43 Blonde Hair with Dark Roots Ideas to Copy Right Now in 2023

Blonde hair with dark roots
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Blonde hair with dark roots is a hair coloring technique that allows natural brunette roots to blend seamlessly with blonde hair. Also known as the shadow root method, this trend solved the dreaded grow-out phase, known to ruin our freshly dyed light strands, and the high maintenance that comes with it.

Ashley Benson, Diane Kruger, and Kristen Stewart ditched the full-blown blonde look and stuck to this budget-friendly yet totally awesome hair dyeing trend! It’s time to put an end to the endless touch-ups and save your time and money without compromising your mane!

The benefits of rooted blondes don’t stop with the low upkeep. Keeping your dark roots adds an ultra-cool contrast and natural-looking depth and dimension to the hair, allowing you to easily style it!

Get on board this modern trend and embrace your roots when you try one of these looks on blonde hair with dark roots!

Bright Blonde Ombre with Dark Roots and a Lived-In Wavy Texture
Instagram @sami.hair
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#1: Bright Blonde Ombre with Dark Roots

If you’re looking for a lived-in look, try to go for a bright blonde ombre with dark roots. When you are with your stylist, ask for lightening only at the tips of your hair. To keep the color looking fresh, use a root touch-up spray every two weeks. Condition regularly with a nourishing mask treatment from Oway. For styling, add some subtle waviness using a curling iron or wand. Finish off by spritzing on Oribe’s Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray for added texture and shine.

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#2: Rooted Middle Part

If you have dark hair and want a blonde vibe, highlights can help. The foils they use do not cover right to the scalp. The goal of achieving a rooted blonde look can be solved by using highlights. You may need to tell your stylist that you want a rooted look. Many stylists are good with foil and may place them too close to the root. This can create a darker shadow. You can try bold and light with the blonde for a high contrast.

Amazing Makeover for Blondes with Dark Roots
Instagram @studio_mostton
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#3: Amazing Makeover for Blondes

This transformation to blonde hair will revamp your look, maintain a soft grow-out, and keep your hair healthy! You’ll want to use a purple shampoo at home to keep your blonde hair bright and fresh. I also recommend using a quality thermal protectant for all your heat styling needs.

Dark Rooted Blonde Slob Cut
Instagram @muratcmenli
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#4: Rooted Blonde Slob Cut

Get a slob cut with rooted blonde tones. Slob hairstyles consist of a mix of dark roots and blonde highlights. Ask your stylist for bold blonde highlights and a root smudge. A sleek look may reveal imperfections, so it’s important to consult a skilled blonde specialist.

Full Foilyage Blonde Hair with Dark Roots
Instagram @eunicekimhair
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#5: Full Foilyage Blonde Hair

If you want to refresh your look and add depth to your hair, consider full foilyage blonde hair with dark roots. This method involves weaving fine hair sections and applying a mix of warm and cool blonde shades for a natural, sun-kissed effect. Keeping a dark root is your best bet because it adds depth, contrast and makes the blonde tones pop. This hair color suits those with warmer skin shades as it accentuates their natural undertones perfectly. To get this look, tell your colorist to use a mix of creamy blonde and soft honey tones. This mix blends the dark roots and blonde highlights smoothly.

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#6: Rooty Blonde Curled Hair

Add an earthy touch to your blonde curled hair. A deeper root adds depth and, best of all, enhances the brightness of your blonde hair. It also helps to soften the color as your hair grows out. Discuss with your stylist the hair color that complements your skin tone.

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#7: Center-Parted Dark Root Melt

In this day and age, low-maintenance hairstyles are key to keeping up with your beauty routine between appointments. If you like blonde hair, you may prefer a dark-rooted, center-parted style to reduce your need for regular touch-ups. Worried about changing your hairstyle? Request a soft color gradient near your blonde hue to prevent a drastic color shift.

Dimensional Blonde Tresses with Dark Roots for ladies with medium length wavy hair
Instagram @megumicolor
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#8: Dimensional Blonde Tresses with Dark Roots

If you want to add depth and dimension to your medium wavy hair, blonde tresses with dark roots are a great option. This hair color creates a gorgeous contrast between dark and light. Ask your colorist to blend warm and cool blonde tones to create a natural-looking finish. This color works best for those with medium skin tones. You can adjust the intensity of the blonde to suit you, so ask your stylist what would look best. This color will give your locks a sun-kissed, beachy vibe.

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#9: Soft Textured Buttery Blonde

Are you looking for a low-maintenance hair color that still looks put together? Consider a soft textured buttery blonde with dark roots. This hair color is perfect for women with messy hair who want a relaxed yet polished look. The soft texture of the buttery blonde adds dimension and depth to the hair. The dark roots provide contrast and a natural-looking grow-out. This hair color works best for those with warm skin tones and brings out the best features of brown eyes. Ask your stylist to add face-framing highlights to brighten up your complexion.

Voluminous Blonde Mid-Length Hair with Dark Roots for women with thicker hair and a blowout style
Instagram @joahhmendes
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#10: Voluminous Blonde Mid-Length Hair

Here’s a voluminous blonde mid-length hairstyle. If you want a lower-maintenance blonde with brighter ends, ask your colorist to give you a root shadow. But do this after your highlights. For a voluminous wave, curl your hair with a 1 1/2-inch barrel and brush through after you’re all done curling.

Golden Blonde Long Wavy Hair with Darker Roots for women with oval faces
Instagram @leventkilic0
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#11: Golden Blonde Long Wavy Hair with Darker Roots

A long wavy golden blonde with darker roots is a style you have to try. If you love blonde, you can achieve a low-maintenance color. Just create a honey-blonde tone close to your natural grow-out level. The best way to blend in is with a root shadow that buys time in between. This creates a soft natural look. Use good conditioners at home like Oway Silk´n Glow Hair Mask to keep hair hydrated.

Baby Blonde Longer Hair with Dark Roots and loose curls
Instagram @onurcuhatutarr
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#12: Baby Blonde Longer Hair

A long haircut with baby blonde highlights may be just what you need. Ask for babylights with lowlights if you have a lot of blonde throughout your ends. This will help to blend the color, and then you can finish off with a root shadow for a seamless grow out.

Messy Long Blonde Hair with Dark Brown Roots
Instagram @romeufelipe
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#13: Messy Long Hair with Dark Brown Roots

Messy long hair with dark brown roots is gorgeous. Plus, it’s a very trendy hairstyle perfect for your long slightly textured hair. I highly recommend you do a thorough consultation with your colorist. Do this before you decide on the size of the money piece and how close to the scalp it should start.

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#14: Pale Long Blonde Hair with Black Roots

Pale long blonde hair with black roots is a traditional blonde look with some flair. If you have dark hair, this style is a highlight. It leaves your hair natural between foils and tipping out the ends for some brightness. If you’re natural hair is lighter, use a demi or semi permanent hair color. It will help to achieve the darker color. This will also help your stylist. They won’t have to lift through permanent dark color, which is difficult if you want blonde.

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#15: Long Medium Blonde Hair

Are you looking for a pick-me-up with some lighter ends but don’t want the maintenance of a full highlight? This long medium blonde hair will be the perfect compromise to give you that vibe. The darkest roots will allow your highlight to grow out better than that of a full rooted highlight. Plan to refresh your highlights every 6 months vs. every 12 weeks. But don’t forget a toner and a trim in between for the best results.

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#16: Hand-Painted Highlights with Dark Roots

If you are dyeing your hair back to its natural color, allow your stylist to make the transition easier. This can happen by smudging a darker root color to your bleach-blonde hair. At the time your stylist can even tip out your ends, giving you a more contrasted look. This will make the transition back to natural, smoother. Which will also lessen your possibility of regret.

Above the Shoulder Blunt Blonde Bob with Dark Roots
Instagram @denizsatir.hairstylist
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#17: Above the Shoulder Blunt Blonde Bob

Try a trendy and sassy look with an above-the-shoulder blunt blonde bob. Blending the natural root is the most effective way to go blonde without maintenance. Having a soft blended root will keep your trips to the salon down and money left in your pocket. Avoid over-highlighting to prevent damage and a dated look.

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#18: Stunning Long Blonde Hair with Darker Roots

Many of my clients are trying to find a way to work with their natural dark roots. All while maintaining lightness in their hair. They’re doing this instead of doing an entire head of color every appointment. And, balayage is the answer every time. Factors you’ll want to consider when working with your natural hair are having grey hair and blending it with highlights. Or, would you prefer 100% coverage on that grey? In some cases, I will highlight and reverse balayage a lowlight with permanent color to blend out grey if it’s a concern.

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#19: Long Straight Blonde Hair with No Bangs

Long straight blonde hair with no bangs and a rooted blend is a great way to be a blonde. Especially without the commitment of root touch-ups. Going blonde is a long process that can take a toll on your hair health. Ask your stylist for a balayage or foilayage to create a rooted look. Don’t forget to incorporate regular treatments while going light. One of my favorites is K18 Leave In molecular repair hair mask.

Cute Blonde Asymmetric Pixie Bob with Dark Roots
Instagram @julia.smode
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#20: Cute Asymmetric Pixie Bob

Try an edgy and cute asymmetric pixie bob that is sure to turn heads. Allow your stylist to be creative when cutting a unique asymmetric pixie bob. Some advantages of this haircut are that it works on just about any hair type and face shape. The reason is that an asymmetrical pixie bob will help to elongate your face shape.

Dark Rooted Pearl Blonde
Instagram @wearitlikemel
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#21: Rooted Pearl Blonde

Beautiful-rooted pearl blonde is suited for any age. If you are looking for a touch-up between appointments, having dark roots is a great way to achieve that. To keep your blonde looking bright you may want to use purple shampoo.

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#22: Medium-to-Long Shaggy Blonde Hair

Medium-to-long shaggy blonde hair is a perfect way to change up your one-length hair. This style is completely customizable and you can add as many shaggy layers as you want. You can have fun with your layers while still keeping the length!

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#23: Jaw-Length Sleek Blonde Bob

A jaw-length bob is a classic look. Wear it sleek and straight by day, and add waves for a more casual look. Ask your stylist what length works best for your face shape as it can be altered to suit your face shape and personality.

If you have rough, unruly hair, make sure to use a smoothing shampoo, conditioner, and cream. Blow-dry with a flat brush or round brush to add more volume or to help smooth.

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#24: Rooted Blonde

A rooted blonde is a low-maintenance, sun-kissed color. The color mimics how the sun would lighten your hair naturally, which gives off a very natural look. The root is painted on in a way that doesn’t create any harsh lines of outgrowth. You won’t be on a strict schedule for highlights, because it grows out seamlessly. Most rooted blondes will need just a color glaze after a couple of months before needing to touch up again.

dark roots to light blonde ombre
Instagram @hirohair
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#25: Dark Roots to Light Blonde Ombre

Dark roots to light blonde ombre is a classic ombre that transitions from dark to light. This technique works on all hair colors, from natural to fashion colors. You’ll only need to go to the salon every 4 weeks to get your roots touched up.

Whether you live in the salon or are very low maintenance, this dark rooty blonde will work for you. If you’re looking for a change, dark roots with blonde hair aren’t too drastic. Ombre adds the perfect amount of dimension.

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#26: Dark Rooty Caramel Blonde (Bronde)

That fine line between blonde and brunette seems so beautiful. Toffee sweetness that is not bitter, just lusciously good!

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#27: Ash Blonde with Brown Roots

If you’re still a “beginner blonde”, start coloring hair a few inches from the roots so that your hair grows healthier and you’ll have that brunette-blonde ombre in no time.

warm blonde with small dark roots
Instagram @sacaumut
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#28: Warm Blonde with Small Dark Roots

Warm blonde with small dark roots gives a boho beige feel with lived-in beach vibes. The cut is simple yet effortless, making the hair flip extra bouncy! This warm blonde offers a brightness that blends into a blonde shadow root.

This blonde hair with dark roots is perfect for mid-maintenance gals. The ones who want to feel extra bright yet want a lived-in feel. The maintenance required is mid-level. Only requiring a root smudge or a baby light touch-up every 8-10 weeks.

This shadow root blonde looks great with beach waves, straight, air dried, and even in a messy bun. Use Kenra Blowdry Spray and It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in to prep your hair after it’s been washed and towel-dried. Detangle your hair using a wet brush and style as desired.

champagne blonde hair with dark roots
Instagram @anhcotran
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#29: Champagne Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Try out a new blonde with dark roots color while growing out your short bob!

dark roots on sun-kissed blonde hair
Instagram @xoxo_balayage
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#30: Dark Roots on Sun-Kissed Blonde Hair

The only time sunburn is acceptable is when it is colored magnificently on your hair! Colorist Ellie did so well we can’t even tell if this was done in a salon or under the sun.

icy blonde hair with stretched dark roots
Instagram @v.hair.chair
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#31: Icy Blonde with Stretched Dark Roots

Consider a balayage so spectacular that the platinum and the brown roots and blonde hair transitioned so smoothly.

Silver Blonde with Grown Out Darker Roots
Instagram @fanny89nilsson
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#32: Silver Blonde with Grown Out Darker Roots

Darker roots by natural causes (hair grow out) look so seamless. The silver diffused so well that it’s hard to see where the coloring started.

blonde balayage with melted dark roots
Instagram @shmoakin_hair
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#33: Blonde Balayage with Melted Dark Roots

Unlike normal coloring, balayage makes it look like the colors used melted with each other. Here we have milk and white chocolate just mixed into one another creating this stunning piece.

light blonde with darker roots
Instagram @anhcotran
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#34: Light Blonde with Darker Roots

It’s like the blonde grew out of your hair naturally! Balayage blonde on dark hair is a beautiful combination, excellent for trying out a new color without the drastic change.

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#35: Dark Blonde with Black Roots

Don’t let the brunette stop you from being a golden girl! The dynamic combo of dark blonde with black roots is a sure hit. Black roots on blonde hair is a very trendy hair color right now.

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#36: Golden Blonde with Blonde Shadow Roots

Stylist Sarah made conspicuous changes to the dark roots by juxtaposing it with a yellower golden blonde.

dark roots and blonde hair
Instagram @memmieyo
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#37: Dark Roots Blonde Hair

Dark roots blonde hair include a partial root shadow. The color melt between the roots and the lengths is just so soft!

It’s best if you have healthy hair if you like to have with a shadow root like this! You need to do a lot of hair rituals. Try Blond Absolu from Kérastase. If you keep your hair healthy, it can be natural for straight and curly hair.

dirty blonde with natural dark roots
Instagram @hairbyelvisp
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#38: Dirty Blonde with Natural Dark Roots

Opt for a balayage blend on top with more of an ombré bottom. This dirty blonde with natural dark roots blends seamlessly as the hair grows out. Notice the way the gloss complements the natural root? Warmer tones are trendy.

Be sure you want to commit to brighter pieces! It’s blonde hair with brown roots color women starting with all-natural hair. If you’re a woman with a finer hair type, ease up on the concentration of blonde on the ends. Keeping more natural pieces through to the dark roots and blonde ends will help keep a fuller appearance.

Strawberry Blonde with Darker Natural Roots
Instagram @madi.mdsalon
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#39: Strawberry Blonde with Darker Natural Roots

Q&A with style creator, Madi Almquist
Stylist @ Jon Charles Salon in Wayzata, MN

How would you describe this?

Strawberry blonde with darker natural roots shows gorgeous tones. The layers are soft and subtle and don’t take away from the length and thickness of the cut.

What’s your best advice?

The blonde hair dark root trend is perfect for women looking to keep the length and add dimension. This style is ideal for women looking for easy day-to-day maintenance, but a sexy look on occasion.

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#40: Platinum Blonde Hair with Naturally Dark Roots

Lots of girls want blonde hair with dark roots. This color is a more natural white. Natural white means you have the bright white tones but there’s still a little warmth there. The dimension in this color makes the highlighted pieces look even brighter. Can’t have light without dark right?

The shadow root is another favorite of women! It makes the highlight seamless and melty. Also, it allows women more flexibility with scheduling their salon visits. Bright, white, strong hair without maintenance.

This color is low maintenance, but your journey to becoming this blonde needs love. To become this blonde, pretreatments like Malibu C, Olaplex, are needed. Ask your stylist about what’s going to make your hair the strongest version of itself. This way it’s ready to be lightened!

All women can go blonde. It’s really just the fact of whether you are going to keep up with it or not. Continue to do your masks and Olaplex once a week at home. Plus, an occasional gloss at the salon once a month to maintain that beautiful blonde. Malibu C is one of the best products for blonde hair out there.

If you’re debating on going blonde, do it! It’s just finding the perfect blonde that fits with your maintenance plan!

Dark Roots White Blonde Hair
Instagram @beautybybost
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#41: Dark Roots White Blonde Hair

This is a very dark-rooted blonde melt. Ash-blonde hair with dark roots is a darker color combination for women who want to stay away from brighter shades of blonde. This color is for women who want to be more white blonde, but also darker. Ask for a dark-rooted blonde to allow your natural color to come through. This way you don’t compromise your blonde. Ask for a 4A on your regrowth and blonde combed into your hair to give it that melted color. This will help to avoid a harsh painted line. Foils along the hairline can be brought up to this beautiful platinum blonde.

This rooted blonde has the right amount of change without going completely dark. Touch up your highlights every 6-8 weeks. This color is perfect for women who have a natural dark base. It’s also for women who don’t want the maintenance of getting their hair highlighted every 4 weeks.

It takes time and money. Products are key. Some women will need to see their colorist 3 times before getting to this beautiful platinum. Use purple shampoo, heat protectant, and professional products. Regular cuts also make all the difference.

If your blonde locks lose moisture, oil your ends. Don’t forget, a little oil goes a long way. Blonde isn’t for all women, and that’s ok. Talk to your colorist about a rooted color that works for you!

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#42: Honey Blonde Hair with Dark Brown Roots

This is a warm blonde balayage with a deep contrasting base color. Honey blonde hair with dark brown roots adds depth to the root and makes the blonde more dramatic. The stark contrast of the light ends and dark root blonde hair blends naturally during the grow-out process. The layers give a graceful flow to the color scheme as well.

This look is a great way for brunettes to go blonde. The root blonde color and tone complement the natural coloring of most women. The dark hair on blonde hair is also lived-in. Maintenance is only required as often as you would like to bring the blonde up.

If you like a low-maintenance color, this blonde color would be ideal. Also, a purple shampoo will keep the blonde from going too warm between salon visits.

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#43: Curly Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Curly blonde hair with dark roots is a trendy hairstyle that is easy to upkeep and looks effortless. It’s ideal for ladies who want to embrace their natural curls and waves. When the blonde color is placed not up to the roots, it needs less maintenance because it grows out softer. Don’t forget to use bond-building shampoos and conditioners, like Olaplex 4,5, and suitable heat protectants like Cicaextreme Oil by Kerastase to keep your blonde curly locks healthy.