22 Inspiring Blonde Balayage Hair Color Ideas for Women

Blonde balayage hair colors

Blonde balayage is a hand-painted coloring technique used to blend blonde highlights into hair. When balayage is achieved, it brightens the hair and gives it dimension, making it unnoticeable while growing out naturally. When blonde shades are blended into the hair it creates a natural-looking hair color.

If you’re a natural brunette:

Adding blonde highlights is the perfect way to lighten up your hair for that “I just got back from a 2-week beach vacation” look. Note that it may take several color sessions to get the shade of blonde you’re looking for. A bleach blonde can get you there faster, though.

If you’re a natural blonde:

You must be looking for a change. I suggest adding some brighter highlights or darker lowlights to create a natural-looking dimension that gets noticed. Whether you’re looking for bright platinum, golden blonde or an ashy balayage hue, you’ll find all the blonde balayage hair color ideas for your inspiration!

Before your next hair appointment, check out our popular photos of blonde balayage.

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Beige Blonde Balayage on Medium Length Hair

beige blonde balayage on medium length hair
Instagram @hairbykysa

This beige blonde balayage on medium length hair is a smoother option if you want to get a beachy look. The highlights add to the textured tousled finish this shoulder-length hair has.

Sun-kissed Balayage for Natural Brunettes

Sun-kissed blonde balayage for natural brunettes
Instagram @shanecraighair

Sun-kissed balayage for natural brunettes gives women with darker hair gorgeous warm dark blonde highlights, while still feeling like a brunette. By using this balayage technique, it will look as if your hair has been touched by the sun in all the right places, giving an effortless, natural finish. After your balayage application, ask your stylist for a honey, caramel toner that will compliment your warm brunette hair.

Golden Blonde Balayage with Dark Roots

golden blonde balayage with dark roots
Instagram @giboazhair

We’re in love with the dimension at the roots and the solid honey ends. This hair painting on this golden blonde balayage hair color couldn’t be more fabulous if not on flat-ironed hair.

Warm Blonde Balayage on Fine Hair

Warm Blonde Balayage on Fine Hair
Instagram @top_notch_haircutters

A trick to make thin hair appear denser is to go for dimensional colors that can add depth and texture to your look. Just like this warm blonde hair color. Keep it short above the shoulders for easy maintenance and styling.

Caramel Blonde Balayage on Choppy Hair

caramel blonde balayage on Choppy Hair
Instagram @beautyybycaroline

Sweet and warm hues like the ones featured on this light blonde shade do a marvelous job in accentuating texture in any hair. This balayage blond hairstyle works best for thin hair and cool to neutral complexions.

Layered Light Blonde Balayage

layered light blonde balayage
Instagram @coloredbycaitlin

Getting your hair this white might be a big challenge and commitment but as you can see, the results are super worth it! This enchanting blonde balayage on dark brown suits any hair length and skin tone – warm, neutral, or cool.

Dark Hair with Dark Blonde Balayage Highlights

dark hair with dark blonde balayage highlights
Instagram @dontbejealyyourhairbyfeli

Big and soft bouncy waves do so many wonders for thin and long hair wanting to have volume. Having warm dark blonde balayage highlights on dark hair near the face and at the edges makes for a framing and dimensional effect. Using the balayage technique for blonde highlights is a gorgeous combination when it comes to hair ideas.

White Blonde Balayage on Long Straight Hair

White Blonde Balayage on Long Straight Hair
Instagram @hairbyelie

Feel like an enchantress with this magical white balayage on long straight hair! Make sure to use your best flat iron as it is key to making this charming hairstyle!

Dark Brown to Honey Blonde Balayage Ombre

Dark Brown to Honey Blonde Balayage Ombre
Instagram @zulleiry27

For this dark brown to blonde balayage, imagine sweet honey poured over chocolate! This bright blonde and brown balayage ombre creates a seamless effect on straight and smooth hair that is so easy to maintain!

Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

dark brown hair with blonde highlights
Instagram @hairswonderland

A latte-inspired bronde balayage (brown+blonde) with face-framing pieces does amazing on layered medium-length waves. It’s a beautiful option for those with natural brunette hair and warm skin tones.

Ashy Blonde Balayage Highlights with Beach Waves

Ashy Blonde Balayage Highlights with Beach Waves
Instagram @toan.d.mai

These dimensional dark roots with a smokey ash blonde balayage on black hair are a great option for lengthy hair. Those gentle and soft layers fall lightly on your back, giving a sexy yet cool aura.

Sun-Kissed Short Blonde Balayage Bob

Sun-Kissed Short Blonde Balayage Bob
Instagram @sarahgossetthair

We’re deeply in love with this chic angled blunt neck-length cut! This lighter blonde balayage shade provides brightness that complements any skin tone and it can also enhance your make-up. This hair looks nothing but amazing!

Ash Blonde Balayage Hair Color

Ash Blonde Balayage Hair Color
Instagram @bribirdhair

“Hair painting aka “balayage” is by far the most requested hair coloring service requested in salons today. It can be done on all lengths and colors of hair. It can be natural and soft or be used to pop fun fashion colors in,” says salon owner and hairdresser Bri Bird of Denver, CO.

“To create a natural-looking ashy blonde balayage with a slight shadow root, so when your hair grows out, your natural color just blends into your hair,” says Bird. “This allows months of time before having to have the blonde moved up.”

Balayage may be used to set up more noticeable and striking colors like Vivid Colors. By laying the foundation of subtle and natural dimension and then adding additional applications of purples, greens, blues, and/or pinks, you can keep the overall ash blonde balayage subtle yet still express yourself.

“For a blonde balayage, brunette hair colors work great,” she notes. “Balayage is a wonderful option for women who are looking for a “low maintenance” hair color application. With the natural placement and gradual effect, it can last longer than a traditional foil or color, eliminating harsh lines.”

Sandy Blonde Balayage for Naturally Curly Hair

“The best thing about this is that it’s a low maintenance sandy blonde balayage on brown hair that is versatile for both curly and straight hair. To create this blonde balyage, use DevaCurl Light Defining Gel and Styling Cream,” says stylist Sabrina Flores of Cape Coral, FL.

To style your blonde balayage hair, Flores suggests you apply the products into damp hair, then diffuse!

Dirty Blonde Balayage with Beachy Vibes

dirty blonde balayage with beachy vibes
Instagram @hairbyshum

This is a mid-length cut with a dirty blonde balayage.

It was styled with a 1-1/4″ Babyliss curling iron and then fingered through the curls once cooled. Do this to keep your color light, but with a slightly warmer tone, to blend well against an olive complexion.

For the brunette to blonde balayage color,  it’s an amazing tone for fall and winter but still with some lightness. This warm blonde balayage is for a playful and easy-going babe with style from head to toe! The curls are the added touch.

Natural Looking Balayage on Blonde Hair

Natural Looking Balayage on Blonde Hair
Instagram @hairbykassiep

This natural-looking balayage on blonde hairwas created by Aveda stylist Kassie Pinegar of Huntington Beach, CA.

If you have heavy highlights and love that all over blonde look, Pinegar says this is a great way to bring your natural roots down. “It provides a seamless growd out blonde balayage. Add in some dimensional lowlights and blonde tones to freshen things up. Use all Aveda color, on your reverse balayage blonde hair color to bring your hair back to life,” she notes.

If you want your balayage hair blonde, Pinegar says go for it! “If your natural root color isn’t very dark then there’s not a huge contrast between dark and light. However, this color is perfect for women with naturally much darker hair. If your hair color matches your natural hair well, you will not have to touch your color for at least 6 months,” she explains.

Icy Blonde Cool Toned Balayage with Silver Lowlights

This icy blonde, cool toned balayage with silver highlights was created by hairstylist Alexa Hamilton of Halifax, NS.

“Not every woman is able to achieve this level of lightness,” explains Hamilton. “The hair in the photo is naturally a level 7 and it took 3 appointments to get to this tone. This color also takes a tremendous amount of upkeep.”

Hamilton suggests you use a violet based shampoo every second wash, and get your roots touched up every 5 weeks. “It’s also very important that protein treatments are used to maintain the integrity of the hair.”

Beige Blonde Balayage on Short Hair

“For this blonde balayage, short hair really shows off the dimension. The dimension was created by deepening the root before adding balayage highlights. It’s a great blonde hair balayage for women who like a classic foil, but want a softer grow out,” explains hairstylist Kayla Juppe of Waltham, MA.

“Maintaining this color does require some at-home care,” she notes. “Using a violet shampoo between appointment will keep the blonde highlights bright and brass free. These blonde balayage highlights are for women who love their highlights but want to add some depth and dimension.”

Strawberry Blonde Balayage Hair

Strawberry Blonde Balayage Hair
Instagram @rl.styles0813

“These strawberry blonde babylights are definitely more fun and exciting, but it isn’t permanent forever! Balayage is a great coloring technique,” explains cosmetologist Rebekah Hodge of Lakeland, FL.

For blond balayage hair cut like this, Hodge says it’s important to consider your face shape. “One who has a more narrow and oval face shape is perfect for this haircut as it will enhance their natural beauty.”

Balayage Lob on Wavy Hair

This is a subtle sandy-toned, blonde balayage hair color. It was created by cosmetologist and salon owner Mackenzie Myers of Salisbury, NC. “The bluntness of the cut complements the softness of the balayage and waves for an effortless finish,” she notes.

Myers says this look is perfect for women who want a simple and soft dimension, or for women who are just trying out a lighter tone. “This type of light blonde balayage is low maintenance and typically doesn’t need to be touched up for 3 to 6 months,” she adds.

Blonde + Platinum Balayage

This is a platinum balayage with the slightest shadow root. It was handcrafted by stylist Amber Lloyd of Houston, TX. “The best part of this balayage blonde hair is the shine and brightness of the tone,” says Lloyd.

Lloyd also reminds us to be prepared for lots of maintenance and work when it comes to balayage. “Balayage color trends require monthly touch-ups, as well as the proper home care regime.”

Go home with a purple shampoo to cancel out any brassiness that may appear between appointments, plus some really great professional-grade conditioning treatments. If being in the salon often doesn’t match your lifestyle, go for a more natural blonde instead.

Brown to Light Blonde Balayage

brown to light blonde balayage
Instagram @kerrydransoffhair

A brown to light blonde balayage keeps brunettes in their natural color level while adding depth and dimension to the ends. When starting out with balayage for the first time, hair may not be extremely bright and light the first session, especially with naturally dark hair. Being patient and trusting the process is important when making hair lighter, as you want to maintain the integrity of your hair.