100+ Balayage Hair Color Ideas for Women

If you’re looking for pictures of some of the best balayage hair color ideas, then you’re in the right place. Balayage is a hair coloring technique that results in a very natural and dimension hair color. Creating a balayage requires extensive training, so please work with an experienced hair colorist.

Gorgeous grey balayage ideas
Grey hair can become coarse over time, so why not add a balayage to your hair to embrace your color?
Most enchanting bronde balayage ideas
Bronde is already a gorgeous hair color, but when you add it to a balayage technique, it's amazing!
Balayage short hair
Get ready to give your hair an easy make over by just adding these gorgeous hand-painted highlights.
Blonde balayage hair colors
Check out some of this season's most popular balayage ideas to brighten up your brunette hair or add dimension to your already blonde strands.
Balayage for women with curly hair
Curly hair is an amazing texture. Adding a balayage to it can amp up your style and vibe!
Best balayage black hair
Come see how you can breathe new life into your deep black hair!
Stunning auburn balayage hair colors
Balayage is already beautiful, but add an auburn tone to it for a surprising sexy, and alluring hair color!
Balayage on medium-length hair
Mid-length hair looks even better when paired with a balayage. See more here!
Blonde balayage on dark brown hair
Dark brunettes should consider adding a blonde balayage to their hair to amp up their style.
Prettiest blue balayage
Balayage is beautiful. Having blue hair is an amazing way to explore this hair trendy!
Copper balayage
Balayage is a beautiful way to showcase your amazing copper hair color. Give it a try!
Balayage hair colors
Amp up your boring hair color with a balayage!
Purple balayage hair
It's no secret that balayage is beautiful. If you're looking to change your style a little bit, consider going for a purple hue.
Pictures of popular balayage dark brown hair colors
Considering trying the undisputedly most favored coloring style of the decade? Click here to learn how to make it work for dark hair.
Red balayage hair colors
If you're mad for a literally hot hair color, look through these trendsetting looks right at this moment!
Medium Blonde Balayage
Amp up your blonde hair with this amazing, dimensional balayage color.
Rose gold balayage ideas for women
Rose gold isn't just for jewelry! It can be an amazing hair color, too. Pair it with a balayage for a dimensional, sexy style.
Pink balayage ideas for women
Go for a balayage that has a bit of a pink tint to it to really bring our your features and skin tones.
Brown and blonde balayage ideas
Opt for a blonde and brown balayage for your next color service.
Red balayage on brown hair
Looking to spice up your brown locks? Check out our article on the hottest shades and techniques for red balayage on brown hair!
Prettiest chocolate brown balayage
Chocolate colored hair pairs beautifully with a good balayage.
Dark blonde balayage ideas for women
Balayage and blonde hair go hand in hand, especially for darker blondes. See why here!
Most attractive blonde balayage on straight hair
Straight hair can have dimension, too. Just add a blonde balayage to it!
Lovely balayage with bangs
Pair balayage hair colors with fringe for a trendy look!
Stunning icy blonde balayage ideas
Icy blondes should add a balayage to their hair to really glow up.
Mushroom brown balayage ideas
Mushroom brown hair colors are already gorgeous, so why not amp it up with a balayage? It's even more beautiful!!
Warm blonde balayage hair coloring ideas
Warm blondes are already gorgeous, so why not add another layer of dimension with a balayage?
Caramel brown balayage hair ideas
Caramel brown is already beautiful, but adding it to a balayage will amp up your hairstyle game!
Gorgeous ash brown balayage ideas
If you love balayage techniques, you should talk to your colorist about an ash brown hue.
Beautiful burgundy balayage idea
Burgundy hair color is already beautiful, but if you add a balayage painting technique to it, you'll create an amazing beautiful hair color.
Dirty blonde balayage ideas
Dirty blondes know all about the ease of having multi-colored hair. So why not pair it with a balayage?
Best balayage for long hair ideas
Balayage can look good on any length of hair. However, it's always at its best when hair is long.
Loveliest caramel balayage on black hair
Caramel balayage looks great on all tones of hair but especially looks great on black hair. See more here!
Honey blonde balayage
Balayage can work wonders for your hair during your growth stage. Adding a honey blonde hue will lighten your hair and show off its dimension.
Best balayage highlights
See these luscious balayage highlights for your regular hair inspo!
Ash blonde balayage hair colors
Contemplating about your next style change-up? See why light and natural-looking strands are what it's all about now.
Caramel balayage hair colors
Try not to crave something sweet after looking at this gorgeous caramel hued balayage highlights!
Partial balayage
Partially balayage your hair for instant dimension!
Balayage brown hair colors
Take a look at these stunning ways to get a brunette balayage!
The best balayage straight hair color ideas
Looking to add an edge onto your perfectly straight strands? See how a balayage can do it for you.
Reverse balayage
Balayage is already amazing, but reversing is even cooler. See why!
Platinum blonde balayage hairstyles
Blonde balayage is one thing. Amp up your hair color by going platinum blonde for the best results!
Strawberry Blonde Balayage
Red balayage looks even better with a soft strawberry blonde hue.