43 Best Blonde Bob Hairstyles & Blonde Lobs for 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

A blonde bob is a short to medium length hair cut at around ear to shoulder level and colored with any shade of blonde. If you’re tired of lengthy hairstyles and dark or vivid hair colors, slashing down to a light shade and a cropped cut can be a refreshing result!

This year is the year to be courageous and revealing, and with the abundant shades of blonde, it’s guaranteed that there’s one for you to express your individuality. Matched with a bob cut that takes on the shape of your face, you’re sure to have a look that’s oh-so-flattering!

Seriously fierce blonde bobs have been the signature looks of Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon, Kim Kardashian, and Taraji Henson for some time, and they proved that this hairstyle suits every skin tone and hair texture flawlessly. Florida hairstylist and colorist Justin Dillaha creates all kinds and lengths of blonde bobs on babes and demonstrates how texture plays a huge role in making this hairstyle work out for the overall look.

If you plan on keeping the same length and color for a long time, salon visits should be on your calendar every 4-6 weeks. In between those visits, using the appropriate products and styling tools can make or break your hairstyle’s longevity. Consult your stylist for the best recommendations!

Convinced of all the right reasons to try this classic, attractive option? Then it’s time to switch up your style to one of these blonde bob hairstyles below!


#1: Sharp Blonde Bob with a Side Part

A sharp blonde bob with a side part is as glamorous as it gets. Make sure to book your stylist every 5 weeks for regular maintenance. This helps keep your color and trim consistent. Keep in mind, not all platinum tones are the same. Discuss with your stylist the best color application for your skin tone.

Balayage Blonde Bob with Darker Roots and a Slight Bend in the Hair
Instagram @vlasyhrabal

#2: Balayage Blonde Bob with Darker Roots

A rooty blended balayage is a perfect color that is eye-catching. Plus, it allows a softer grow-out. You can extend your appointments! You need to ensure you are leaving enough natural at the root or adding a root smudge to give depth to this color. I suggest not overdoing it on the blonde balayage. Take a ‘less is more’ tactic to ensure you have dimension.

Blonde Bob Haircut with Visible Layering
Instagram @olgakursitis

#3: Blonde Bobbed Haircut with Visible Layering

This haircut with visible layering is perfect for anyone who prefers a classic and subtle hairstyle. This hairstyle remains popular due to its perfect balance of structure and texture. The short layers at the crown enable easy volume creation at home. To simplify the blowout process at home, consider a mousse applied to damp hair and a blow-dry brush. You must see your stylist every 6 weeks for a haircut because the cut grows out quickly.

Cute Bob with Full Head of Blonde Highlights
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#4: Cute Bob with Full Head of Highlights

A full head of highlights will give a cute bob look. If you want blonde hair, you should ask for a full head of highlights, which is also known as getting a platinum card. This process ensures that your hair is evenly lightened from the mid-lengths to the ends. If you want a slightly rooted look, your stylist can tease the base for a natural look or apply a light root tap after highlighting. Depending on your desired result, your stylist will choose the best plan to achieve your hair and style goals.

Rounded Blonde Bob Cut
Instagram @nacirsomera

#5: Rounded Blonde Bob

If you’re seeking a short, chic, and feminine look, ask for a beveled bob. It offers a softer look than a graduation cut and adds volume due to its rounded shape. To add width to this haircut, maintain long layers. The front part may be angled to create a mixed, shorter to longer feel. Complement this hairstyle with a classic color, adding subtly woven highlights in a mix of blendable tones.

Chic Blonde Bob Style with Layers cut at neck-length
Instagram @777.fm666

#6: Blonde Chic Bob with Layers

With my years of experience, I can confidently say that a chic blonde bob with layers is a timeless choice. This hairstyle exudes elegance while adding movement and texture to your hair. The blonde color enhances your features and brings a fresh and radiant glow to your overall look. The layers provide volume and dimension, making the style appear effortlessly chic. It’s a great option for those who want a low-maintenance yet stylish haircut.

#7: Chin-Length Bob with Blunt Fringe

Consider a blonde chin-length bob with a blunt fringe. Give your fine hair a sophisticated makeover with a sleek modern bob. Ask for a blunt perimeter with an underbevel. Finish off the style with blunt bangs for face-framing and accentuating the eyes.

Rooted Blonde Bob with Highlights and no bangs for women with heart faces
Instagram @luckyaugusthair.co

#8: Rooted Bob with Highlights

A shadow root added to a blonde short cut is a great style option for women with oval-shaped faces. Ask for a balayage or foil highlighting technique for an overall natural look. This highlighting technique will give a sun-kissed effect. With the roots being darker and the ends light. Aim to discuss with your stylist the type of blonde you are going for.

Dimensional Blonde Bob for Older Ladies with Short Hair
Instagram @sarahcrews2.0

#9: Dimensional Bob for Short Hair

A contrasted blonde and textured cut is a great style for mature ladies with short hair It can give you a modern and youthful look while still age-appropriate. For styling, I recommend using a texturizing spray to give your hair more grip and movement. You can also use a curling iron to add some soft waves. To finish, a light-hold hairspray will hold your style without weighing it down. Make sure to use a good quality product to protect your hair from heat damage.

#10: Ash Blonde with Dark Roots

This neat blonde ombre bob shows how flavorful two-toned hair is. How extra is having a two-colored lob?

#11: Soft Bob with a Side Part and Dark Roots

A soft bob with a side part and dark roots is a stunning, yet soft blonde bob option. Be prepared to hit the salon for this color, as the shadow root does take a bit of practice to get right.

#12: Light Blonde Above-the-Shoulder Bob

A light blonde above-the-shoulder bob will take your hair to the next level. It will be the crown you’ve always dreamed of on top of your head. Adding treatment with your color and trim appointment helps your hair feel brand new. And, as long as you continue your haircare and treatments at home, you’ll be good to go.

#13: Blonde with Beach Waves

Consider a blonde combined with beach waves if you are okay with a hairstyle that is a little more high-maintenance and you love a lived-in hairstyle. Remember that frequent trips to the salon to have your hair re-lightened are necessary and you will have to spend extra time in the mornings to recreate these beachy waves if you don’t already have naturally wavy hair. One of the best ways to recreate this hairstyle is by using a sea-salt spray when your hair is damp and to let your hair air-dry.

#14: Freshly Cut Blonde Bob

A freshly cut bob is great when trying to create a chic and smooth style. By using a blow dryer and round brush, a universal rule is to flip your ends underneath. A bob is a wonderful haircut for any hair texture.

#15: Curtain Bangs on a Blonde Bob

An airy ash blonde bob with curtain fringe is fun and easy to style and is just what you need for a change. This will allow you to wear your hair with loose waves, sleek or simply with your natural texture. Avoid cutting this style too short as you want a lived-in look. Take into account your different styling options.

Face-Framing Blonde Bob Cut
Instagram @rimmaprima

#16: Face-Framing Blonde Bob

Accent your blonde hair with a face-framing haircut. If you have an oval face shape, you must ask your stylist for about chin length for your cut. This will add width to your face shape. Don’t forget to ask for lots of texture if your hair is thick.

#17: Shoulder-Length Bob with a Deep Side Part

Give your face a lift with a bob with a deep side part. Shoulder-length hair gives balance to a long face for an instant lift. A deep side part brings softness around your face. A bob is low-maintenance with easy-breezy styling for a good hair day, every day.

#18: Chin-Length Blonde Bob with a Center Part

A blonde bob with a center part is a staple haircut when you want a sleek look. With a blunt edge on a chin-length bob, it’s important to have precise lines. This haircut does require more maintenance and styling than other haircuts, so ask your stylist what they recommend.

#19: Perfectly Rounded Blonde Bob

One of the easiest ways to style this look is with a rough blow-dry, then finished with a round brush. To add texture, you must you a texture spray or hairspray. A bob is great for middle-aged women who want to keep their haircut looking young and on-trend.

Chic Blonde Bob with Long Bangs
Instagram @romeufelipe

#20: Chic Blonde Bob with Long Bangs

Try a chic bob with long bangs for a beautiful classic look. By adding long bangs, a bob can feel softer with added layers and can be easy to style in no time with just a blow-dryer and round brush.

#21: Platinum Blonde

Ice cold but comes in fiercely hot. Brighten up any room with this hue. Make sure to get the most out of your platinum bob with a middle part for a maximum sleek style.

#22: Balayage Blonde

Honey colors carefully swept over, making your blonde locks more luscious than ever on this bob haircut.

#23: Caramel Blonde A-Line Bob

The way the blonde tones melt in each other is just divine! The slightly uneven cut with graduated layers makes this even more appealing.

#24: Short Blonde Bob with Bangs

Opt for a short blonde bob with bangs. Flaunt those blonde locks with an cute bob and bangs. Now you’re looking real chic!

Blonde inverted bob
Instagram @hexgirlhair

#25: Golden Blonde Inverted Bob

With inverted hairstyles, the front is normally long while the back is kept short. This way, the fringes on this hairstyle would greatly help shape the face along with the varied honey blonde hues.

Light blonde curly bob
Instagram @kriscolesalon

#26: Light Blonde Curly Bob

Golden blonde is such an immaculate color. Those large curls help create a cherubic effect that cuts down on your years.

Blonde middle part bob
Instagram @erin.boha

#27: Icy Blonde Middle Part Bob

Having a middle part is a risky style to keep. For some, it further emphasizes features that should be balanced. Yet, this icy style is a sure win once you’ve put your own personal touch to it.

#28: Honey Blonde Short Blunt Bob

Brunette and blonde as one color! Seamless transition in a blunt bob with honey blonde is to die for.

#29: Strawberry Blonde Angled Bob

A cute name for a cute color! A flowing blonde long bob (lob) is the one you should be wearing this coming season.

#30: Short Blonde Bob

Keep your short blonde bob slightly graduated at the back while wavy layers maintain a fresh look upfront.

#31: Bob With Blonde Highlights

A casual blonde with caramel colors gives all the simplicity that you need in a hairstyle. Add some soft waves to volumize hair.

Blonde choppy bob
Instagram @catcoiffeur

#32: Blonde Choppy Bob

This choppy blonde lob is a combo of old grown-out color and baby lights.

Graduated Blonde Ombre Bob
Instagram @cassderosa

#33: Graduated Blonde Ombre Bob

This could be described as a sandy/beige platinum beachy textured blunt bob!

#34: Medium Blonde Bob

This medium blonde bob that’s angled is ideal for women with long, grown-out blonde hair. A ton of foils was done and then it was overall toned. Foils are perfect because they add great dimension to hair that is feeling so dull.

Dark Blonde Wavy Bob Haircut
Instagram @stephhmariee_

#35: Dark Blonde Wavy Bob

This dark blonde wavy bob is for the modern girl who wants something edgy and bright but with a low-maintenance feel. Having a more golden color makes a woman look more youthful while warming up her skin tone. It’s not only perfect for any skin color, but it’s also great for those who want to spend less time at the salon.

Long Blonde Bob
Instagram @hairbymickk

#36: Long Blonde Bob

This blonde lob is a lived-in chic. The color was kept a bit rooted, so there’s a soft grow out and it never appears to have new growth. The angled lob with the soft romantic wave and the placement of the balayage really just showcases everything perfectly!

Dirty Blonde Lob
Instagram @sohni_hair

#37: Dirty Blonde Lob

This dirty blonde is effortless and stylish. What’s great is you get such a soft natural grow-out with a cut and color that people will be asking about weeks later if you just got your color done.

#38: Silver Blonde Layered Bob

This silver blonde layered bob has versatility within the blonde bob cut and the dimension of the color! Combining the icy highlights with a darker shade is a great way to work the ever-so-popular icy blonde into your everyday style. The cut can be styled, smoothed, polished, or spiced up with some texture.

white blonde blunt cut bob
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#39: White Blonde Blunt Cut Bob

This is a modern blunt bob with blonde hair. Having a soft shadow at the root makes this blonde appear to be more of a lived-in look and is so much better maintenance-wise for that woman who doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands. Pairing it with a super modern blunt edge but softness around the face blends the two together perfectly.

Blonde Long Bob
Instagram @hairbyjess_fl

#40: Blonde Long Bob

This is a cute undone long bob for blonde hair that is perfect for any woman on the go! Put a few waves in with your curling iron and mess it up with some texture spray and you’re out the door. We love how natural the blonde is and how the cut complements it by showing off all of the beachy dimension. Perfection is not the key to this style – and that’s what actually makes it so perfect!

#41: Classy Blonde Bob for Older Ladies

A classy blonde bob for older ladies is a great option for women who want little maintenance and a carefree style. Cutting long bangs and long layers brings added softness around the face. Keeping the length above the shoulder makes it easy to throw in hot rollers or use a round brush when blowing hair out. Finish with a dab of smoothing serum to keep flyaways in place.

sleek blonde neck-length bob
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#42: Sleek Blonde Neck-Length Bob

A sleek blonde neck-length bob is a true classic and fan favorite. Clean edges with thoughtful texturizing add just the right amount of movement, while still maintaining a sleek shape. Blow-dry smooth, and finish with a dry texturizer by Davines for a tousled look.

Short Concave Bob with Blonde Money Pieces for Girls
Instagram @olgakursitis

#43: Concave Bob with Blonde Money Pieces

A chic haircut can look like a million bucks. A concave bob with a money piece is one of these hairstyles that gives a timeless style.