33 Gorgeous Ash Brown Balayage Ideas You Have to See

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist
Dark Roots and Ash Brown Balayage Mushroom Color for Long Textured Hair
Instagram @hairbykathyyy

#1: Dark Roots and Brown Mushroom Hair Color

Consider a dark-rooted brown mushroom hair color. An on-trend color for those gorgeous brunettes is mushroom brown. With cooler tones and adding balayage highlights to your darker hair will bring out a color with depth. Cooler browns help to keep brassy and red tones at bay and complement cooler skin tones well.

Teddy Bear Brown Hair with Ash Brown Balayage
Instagram @eunicekimhair

#2: Teddy Bear Brown Hair

The latest hair trend for brunette lovers is a shade similar to a teddy bear’s fur. It’s a unique brown color that leans towards cool tones. When you try this shade, ask your stylist for guidance. They can suggest the right toning shampoo to maintain this color at home. With their help, your hair will stay shiny and fresh between salon visits.

Dark Chocolate Ash Brown Balayage on Long Layered Hair
Instagram @hairbyanh_p

#3: Dark Chocolate Brown Hair

Dark chocolate brown hair is a great choice for anyone looking to add a soft depth and dimension to your look. Ask your stylist for a natural, earthy tone to create a natural appearance. It’s a popular and low-maintenance choice for those seeking a deep and elegant hair color.

Mid-Length Black Hair with Ash Brown Balayage
Instagram @wellahair

#4: Black Hair with Ash Brown Balayage

Black hair with an ash brown balayage is a striking and trendy color. These highlights add depth and dimension to the black base. The mix of ash and black will create a beautiful contrast in your hair and help soften the starkness of the black color.

#5: Dimensional Ash Brown with Blonde Highlights

Ask for a dimensional ash brown with blonde highlights. Using ash tones in your color scheme will give you a cooled-down color effect. This is helpful when you like an ashy cool color or have too much red, gold, or brass in the tone they need to be corrected. Addin brown tones will make your color reflective paired with cool tones.

Airtouch Balayage for Mid-Back Ash Brown Hair
Instagram @picasso_zw

#6: Airtouch Balayage for Ash Brown Hair

An air touch balayage for ash brown hair is a modern technique that creates a soft and seamless blend of colors. The air touch method will add dimension and a very natural gradient look to your hair. The ash brown tones will add natural cool tones. This offers a low-maintenance and natural option. The color will grow out more gracefully and blend with your natural roots.

#7: Dark Hair with Ash Brown Highlights

Dark brown hair with ash brown highlights is a classic and elegant mix. The ash brown highlights add depth and dimension to a dark base, creating a beautiful contrast. Ash brown suits many skin tones and blends seamlessly with dark hair colors.

Medium-to-Long Light Ash Brown Balayage Hair with Subtle Blonde Hues
Instagram @concepts.hairsalon

#8: Light Brown Hair with Subtle Blonde Hues

Light brown hair with subtle blonde hues is a gorgeous color option. Adding blonde highlights will create depth and dimension in your light brown base. The subtle hues make for a sun-kissed effect, giving your hair a radiant appearance. The blend of colors offers a flattering style if you’re searching for a subtle yet beautiful hair transformation.

#9: Ash Bronze Hair Balayage

An ash bronze hair balayage is a stunning combination that will add depth and dimension to your hair. The ash tones provide a cool, smoky effect, while the bronze hues add a touch of warmth and richness to your locks. Ash bronze suits various skin tones and can be customized to achieve subtle or bold results.

#10: Rich Mocha Brown Hair with Highlights

Rich mocha brown hair with highlights is a great choice. It’s for girls looking to combine the depth of mocha brown with highlights. Ask your stylist for contrasting highlights in complementary shades. They will add dimension to your hair, creating a vibrant look that catches the light.

#11: Muted Brunette Hair with Chunky Waves

I suggest muted brunette hair with chunky waves to anyone looking for a soft hairstyle. Ask your stylist for muted brunette shades to provide a subtle and natural look. Afterward, a tutorial on how to add chunky waves at home for texture and volume.

#12: Soft Ash Brown Ombre Hair

Consider this soft ash brown ombre hair dye. Ask your stylist for a foilayage highlight that transitions from a darker ash-brown shade to a lighter, ashy tone. The softness of the ash-brown hue adds a subtle texture to the ombre effect. It only requires highlighting twice per year with glosses in between.

#13: Dimensional Sun-Kissed Brown Hair

This sun-kissed brown hair is a recommended choice if you’re going on a blonding journey. It adds depth and warmth to your overall look. Ask your stylist for sun-kissed highlights and lowlights. It will result in a multi-dimensional hairstyle.

#14: Subtle Balayage with Ash Brown Hue

This ash brown balayage would be a great option for a natural brunette looking to add natural color. The ashy hue of this look would be best maintained with a blue or purple shampoo at home. You can also try adding some waves to your look with a wand of flatiron for a loose beach look.

#15: Warm Ash Bronde Balayage

This warm ash bronde balayage is a stunning hair color technique. It blends warm, golden tones with cool, ashy hues for a beautiful, sun-kissed effect. Remember that this look can be customized to suit your desired level of maintenance.

Dark-Rooted Ashy Brunette Gray Balayage for Long Hair
Instagram @skabos

#16: Dark-Rooted Brunette Gray Hair

This gray hair with a dark root would be a perfect option if you prefer an ashy tone to your hair! The dark root helps soften your grow-out while also making that gray pop!

#17: Cool Ash Brown with Soft Waves

Cool ash-brown hair paired with soft waves is the best way to achieve a chic and effortless hairstyle. Ask your stylist for a tutorial for soft waves to add texture and movement. It will result in a modern and stylish look.

#18: Ash Balayage with Subtle Highlights

One of the best ways to shift to cool tones is this ash balayage with subtle highlights. The ash balayage is a great choice for anyone looking for natural dimension and a stylish look.

#19: Curly

A great way to show off a dimensional color is with curls. Every bend and twist will show the reflection of tones. Ashy brown tones can be reflective and cool with the perfect formulation. It combines cool and warm.

Dark Ash Brown Balayage Hair
Instagram @hairbyjadetran

#20: Dark Ash Brown

Give this dark brown ash hair color a try! This is great of you tend to stay in the brunette color family and love a cool ashy tone. A purple shampoo would be great at-home maintenance for this color.

#21: Light Ash Brown

Try this lightly ash brown color! This color offers depth and richness.

Smokey Ash Brown Balayage Hair
Instagram @colorbylana

#22: Smokey Ash Brown

Adding violets or blues to your toner can bring out the smokey tones if you want to cool down your highlights. This looks great on dark hair bases and will help balance out warmer tones you may not want. A little bit of warmth will be beneficial to balance out the color.

Medium Ash Brown Balayage Hair Color
Instagram @hairbyjadetran

#23: Medium Ash Brown

This medium-ashy brown hair is gorgeous. The mushroom undertone gives this medium brown color lots of depth.

Ashy Brown Balayage Hair Color
Instagram @hairbytimtoku

#24: Ashy

Cool down your brunette hair toned with an overall ashy tone. Your stylist will highlight your hair to a level 8 and use a tone with more of a blue base to achieve this look. Those with cool skin tones look great with cool colors.

#25: Loose Waves

Keep your cool with this ash-brown balayage with loose waves. Ash brown is a very cool, almost gray tone of brown that looks best on clients with neutral or cool skin tones. Ash tones are the hardest to maintain. Keep up with regular toning services, or use a shampoo to keep your hair ashy. Create loose beach waves with a 1 1/4-inch curling iron. Curl vertically away from the face and brush the hair out after curling.

Steel Ashy Brown Balayage Blunt Cut
Instagram @hairbymoly

#26: Steel Ashy Brown Blunt Cut

Go for a straight, blunt style on ash-brown hair. It’s a great way to show off a dimensional color. Every bend and twist will show the reflection of tones. Ashy brown tones can be reflective and cool with the perfect formulation, with a mix of cool and warm.

Ashy Dark Brown Balayage Hair
Instagram @chris0712

#27: Dark Brown Hair

Try dark brown hair if you like an overall rich color. This tone will give tons of shine and resilience to your hair.

#28: Smoky

Soften your highlights with a cooled-down toner if they feel too light and warm. Ask your stylist to apply balayage for a soft grow-out look, and then try a smoky tone for all you cool-toned babes.

#29: Mushroom Brown

Consider trying a mushroom brown in the mix to create some dimensional color if you have dark brown hair. Your stylist will highlight your hair using a method of balayage or foilyage for that blend. Adding in cool brown tones will give you that mushroom brown you want. And adding blue or green can be your bestie with this color.

Ashy Light Brown Balayage for Medium to Long Haircut
Instagram @lucastan1994

#30: Ashy Light Brown Balayage

Ask for this ashy light brown hair balayage for a stunning hair color choice. It blends soft, light brown hues with trendy, ashy undertones for a natural result. As a professional, I recommend a gloss every 8 to 10 weeks to maintain a cool tone on your highlights.

Low-Maintenance Ash Mushroom Brown Balayage for Mid-Long Wavy Hair
Instagram @hairby.chesca

#31: Low-Maintenance Ash Mushroom Brown Hair

Ashy mushroom brown hair is stylish if you want a change without commitment. The mushroom ash tones give off an earthy, muted vibe, perfect for a subtle but trendy change. Mushroom ash tones can be customized to blend seamlessly with the natural hair color. This makes your roots less noticeable when they grow out.

Long-Length Rich Natural Brown Hair with Ash Tones Balayage
Instagram @lay______van

#32: Rich Natural Brown with Ash Tones

Rich natural brown hair with ash tones is a timeless and beautiful color choice. Adding ash tones to the brown shade will give your hair a multidimensional feel. Ash tones will also help counterbalance warm undertones in your hair. This results in a balanced and refined color.

#33: Light Ash Brunette with Medium Layers

A light ash brunette with medium layers is a great choice if you’re looking for a modern hairstyle. Ash brunette is a modern and trendy color to try, while the medium layers add movement to the hair.

Hair color trends are like seasons, they change by the minute! If you’re eyeing the ash brown balayage, you’re in luck! You’ve got Jada Santi, a pro stylist, here to lend her expertise. Santi breaks down the task into step-by-step advice to ensure a stunning new look!

Meet The Expert

Jada Santi
Jada Santi
Jada is a master color expert with over 23 years of experience.
You can find her at Jada Hair & Balayage in Bloomingdale, IL

Ash Brown and Skin Tone

Jada’s advice? “An ash brown balayage works well for warm skin tones,” she states. What grabs the eye? Jada mentions that a color pop comes when one aspect stands out. Two similar tones and one contrasting will do the trick.

“Speak to your stylist,” advises Jada. “The perfect color depends on your unique skin, eye color, and hair.”

Caring for Your Balayage

Wanna keep your balayage fresh? Jada suggests using sulfate-free products. Wella Ultimate Repair Shampoo and Conditioner gets her vote. “Shampoo only twice a week,” she says. After shampooing, use Wella Ultimate repair hair rescue treatment. It’s an essential step for extra care.

Heated tools can be a no-no, warns Jada. If you must, go for a quality heat protectant spray. She also suggests shade from the sun’s harsh rays. This is vital for the longevity of the color. Regular toner helps keep the color vibrant.

As for products, Jada endorses Wella Color Fresh. “Cool Espresso” is a great shade for ash brown. Hydrate your hair with Wella Fusion Intense Repair Mask. It fends off breakage while keeping your hair soft.

What to Discuss with Your Stylist

Jada believes in having an open line with your stylist. Your current hair state gives your stylist a good start. “They’ll use your natural tone to find the best shade,” she adds. Any previous hair color treatments should also be noted.

Your lifestyle also plays a role. The care required for your new look can depend on it. Also, get a fair inkling of the cost upfront. This prevents any sudden surprises. Jada urges, “Before the appointment, check out your stylist’s work. Find someone who offers the services you want.”

Photos of the Most Attractive Ash Brown Balayage Ideas