‘A-List’ Hair Color – Easier to Achieve Than You Might Think!

It doesn’t matter where you live around the world, what I call ‘A-list hair’ is always the top choice for many women. Perceptions of beauty vary from country to country.

Blondes may be a different tone state-to-state and country-to-country, but for some reason A-list beautiful hair is always the same from Madison Avenue in New York to Mayfair in London, to The Rue Cambon in Paris.

If you notice, the A-list crowd always goes for a more natural looking color with a little bounce to the style.

I’ve always had a love affair with the glamorous looks of Hollywood from the screen starlets of yesterday to the television celebrities of today. My inspirations lean towards the “Hollywood” look of super polished and glossy hair, so it is only natural that I push my clients towards more natural and sophisticated hair colors that can easily translate to runway and celebrity-quality, A-list hair.

My top A-list color picks of the moment are:

Kim Kardashian

I don’t care what anyone says about Kim, her hair is her trademark. Her dark mane is always long, glossy and perfectly polished.

Kim Kardashian hair color

Gisele Bündchen

What woman doesn’t like Gisele’s long, natural and seemingly effortless hair? Her Balayage hair color is the number one color choice of my clients.

Gisele Bundchen hair color

Jennifer Lopez

Always modern and fresh, Jennifer often has some sort of creative twist to her hair’s style and color. However, the glossy, healthy and finished look is always there.

Jennifer Lopez hair color

Sofía Vergara

I fell for her (and her gorgeous dark hair!) the first time I watched Modern Family. Glossy, bouncy, and although she has gone a bit lighter recently, it still looks amazing.

Sofia Vergara hair color

Lana Del Rey

Lana is the new girl on the block but there’s lots of old-school glamour here. Her soft, natural hair hue styled into beautiful bouncy waves is A-list quality all the way.

Lana Del Rey hair color

How can you achieve A-list hair like the ladies I just mentioned? First thing, none of these women have ‘funky’ hair color. The hair is colored, but they are all natural colors that highlight and capture their innate beauty. Embrace natural hair hues and discuss which colors and techniques might work best for you with a trusted colorist.

So you have the A-list color, but do you have the polish? Think ‘old school’ when it comes to your styling method. Heated rollers are a MUST. My favorites are The O by Cloud Nine.

Just remember the bigger the roller and section of hair, the softer and bigger the curl. Always wind the rollers on the direction you want the finished style to be (away from the face!) and remember that practice and neatness will produce the A-list quality, polished look you desire.

Not big on the curler idea? Another favorite curling tool of mine is the curling wand by CloudNine. Wands are a great way to get waves and curls that keep your look bouncy and fresh. CloudNine also has some great tips on their website on how to achieve the flawless finish I love so much.

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