Popular Balayage Hair Color Ideas

If you’re looking for pictures of some of the best balayage hair color ideas, then you’re in the right place. Balayage is a hair coloring technique that results in a very natural and dimension hair color. Creating a balayage requires extensive training, so please work with an experienced hair colorist.

Blonde balayage hair colors
Check out some of this season's most popular balayage ideas to brighten up your brunette hair or add dimension to your already blonde strands.
Balayage short hair
Get ready to give your hair an easy make over by just adding these gorgeous hand-painted highlights.
Balayage brown hair colors
Get a stunning brunette look with one of these gorgeous hand-painted color combos.
Strawberry Blonde Balayage
Red balayage looks even better with a soft strawberry blonde hue.
Partial balayage
Partially balayage your hair for instant dimension!
Ash blonde balayage hair colors
Contemplating about your next style change-up? See why light and natural-looking strands are what it's all about now.
The best balayage straight hair color ideas
Looking to add an edge onto your perfectly straight strands? See how a balayage can do it for you.
Pictures of popular balayage dark brown hair colors
Considering trying the undisputedly most favored coloring style of the decade? Click here to learn how to make it work for dark hair.
Red balayage hair colors
If you're mad for a literally hot hair color, look through these trendsetting looks right at this moment!
Best balayage highlights
See these luscious balayage highlights for your regular hair inspo!
Best balayage black hair
Come see how you can breathe new life into your deep black hair!
Balayage dark hair
Craving for a dramatic change without too much stress in maintenance for your hair? Consider one of these captivating balayage looks on dark hair that will definitely please you well.
Caramel balayage hair colors
Try not to crave something sweet after looking at this gorgeous caramel hued balayage highlights!