Here’s The Best Way to Get Balayage for Curly Hair

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

#1: Burnt Caramel Balayage Hair

Choose the popular caramel balayage hair color if you want a warmer and brighter look for your hairstyle. The caramel balayage style uses a darker base with golden highlights. It’s popular because it fits all hair types and skin tones. With a skilled hairstylist, you can achieve the caramel balayage look you’ve always wanted. For best results, book a full highlight every 4-6 months. You should also get trims and gloss treatments every 8 weeks. This will keep your hair healthy and your color vibrant.

#2: Brunette Balayage for Curls

Are you looking to add some brightness to your curls with a brunette balayage? This balayage gives your curls a luxurious chocolatey highlight. A seasoned professional crafts it by hand on your natural dark base. It uses a gentle lightening process with a gloss to add shine and even the color tone. Best of all, it won’t harm your natural hair. For best results, prebook a trim and a toner every 12 weeks. This will keep your balayage fresh and vibrant.

Dirty Blonde Curly Balayage for long hair
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#3: Dirty Blonde Curly Balayage

Considering getting a balayage? Let’s discuss how light you want your hair and what tone you prefer. Remember to consider your natural hair color and willingness to maintain the upkeep. Hair that is lightened will always fade to a warm tone. Discuss this issue with your stylist before selecting a toner.

#4: Dark Curls with Hints of Blonde

If you wish to try highlights but are unsure about full blond hair, you may go for dark hair with blonde streaks. Keep in mind that terms such as ‘accent highlight’ or ‘partial’ may have different meanings at each salon when you make an appointment. If unsure about the meaning of these terms at your salon, request extra time for a thorough consultation.

#5: Rezo Cut Balayaged Curls

Consider a rezo cut with balayage highlights if you have long curly hair and want a subtle change. Balayage is a hair color technique where highlights are painted onto your curls. This gives a natural, layered effect. Warm, caramel-toned highlights can give you a sun-kissed look. However, if you want a more natural finish, go for cooler, ash-toned highlights. The top benefit of balayage highlights is their low maintenance. As they grow out, the look stays smooth and seamless. Plus, they pair well with many different skin tones and hair types. To further enhance the depth of your curls, think about adding strategically placed lowlights. However, avoid overdoing the highlights, as this can give your curls an uneven texture.

Beautiful Dirty Blonde Balayage for Curls
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#6: Beautiful Dirty Blonde Balayage for Curls

Consider a beautiful dirty blonde balayage to help your curls have a soft and effortless look. The subtle tones blend together to create a natural and sun-kissed effect. This hair color suits skin tones with warm undertones. It also looks stunning when contrasted with darker complexions. To get the balayage, ask your colorist to create a seamless blend of caramel and honey tones. These tones will enlighten your hair subtly without appearing too drastic. This style is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance but stylish hair color.

#7: High Contrasted Curly Balayage

Each head of curly hair is unique, so no single hair coloring method works for all. In my extensive experience, high-contrast balayage is the most popular for curly hair because it adds dimension.

#8: Dark Rose Gold Balayage

If you are looking for a more lived-in, contrasted look for your curly hair, a rooted ombré is the perfect choice. The rooted ombré will give you beautiful highlighted ends and dark roots. I suggest asking your colorist to create this effect by hand painting the highlights. For hair upkeep, use a sulfate-free shampoo and regularly trim your split ends. Round off with a light serum or oil on your wet curls for more shine and control. Give my favored product, Davines Ol Oil No 7, a try!

#9: Classy & Sassy Red Balayage Curls

A vibrant, dimensional auburn color is perfect for your thick ringlet curls. The bold red hues define your curls and help maintain a natural look. This color is also helpful for adding depth to thicker hair. The multiple shades of this color blend seamlessly with the hair’s natural tones, achieving an effortless look.

#10: Neutral Blonde On Brown Hair

Neutral curly hair with balayage highlights is sure to turn heads! Allow your stylist to pick a color that matches your skin tone, allowing you to look fabulous with or without makeup. If you have an olive skin tone, try a neutral to soft ash color it will brighten your skin without blending in! Avoid going too light with the hair color. A natural tone adds some depth and ensures your color lasts longer!

#11: Brunette Balayage for Tight Curls

Curly-haired ladies, look no further for your next color choice! Balayage is an amazing fit when lightening tight curls—just hand paint where that lightness will lay to enhance your dark brown curly hair. Ask for a stylist well-versed in curls. It takes an expert eye to see where that hair will lay and live with a new color. The best color pairing for curly hair color ideas is rich and tone-on-tone. This will keep your hair healthy and shining in all the right ways.

Light Blonde Balayage for Mid Back-Length Layered Curly Hair
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#12: Light Blonde Balayage for Mid Back-Length Layered Hair

A mid-back-length layered haircut shines with a light blonde balayage. Balayage helps to show off the gorgeous curls. Curly hair always looks dimensional when there are highlights. My favorite technique for a light blonde on my clients is using the k18 molecular hair treatment. I use it before and after highlighting. It maintains the integrity of the hair so the curls will still be bouncy and shiny.

#13: Curly Highlights

Did you know this look is done by painting a lightener around the natural curl pattern of your hair? It’s a great way to add dimension without compromising your curls! To ensure long-lasting color, you should use a color-safe shampoo. Try Redken’s Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo. This helps to maintain vibrancy between salon visits. This is a special technique for curly hair; only some stylists know how to achieve this look. So ask around for recommendations and see who is popular in your area!

Golden Balayage Highlights on Curly Dark Brunette Hair
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#14: Golden Highlights on Curly Dark Brunette Hair

The perfect accent for dark brunette curly hair is golden highlights. Ask your stylist for curly hair balayage or teased highlights to achieve this sun-kissed look. Ensure they use a bonder in the lightener to prevent damage, like Olaplex no. 1. This product will keep your curls healthy and strong.

#15: Short Layered Curly Hair with Subtle Pops of Honey

Pops of honey make this short curly layered hair stand out. But it remains subtle and natural. The soft dimension brings out the movement of the curls. And it still maintains a sun-kissed look that you can wear.

Mocha Caramel Balayage Swirls on Brunette Curls
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#16: Mocha Caramel Swirls on Brunette Curls

Brunette curls look amazing with mocha caramel swirls throughout the tresses. The curly hair highlights with warm hues look great on women with darker skin tones and brown eyes. And it will accentuate textured hair nicely.

#17: Summer Highlights on Spiral Curly Hair

Nothing brings out the details of spiral curly hair more than bright highlights. The bright pieces allow you to see each curl and make them pop. To maintain highlights like this on darker hair, it’s best to use a purple toning mask. Pravana has “the perfect blonde” toning mask to keep the blonde icy and eliminate any brass.

Dimensional Light Brown and Blonde Balayage on Loose Curls
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#18: Dimensional Light Brown and Blonde on Loose Curls

For a fresh take on loose curls, try a dimensional light brown and blonde combo of color. Ash blonde looks great on short curly hair with balayage. It’s great for women with most skin tones. Especially if you have a lot of pink undertones, to achieve this highlighted light brown curly hair, ask your stylist for a free-form painting for a nice melt of color starting at your natural root.

#19: Mid-Length Curls with Ginger Brown Balayage Ombre

It’s the perfect time for ginger brown balayage ombre. Hair painting has a beautiful effect. Lighten towards the midshaft and through the ends. Balayage on naturally curly hair is a low-maintenance style. But you will need more appointments to keep the gingery hue fresh.

Shoulder-Length Kinky Hair with Bright Cinnamon Balayage Highlights
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#20: Shoulder-Length Kinky Hair with Bright Cinnamon Highlights

Cinnamon highlights create a warm hue on shoulder-length kinky hair. Afro-textured hair should be lifted slowly and gently. That way, it stays healthy. Stylists should use 20 to 25 volume developers for the best results. Lift to a dark yellow to perfect the bright cinnamon highlights for curly hair. Or, for red or burgundy, lift to a light red.

V-Cut Bronde Curls on Balayage Dark Hair
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#21: V-Cut Bronde Curls on Dark Hair

Have the best of both worlds with V-cut bronde curls on dark hair. If you have dark hair, consider giving your mane a fresh color. The natural technique of a sweeping balayage will give your locks a bright pop of color. A curly balayage is always in style and blends nicely into your beautiful tendrils.

Warm Blonde Balayage Curls on Dark Brown Hair

#22: Warm Blonde Curls on Dark Brown Hair

Try the perfect shade to brighten your dark brown hair with warm blonde curls. A warm blonde hair color will bring your dark hair to life. Curly hair with blonde balayage will look natural and have depth. These balayage hair color ideas for curly hair will brighten your locks and give your skin a warm glow.

Light Auburn Tones on Curly Balayage Hair
Instagram @ana_eoscachos

#23: Light Auburn Tones on Curly Balayage Hair

Give your hair love and try auburn tones on your highlights curly hair. Balayage on curly hair looks seamless and gives your hair shine. Plus, it’s low-maintenance. Visit your salon every couple of months to keep your warm tones fresh.

#24: Sun-Kissed Balayage with Long Tousled Curls

When my curly-haired clients want to change their color, I recommend balayage. It will change the entire look while still being soft and natural. When you opt for balayage highlights on curly hair, they accent each tendril. So you do have to plan where that hair is going to live. For example, I always use a diagonal section for the pieces in front so you’re hitting more length of the hair. Ensure all hair is healthy and shiny with great treatment, as there is nothing worse than a brittle curl at the end.

Long Naturally Curly Hair with Balayage Blonde Accents

#25: Long Naturally Curly Hair with Blonde Accents

Look truly unique with long, naturally curly hair with blonde accents. Give your natural dark brown color an upgrade with a seamless balayage. Ribbons of bold sandy blonde will give your brunette hair lots of dimensions. Curly blonde balayage is always in style and is a great low-maintenance color.

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#26: Spiral Curls with Medium Blonde Highlights

Medium blonde highlights bring spiral curls to life. A warm shade like caramel will compliment blonde balayage on curly hair perfectly. Ask your stylist for light and dark creamy tones to enhance your skin tone and make your eyes pop.

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Deep Copper Streaks on Curly Black Balayage Hair
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#27: Deep Copper Streaks on Curly Black Hair

Tendrils of tightly coiled black hair needing a color change should look at balayage. Balayage on black curly hair softens your look while allowing for seamless grow out. The curl flows in circles. The color goes from dark to light. For products, use a frizz cream and shine oil to keep your color looking polished and hydrated.

Fluffy Curls with Ash Blonde Balayage Highlights
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#28: Fluffy Curls with Ash Blonde Balayage Highlights

Have your locks look amazing with fluffy curls with ash blonde balayage highlights. Give your natural ash-brown hair a lift with some beautiful blonde ashy highlights. Swirling tones of chocolate and vanilla give off a multi-dimensional tone and shine.

Deep Caramel Balayage on Brunette Curly Hair
Instagram @paris_mcelroy

#29: Deep Caramel Balayage on Brunette Curly Hair

Brunette curly hair showcases balayage beautifully, especially in deep caramel tones. A caramel balayage on curly hair looks very dimensional. There are alternating tones within the bronde family. Honey and blonde swirl together to create luscious waves of color. Try Moroccan Oil’s Curl Creme for extra frizz control and definition.

Hand-Painted Honey Blonde Balayage with Long Curls

#30: Hand-Painted Honey Blonde Balayage with Long Curls

Be in love with your long curls and try hand-painted honey blonde balayage. A sun-kissed light brown balayage is the way to go if you want a low-maintenance color. Add golden tones for warmth and shine for a glistening glow when the sun hits.

#31: Tight Curls with Melted Warm Blonde Color

Try a warm blonde color melting from dark to light if you have tight curls. Balayage on dark curly hair tends to lift very golden. So, hairstylists need to neutralize brassy tones with the proper toner. Kinky curls may need to be treated with a foilyage instead of a painted-on technique. This will help you reach the desired level of lightness.

#32: Very Long Sandy Blonde Curly Hair

Make everyone envious with very long sandy blonde curly hair. Balayage highlights will give your curly locks some much-needed dimension. Swirling tones of icy blonde will make your curls pop for beautiful-looking locks.

Balayage Reddish-Beige Blonde Curly Hair
Instagram @raluca_horvat

#33: Reddish-Beige Blonde Curly Hair

A soft copper balayage on curly hair is so fitting. It could almost be mistaken for naturally sun-kissed locks, too. A deeper warmth will look more natural and give your skin tone a golden hue. For products, use a frizz cream, gel mousse, and oil for a soft, never-crunchy curl.

Chestnut Brown Balayage on Voluminous Curly Hair
Instagram @ana_eoscachos

#34: Chestnut Brown Balayage on Voluminous Curly Hair

Spice up your locks with chestnut brown balayage on your voluminous curly hair. Blended foil highlights will bring lots of dimension to your brown mane. You can do curly hair with highlights or ombre and make the ends pop for a more natural look and less maintenance.

#35: Curled and Dimensional Milk Chocolate Brown Hair

Have luxurious locks with curled and dimensional milk chocolate brown hair. Balayage on curly brown hair looks natural and will make your color pop with dimension. Deep caramel highlights will reflect light and make your hair shine. Maintenance is low, and to upkeep, you will only need to do a partial highlight every few months.

Ash Brown and Strawberry Blonde Balayage Curls
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#36: Ash Brown and Strawberry Blonde Curls

Strawberry blonde balayage highlights complement these ash-brown curls. They add the right amount of warmth to brighten up the waves. The best way to style these curls is to apply a curl cream like Redken ringlet to wet hair. Then, scrunch with a microfiber towel to minimize frizz. Let the curls air dry entirely before raking them out with your fingers. That way, you get shiny, frizz-free ringlets.

#37: Sun-Kissed Balayage Hair

Sun-kissed curls may give the impression that you are always on vacation, but maintaining the health of these lightened strands is key. Use a conditioner or masque that balances moisture and protein to keep your hair hydrated and strong. Consider adding a thermal protectant to your hair regimen, especially if you often style with heat.

Balayage for curly hair is a modern coloring technique that creates a chic dimension, exceptionally highlighting the cut and curls’ texture. You can go for a subtle sun-kissed effect or go all out with heavier highlight placement. The choice is yours!

Recently, I had a conversation with Lisa Amato, a professional and independent stylist in Denver, CO. She revealed a few balayage secrets for curly-haired girls.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • Find a hairstylist that’s experienced with curly hair. Visit their website or Instagram to learn more about their work. Schedule a consultation first to ask questions.
  • Please discuss your routine and how much upkeep you will put in with your stylist.
  • L’oreal Professional Blond 7 Clay or Blonde Studio 9 – Bonder Inside are great products for the session. Both can lift the base color slowly without obtaining damage.
  • The L’oreal Professional Curl Expression line is excellent for at-home care to nourish and hydrate hair.
  • Book a gloss session six weeks after the initial appointment for vibrant and healthy color.
  • Ask about adding fringe or bangs to your curly hairstyle.

Amato also advised bringing some visual inspiration to the consultation. Here are some pictures of the most attractive ways to rock balayage for curly hair.