28 Stunning Blonde Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

Blonde balayage on dark brown hair

Are you tired of your dark brown hair and looking for a change? Look no further than blonde balayage! In this article, you’ll see 20+ stunning transformations that inspire you to take the plunge. My team of hairstylists has handpicked these photos to showcase the versatility and beauty of getting a blonde balayage with dark brown hair. Whether you’re looking for subtle highlights or a dramatic change, I’ve got you covered.

💡 Key Things to Know First
Salon owner and hair artist Nicole Russo from New York shared some of her best tips with me:

  • Consultation is key.
  • Patience is a virtue when going lighter, especially when your natural hair is dark.
  • Remember: the more you do to your hair, the more you have to maintain it.
  • You must be up for the maintenance and enjoy taking extra time on your hair care regimen.
  • The products and your care routine must adjust based on your new locks.
  • My most recommended products are from Kevin Murphy. This line has products for every hair type and works on the hair from the inside out.
  • Questions to ask your hairstylist:
    • When should you return to the salon for touch-ups?
    • What kind of at-home hair maintenance is required for you?

Face-Framing Light Strawberry Blonde on Long Brown Hair

Are you ready for something bold? Try a strawberry blonde balayage. A bright face-framing will look best on hair with beach waves or curled hair to show off the most dimension. For added texture, style with AIIR texture spray! This will be your new favorite go-to spray!

Healthy-Looking Blonde Balayage

Healthy-Looking Blonde Balayage on Dark Brown Hair for ladies with a mid-length cut and loose waves

Opt for a chic update with blonde balayage for dark hair, shown here as a tasteful ash-beige blend. Perfect for those with medium-density strands, this balayage enhances depth and dimension. While upkeep includes consistent toning to retain the coolness of the ash against the warmth of the beige, the outcome is luminous and vibrant. Suitable for a range of complexions, it will necessitate frequent care to preserve the multi-tonal blonde’s integrity.

Luxurious Balayage on Dark Brunette Hair

A balayage is a luxurious option for dark brunette hair. It pairs a dark base with light, balayaged ends, creating a high contrast look. This style works well with most lengths of hair. To get the best results, research and find a skilled colorist experienced in balayage. An expert can suggest placements to suit your hair type and custom mix a toner to match your eyes and skin tone.

Blonde Balayage Makeover

Mid-length hair transformed with blonde balayage makeover and styled waves

Ready for a chic uplift, darling? This Blonde Balayage Makeover on your mid-length tresses offers a luscious gradient from a rich brunette base to glistening blonde ends. It’s a fabulous choice for thick-haired ladies aiming for a youthful touch without the fuss. Perfect for heart-shaped faces, the balayage technique enhances your locks’ natural flow, while the cool blonde tones will require some upkeep. Use K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask to keep your mane in tip-top condition. Do bear in mind, this style may require more salon visits to maintain the cool-toned splendor.

Neutral Tones

Looking to add some dimension to your dark brown hair? Consider neutral tones of a blonde balayage. This hair color offers a perfect blend of warm, white, and neutral tones that create a natural-looking effect. It’s a great option for those who want a bright and summery look without going too bold. The mix of creamy blonde and golden blonde seamlessly blends with your natural color, enhancing your overall appearance. This blonde hue works best with olive and tan skin tones, but if you have lighter skin, you can ask your colorist to lift the blonde to a level 7 or higher for a flattering result. To maintain your hair health between appointments, use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner rich in protein and hydration.

Classy Dark Brunette with Blonde Tones

If you desire dark brunette hair with subtle blonde tones, this style might suit you. Add some lightness to your classy brunette hair with subtle golden highlights. Achieve a sun-kissed, low-maintenance color with this color technique. This is a less is more approach. Balayage can be easily toned, and its warm tones will flatter your dark hair.

Sun-Kissed Blonde on Dark Hair

Dark hair with light touches of blonde creates a rich and balanced look. To lighten dark hair with blonde, it’s important to start with hair with no existing dye.

Modern Blonde Balayage for Dark Hair

Consider a beautiful balayage for dark hair to add a modern flair to your locks. This technique involves hand-painting highlights onto your hair, creating a natural look. You’ll want to combine warm, sandy blonde tones and cool, ashy hues for a balanced result. The hair color is flattering for warm skin tones, complementing the natural undertones.

Dark Roots + Blonde Balayage

Consider dark roots and blonde balayage to contrast your long straight hair. This low-maintenance hair color trend blends darker natural roots into lighter highlights. This makes it perfect for women who want a bold change but don’t want to keep up with constant upkeep. This dye job adds depth and luminosity while still maintaining a natural look.

Bleach Blonde Balayage with Dark Base

If you want a more white-blonde color to blend with your natural hair, try a platinum balayage on dark hair. You’ll have to best lift with virgin hair. If you have previous color on your hair, you’ll want to ask your stylist for a strand test. That way, you can see how your hair will lighten. This will set you up for the best approach to reaching your brown-to-blonde hair goal.

Blonde Balayage Highlights with Chunky Lowlights

To warm your color, consider a color melt to give you a bronde, dark roots balayage. Adding a color between your dark base and buttery blonde ends gives you a nice blend. It also makes your grow-out less noticeable. Leave the money piece lighter to brighten and soften your facial features. If your hair is naturally lighter in color, you may get a beautiful melting effect with a light brown to blonde balayage.

Bronde Balayage Hair Color

Girls looking to add some color to your natural base, ask your stylist for a beige balayage on dark hair. Your dimensional dark brown to blonde balayage color will give you a beautiful grow out. When curled, your lighter areas will give a more ribboned effect. This makes your waves look more defined. You’ll want to pre-book toning appointments when you have a cool blonde tone.

Textured Blonde Waves for Brunette Hair

If you’re a brunette looking to add brightness to your hair, try asking for a warm blonde. Balayage highlights hues add brightness where you need it. A transitional color between your dark and light colors will add warmth. And they will soften your faded blend for a seamless look. When styling, curl the midsection of your hair and leave both the root and ends out to give you a beach wave effect.

Dimensional Brown-Blonde Hair with Face-Framing Highlights

Dimensional Dark Brown-Blonde Balayage Hair with Face-Framing Highlights
Instagram @colorbymarina

If you want to add shape without having a big cut, ask your stylist for a blonde balayage with a thick money piece. The contrast of the two colors will give your hair the appearance of having more depth. The money piece will frame your face by brightening and softening your features. Be mindful that if you already have color build-up, you’ll want to ask your stylist for a strand test. This test will show you the best approach to reaching your hair goal.

Cool-Toned Caramel Shade on Dark Brunette Hair

This is a tone for everyone, from toffee to caramel brown, if you want a soft feeling with the contrast. Ask for a seamless painted look that blends from the root. This will also help to lower maintenance. A light brown balayage is a fantastic alternative if you’re seeking a hair color that looks just as natural.

Brown to Blonde Ombre Balayage with Bouncy Waves

If you’re looking for a soft blend between dark and light, try a balayage with free-form painting. The technique will lighten your bright blonde ends while adding a nice color. This will also allow your stylist to control the areas that should be more defined.

Soft Contrast on Brown-Blonde Balayage Hair

Soft Contrast on Dark Brown-Blonde Balayage Hair
Instagram @ryleeheyzahair

Try a natural dark brunette balayage if you want a more lived-in hair color. A chocolate brown with sandy blonde ends will warm up and add contrast for a richer look. Remember to ask your stylist to keep your money piece brighter to soften your facial features. The color combo gives you the best of both worlds (dark versus light). All while complimenting one another at the same time.

Sandy Blonde Partial Highlights

Balayage Sandy Blonde Partial Highlights on Dark Brown Hair
Instagram @kaylafield.hair

A mid-length long layered cut looks great worn wavy. Create waves with iron or tong and comb once cooled. Try adding ribbons of color to give your look a defined movement. If you like the idea of light blonde but want to keep it lower maintenance, talk to your stylist. Ask about keeping a softer feathered feel around the crown.

Beachy Bronde Balayage Hair

Consider a blonde balayage style if you want more lived-in hair color. The transition from dark to light is more subtle, with a neutral-ash tone. For these blonde tones, my go-to is Kenra “NA” demis. Make sure to tone the frontal areas last to stay brighter than the rest of your hair.

Faded Caramel Blonde For Brunettes

Look like a bleached blonde babe without compromising your natural dark base color. Just ask your stylist to give you a more pronounced money piece. The highlights are focused around your face, framing to make the center of your face your focal point. This gives you a brighter look and softens your facial features. The thickness gives you an overall lighter appearance. Since the front of your hair is the first thing everyone sees.

Light Ash Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair

Want to try a new hair color on your long hair, then an ash blonde balayage can work for you. Keep the darkness of your hair cool without warmth to complement the icy tones of the blonde. Talk to your stylist about having a stretched-rooted look. This is a great way to introduce color without being too high maintenance. It’s important to keep on top of your cuts to keep the ends in great condition.

Dark Hair with Golden Blonde Babylights

Dark Hair with Golden Blonde Babylights and Balayage
Instagram @colorbymarina

A dark blonde balayage will illuminate, giving a new dimension to your hair. It’s great if you like to wear your long hair wavy, as it will give ribbons of color a real-of-the-moment look. Beige blonde works well if you want a softer, less ashy look than an icy hue.

Chocolate Brown Balayage with Beige Blonde

Chocolate Brown Balayage with Beige Blonde
Instagram @colorbymarina

Brown to blonde balayage is becoming the trendy look to have. I always recommend that a client takes the time to consider the contrast they want to see in the color. The darker the brown and the lighter the blonde, the higher the contrast. For a softer, more muted look, chocolate brown and beige blondes work well. Ask your stylist for a feathering application if you want a seamlessly blended balayage for brown hair.

Subtle Dirty Blonde Hair

Subtle Dirty Blonde Balayage and Dark Brown Hair
Instagram @blondebylauren

If you want to give your hair a textured look, the idea is to add high contrast to a darker base. Honey blonde tones work well as they will help to give luminosity and show the ends of your hair. This look gives a lived-in dirty blonde feel. I highly recommend investing in a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Both help keep your hair strong.

Champagne Blonde Balayage with Dark Roots

If you have dark hair and want an icy blonde look, then a balayage that gives a cool blonde tone. But it also keeps a darker root, and the maintenance will be easier to keep on top of than an all-over blonde. This dark brown to blonde balayage is the perfect look for a modern take on blonde locks, giving a glamorous insta-worthy look.

Rich Brunette Balayage with Cool Blonde Accents

For women who want a high-contrast color, try a blonde balayage on dark hair. Hair painting can control the areas where you want to show more brightness. Feel free to leave big sections out of the hair. The dark pockets of hair will add depth. This will also make your lighter pieces look lighter.

Dark Brown with White Blonde Highlights and a Money Piece

A dark brown and blonde balayage in tones of chocolate and platinum blonde gives a high contrast. Ask for a money piece or a lighter face frame to give beautiful ribbons of color. When adding lighter shades to the hair, it’s important to hydrate it well. I recommend using salon-grade home care to keep the hair fresher for longer. Style this brown and blonde hair with waves and a comb to give an insta-worthy finish.

Bright Blonde Highlights on Long Curls

Bright Blonde Balayage Highlights on Long Dark Brown Curls
Instagram @brunnomoreno.r

If you have curly hair and want a brown balayage with blonde highlights, go to a salon that knows curly hair. When you choose to go to a stylist specializing in your hair type, they can educate you. And they will have more recommendations on the healthiest way to achieve your blonde and brown hair goal. Remember, they better understand your hair—one option when foiling is to take bigger weaved sections so that lighter areas are ribboned.

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