19 Flattering Beige Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Every Skin Tone

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Beige blonde hair is a neutral blonde color that is more pale and sandy. This means it’s not too golden or over-toned ash so it works with almost all skin tones.

Justine Petrucci, a lived-in colorist from California, shares vital tips about the look. Applying an Olaplex at home, before and after the session, will keep your mane strong and healthy. She adds, “Get a haircut to dust the ends after lightening to make the color look fresh.”

Like the other lighter hair colors, beige blonde requires maintenance to prolong its glossiness. Petrucci suggests coming to the salon every two months for touch-ups. A care routine at home, such as washing your locks with a purple shampoo, would also benefit the color.

“Oftentimes, using purple shampoo at home can over pigment the hair. Try mixing it with a regular shampoo to dilute,” the hair artist advises.

Ready to go brighter this time? Here are pictures of the trendiest beige blonde hair color ideas for your inspiration!

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Sun-kissed light beige blonde hair color
Instagram @peachstockholm

#1: Sun-Kissed Light Beige Blonde

Flaunt a long, sun-kissed color to match your glam. Finish it with soft waves to bring out dimension in this light beige blonde hairstyle.

Perfect Champagne Blonde hair color
Instagram @aerysalon_levi

#2: Perfect Champagne Blonde

A champagne blonde is a perfect compliment to cool and neutral skin tones. This blonde shade combines warm and cool tones to create a beautiful cool neutral shade. Expect to be in the salon every 6-8 weeks for toners and root touch-ups.

Warm beige hair for older women
Instagram @jaezhairstudio

#3: Warm Beige Hair for Older Women

If you’re an older woman, warm beige hair helps hide your grey with the extra warmth but slightly muted so it doesn’t get too brassy. It’s a beautiful shade if you want to go lighter to brighten up your face.

Magical beige blonde hair with highlights
Instagram @samcheevs

#4: Magical Beige Blonde and Highlights

Proof that a beige blonde hue and highlights can do magic side by side. It’ll make your long tresses full of life as it carries out brightness and warmth to your style. Go for a layered haircut to create more volume and texture, as well.

#5: Dimensional Beige Platinum Blonde

A beige platinum blonde is an exceptional addition to a previous balayage hair color. Hair length that stops above the chest is ideal when you’re longing for a side-parted and wavy style.

#6: Gorgeous Beige Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Play with some beige blonde highlights on your dark brown hair, and it’ll give you what you want and more. The lighter streaks create a warmer vibe, resulting in a more dimensional illusion. With soft curls at the tips of your long tresses, this will be the balayage of your dreams!

Bold Beige Ash Blonde Hair
Instagram @salon.sessions

#7: Bold Beige Ash Blonde Hair

A beige ash blonde hair has a neutral hue that works on all lengths of hair. If you’re into minimalist and true aesthetic beauty, it’ll please you. The movement looks flawless and goes well with your smooth, long tresses.

amazing beige highlights on dark blonde hair
Instagram @hairbylace

#8: Amazing Beige Highlights on Dark Blonde Hair

If you’ve been a blonde babe forever, jazzing things up with balayage is what you should try next. Rock some beige blonde highlights on your dark blonde hair to transform your look. Add beach waves to your long hair for a movement illusion.

Stunning Short Beige Blonde Hair
Instagram @hairby.vivi

#9: Stunning Short Beige Blonde Hair

Pull off an elegant short beige blonde hairstyle with waves that let your natural color blend in as time flies by. Style creator Vivi of Noja Hair and Beauty points out how to maintain such blonde color. She advises getting a toner or gloss after the balayage to melt it down, and for longer, softer grow outs.

Yummy honey beige blonde hair
Instagram @kt_does_hair

#10: Yummy Honey Beige Blonde

Lighten your locks with a honey beige blonde hue. It offers a classic beauty that goes well with your mid-length haircut.

Effortless Dark to Light Beige Blonde Ombre
Instagram @pariserdem

#11: Effortless Dark to Light Beige Blonde Ombre

A dark to light beige blonde ombre allows you to manage your grown-out strands like a piece of cake. The payoff is it makes you look sassy, and you can pull it off on your long, straight hair.

Fashionable Dark Hair with Beige Blonde Highlights
Instagram @jimberlydang

#12: Fashionable Dark Hair with Beige Blonde Highlights

Dark hair paired with blonde highlights is about to make an impact! Wear this fashionable light beige color with your voluminous, long mane to ginger up your style. Babylights form fine lines of brightness to add shine to your locks.

#13: Trendy Medium Beige Blonde

Can’t decide between a warmer or cooler tone? Try a medium beige blonde color to class up your long mane. If you’re not blessed with natural texture, adding additional waves can make it better.

Impressive beige golden blonde hair
Instagram @laila.wella

#14: Impressive Beige Golden Blonde

Make a great impression by slaying a beige golden blonde. A subdued dimension is visible with its smudged-looking roots. Style your medium-length cut with soft waves at the ends to frame your face.

Low-Maintenance Beige Blonde Balayage
Instagram @styledbypaiges

#15: Low-Maintenance Beige Blonde Balayage

Try a beige blonde balayage that will flatter your fair skin! Opt for this shade if you want to add a dimensional illusion to your hair. Parting it in the middle while showing off long layers adds excitement to your overall look.

beige blonde highlights on brown hair
Instagram @lauren_scallan

#16: Flattering Beige Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

These flattering beige blonde highlights on brown hair achieve a natural-looking edge. With cool beach waves on your long mane, the outcome will wow everyone who gets a glimpse of it.

#17: Stylish Curly Beige Blonde Hair

Defined kinks are the best canvas when paired with a gorgeous beige and curly blonde hair. Its round shape forms better when the length doesn’t go past beyond your shoulders.

#18: Sweet Beige Lowlights in Blonde Hair

Give your look a new shine with beige lowlights in your blonde hair. Nothing beats how much fuller your mid-length, dense mane turns out when paired with a darker tone. Add subtle waves to your locks, not only for extra style but also for an added glowing effect.

#19: Classic Beige Strawberry Blonde

It isn’t too light or too dark, but has just enough richness of a reddish tone to get yourself a new hairstyle! Get ready for a beige strawberry blonde that grants you a taste of a flirtatious vibe. Smooth and subtle waves are guaranteed to manifest the V shape of your mid-length chop.

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