice for this?

To fight the dirty blonde fade, try the Kenra professional color charge shampoo, conditioner, and spray serum.

Darker Warm Blonde

Q&A with style creator, Micayla Nicole
Colorist @ The Barber Studio in Oak Forest, IL

How would you describe this?

A darker warm blonde tone is buttery with subtle dimensions, like a golden yellow blonde, to give it a sun-kissed color.

A natural light brown base gives a great canvas to achieve a dark blonde seamless blend.

What’s your best advice for this?

Use a toner to keep this dark blonde hair dye looking fresh.

Use a purple shampoo every other wash to help eliminate future unwanted brassy tones in your darker blonde hair.

Make sure to use dry shampoo in between washes to keep your new blonde color looking clean & beautiful!

Dark Bronde with Blonde Highlights

Dark Bronde hair with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @janeadamshair

This dark bronde with blonde highlights is for women looking for a little warmth in their hair. Dark bronde hair color is a combination of dark blonde and light brown hues. The warmth of the highlights creates an instant shine to tresses. To accentuate the hair color’s dimension, use a root lift and a leave-in conditioner or style cream.

Q&A with style creator, Jane Adams
Hair Stylist @ Jane Adams Hair in Adelaide, SA

How would you describe this?

This dark bronde with blonde highlights is the ultimate Bronde. They’re the perfect balance between a dark natural base and being a blonde. A mixture of foilayage and painting techniques were used to create a strong color. By doing a root smudge with the toner (deeper at the roots on the crown moving gradually lighter towards the front) it’s low maintenance.

What’s your best advice?

You’ll only need coloring every 4 months and cutting & toning 2-3 months. Having thick hair helps achieve this look. But the color, cut and finish can give medium fine hair the illusion of volume and fullness. This is due to the contrasting colors.

Dark Natural Blonde

Q&A with style creator, Whitney Reed
Stylist @ Megan Diez Salon in Greenville, SC

How would you describe this?

A natural dark blonde hair color is not busy and requires little effort for the wearer.

What’s your best advice for this?

The maintenance for this dark-to-medium blonde shade is very relaxed due to the more slight variations in level.

Dark Balayage Blonde

Dark Balayage Blonde hair color
Instagram @zoeguate

This dark balayage blonde can also be called a dark iridescent blonde hair color. By creating shadows in the corners of brown-ish blonde hair, the face appears more oval. The balayage on long dark blonde hair stirs up softness and dimension. It also gives the end result depth and illumination.

Dark Golden Blonde

Dark Golden Blonde for Long Wavy Hair
Instagram @maria.k89

Q&A with style creator, Marija Kekovic
Hairstylist / Colorist @ Mure Salon in New York, NY

How would you describe this?

A dark golden blonde hair color is inspired by sunsets on the beach. Look for hair inspiration for something that is more subtle and dimensional such as dark blonde with highlights of golden blonde and brown.

What’s your best advice for this??

You should choose your shades of dark blonde like you do your make up. Embrace your skin color, love yourself, and tailor your dark and blonde hair to your personality.

Dark Ashy Blonde

dark ashy blonde hair color
Instagram @aleksmii

A punch of dark ashy blonde can bring out a flattering hair color. It isn’t too dark nor too light, but is enough to perk up a fresh haircut. Prepare to spend a good 3-4 hours in the salon to achieve this blonde balayage [!keep internal link] blend. The softness of the tone gives locks a seamless grow-out. One thing to love about the dark ashy blonde hair trend is that it’s easy to maintain at home for as many months.

Ash + Dark Caramel Blonde

Natural Ash Caramel Blonde
Instagram @hairbyerika___

Q&A with style creator, Erika Morales
Owner / Stylist @ Hair & Makeup by Erika in Whittier, CA

How would you describe this?

Dark ash caramel blonde is a great contrast between the base and highlights.

It’s good to keep dark blonde hair shades in the same color family for the most natural look, as well easy upkeep.

What’s your best advice for this?

This style is for women who are looking to be a darker blonde but do not want high damage to their hair. Blonde dark colors are typically low maintenance and easy to manage.

Light Brown and Deep Blonde

Light Brown and Deep Blonde Hair Color
Instagram @mane_ivy

Light brown and deep blonde hues create a hair color with a touch of light balayage [keep internal link here]. This dark blonde color is great for almost every skin tone and eye color, such as brown eyes. It may have a darker hue, yet it offers a cool-toned dishwater blonde without washing out the color.

Short Hair with Dark Blonde Highlights

Short Hair with Dark Blonde Highlights
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

Match short hair with dark blonde highlights when working with fine-density tresses. This short, neck-length haircut with dark blonde tones gives the mane extra fullness. Achieve the bronde [!keep internal link here] hue by adding these dark blonde highlights on brown hair [!keep internal link here]. The dimension and the shattered ends are what offer added texture to hair.

Dark Roots with Ash Blonde

Rooty Ash Blonde hairstyle
Instagram @jessdmott

Q&A with style creator, Jessica Mott
Hairstylist/Barber @ Plan B Headquarters in Kelowna BC, Canada

How would you describe this?

This is a rooty dark ash blonde color that gives a little bit of a grungy feel and keeps the look low maintenance.

What’s your best advice for this?

To create these dark blonde roots, ask for a dark shadow root and an ashy level 8 blonde.

This is perfect for women with naturally dark hair who don’t want to be in the salon every four to eight weeks.

Dark ashy blonde colors work best on cooler skin tones because it helps neutralize the pink tones.

Dark Blonde Ombre

Dark Blonde Ombre Hair Color
Instagram @ritzcabeloestetica

A dark blonde ombre [!keep internal link here] makes a shiny, dimensional hair trend. This is optimal for women who are looking to enhance their natural blonde hair color. What’s fun about it is it doesn’t require a complete transformation. To highlight the lighter strands, jazz the locks up with some beach waves.

Dark Blonde Lob

Dark Blonde Lob Haircut
Instagram @hairmeroar

This is a dark blonde lob, amped up with neat waves. The cut and style combine well to form a beautiful dimension. It’s great for women who don’t have a lot of time to visit the salon but still want to look terrific! To keep its gloss, use the right products. A good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner like the Sebastian Drench ones are ideal. When styling, the result stays glamorous all day long if spritzed with the beach spray, too.

Brown to Dark Caramel Blonde Ombre

Q&A with style creator, Sarah Gossett
Hairstylist & Colorist @ Kyle Lawrence Salon in Simi Valley, CA

How would you describe this?

A sunkissed brown to dark blonde ombre fades seamlessly from roots to ends and that it is an extremely wearable look!

What’s your best advice for this?

Use a blue toning shampoo once a week along with a good, color-safe daily shampoo and conditioner are the main products to make this blonde shade last.

This blonde color is perfect for a natural dark brunette who wants to lighten her hair but doesn’t want the maintenance of coming into the salon for dark highlights on blonde hair every six weeks.