Top 30 Black Hair with Blonde Highlights Ideas in 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

#1: Unique Blonde Panel Highlight

A blonde panel highlight is currently a hot trend. This high contrast look makes a bold statement and can help change your look drastically without the potential damage of a full head of lightening. This trend does require a small amount of maintenance but only takes a part day in the salon to touch up.

Short Black Hair with Blonde Tips

#2 Short Black Hair with Blonde Tips

Consider short black hair with blonde tips if you want something edgy. A dramatic ombré is an eye-catching and low-maintenance style. Remember, it may take a few visits to achieve extreme lightening on the ends of your very dark or previously colored hair. Consult a stylist to see if this color suits your needs and budget.

Long Black Hair with a Blonde Money Piece

#3 Long Black Hair with a Blonde Money Piece

The best way to achieve maximum dimension is black hair paired with a blonde money piece and highlights. Bold coloring is in right now, and if your hair is in good enough shape to handle the black being lightened to any level of blonde hair color, go for it!

A trusted and experienced stylist is essential for lifting from black to blonde. Because your hair goes from one end of the spectrum to the other, at-home care with professional products is paramount. Pair this “statement” color choice with a new lipstick to make all the heads turn.

Black Hair with Chunky Blonde Highlights

#4 Sultry Black Hair with Chunky Blonde Highlights

Opt for black hair with chunky blonde highlights if you want to be blonde but don’t want to be in the salon every 4 weeks for retouches. This color is rooted so that you can go farther between blonding appointments.

#5: Undercut Black Bob with Chunky Blonde Streaks

Here’s an undercut black bob with chunky blonde streaks. Ask for dimensional ombré highlights to show your bob haircut and give it a modern trend style. The best way to achieve this is with teasy lights applied in foils for maximum lift on black hair. Tone with a soft violet gold for a balanced finish.

#6: Glossy Dark Hair with Bronde Caramel Highlights

Go for a glossy dark hair base color with blonde caramel highlights. When dyeing your hair lighter on a dark base, ask for caramel tones to compliment the dark. Gold and beige look great with dark hair if you like a more balanced, soft feminine look. A color melt or root shadow will give you a lower maintenance color.

Long Black Hair with Simple Blonde Highlights
Instagram @samcheevs

#7: Long Black Hair With Simple Blonde Highlights

Long black hair with caramel highlights is a classic trend that offers a chic, feminine style. A fusion of long waves and contrasting hues is what creates multi-dimensional tones. This one’s perfect if you want to brighten up your dark tresses for a change. Long hair that’s black with creamy caramel accents can be considered a low-maintenance balayage. It’s for dark hair types with a long layered haircut and angles in the front.

Research a stylist who works with a darker hair type, specifically blonde on black hair. Then stick with that stylist for consistent results. It will take more than one appointment to get your desired result of a blonde balayage on dark hair.

Mid-Length Black Hair with Blonde Peekaboo Highlights
Instagram @nat_doeshair

#8: Mid-Length Black Hair with Blonde Peekaboo Highlights

If you want a bold yet subtle hair color, black hair with peekaboo highlights is a great choice. Spend time in a consultation to review options and get those highlights just right. They should be placed to create a nice effect without being too overwhelming. Ask your colorist for lighter blonde shades blended throughout the style. It will give it dimension and movement. Maintain this look between appointments. Use shine serums or masks designed specifically for this colored hair.

Medium-Length Hair with Partial Blonde Highlights
Instagram @blondebybianca

#9: Medium-Length Hair with Partial Blonde Highlights

Try medium-length hair paired with partial blonde highlights. Even very dark brunette women can add some blonde pieces for a gorgeous sun-kissed effect. Remember to keep your highlighting minimal. Overdoing it will result in the appearance of an overall lighter hair color.

#10: Sleek Chin-Length Bob with Full Highlights

A chin-length bob with full highlights is a modern twist to the classic and chic French bob. Your cut compliments your color in this combination, yet, it can vary in density and color palette. This high-maintenance choice needs upkeep, which can vary from 4 weeks for a cut to 8 weeks for a highlight touch-up.

Mid-Length Hair with Cute Partial Blonde Highlights
Instagram @haircolorbykim

#11: Mid-Length Hair with Cute Partial Blonde Highlights

Mid-length black hair paired with partial blonde highlights is a soft style that brings dimension to your base hair color. Variations of the color placement can mimic what the sun could do in thread-like pieces or create high contrast with ribbons of highlights. When asking for this option, have some photos for reference during your consultation.

Black Long Hair with Blonde Money Piece and Highlights
Instagram @hairbymickk

#12: Black Long Hair with Blonde Money Piece and Highlights

Black long hair combined with a money piece and highlights is a popular low-maintenance choice. Money pieces have a way of framing the features of your face while adding dimension to any style you choose.

Short Black Hair with Natural-Looking Blonde Ends
Instagram @leventkilic0

#13: Short Black Hair with Natural-Looking Blonde Ends

Short black hair paired with blonde highlights is a high-contrast way to showcase your style. It has a lived-in feel that allows you more time between long salon visits. Ideally, the tips begin at mid-length and have a lifetime of half a year.

Blonde-copper highlights on dark hair
Instagram @myangeleyesj

#14: Blonde-Copper Highlights on Dark Hair

Try blonde-copper highlights on your dark hair if you want to add a subtle pop of color to your tresses. To recreate this look, ask your stylist to add more lowlights on the bottom half of your head. Consider leaving it in its solid color for greater dimension.

Sun-kissed balayage highlights on black hair
Instagram @colorbymarina

#15: Sun-Kissed Balayage Highlights on Black Hair

Sun-kissed balayage highlights on black hair create the perfect dimension and depth in your naturally darker hair. A toner may be necessary to counteract unwanted warm tones when lightening your dark hair. Set up future toning appointments to maintain your desired tone and keep away warm, red tones.

#16: Stunning Black Hair with Auburn Blonde Tones

Black hair combined with auburn blonde tones is perfect for spicing up your hair hue. The shade of black with blonde highlights looks so fine on ladies with pale to neutral complexion.

#17: Bright Full Highlights on Thick Black Tresses

A full head of highlights on thick black tresses adds depth and dimension to your dark hair. Fine, weaved highlights on black hair add brightness and movement to all-over solid brunettes. Use a large round brush to blow out your thick hair to give you a soft, glamorous finish.

#18: Modern Platinum Highlights on Black Hair

Platinum highlights on your black hair are high contrast and simply stunning. Cool blonde tones on dark hair take time and dedication to achieve but are well worth the sessions. Using a foilayage technique, ashy blonde hues blend seamlessly with your dark hair, giving a stunning icy platinum result.

#19: Black Hair with Blonde Ombre Highlights

Black hair paired with blonde ombre highlights and brighter, face-framing blonde blends your roots beautifully and brightens your face. Blonde is versatile, looks stunning on many face shapes, and can be easily customized to suit your skin tone perfectly.

#20: Very Natural Highlights for Black Hair

Natural highlights for black hair create lightness, fullness, and dimension. With naturally dark hair, highlights tend to pull warmer. Have a thorough consultation with your stylist to ensure your desired blonde level can be achieved. Highlights on black or even dark brown hair are also an excellent way to blend any gray you may have.

Shoulder-Length Hair with Titanium Blonde Highlights
Instagram @crystaldquach

#21: Shoulder-Length Hair with Titanium Blonde Highlights

Go for really dark hair with blonde highlights because it’s three-dimensional! It’s a unique color combo between your naturally dark hair at your crown and the bronze mid-way down your hair that’s sprinkled with titanium highlights.

Dark Curly Hair with Silver Blonde Highlights

#22: Dark Curly Hair with Silver Blonde Highlights

This is black hair with subtle highlights, and these soft curls appear stylish when added with grey streaks all over. One of the coolest benefits of silver blonde highlights on your black hair is how dimensional and textured they can be from every angle.

Black A-Line Bob with Dirty Blonde Highlights
Instagram @hairbykaleo

#23: Black A-Line Bob with Dirty Blonde Highlights

Black hair with blonde highlights on a short bob cut can give you a stunning hairstyle. This hair idea has a short and sweet quality that makes it look perfect with this bob cut, adding a soft touch to the look with the smooth waves.

Long Black Hair with Yummy Honey Blonde Highlights
Instagram @masey.cheveux

#24: Long Black Hair with Yummy Honey Blonde Highlights

The light-catching and deep volume feature of these honey blonde highlights on black tresses look marvelous from root to tip. It allows you to keep your natural black hair from the roots, so you can enjoy the summery ribbons of blonde even after it grows out. The partial balayage like this is also a great way to create a brightening effect around your face.

Natural Jet Black Hair with Golden Blonde Streaks
Instagram @hairbyedwin

#25: Natural Jet Black Hair with Golden Blonde Streaks

The richness of super dark straight hair provides the perfect base for warm honey colors and golden highlights. The blond highlights on black hair melt with the angled ends creating a mini ombre that makes your hairstyle light and edgy.

Casual black hair with ash blonde highlights
Instagram @glenhew

#26: Casual Black Hair with Ash Blonde Highlights

Jazz up black hair with ash-blonde highlights to see a lovely salt-and-pepper effect. The best thing about this long ashy blonde shade is its dimension. The icy blonde highlights contrast with the dark tone of the black hair. This hair idea is called a foilayage ombre. It’s more contrast and features chunky lights. Blonde ombre highlights have a dimensional effect on straight or wavy hair. Plus, it’s suitable for short, medium, or long hair with a dark natural base. This combo of tones is perfect if you want to keep your natural virgin hair, too.

If you love your dark natural hair color, I recommend you go for these black and blonde hair highlights. It still looks good while new roots grow, and the blonde and black hair color will maintain its uniqueness as it fades. Just ask your colorist to pre-lighten your hair.

#27: Beautiful Black Pixie Cut with Blonde Highlights

Here’s a black pixie cut with blonde highlights that offers a dashing style! This is a short sassy haircut that looks great when textured. It has subtle layers, so it’s easy to style with a piece-y effect. The fusion of black hair underneath, plus the hints of the blonde hue, will create a nice dimension in your hair.

#28: Popular Dark Hair with Grey Highlights

Dark hair with grey highlights is a popular yet high-maintenance color recommended for you if you have a lighter shade of locks. To achieve the dimension of natural-looking black and blonde highlights, begin by doing a full head of babylights. The method brings the highlights closer to your roots. After processing the lightener, follow up with a few toners.

Stylish Light Blonde Highlights on Black Hair
Instagram @km_hair_studio

#29: Stylish Light Blonde Highlights on Black Hair

These light blonde highlights on black hair are on a stacked bob. Women who are very dark naturally can still have healthy, bright highlights, and it accentuates the layers throughout the cut. I recommend you style your blonde streaks in black hair with a mousse, serum combo, and round brush. This is great if you want a stylish look but don’t want to blow-dry your hair all morning.

#30: Sassy Blonde Highlights for Black Women

If you’re a black woman, blonde highlights can give dimension to your curly hair. This beige tone has just the right amount of cool and warm, so it looks great on various skin tones. Highlights with a root shadow grow wonderfully and must be retouched less often. Expect to be in the salon every 6-8 weeks for toners.

Black hair with blonde highlights is proven to offer depth and texture to any hair and transform your look dramatically. Brightening natural dark hair seems tedious and impossible, but I’m happy to tell you it’s not!

You don’t need to go all solid blonde with your deep black hair to liven it up. With strategically placed coloring, you can achieve multi-tonal, dimensional hair that can flatter your skin complexion.

One thing about this hair color that makes everyone fall in love is its spectacular contrast when warm and cool tones are blended perfectly. Vivid highlights always look stunning on straight, wavy, or curly hair.

Blonde is the perfect shade for testing lighter hair colors on a darker base. Liven up your black hair with blonde streaks without the commitment of fully transforming your hair color. There is a wide range of blonde hues, like platinum, ash, sun-kissed, bleached, dirty, and much more!

Before your next hair color appointment, check out these gorgeous pictures and ideas of black hair with blonde highlights.