15 Gorgeous Examples of Blonde Curly Hair

Perfect curly blonde hair

Blonde curly hair is a super feminine style that shows off a bold and confident statement, giving off a laid-back graceful vibe.

What’s crucial for this look is the maintenance. Light shades of blonde can be damaging especially if it’s not your natural color. The same goes with styling your tresses with curls and waves, as it tends to dry your hair and scalp.

Although it’s promised that with the right hair care products for hydration and strengthening and enough visits to your hairdresser, these fluffy blonde curls will give you sublime texture and dynamics! Styling blonde curly, wavy, or spiral locks is another exciting feature – go long for a complete mermaid-esque look or short for a more structured finish.

You’ve got to check out this gallery of photos I’ve created below! Become the ultimate #hairgoals with gorgeous blonde curly hair!

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Curly Shoulder Length Beige Blonde

Shoulder Length Beige Blonde Wavy Hair
Instagram @manesbymell

This blonde hue features ravishing ringlets with bashful bangs for the optimum fashion week frizzy hair look.

Gorgeous Long Blonde Curls

Gorgeous Blonde Long Curls
Instagram @natalieannehair

Be the star of the night with your natural curls! This lengthy, tight curls styled in a deep side part is a stunning blonde curly long hair.

Long Strawberry Blonde Curled Hair

Strawberry Blonde Curled Hair
Instagram @chezjalal

Volume is everything for a blonde curly style! This Disney princess-look has stunning movement and texture! Tuck it into a subtle half updo for an elegant finish.

Bronde Kinky Curly Hair

Blonde Kinky Hair
Instagram @natyhairlove

This no-styling naturally blonde curly hair will make everyone jealous of the attention you’re getting with these perfectly tousled and shadow-rooted locks.

Amazing Blonde Balayage Loose Curls

Amazing Curly Blonde Balayage
Instagram @evvemi

Fresh from the salty seas! Perfect for any beach bum, this effortless curly strands offers eternal beach waves desired by many influencers.

Naturally Curly Dark Blonde Hair

Dark Blonde Curly Hair
Instagram @saleemahhh

A curly short bob does not mean you can’t showcase your gorgeous naturally curly hair. These tousled huge natural-looking curls look amazing on dark blonde hair.

Platinum Blonde on 2C Curly Hair

Platinum Blonde Curly Hair
Instagram @oliviammay

Keep your shoulder-length blonde curly hair magical and eccentric with beautiful tight curls parted in the middle. Come on now my curly haired girls, the beach is calling!

Light Blonde Curly Shag

light blonde curly shag
Instagram @tristanoleo

Here’s a light blonde curly shag that brings hair back to life! Whether the blonde hue is natural color or made with highlights, the style accentuates the tone better. The combo of natural blonde hair and lovely natural curls makes a very striking ‘do. The secret to a great curly shag is keeping it bouncy and voluminous. It appears more youthful, too, as it matches a cute curly fringe. If your hair is more coarse or has a tighter curl type, a heavier product is a must for easier control when styling.

Naturally Loose Curls on Warm Blonde

Cute Naturally Curly Blonde
Instagram @ninididmyhair

Q&A with style creator, Anisa Afiri
Hairstylist / Colorist / Curl Specialist @ Hair by Anisa at Ivy Hair Loft in Arlington, MA

How would you describe this look?

The greatest part of this long curly hair is how defined and shiny her curls are! They have so much bounce. Lucky for her she’s a natural blonde, but curly girls looking to lighten their hair should always keep in mind that hydration is key.

Any advice for someone considering it?

The biggest thing you want to consider when lightening your curly blonde hair is hydrating and heat. Stick to regular deep conditioning treatments and styling methods like the curly girl method. Always remember to diffuse on low heat, and products are everything! Lately, I’ve been loving Miss Jessie’s baby buttermilk for some serious moisture, and the jelly soft curls for some soft hold and shine.

Ash Blonde Ringlets

Q&A with style creator, Leysa Carrillo
Curly Hair Expert and Color Correction Specialist @ Atelier by Square Salon in Las Vegas, NV

How would you describe this look?

This look is a blonde balayage. She has a graduation of color starting with a darker base to lighter ends. The cut is all over round layers to create a lot of volume and fullness and helps define the beautiful color more and more!

The loveliest thing about these curly locks is the longevity it provides. As your roots grow in, the color will evolve between appointments, giving you multiple blonde looks and no pesky line of demarcation.

Any advice for someone considering it?

You first have to find the right hair stylist who specializes in color and texture and can guide you with the best way of going through the process. Secondly, you have to be extremely consistent with the preparation of your hair and aftercare using professional products that are specific to your curl type.

Healthy curls will always bring healthy color. If your curls are not healthy, you should consider putting off color until they are. You must be consistent with haircuts and trims, what you are eating, and staying hydrated. In regards to lifestyle, do not use heat, braids, tight extensions, or anything that can compromise the integrity of your curls. When it comes to personality, I think anyone can rock this kind of look, you just need to have confidence and embrace your natural curls!

Honey Blonde 3A Hair

Honey Blonde Curly Strands
Instagram @rachelnbettis

Q&A with style creator, Rachel Bettis
Master Hairstylist @ Ulta Beauty in Houston, TX

How would you describe this look?

This is a girl crowned in her curls! The thing I love most about her look is all the dimension! The color and texture create so much movement. (Photo was taken by @yulianachi_photo)

Any advice for someone considering it?

This is for the big-hair-don’t-care kind of girl! This creates so much expression all on its own! There’s so much styling versatility with curly hair.

One thing to remember about curly hair is it lacks moisture, so hydrating and moisturizing products are her best friend. On damp hair, gives these curls some love with Touchable Curl Definer by DevaCurl.

Golden Blonde 3B Curly Bob

Golden Blonde Curly Hair
Instagram @ctcurlyhairsalon

It doesn’t get any better than shiny bronze curls. Having short blonde curly hair is great for softening sharp facial features.

Curly Blonde Highlights

Blonde Highlights on Curly Hair
Instagram @ctcurlyhairsalon

These are gorgeous blonde highlights on curly hair. To make your 2c curls even more scrumptious, you can use styling creams and gels to define the curls before brushing out.

Buttery Blonde Short Curly Hair

Short Blonde Curly Hair
Instagram @fembothair_nyc

With huge charming short curly hair, this blonde color and style will definitely make blue eyes pop and frame your face. Wait until everyone compliments your new fresh look!

Short Dirty Blonde Curly Locks

dirty blonde curly hair
Instagram @nonis_beauty_venue

Boring styles no more! Try a dirty shade of blonde that adds charm to a mid-length bouncy, curly hairstyle like this. The volume and movement are what contribute more texture to the color. These dirty blonde locks require less heat styling to keep them healthy-looking.