15 Amazing Examples of Black Cherry Hair Colors

Best black cherry hair colors

Before your next hair color appointment, check out our photos of black cherry hair colors. Black cherry hair color looks like a blend of dark, ruby red colors onto a black hair base. It adds a dramatic flair to anyone who wears it even with just the daintiest hint of sweet reddish hues! Anyone who desires a bold change can deviate from the usual dark brunette hair colors by embracing this wine-inspired shade.

There are so many ways to add cherry black hair color, including highlights, ombre, balayage, and foiling and celebrities are perfect resources to see how to do it right. Singer-songwriters Cheryl Cole, Demi Lovato, and Rihanna have been showing us beyond a doubt how cherry cola hair complements a wide range of skin tones fantastically! San Antonio hairstylist Brittany Banda is known for creating delicious black cherry hair shades, and it’s making everyone crazy for this luxurious hue!

Keeping a regular hair care ritual is important to make the luscious pops of burgundy vibrant at all times. There are some cherry black hair dyes that can help you achieve this hair color, most are not permanent but to get the best out of this awesome color, a hair colorist can mix and match hair dyes to match your base color and skin tone.

Here are pictures of the best black cherry hair color ideas right now:

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Black Cherry + Eggplant

Black cherry eggplant hair color
Instagram @fabfabiana_

Add a deep raisin hue to black cherry and you’ll end up with a gorgeous deep eggplant – black cherry color.

Light Brown to Black Cherry Makeover

light brown to black cherry makeover
Instagram @coryscissorhands

Have light brown hair? Consider this stunning black cherry brown hair makeover by stylist Cory.

Ruby Red + Black Cherry

Ruby black cherry red
Instagram @sarahbesthair

Get a more vibrant cherry hue by blending in ruby red.

Black Cherry Coke

Black cherry coke hair color
Instagram @_tink22

If you have long, wavy hair, then considering getting a balayage of black cherry coke. The length and waves will add amazing depth and dimension to your cherry colored hair.

Vibrant Black Cherry Highlights

Vibrant Black Cherry Highlights on Dark Hair
Instagram @kelseyddew.hair

Stylist Kelsey may have magical powers to create black cherry highlights this dazzling! Just the right blend of black and plum to complement some beach waves.

Light Black Cherry Hair Balayage

Light Black Cherry Balayage
Instagram @keera_nuovosalon

Hesitant on a bold color change? Stylist Keera shows how a delicate sweep of reddish black cherry tone can make all the difference on dark-haired ladies.

Black Cherry and Brown on Medium Length Locks

Black Cherry and Brown on Medium Length Hair
Instagram @g.thehairaddict

You may not notice the cherry-toned tint and color combination at first, but with the texture and form given by this medium black cherry haircut, you’ll be able to appreciate such a lovely style.

Black Cherry Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Black Cherry Highlights on Dark Brown Hair
Instagram @destineeeverhart

Coffee-colored hair dripping in Dr. Pepper soda. Stylist Destinee masters the art of dark-on-dark balayage with this black cherry hair dye.

Dark Cherry Pixie

Dark Cherry Pixie
Instagram @aveda_mindilyn

Ooooh, the red queen must be envious! Nape-long hair that is side-parted trumps out any other cut for this sensuous dark cherry red hair. Combining black cherry hair with a short pixie brings out lots of the color and also the natural skin tone.

Black Cherry Balayage

Black Cherry Hair Balayage
Instagram @ashleythompsonhair

Mesmerizing long black cherry locks aged like fine wine with a dark plum color.

Deep Burgundy Cherry on Shoulder Length Locks

Deep Burgundy Cherry on Shoulder Length Hair
Instagram @rachelsmaneinterest

As the ray of sun hits your hair, the black cherry red color instantly shines through dark tresses. Mid-length hair adds charm to your already edgy dark cherry hair color.

Wild Black Cherry Hues

Wild Black Cherry Hues
Instagram @hairbylinzb

These wild black cherry hues are similar to that of cherry Kool-Aid. To avoid the black cherry color job looking flat, use two different colors of a violet red, (a base color balayaged into a slightly lighter shade of black cherry ends) to keep a lot of dimensions.

This black cherry hue is ideal for women wanting something a bit edgier. Even though it’s on the dark cherry spectrum, you still have to maintain this conservative color.

Dark to Light Cherry Ombre

Dark to Light Cherry Ombre
Instagram @_jayybeautyy_

In hairstylist lingo, this is considered a balayage-ombré, a gradual blending from one color hue to another. It’s ideal for women with virgin medium brown hair. Do a balayage-ombré to lift your hair to a medium blonde, then apply the black cherry hair color.

Add dark plum at the roots and black cherry at the ends, then blend the two together. If you are considering black cherry shades done through balayage or ombré-balayage, in general,  just do it!

Black cherry ombre is perfect for that ideal woman who wants something very low maintenance and can be adjusted to fit your color schemes, face shape, and persona. The great thing about this particular dark cherry trend is that it grows out so beautifully and doesn’t show lines of demarcations.

However, if you are considering doing black cherry hair color, it will eventually fade out after some washes. But all you need to do is book a color service for your next appointment instead of chemical service.

Chocolate Cherry Red

Chocolate Cherry Red
Instagram @midwestmelt

This chocolate cherry balayage is perfect for women who are working in a professional environment but are looking to shake things up a bit. It’s a subtle cherry hue on dark hair that is great for when you are looking to explore the world of fashion colors without the constant maintenance of vivid tones.

The layers in the cut work to frame the chocolate cherry hair color and curling it with a large barrel iron really showcases all the dimension of the hand-painted balayage. This shade of black cherry just goes really well with the layering and is very noticeable at the ends.

This black cherry hairstyle is perfect for women who are wanting to change up their look while keeping it subtle. The color is flattering on most skin tones, making it really versatile! Use a color-safe shampoo + conditioner like Kevin Murphy.

Black Cherry Coca Cola

This look is a black cherry cola hair color for sure! A rich black cherry blend of natural and fashion shades is perfect for that work-life balance!

Ask for lived-in or off base highlights (think balayage) so you have time to “grow in” your natural color. This way you won’t have to touch up your dark cherry highlights very often. Do a red gloss over everything to help with longevity to the red and added shine.

From here, it will be easy for you to go in for your normal 10-12 week haircut, and to add another quick red gloss (think 15 min) to revamp the red and add back the shine! The secret to keeping black cherry tones rich and vibrant is to keep it well maintained.

It’s super important to use a color-safe shampoo such as Matrix keep me vivid shampoo and conditioner. You’ll also want to invest in heat protection! This can come in a blowdry cream such as Biolage blowdry lotion (that has heat protection for up to 450 def for up to 4 days) or a spray such as Matrix style link heat buffer. Artificial reds tend to fade quickly with heat tools, hot showers, and incorrect shampoos, so it’s important to be mindful to keep the cherry coke hair color intact.