13 Impressive Black and Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Black and blonde hair colors

A black and blonde hair color is a combination of both blonde and black hues, usually as highlights on a black base. One word – contrast! A striking contrast is what you’ll own with the clashing brightness of these opposite colors.

If you’re looking to lighten your naturally dark to jet black strands, proper consultation and research are necessary because this can damage your hair. But, it is absolutely possible as long as you take care of those locks rightly!

Upkeep depends on how you want these colors to play. Highlights and ombres promise less maintenance compared to going full-on black with blonde.

Remarkably, this match can easily complement all complexions because you can choose which shade of blonde to pair with your black strands – ash, platinum, golden, honey, and a lot more! Just look at how marvelous supermodels Olivia Munn, Joan Smalls, and Ruby Rose did it!

Get the best of both worlds with this edgy trend! Below are the most popular looks on black and blonde hair!

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Short Black Hair with Blonde Highlights

Short Black Hair with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @stializedhairstudio

After asking for a nice, stacked chop, go in with black with blonde highlights. It definitely takes five years out while keeping that lady chicness and power.

Long Black and Blonde Hair

Long dark and Blonde Hair
Instagram @kristens_chair

A fantastical hair day to you brought by long locks and magnificent hair color. This black and blonde balayage job mimicked natural growth so well.

Black and Ash Blonde

Black and Ash Blonde Hair Color
Instagram @xcellent_jessie

Makes you look like you have natural grow out! A tint of gray neutralizes everything adding to the depth of the black and blonde hair.

Blonde Hair Weave

Blonde Hair Weave
Instagram @bthetrackmaster

Natural-pressed wigs are what we live for! The blonde and black weave coloring was done so seamlessly making bronde hair the new fashion statement.

Black and Blonde Box Braids

Black Box Braids
Instagram @braidsbyneishaa

Make the hive proud with this Beyonce-approved hair. Now you can rock your blonde hair with black roots without damaging your hair.

Black and Blonde Faux Locs

Faux Locs
Instagram @quita_j

Not only is this black and blonde hairstyle fashionable, but it also serves as protection to your natural hair. Combine sandy-ebony hues for that icing on top.

Black and Honey Blonde

Black and Honey Blonde Hair Color
Instagram @ambrosiacarey

Ever feel so good with that caramel drip? Now you can achieve your two-toned black and blonde hair goals.

Black and Blonde Ombre

Black and Blonde Ombre Hair Color
Instagram @lindseydoesbalayage

Colorist Lindsey combined these two ravishing colors for a low-maintenance black and blonde ombre hair color. Great for growing out long hair or making a statement with short hair.

Blonde Hair with Black Tips

Blonde Hair with Black Tips
Instagram @hair_activist

Put black and blonde on a different level with this kind of mix. Icy hair all over then get the stunning dark tips for a surprising change.

Black and Blonde Balayage

Black and Blonde Balayage Hair Color
Instagram @hair.by.karlee

Opposites really attract with a blonde and black balayage combo.

Half Black, Half Blonde Hair

Half Black, Half Blonde
Instagram @waveeybabyy

Q&A with style creator, Jess Louty
Owner @ Sweet Peach Hair Studio in Kennesaw, GA

How would you describe this look?

Having creative freedom is a must when it comes to achieving a half blonde, half black hair color like this. I love when my clients sit down and say “do something fun”. This Cruella de Vil look is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. My favorite thing about this is the versatility it allows you to have. Just styling alone can give you majority blonde or black hair, depending on how you wear it. Not to mention how simple it would be to throw a vivid color over the blonde for a completely different look. Blue, pink, green, you name it.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Consider maintenance with black blonde hair. Vivid and fun colors come with upkeep. If you’re someone who only likes to be in the salon every 6 months maybe look at a few different options. A color-safe shampoo and conditioner are key. Pair that with a UV and heat protectant leave-in conditioner and you’re good to go. My personal favorite is is Joico Luster Lock Spray.

Black and Platinum Blonde

Q&A with style creator, Sai Phetkhosa
Master Colorist / Pro Balayage Artist @ Hair by Sai Phetkhosa in Oak Creek, WI

How would you describe this look?

A lot of my clients have dark hair. The problem with the traditional balayage technique is you always end up with a brassy transition shade. We achieve this look by utilizing a foilayage technique which create a high contrast dark to light finish with no brassy transition shade. I used GuyTang Mydentity color to schedule the result.

These black and blonde hues remind me of Storm from X-men, almost like the night storm and lighting. For her cut, she has long layers to create slight movement not taking away from the color, finishing off with loose beach wave for the perfect effortless style.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look is ideal for pretty much anyone age. My client loves this look because they only have to save me twice a year. Although I recommend that the client come in every 6 weeks to get toner or gloss to keep their hair color vibrant. This color is ideal for medium to thick hair. A client with thin hair is able to achieve to similar look, but maybe less of contrast.

Thin hair tends to be fragile taking it this light. I always recommend my client using a professional product. I always send my client home with Guy Tang Mydentity Myconfidant securing shampoo and conditioner. For styling, I send them home with Mydentity Myhairlube hair serum to keep their hair lubricated before brushing out or styling and to finish their styling and hold I recommend Mydentity Mycontrol hairspray.

Short Black and Blonde Hair

Q&A with style creator, Casey Mims
Hair Specialist @ Just B Hair Salon in Duluth, GA

How would you describe this look?

This look is a modern twist to a pixie cut. Keeping more length to the front of the face. Because this cut is undercut to her recession point, we left her natural color exposed. Throughout the top and crown, we chose to go with a heavy foiling pattern to give her maximum blonde, which works great with her skin tone and eye color.

The greatest thing about this cut is its versatility to be able to style in different ways. Anyone who wears short hair can sometimes get bored, whereas this gives you options of either side parting, pompadour type, and even braiding back or to the side.

Any advice for someone considering it?

There are so many options to blonde and black hair. The greatest thing about this is that it can work with most face shapes and most hair types, including curly (with a few tweaks). It lives in the fun, flirty, but can also work for a conservative look as well. Super easy when it comes to styling, as your blow dry time is maybe 10 minutes with two of my all-time favorite products from Redken, Guts and Rough Paste.

Hot tip – buy a silk pillowcase and you could an extra day wear out of this style as well which is tough for us short hair girls.