18 Balayage on Black Hair Ideas Trending in 2023

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Balayage on black hair is a modern technique used by expert stylists to effortlessly transform a flat, very dark-based mane into a highly dimensional and great-bodied one. This contemporary style of coloring creates a soft, natural-looking effect using a melt of light hues that produces a myriad of dimensions and tones!

It has become a famous hairstyle for women who desire to bring life to their tresses without all the hassle of maintenance. Grow-outs will never be a problem because it’s a sure deal that your hair would look as gorgeous and sophisticated as it is!

You get to enjoy this sweeping style without sacrificing the health of your hair and without limits! Get ready to be left in awe when you finish browsing through these trendiest photos of balayage on black hair!

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Stunning Grey Balayage for Thick Black Hair
Instagram @glamourbycee

#1: Stunning Grey Balayage for Thick Hair

If you want to try a stunning grey balayage for thick hair, keep in mind your natural hair color. The color of your natural hair will determine how much maintenance this hair color will be to upkeep. Plus, it could be a long process to achieve the first time. One of the best ways to get a true grey tone is to use a color with a blue or purple base. This will cancel out the orange and yellow tones your hair will naturally lift to. I suggest finding a stylist that specializes in blonding. And be prepared for frequent visits to the salon for re-toning every 4-6 weeks.

#2: Black Balayage with Yellow Highlights

A yellow balayage with a black hair base is edgy and cool. When dyeing your hair lighter on a dark base, it may take a couple of visits to get it as light as you want. Ask for a foiliage technique. It mimics a balayage and gives better lift on darker bases because you can incubate in foils.

Deep Black Balayage
Instagram @hairbyelvisp

#3: Deep Black Balayage

As hair grows longer, the canvas naturally takes on many tones within one palette. If the hair was previously lightened or lifted, a common service is a tint back. A form of staining and then painting the hair to fill in the missing colors, while aiding the dimension of a balayage placement on a dark background.

silver balayage hair color
Instagram @hairbykacie1

#4: Silver Balayage

Go for a high contrast balayage ombré. It involves a dark root gradually blending seamlessly into a very icy blonde. The cut is long layered.

Expect high maintenance unless you are a natural dark brown. If you are a natural blonde, expect to come in every 6-8 weeks for a root touch-up and every third appointment for a balayage touch-up.

To maintain the silver look of the blonde, come in every 4 weeks to get a silver toner or invest in a silver toning shampoo to keep the color.

Grey Balayage on Black Hair
Instagram @malinatang

#5: Grey Balayage

Celebrate your long and thick luscious hair with glamorous huge soft curls and this muted ash. Surely a perfect look for a carefree girl.

balayage burgundy hairstyle
Instagram @jilldoesmyhair

#6: Burgundy Hair

Fall in love with this beautifully painted long burgundy hair styled with soft beach waves. A red hue like this gives off a mysterious and sexy vibe.

Honey Balayage on Black Hair
Instagram @hairbyamybee

#7: Honey Balayage on Black Hair

Any fine and medium length-haired girl should try this. Gorgeously dyed beach waves perfects any charming everyday look.

#8: Rose Gold Balayage on Black Hair

Have your soft strands emerge out of the darkness into a sweet muted pink hue that’s so mesmerizing on long waves!

blonde balayage highlights
Instagram @danielmbeauty

#9: Blonde Balayage Highlights

This is featured for women with black hair wanting balayage.

Ask for more foil work to get your hair lighter during multiple sessions. You’ll never get light results like this on the first session with open-air balayage on black hair.

Ash Blonde Balayage
Instagram @niccamm

#10: Ash Blonde Balayage

Q&A with style creator, Nichole Childs Cammarata
Hairstylist @ Salon 8736 in Nottingham, MD

How would you describe this look?

This look is a lived-in cool ash blonde balayage. By using the technique of teasylighting (one of my favorites) and adding natural depth to a blonde, you are able to achieve the most natural blend from dark to light.

The greatest thing about this look is that it is high contrast and the fact that you get the best of both worlds. You get a beautiful blonde without all of the maintenance. This is what I think is truly the best part about lived-in color!

Any advice for someone considering it?

Honestly, I would recommend this type of coloring to the majority of my clients. This technique has so many possibilities and tends to look different on every hair type. My main word of advice would be, patience is a virtue! Sometimes this look takes a few sessions to achieve, but it’s so worth it!

Auburn Red Balayage
Instagram @hairwizardry

#11: Auburn Red on Black Hair

Q&A with style creator, Brittany Ash
Hairstylist @ Calista Salon & Spa in West Chester, PA

How would you describe this look?

My client came in looking for an auburn balayage on her straight hair. We had previously colored her hair to a level 4/5, so I knew that to get an auburn tone we would have to lift some of the old colors out. I chose to use a natural level 5 at her root and balayage the rest with a low volume

Use developer to keep her color from lifting too high in order to have that auburn last longer!

Any advice for someone considering it?

Balayage is meant to be a long-lasting color, however, auburn and red are so hard to keep vibrant! I always suggest a gloss to richen up that color halfway between her next appointment! Also, always use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner. I personally love Color Proof!

Caramel Balayage
Instagram @hairgoddesstam

#12: Caramel Hair Color

Q&A with style creator, Tammy Crespo
Owner @ Salon Lucid in Palos Verdes Estates, CA

How would you describe this look?

This look is a warm caramel balayage with long shattered layers. One of my favorite things about coloring this technique on dark hair is it gives that brighter look that many dark-haired guests want without a lot of the pitfalls that those same guests struggle with. By staying within 2-3 shades of their natural hair, a more gentle type of hair color can be used, preventing damage, and ensuring gorgeous shiny healthy hair. Also, the soft warm color is usually not only lower maintenance but also avoids the “brassy orange-y” result that is the arch nemesis of so many dark haired guests.

The cut is one of my favorite cuts for long thick hair. It honors the guests desire to “keep it long” while adding that extra fashion-forward edge that some long hair can lack. Keeping a strong perimeter line on the bottom and creating long textured layers throughout the interior allows for movement and removes the bulk. It also allows for those soft beachy waves to be more noticeable. Adding extra pronounced layering around the front to add lift and face-framing finishes off the look!

Any advice for someone considering it?

I would recommend maintaining it every 8-10 weeks. To keep the caramel tone and to avoid slipping into unwanted brassy tone, I highly recommend a sulfate-free blue based shampoo and cooling conditioner (Pureology has an amazing blueing shampoo & conditioner called Strength Cure Best Blonde Line) every other wash once that tone starts showing in the hair. It’s the perfect low maintenance color that works for almost everyone. The cut can be adapted to many different hair types. It adds tons of versatility and can work for almost everyone. If your hair is fine in texture or you don’t have a heavy density, you may need to keep the layers more rounded and less shattered on the ends to avoid looking too sparse. Those guests with thicker or denser heads of hair can do heavier texturizing to remove bulk.

Analyzing face shape is especially important when deciding where to start the face-framing layers in the front. If you are trying to emphasize eyes and cheekbones, starting those face-framing layers between the edge of the eye and upper cheek is best. If you are concerned about drawing attention to the width of the face, it’s best to start those face-framing layers between cheek and chin and make sure they angle away from the face rather than cupping towards it.

#13: Ash Brown Balayage

Q&A with style creator, Angela Ying
Freelance Hair Colorist in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

How would you describe this look?

It’s an ash brown balayage. The modern blend of highlights and balayage of ash brown on black hair with beach waves on the client. The greatest part of this look is the highlight which goes well with the overall look.

Any advice for someone considering it?

For my opinion, the skin tone of the client is the most important criteria for color matching. Some waves on the completed colored hair would make the color choice stand out more.

Platinum Balayage
Instagram @hairbyelaina_

#14: Platinum Balayage

Q&A with style creator, Elaina McGrew
Stylist @ Karma Salon & Spa in Liverpool, NY

How would you describe this look?

This look is a rooted dimensional platinum balayage. I personally love this look for so many of my clients because it gives them those light painted pieces with hints of their natural base throughout. This is amazing because it’s low maintenance and extremely adjustable.

Over time you can simply add more light or dark pieces to subtly change the entire look. These colors look awesome on a lot of cuts but especially a layered cut, so when you style (especially curl) it, it shows all of that dimension and the dark and lightness throughout.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Depending on how dark your hair is, it will take a few sessions to achieve. You always want to keep the integrity of your hair in mind. Getting someone super light in one session isn’t always possible, and doing it in stages will guarantee the health of your hair stays intact and you get the look you’ve been dreaming of while keeping it healthy and shiny!

#15: Purple Balayage

Q&A with style creator, Anna Cao
Hairstylist & Makeup Artist @ Anco Studio in Auckland, New Zealand

How would you describe this look?

This violet balayage is great for dark hair. Whether it’s a layered cut or one length, this violet tone blends in with dark hair beautifully and effortlessly. Bold enough but not too loud. What I love the most about this color is that it also brightens up skin tone.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Bleaching is required on dark hair in order to show the color. Preferably the hair has not been colored with dark dyes before. Olaplex is one of the best products to help strengthen, protect, and repair during and after color service. Regular violet color treatment is recommended for homecare to help keep the color fresh and bright.

#16: Subtle Light Brown Balayage

Q&A with style creator, Luciane Fontanive
Hairdresser & Colorist @ L’equipe Jr. Mendes in João Pessoa, Brazil

How would you describe this look?

I find a woman’s eye wonderful when she’s with her hairdresser and he says it’s possible to create lighting with strands for her hair. The colors of honey, hazelnut, and copper can enhance dark hair and enhance the beauty of brown to black hair.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Regardless of skin tone, you can create a balayage color for each client.

The health of the strands is always essential for the beauty of dark lit hair. I always recommend wick test that evaluates the structure of the wires for the procedure. Also, pre and post-treatment wicks are very important.

I consider any possible dark hair for the procedure as long as it is healthy and well treated.

Undoubtedly, a woman who does not want to have fuzzy hair, whether blonde or brunette, is increasingly rare.

Blue Balayage
Instagram @splittinwigz_

#17: Blue Balayage on Black Hair

Q&A with style creator, April Camp
Hairstylist @ Burn The Breeze Barbershop in Tallahassee, FL

How would you describe this look?

When doing a vivid color while naturally having dark hair, it’s always better to start darker. This blue balayage gave my client a clean yet trendy look while keeping the integrity of her dark hair strong and soft like it was before we started. Remember start darker for balayage on black hair.

Since my client is a first-time vivid client, I went with a color that would give her less contrast than a pastel or something like that would but pop enough to stand out in a crowd. Styled with my 1″ curling iron to give lived-in waves for a more mermaid feel! I love a put together mess!

Any advice for someone considering it?

For this type of look, you really want to be the type of person who doesn’t wash their hair very often. The biggest key to a long-lasting vivid color is care. Cold water, sulfate free shampoos, deep conditioning treatments, heat protector and regular trims.

For some people, this is the best because you basically wash (maybe every 3 days or more) and go for longest lasting results! If you have dark hair consider starting with a dark vivid color at first and work your way more pastel if that’s your end goal, otherwise you risk major hair damage!

#18: Golden Blonde Balayage

Just like the gods descended from up above! Love this blend of light and dark colors that came out so natural.

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