21 Best Blonde Bob Color Ideas to Inspire Your Next Cut and Color

Best blonde bob haircuts

A blonde bob is a short to medium length hair cut at around ear to shoulder level and colored with any shade of blonde. If you’re tired of lengthy hairstyles and dark or vivid hair colors, slashing down to a light shade and a cropped cut can be a refreshing result!

This year is the year to be courageous and revealing, and with the abundant shades of blonde, it’s guaranteed that there’s one for you to express your individuality. Matched with a bob cut that takes on the shape of your face, you’re sure to have a look that’s oh-so-flattering!

Seriously fierce blonde bobs have been the signature looks of Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon, Kim Kardashian, and Taraji Henson for some time, and they proved that this hairstyle suits every skin tone and hair texture flawlessly. Florida hairstylist and colorist Justin Dillaha creates all kinds and lengths of blonde bobs on babes and demonstrates how texture plays a huge role in making this hairstyle work out for the overall look.

If you plan on keeping the same length and color for a long time, salon visits should be on your calendar every 4-6 weeks. In between those visits, using the appropriate products and styling tools can make or break your hairstyle’s longevity. Consult your stylist for the best recommendations!

Convinced of all the right reasons to try this classic, sexy option? Then it’s time to switch up your style to one of these blonde bob hairstyles below!

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Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde bob
Instagram @shorthairbyshawni

Ice cold but comes in fiercely hot. Brighten up any room with this hue. Make sure to get layered waves with your platinum bob for maximum style.

Balayage Blonde

balayage blonde bob
Instagram @lara_stelmashuk

Honey colors carefully swept over, making your blonde locks more luscious than ever on this bob haircut.

Caramel Blonde A-Line Bob

Caramel Blonde a-line bob
Instagram @shorthairbyshawni

The way the blonde tones melt in each other is just divine! The uneven cut makes this even more appealing.

Short Blonde Bob with Bangs

short blonde bob with bangs hairstyle
Instagram @figoderhaarschneider

Opt for a short blonde bob with bangs. Flaunt those blonde locks with an cute bob and bangs. Now you’re looking real chic!

Ash Blonde with Dark Roots

Ash Blonde Bob
Instagram @hairby_yv0

This neat blonde ombre bob that shows how flavorful two-toned hair is. How extra is having a two-colored lob!

Golden Blonde Inverted Bob

Blonde inverted bob
Instagram @hexgirlhair

With inverted short blonde bob hairstyles, the front is normally long while the back is kept short. This way, the fringes on this blonde bob hairstyle would greatly help shape the face along with the varied honey blonde hues.

Light Blonde Curly Bob

Light blonde curly bob
Instagram @kriscolesalon

Golden blonde is such an immaculate color. Those large curls help create a cherubic effect that cuts down on your years.

Icy Blonde Middle Part Bob

Blonde middle part bob
Instagram @erin.boha

Having a middle part is a risky style to keep. For some, it further emphasizes features that should be balanced. Yet, this icy blond bob style is a sure win once you’ve put your own personal touch to it.

Honey Blonde Long Blunt Bob

Honey Blonde Long Blunt Bob
Instagram @taylorcolehair

Brunette and blonde as one color! Seamless transition in a blunt bob with honey blonde is to die for.

Strawberry Blonde Angled Bob

Blonde angled bob
Instagram @cherygibsonthehairstylist

A cute name for a cute color! A flowing blonde long bob (lob) is the one you should be wearing this coming season.

Short Blonde Bob

Short Blonde Bob
Instagram @glamhairbyjackie

Keep your short blonde bob graduated at the back while wavy layers maintain a fresh look upfront.

Bob With Blonde Highlights

A casual blonde with caramel colors gives all the simplicity that you need in a hairstyle. Add some soft waves to volumize hair.

Q&A with style creator, Sarah Krook
Master Stylist and Davines Ambassador @ Hunt & Gather Hair Co. in Victoria, BC

How would you describe this?

This bob with blonde highlights has a slight stagger drop root! It was achieved by slightly angling the foils towards the back of the head and painting the lightener in a V-shape on tiny weave highlights or “babylights”. This achieves a staggering natural root, allowing you to let the color grow out softly without a harsh root line! When getting a bob with balayage, ssk for a few balayage pieces around the foils to add depth to the blonde and brighten the rest of the ends!

What’s your best advice?

This long blonde bob works really well for those low maintenance women who only want to touch up their highlights every so often. The cut is a simple long textured bob or “lob” which works great on women with fine hair, but lots of it. The blonde bob with layers in the back helps to create shape and dimension. When paired with an amazing product like Bedroom Hair by Kevin Murphy, it can help add height at the crown and elongate the face. This blonde long bob works really well on a rounder face shape.

Blonde Choppy Bob

Blonde choppy bob
Instagram @catcoiffeur

This choppy blonde lob is a combo of old grown out color and baby lights.

This could be cut as a simple undercut wet, using the 7-inch beveled shears from Hanzo Hattori. Then soften it up dry using the 40 teeth texture shears also by Hanzo Hattori shears.

Consider how much you wear your hair up. You’d want the maintenance of keeping it blunt and fresh. For color, this can vary depending on the natural level. Overall this is a pretty cute simple cut and style for all women!

Graduated Blonde Ombre Bob

Graduated Blonde Ombre Bob
Instagram @cassderosa

Q&A with style creator, Cassandra DeRosa
Owner / Hair Colorist @ Jae Lace LLC / Salon 202 in Howell, NJ

How would you describe this?

This could be described as a sandy/beige platinum beachy textured blunt bob!

What’s your best advice?

This blonde bob hair is perfect for women who really aren’t the best at styling their hair and is looking for an edgy/trendy vibe. If cut right, the blonde bob cut will almost style itself with a few twists of the flat iron and some texture spray. Texture spray with this platinum blonde bob will be your best friend. This cut looks best on an oval/long face shape and is amazing for people with really fine/thin hair. It makes the ends look a lot thicker!

Medium Blonde Bob

Q&A with style creator, Danae Michele Jacob
Hairstylist & Business Owner @ Danae Michele Hair Design in Calgary, AB

How would you describe this?

This medium blonde bob that’s angled is ideal for women with long, grown-out blonde hair. A ton of foils was done and then it was overall toned. Foils are perfect because they add great dimension to hair that is feeling so dull.

The cut is an inverted bob haircut. The pieces were kept long around the face because leaving length to at least just below the chin helps elongate the face – especially for women who might have a rounder face.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Invest in good hair products – not only to help with styling but also to protect their new color and help it last longer. This bob with blonde highlights can add body and shape for women who have thinner or limp hair. It can also add more freedom and versatility for women who have super thick hair.

Dark Blonde Wavy Bob Haircut

Dark Blonde Wavy Bob Haircut
Instagram @stephhmariee_

Q&A with style creator, Stephanie Marie
Hairstylist @ The Grand in Orange County, CA

How would you describe this?

This dark blonde wavy bob is for the modern girl who wants something edgy and bright but with a low maintenance feel. With having a more golden color, it makes a woman look more youthful while warming up the skin tone. It’s not only perfect for any skin color, but it’s also great for those who want to spend less time at the salon.

To achieve this color, ask for a full babylight/balayage to make your hair as solid as possible. What will make this color low maintenance is doing a root shadow that melts into the golden blonde that should last you about 3-4 months. This color and cut looks good on all women, whether you’re in your early 20s or late 40s.

What’s your best advice?

This is perfect for women who want a change. Not only does it go with any woman, but the color fits all skin tones. Golden blonde with a short blunt cut is edgy, stylish, and easy to style. Whether you like soft waves or straight hair, it’s an easy style for the modern woman who needs to spend less time styling.

Long Blonde Bob

Long Blonde Bob
Instagram @ambermcmahen

Q&A with style creator, Amber McMahen
Hairstylist / Master Colorist @ Bianchis Salon in Clinton Township, MI

How would you describe this?

This blonde lob is a lived-in chic. The color was kept a bit rooted, so there’s a soft grow out and it never appears to have new growth. The angled lob with the soft romantic wave and the placement of the balayage really just showcases everything perfectly!

Don’t you love the brightness of the highlights around her face? Always remember, your highlights are only as strong as your lowlights. For a lower maintenance color, keep everything soft with a bit of root, but kick it up a notch around the face so you feel nice and bright!

What’s your best advice?

Have fun with this long blonde bob! If you are interested in lower maintenance color then this is for you! You can always brighten up more around the face and keep everything else soft. Depending on our face shape is where the shape of blonde bob haircuts comes in.

You can keep the angle but if you have a longer face shape you may want to consider incorporating side-swept bangs or curtain bangs. A blonde bob with side bangs is super trendy right now!

Dirty Blonde Lob

Dirty Blonde Lob
Instagram @sohni_hair

Q&A with style creator, Sonia Ochoa
Hairstylist @ Shampoo Ink Salon & Spa in Phoenix, AZ

How would you describe this?

This dirty blonde bob haircut is effortless and stylish. What’s great is you get such a soft natural grow-out with a cut and color that people will be asking about weeks later if you just got your color done.

What’s your best advice?

It can be personalized to the person’s face shape, personality, and lifestyle gave the right cut, texture, and the right shade of blonde to fit the woman in your chair. Have a thorough consultation with your stylist to ensure you understand the process.

Silver Blonde Layered Bob

Q&A with style creator, Ashley Moody
Stylist @ Ashley Moody Hair in Crossville, TN

How would you describe this?

This silver blonde layered bob has versatility within the blonde bob cut and the dimension of the color! Combining the icy highlights with a darker shade is a great way to work the ever so popular icy blonde into your everyday style. The cut can be styled smoothed and polished or spice it up with some texture.

What’s your best advice?

Use a smoothing oil for a polished office look and a spray wax for more tousled Friday night on the town!

If an icy shade like this is your hair goal and you are currently a medium brown to black, patience is key! Achieving this layered blonde bob hairstyle could take numerous appointments. Enjoy the different shades you achieve along your hair journey!

White Blonde Blunt Cut Bob

Q&A with style creator, Keira Salton
Manager @ Elenbi Salons in Coolum Beach, Australia

How would you describe this?

This is a modern blunt bob with blonde hair. Having a soft shadow at the root makes this blonde appear to be more of a lived-in look and is so much better maintenance-wise for that woman who doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands. Pairing it with a super modern blunt edge but softness around the face blends the two together perfectly.

What’s your best advice?

This straight cut blonde bob isn’t for everyone though. To lighten the hair to this blonde takes a lot of work and sometimes won’t happen in one go.

Ask your stylist to add the L’Oreal Smart Bond into the color, ending with a Kerastase Ritual to keep the strength and nutrition locked in. The Evo Fabuloso purple conditioner is a must-have to keep the tone of the blonde not turn to a brassy color. It’s something you need to do only once a week, so you can always have that fresh salon blonde at home.

Blonde Long Bob

Blonde Long Bob
Instagram @hairbyjess_fl

Q&A with style creator, Jessie Bennett
Master Stylist @ Pure & Couture Salon in Destin, FL

How would you describe this?

This is a cute undone long bob for blonde hair that is perfect for any woman on the go! Put a few waves in with your curling iron and mess it up with some texture spray and you’re out the door. We love how natural the blonde is and how the cut complements it by showing off all of the beachy dimension. Perfection is not the key to this style – and that’s what actually makes it so perfect!

What’s your best advice?

Women with this cut and color definitely need to be committed to coming into the salon every 6-8 weeks for a face frame highlight and a trim. For styling, use a 1″ curling iron and curl away from your face on both sides. Run your fingers through your curls and tousle it with some Davines dry texture spray (my personal fav) for hold and to add volume.