30 Stunning Ways to Balayage Long Hair

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

#1: Bright Red Balayage with Dark Roots

A bright red balayage with dark roots is a great way to try out gem or fashion tones if you have dark hair! This vibrant red hue is not only fun but also a fashion tone. This tone requires less lightening than other colors. Usually, this kind of look is achieved by applying a full balayage highlight, then rinsing, drying, and applying a mixed ruby red stain from root to tip. Rinse your newly colored hair with color-safe shampoo and conditioner. This helps to preserve the new color in your hair.

#2: Strawberry Blonde on Soft Wavy Hair

Elevate your style with a chic and sophisticated look. Opt for a strawberry blonde balayage color on soft wavy hair. The warm and vibrant tones of strawberry blonde add a touch of femininity to your appearance. The soft waves complement the color beautifully, creating a seamless and natural look. Consult with your stylist to get the perfect color and wave definition balance that suits your style.

Long Cappuccino Balayage Hair Color
Instagram @romeufelipe

#3: Cappuccino Balayage

The color shades of coffee are simply stunning! When I apply hair color, I isolate the brighter parts with foil. This prevents darker root color from mixing with fresh, bright spots and keeps the color right.

#4: Subtle Balayage for Stick-Straight Hair

Are you ready to add sparkle to your long hair? If so, think about getting a subtle balayage for stick-straight hair. This style is an excellent choice. It adds bright details but does not need a lot of upkeep. Stop split ends and keep your color vibrant between highlights. Visit your stylist every 10-12 weeks for a toner and a trim. Remember to use a leave-in conditioner or a heat guard like Eleven’s Miracle Hair Treatment. That way, your hair stays healthy with the best results at home.

#5: Light Brown Balayage Hair

If your goal is blonde highlights on a light brown base, you should ask for blonde balayage. Facial framing ribbons are also a good option. The stylist can use foil or paint by hand while using seran. The choice depends on the desired lightness and the stylist’s recommendation.

#6: Very Long Chocolate Brown Waves for Dark Hair

Go for a very long dark chocolate brown balayage wavy hairstyle. A dimensional brown will have different tones of brown for pops of color. They create depth in those darker tones. A balayage will create these lighter pieces to tone into the perfect browns. Adding waves will show off the color with the twists and bends that reflect light.

Dimensional Bronde Color Melt with Long Balayage Chunky Waves and Choppy Ends
Instagram @goldduststyles

#7: Dimensional Bronde Color Melt with Chunky Waves

A dimensional bronde color with chunky waves is on trend and low maintenance. The smudge at the roots blends your natural color into the lightened ends to create a seamless blend. The blend allows you to go longer between touch-ups because it grows naturally. Ask your stylist to keep larger pieces of your natural color in the hair. It will create dimension while creating a bold pop of brightness in the blonde. Create waves using a 1 1/4 inch or 1 1/2 inch barrel and alternate curling toward and away from the face. Then brush out for a wave instead of a curl.

Beige Blonde Money Piece and Balayage Highlights for Chest-Length Black Hair
Instagram @colorbymarina

#8: Beige Blonde Money Piece and Highlights for Black Hair

Get a beige blonde money piece and highlights for your black hair. Brunettes and balayage mingle well together with a caramel tones blonde. Give your warm complexion brightness with a money piece that compliments your face shape.

#9: Light Ash Brown Long Hair

If you have long hair, a balayage can be your best friend. You won’t need all those beach foils, and when painting, you get blending ribbons from root to end. Painting and joining pieces together will give you that traveling color. Try adding a little ask to your color to balance out any orange notes.

#10: Chunky Balayage with Long Feathery Layers

Achieve a stylish and beautiful look with chunky balayage and long feathery layers. The chunky balayage technique adds depth and dimension to your hair. The long feathery layers create movement and texture. Ask your stylist to blend the chunky balayage colors for a nice transition. This mix of colors and layers creates a stylish, beautiful hairstyle that will turn heads. Embrace the versatility of this look by trying different styling options. Trust your stylist’s expertise in creating a chunky balayage.

Long Golden Bronde Balayage Hair
Instagram @kluxehairr_

#11: Long Golden Bronde Hair

Get a classy look with long golden bronde balayage hair. The blend of golden and blonde tones creates a versatile color that suits various skin tones. The base color sets the foundation for the golden bronde hues. This provides depth and richness to the overall look. The long length allows for endless styling options. Wear it sleek and straight or with loose waves or voluminous curls. Embrace the elegance of this hairstyle and let your golden bronde locks make a statement.

Caramel Balayage with Long Waves for Long Hair
Instagram @ryleeheyzahair

#12: Caramel Balayage with Long Waves

Achieve a stunning and trendy look with caramel balayage and long waves. The caramel tones add warmth and dimension to your hair. This creates a beautiful contrast against your base color. The long waves add movement and texture, enhancing the appeal of the hairstyle. Embrace this trendy look and turn heads with caramel balayage and long waves.

#13: Long Blonde Balayage with Feathered Layers for Dark Hair

Feathered layers with a long blonde balayage are perfect for dark hair. The blonde balayage for dark hair is gorgeous and soft. To achieve a striking blonde, you might need more salon visits. Typically, balayage is soft and enhances hair lift. If you prefer a cooler shade, you will need multiple sessions and toning.

Warm Ombre Balayage Highlights on Long Dark Brown Hair
Instagram @hair.dream___

#14: Warm Balayage Highlights on Long Dark Brown Hair

Try warm balayage highlights if you want to brighten up your long hair but still want to keep the maintenance low. Ask your stylist for a warm, honey tone.

Long-Length Dimensional Blonde Balayage with Soft Waves
Instagram @hair.by.aprilschouten

#15: Long-Length Dimensional Blonde with Soft Waves

Try adding highlights and soft waves to your long-length, medium-brown hair. You’ll get a dimensional blonde perfect for any season. Dimensional color tends to be lower maintenance. This is because leaving your natural base color between highlights gives a softer growth.

#16: Golden Balayage and Beach Waves

Get that “expensive” hair look with a golden balayage & beach waves. The golden, sandy toner gives surfer girl vibes all around. Ask your stylist for minimal baby lights in the top layer and balayage throughout the ends. It will help you achieve the ultimate low-maintenance blonde.

Waist-Length Rooted Honey Blonde Balayage Hair
Instagram @viva_lahair

#17: Waist-Length Rooted Honey Blonde Hair

You can be brunette and bright blonde, all in the same head of hair. In my professional opinion, a gold honey blonde is gorgeous and natural when lightening darker hair. It creates a balance of tones without looking overly superficial. Balayage techniques soften the overall placement and grow out of this color.

Mid Back Icy Blonde Balayage Hair with Root Melt
Instagram @keiki_anna

#18: Icy Blonde Balayage with Root Melt

Opt for an icy blonde balayage with a root melt. When you have had a lot of highlights, they tend to blend together into an almost solid looking blonde. You can create a rooted low-maintenance color to blend this in with a few months of re-growth. Try balayage highlights to blend and a root melt to create that seamless blend through the levels of color from dark to platinum.

Longer Brown Balayage Wavy Hair with Lighter Ends
Instagram @d_style_beauty

#19: Long Brown Waves with Lighter Ends

Ask about long wavy brown hair color with lighter ends. Try a balayage if you’re looking for brightness but with a low-maintenance option. It only incorporates the mid-lengths through the ends. This will keep the lightness away from the roots and will grow to look sunkissed. A color melt is helpful to achieve this color. It can help blend old highlights growing out into this color style.

Dark Brown Balayage with Waist-Length Loose Curls
Instagram @vito_cifarelli

#20: Dark Brown Balayage with Loose Curls

Go for a dark brown balayage with loose curls. A balayage on a darker hair level of 4 and below will pull the most red-orange undertones. So you will want to tone with a medium brown to balance the undertones and create dimension. It’s fun to curl balayage hair because it shows off all of the pretty tones you can achieve with lightening.

#21: Warm Ash Blonde and Brown Roots

Creating an ombré balayage will give you depth at the root and brightness through the ends. A perfect low-maintenance blonde. Low-maintenance means some gloss treatments to tone and shine the hair every 10 weeks. You may also need highlight touch-ups every 3-4 months.

Glossy Brunette Balayage for Long-Length Curled Hair
Instagram @lordhairsalon

#22: Glossy Brunette Balayage for Long-Length Hair

Try a glossy brunette balayage if you are looking for a natural-looking color for your long hair! This color is soft and natural against your overall color.

Dark-Rooted Creamy Blonde Balayage on Long Layered Hair
Instagram @hairby.vannessa

#23: Dark-Rooted Creamy Blonde on Long-Layered Hair

Give this dark-rooted creamy blonde on long layered hair a try! This color and cut combination is sultry and beautiful.

Long-Length Mocha Balayage Hair with Thick Waves
Instagram @salonyamaguchi

#24: Mocha Balayage Hair with Thick Waves

Try a mocha balayage if you are looking to add a subtle dimension to your thick hair. This color is seamless without chunky streaks.

Middle-parted Deep Mahogany Balayage Hair with Long Voluminous Waves
Instagram @zoliloveshair

#25: Deep Mahogany Hair with Long Voluminous Waves

Try a deep mahogany color with long, voluminous waves for a modern look. This gorgeous look would be great on fine or thick hair and easy to style daily.

Long-Length Light Brown Hair with Rose Gold Balayage
Instagram @hairinksydney

#26: Light Brown Hair with Rose Gold Balayage

Try this light brown hair with rose gold balayage. This color is very blended with undertones that pull the whole color together.

Dark-Rooted Sandy Blonde Balayage Highlights and Wispy Bangs for Lengthy Locks
Instagram @hasantunbul

#27: Sandy Blonde Highlights and Wispy Bangs

Ask about a sandy blonde highlight and wispy bangs. Ask your stylist for a balayage if you want soft, diffused highlights. This will create ribbons of blonde and look like it’s naturally growing out from your head. Toning with a sandy blonde will give you muted gold notes of color. They’re great for warm complexions who want the beachy blonde.

Waist-Length Dark Brunette Hair with Blonde Partial Balayage
Instagram @prisxillahair

#28: Dark Brunette with Blonde Partial Balayage

The blend on this brunette with a partial blonde balayage is beautiful! With the seamless color, the grow-out will be much softer. The balayage color technique is also low-maintenance.

#29: Sleek Long Platinum Blonde Hair

A sleek, long platinum blonde hair color is gorgeous. A platinum foilyage with tipped-out blonde is for those with natural level 7 and above. A fresh way to blend your hair after being solid platinum would be to add a balayage through the regrowth areas. Then, they’ll blend into a more saturated mid-length and end. My professional eye see’s these two scenarios with this color choice.

#30: Sun-Kissed Balayage with Soft Curls

Getting highlights can mean a variety of color options. If you’re looking for a subtle effect, try a sun-kissed balayage. This creates softness in the color and only lifts 3-5 levels above your natural color. Adding soft curls with a curling iron will show off your dimensional color and give you beachy vibes.

Interested in giving your long locks a stunning upgrade? Dive into the art of balayage – a subtle coloring technique that breathes life into your tresses. Who better to walk you through the process than the hair expert, Cori McCann? Blending years of experience with a deep understanding of color, Cori shares valuable tips, advice, and user-friendly guides to help you achieve that sun-kissed look.

Meet The Expert

Cori McCann
Cori McCann
Cori is an educator & stylist with more than 10 years of experience.
You can find Cori at Luna Loft Salon in Knoxville, TN.

Best Color Picks for Major Skin Tones

McCann explains, “Balayage is typically related to being a slight shift brighter than your natural color,” keeping that sun-kissed effect. Balayage has been broadened with a range of tone variations available. Cori adds, “It now refers more to the color application than the color itself.” When speaking about customization, she elaborates, “I love using this method with a pop of vivid colors or reds and coppers.”

Maintenance Tips for Long Balayage Hair

For maintaining balayage, Cori brings our attention to the color type chosen. For a natural hue, she suggests utilizing purple shampoo to maintain the color’s integrity, specifically recommending Amika purple shampoo. Another great tip? “Booking a gloss in between appointments,” she advises. She also mentions the negative impact of the sun on your color, stating, “Hair naturally turns warm over time due to sun exposure.” But fear not, McCann knows exactly how to combat this. “Use purple shampoo and potentially schedule a gloss with your stylist,” she recommends.

For those who have chosen a more vivid or color-specific balayage, she advises using color-locking products. Cori recommends Gemstone shampoo and conditioner by R & Co, and a color bomb, especially mixed by your stylist.

Consultation Tips with Your Colorist or Stylist

Deciding on the right balayage shade starts with honest discussions with your stylist. McCann reveals a common issue where clients bring a goal photo that doesn’t match their base color. She advises you to ask your stylist how to achieve a similar look with your base color, to fully benefit from the balayage’s “lived-in” and “sun-kissed” effect.

She also warns of the initial cost of the color job. “It’s good to know that the initial cost will be more due to the time and education required to execute this well,” she admits. But she quickly adds on a happier note, “You will be spending less in the long term due to minimal required appointments.”

Pictures of the Hottest Balayage for Long Hair