26 Trendy Auburn Balayage Hair Color Ideas

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist
Auburn Cinnamon Balayage Highlights on Long Wavy Brunette Hair
Instagram @alex.mercedesss

#1: Cinnamon Highlights on Brunette Hair

Cinnamon-colored highlights would look perfect on brunette hair. The warmer and more orange undertones of the red shade enhance the shine and warmth of the brunette color.

The Perfect Autumn Auburn Balayage
Instagram @stylesbysten

#2: The Perfect Autumn Balayage

The perfect autumn balayage is a mix of rich brown, auburn, and copper tones. This dreamy fall palette pairs well with most medium to long haircuts. This pumpkin spice balayage suits warm to neutral skin tones best. It needs highlighting two to three times a year, with toning and trims in between. Style it with a one-inch curling iron to show extra depth, or straighten for a sleek look.

#3: Muted Auburn Ombre on Dark Brown Hair

Start adopting a muted auburn ombré style on your dark brown hair. The auburn balayage is becoming a trend that will give you the perfect fall vibes. Transition your blonde summer hair to an auburn color for the autumn. If you want to change your hair color with the seasons, request your stylist to apply semi-permanent glosses that gradually fade. The added gloss is a bonus as it enhances the shine and makes your hair feel amazing.

#4: Soft Copper-Auburn Hue with Face-Framing Highlights

Add face-framing highlights to your soft copper-auburn hair. This will give it more depth and make it stand out. We can create red balayage tones specific to each wearer. This ensures that these warm and spicy colors suit your skin tone.

Rich Auburn Balayage Lob with Textured Ends
Instagram @lo_davishair

#5: Rich Auburn Lob with Textured Ends

A rich auburn lob with textured ends is a beautiful way to wear this rusty, bold hair color.

Auburn Red Wavy Balayage Hair with Dark Roots
Instagram @caroliiine_k

#6: Auburn Red Wavy Hair with Dark Roots

The hair is auburn red and wavy with dark roots. An auburn balayage with depth provides a sense of fall. The color starts with a balayage that doesn’t reach the root. After achieving the desired lightness, the styles blend for a seamless color. This style is a level 5 Copper Brown with some tone balancing, with a shade of 6 Ash blending into level 5 copper for brightness.

Muted Auburn Balayage with Lowlights and Long Waves
Instagram @krsbrsh.hair

#7: Muted Auburn with Lowlights

For the perfect fall-inspired hairstyle, consider soft highlights with muted auburn lowlights. A stunning yet soft copper shade is a perfect way to transition into the new season. If you’re a natural brunette, add some balayage highlights for added dimension. Incorporate some brunette tones to achieve a lived-in look.

Dark-Rooted Light Auburn Balayage Caramel Medium Waves
Instagram @pixystickzglam

#8: Light Auburn Caramel Medium Waves

Medium-length waves get a light auburn caramel color. Auburn is a fall trend, but it can be worn year-round for those who love reddish hair colors. A balayage ombré effect will give you a darker root and bold mid-lengths toward the end of your hair. Once your hair is as light as you want, your stylist will transition from a level 4-5 color to a level 6-7 color, creating a beautiful gradient of tones to match your complexion.

Long Hair with Red Copper Auburn Balayage Babylights
Instagram @cindyalexishair

#9: Red Copper Auburn Babylights

Try these red-copper, auburn babylights if you’re considering a fun, new color for fall. This vibrant mix of red and copper offers a noticeable change from your traditional brunette locks. Tell your stylist that you want copper tones, not violet ones. This will keep the overall look autumn-inspired.

Auburn Balayage Brown Long Hair with Blonde Money Piece and Lighter Ends
Instagram @isarosehair

#10: Auburn Brown with Blonde Money Piece and Lighter Ends

The hairstyle blends auburn brown with blonde highlights and lighter ends. If you want to add dimension to your hair and show off layers, consider adding multiple blonde tones. This particular style is designed in such a way that it features a bold panel in the fringe and adds balayage towards the ends of the hair. One part is toned a lighter blonde, and another is a very yellow blonde. This contrast showcases the different lengths of the hair and complements the cut.

#11: Deep Auburn Roots with Light Ginger Ends

Try these deep auburn roots with light ginger ends to achieve soft copper ombre vibes. Darker roots create a lot of contrast it’s important to note that this style complements any color combination. The soft copper hue needs glossing every 8 weeks for the best results.

Dimensional Auburn Balayage Blonde Highlights and Long Layers
Instagram @sonarsans

#12: Dimensional Auburn Blonde Highlights

Highlights in auburn blonde give your long, layered hair a sense of depth and movement. These vivid but elegant highlights make the soft layers in your hair more noticeable. The hints of copper and gold make it the ideal color blend for fall.

#13: Long Copper Balayage with Auburn Streaks

Ask about a long copper balayage with auburn streaks. A stunning auburn color touched with light copper shades brings out a fall look full of depth and detail. Your stylist might first lighten your hair, then blend auburn into copper.

Medium-Length Golden Chestnut Auburn Balayage Hair
Instagram @styledby.sam

#14: Golden Chestnut Auburn Hair

Consider golden chestnut auburn hair. Spice up your hair color with some golden reflective colors. Having a brown base with golden tones creates a luxurious color combo. Chestnut brown color, with a level 4 or 5 brown, enhances a warm complexion and includes hints of copper or auburn red.

Natural Medium Auburn Brown Balayage
Instagram @hairatsixteen

#15: Natural Medium Auburn Brown Balayage

A balayage in medium auburn brown is a subtle method to add copper auburn shades without making the hair completely red. This very natural color looks great all year round but is especially trendy during the autumn months.

Auburn Cherry Red Balayage for Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @hairbynici

#16: Auburn Cherry Red Hair Balayage

Consider an auburn cherry red hair balayage for your next hairstyle. If you want a rich auburn combined with red for depth and dimension, try a balayage with a color melt. To keep the red shade vibrant, use color-safe and sulfate-free cleansers. Use low heat for styling and apply a protectant. Wait for a few days after the salon service before washing your hair. Regularly use moisture masks to keep your hair’s color and health.

Reddish Auburn Balayage Hair with Medium Soft Layers
Instagram @hairaffairaz

#17: Reddish Auburn Hair with Soft Layers

Here’s a reddish auburn hair with soft layers. Creating a deeper shade of red includes adding dimensional balayage highlights, which add reflective tones to your hair. Taking care of red hair can be hard. But you can make it easy with some pro tips: wash in cool water, use cleansers that are free of color and sulfate, condition deeply, and use UV protection.

#18: Mid-Length Auburn Curly Hair

A mid-length curly auburn hairstyle looks exquisite and captivating. Achieving luscious reds is a process, but it’s a worthy effort. You can start this process with a level 6 Auburn grade. Adding in some balayage pieces for a touch of lightness introduces a remarkable dimension and pop to your color. Curly hair is forgiving and allows for extended periods between colorings, especially if the roots are more voluminous. For straighter hair, it might be necessary to touch up the color every 6-8 weeks when you notice the re-growth. Glossing in between always keeps your hair looking fresh and shiny.

Longer-Length Auburn Spice Red Balayage Hair
Instagram @skylacolors

#19: Auburn Spice Red Hair

The auburn spice red hair gives a stunning fall look and feels cozy and warm. Due to more orange undertones in this shade of red, make sure it suits your skin tone. To maintain freshness between salon appointments, use a color-enhancing shampoo and conditioner.

Rich Auburn Balayage Wavy Medium-Length Hair
Instagram @ombre.with.kay

#20: Rich Auburn Wavy Medium-Length Hair

For wavy medium-length hair, you could try a rich auburn color. Adding softer tones can create a unified appearance that grows evenly and smoothly.

Auburn Brunette Balayage Tones on V-Shaped Wavy Long Hair
Instagram @salonardor

#21: Auburn Brunette Tones on Long Hair

Auburn brunette tones on long hair are romantic and sultry. This tone would be best on darker hair for a better blend. If you want to stand out, add a few lighter auburn pieces for an additional pop!

Mid-Length Dark Auburn Balayage Hair with Money Piece and Side Part
Instagram @moda_salon56

#22: Dark Auburn Hair with Money Piece

For a vibrant touch, adding a money piece to dark auburn hair is a fantastic choice! This method can enhance your hair depth while preserving the richness of your dark auburn shade.

#23: Beachy Waves on Chocolate Auburn Hair

Adding beachy waves on chocolate auburn hair will show off all of the rich deep tones your color has to offer. Chocolate auburn is a warm and cozy color. It’s perfect for the fall and winter months ahead. You can add a little extra sparkle to your hair by using a good shine spray.

Short Auburn Bob with Balayage Highlights
Instagram @chlocosmo

#24: Auburn Bob with Balayage Highlights

short auburn bob with balayage highlights is a gorgeous way to play with color contrast. The light copper highlights work to accentuate the depth of the auburn, bringing the whole look together.

#25: Deep Auburn with Hints of Copper Blonde

Need some red-toned color ideas? Try a deep auburn with hints of copper blonde! The deep auburn color creates depth by using contrasting copper babylights.

#26: Bright Auburn Hair with Medium Layers

Try medium layers with bright auburn hair for a lively summer look! The soft red tone adds warmth, while the cut gives the layers texture. Finish this look with a soft molding paste to add definition.

Unlock the secrets of choosing and having an auburn balayage! With expert advice from renowned colorist Olivia Hotchkiss, you can master this versatile hair hair color.

Meet The Expert

Olivia Hotchkiss
Olivia Hotchkiss
Olivia is a hairstylist with over 6 years of experience.
You can find her at Karma Salon in Alberta, Canada.

Enhancing All Skin Tones

“Auburn balayage suits all skin types,” says Hotchkiss. The key is the red undertone. For those with warm skin tones, she suggests a gold undertone. It brightens features like rosy cheeks, eye color, and eyebrows. At times, she adds lighter auburn bits that are pure gold. This offers a nice contrast from all-red hair and allows for a more vibrant look.

For those with cooler skin tones, a neutral undertone is advisable. “This will tone down the warmth that red tones usually bring,” Hotchkiss notes. She also recommends highlights that are straight neutral. This approach enables the auburn hue to pop and the client’s features to shine.

Maintaining Your Balayage

The aftercare for a balayage is key to prolonging the color. Hotchkiss advises steering clear from washing your hair for a minimum of 48 hours post-coloring. For color longevity, waiting longer is always better. Auburn or red-tinted shampoo is another of her suggestions. This works along the same lines as a purple shampoo for blonde hair. However, she warns not to overuse it as it could excessively alter the color.

“Shy away from products like Head and Shoulders that strip your color drastically,” Hotchkiss warns. Instead, use a color care shampoo and conditioner and wash your hair minimally to keep the color vibrant.

Consulting Your Colorist

In terms of lifestyle choices and adaptations, Hotchkiss suggests considering the degree of color maintenance you are up for. If a full red/auburn is not for you due to regular touch-ups, a balayage is a welcome alternative. It offers a glimpse of the beautiful color with fewer maintenance needs.

“For a striking and bold look, go for a full color,” Hotchkiss suggests. She also notes that the base of the hair plays a crucial role in choosing a shade. Hotchkiss advises deeper auburn shades for those with darker eyes to allow them to stand out more than an overpowering bright auburn would.

Finally, cost considerations come into play. “Balayage is pricier but requires less upkeep. Root touch-ups are cheaper but need more frequent visits,” Hotchkiss compares. Ultimately, you have to decide what fits into your budget and lifestyle.

Photos of the Most Popular Auburn Balayage Ideas