10 Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles for Teens

It’s true! Some of the youngest faces appearing on today’s red carpets are wearing the hottest hairstyles, and now you can too. From short to long, from sleek to textured, one of your favorite young celebrities is rocking a look that you can wear too. Check out some of our favorite styles below and get the look!

The Retro-Inspired “Lob”

Sun-kissed ombre hair color makes this long bob (or the “lob” as it’s become known as) your perfect trendy cut. Long layers make sure this style can go back in a ponytail while face framing highlights keep it fun.

Retro Inspired Long Bob Hairstyle For Teens

How to Style:

1. Blow dry hair with a round brush and a volumizing blow dry product to enhance volume.

2. Once dry, place hot rollers in hair (or opt for velcro rollers on 90% dry hair) starting with large rollers across the top, on either side of your part. Finish the rest in rollers placed horizontally and allow to cool for 10-15 minutes.

3. Spray with your favorite flexible hold spray then remove rollers. Brush out curls and lightly backcomb the crown. Smooth and finish with hairspray.


Redken Velvet Gelatine Blow Dry Gel, Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Touchable hairspray

Best Face Shape/Hair Type:

Nearly any face shape can rock this look, but square and triangle shapes need to pay special attention to where layers start for the most flattering shape. This look works for any hair type if you’re particularly skilled with a blow dryer. It could be challenging for those with very thick and very curly locks.


Wait to put a round brush in until hair is about 75% dry to avoid breakage and more work!

Modern Long Layers

Sleek and long strands are anything but ordinary with intense shine and a noticeable face frame. Try a middle part for a 60-70’s vibe, but keep volume in the crown for a modern finish.

Modern Long Layers Teenage Hairstyles

How to Style:

1. Blow dry hair with a paddle brush and smoothing product for maximum movement and shine.

2. Touch up any unruly pieces with a flat iron and smooth down hair around the face. Opt for a middle part for a trendy retro vibe.

3. Set your finished look with a flexible hold hairspray and a bit of shine spray for a glamorous look.


Straight Sexy Hair Darn Straight Straightening Lotion, Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Touchable, It’s a 10 Miracle Shine Spray

Best Face Shape/Hair Type:

All face shapes can wear this style and it works with any density hair but might be a bit difficult for very curly locks.


If you have dense hair that tends to fall flat, try a root pump or a lightweight volumizing product to avoid stick straight strands. Try Matrix Total Results Wonder Boost or Redken Velvet Gelatine Blow Dry Gel.

Messy Beach Waves

This fun mid-length cut is easy to style thanks to long layers. The long, lip-grazing bang adds a bit of fun as well. Pretty brunettes can punch up the style with caramel and honey hued face-framing highlights.

Long Tousled Brunette Waves Hairstyle For Teens

How to Style:

1. Blow dry hair smooth and add volume. Paddle brushes work great for this. Make sure to use a heat protecting smoothing product like a serum or lotion.

2. Once hair is dry, wrap 1 ½” sections around a 1” or larger curling iron and hold for several seconds (5-12 depending on hair type). Use a flexible hold hairspray before wrapping to increase staying power.

3. If needed, flat iron ends of the hair for a super-beachy vibe.


It’s a 10 Miracle Styling Serum, Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Touchable Hairspray

Best Face Shape/Hair type:

Square, heart and oval shaped faces work best for this particular style. Long layers make this cut versatile enough for all textures and most thicknesses.


Blow dry hair with a salt spray, texturizing spray or beach spray for added texture and a matte look. Try Redken Wool Shake and Healthy Sexy Soy Beach Spray.

Favorite Side Braid

Sleek locks into a big messy side braid controls most hair types and works especially great on ladies with very thick hair. This is a great way to contain frizzy locks and misbehaving curls as well.

Side Braid Hairstyle For Teens

How to Style:

1. Allow hair to air dry naturally with a frizz-reducing product or blow dry straight to enhance shine.

2. Gather to your favorite side and secure with an elastic. Add a texture product to the loose ponytail and backcomb it a bit.

3. Braid the hair and secure. Pull and scrunch sections of  the braid to create a messy, textured look.


Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Mellow, Aveda Control Paste

Best Face Shape/Hair Type:

Most shapes work well with this braided look. Diamond shapes should add more volume through the top and crown. Very thick hair textures will have the easiest time creating a full braid.


Backcomb sections of your three-strand braid to create a thick and full ‘do.

Mermaid Texture

Enhance haphazard natural hair textures with high shine for an easy trendy look. Pair with a bright platinum hue for the ultimate California girl look.

Mermaid Waves Teen Hairstyles

How to Style:

1. Spray a sea salt spray on damp or dry hair (according to directions) and pair with a frizz eliminating serum.

2. Scrunch hair occasionally while locks air dry. Set with a flexible hairspray to last all day.


Paul Mitchell Awapuwi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray, Redken Workforce 09 Volumizing Medium Control Spray

Best Face Shape/Hair Type:

Nearly any face shape can rock this look, but oblong faces need to steer clear! To get true mermaid look, the ideal textures are straight to loose curls. Ringlet curls are too tight and structured.


Finish with a weightless shine serum like It’s a 10 Miracle Shine Spray for glamorous, glossy and non-greasy shine.

Sweet & Classic

A half back hairstyle gets an upgrade thanks to high shine and sleek waves. A bit of lift in the crown keeps this style from looking too boho, making it perfect for an evening out or a special event like graduation.

Sweet and Classic Pinned Back Hairstyle For Teens

 How to Style:

1. Blow dry hair to enhance shine and natural volume. Use a smoothing product that will add shine and fight frizz to blow dry.

2. Wrap large sections of hair around a large curling iron (1 ¾”-2”) concentrating mostly on the ends.

3. Barely backcomb the crown and pull desired sections back and pin. Put bobby pins in an ‘x’ so they stay all day and finish with your favorite hairspray.


Straight Sexy Hair Darn Straight Straightening Lotion, Sebastian Shaper Plus Hairspray

Best Face Shape/Hair Type:

Oval, round and square shapes can totally rock this look. It can be achieved on any texture and density hair, however very thick or curly locks need to be well-versed in blow drying their locks straight.


Try this style with different textures like natural curls or waves for a more effortless vibe.

Pumped Up Pony

A playful textured pony gets a rocker twist thanks to a pompadour-inspired front. Dress it up for a night out or keep it casual for a daytime shopping and lunch trip with your best friends.

Textured Ponytail Brunette Medium Length

How to Style:

1. Dry hair to enhance its natural texture. Try a salt spray product or curl cream if you like touchable texture.

2. Take a small section along the front hairline and backcomb (depending on your section size, you may need to divide several times and backcomb each). Smooth the backcombed section back and secure with pins.

3. Pull remaining hair into pony and spritz with hairspray for long lasting hold.


Matrix Total Results Super Defrizzer Gel

Best Face Shape/Hair Type:

Round and triangle shapes rock this pony best, but it can be adapted to suit nearly every face shape. This style can work on any texture and thickness, but it is easiest with medium to thick locks.


Twist random curls around your face while the hair is damp for extra defined curls once dried.

Beach Bob

This short angled bob gets a trendy boost with tousled waves and a natural looking, sun-kissed hair color. Long, barely-there layers help thick hair behave or give life to thin locks.

Ash Blonde Beach Waves Bob Hairstyle For Teens

How to Style:

1. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, apply a medium hold curl enhancing and frizz fighting product and allow your hair to air dry. If you have naturally straight hair, apply a beach spray to damp or dry hair per the product’s directions.

2. Enhance waves or curls by wrapping sections around a 1”-1 ½” curling iron, hold for 5-10 seconds and release.

3. If needed, break up curls with fingers and finish with a flexible hold spray.


Curly Sexy Hair Curl Power Spray Foam, Redken Wool Shake

Best Face Shape/Hair Type:

Heart and oblong face shapes with love this bob. Pass on this cut if you have very thick and/or very curly hair.


Do your curls or waves fall flat throughout the day? Try reviving with a mist of leave-in conditioner like Healthy Sexy Hair Tri-Wheat Leave-In.

Favorite Loose Curls

Classic, long layered locks turn insta-famous with loose tousled curls like Victoria Justice wears. Add peek-a-boo honey or caramel highlights for a super low-maintenance yet dimensional color.

Long Loose Brunette Curls For Teens

How to Style:

1. Blow dry hair to enhance body and use products to fight frizz and add shine.

2. Once hair is dry, curl large sections of hair with a 1 ½” or larger curling iron, focusing on the ends.

3. Once curls are cool, break up with fingers and spray with your favorite hairspray for long lasting hold.


Matrix Total Results Amplify Moose, Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Touchable Hairspray

Best Face Shape/Hair Type:

Most face shapes can pull off long layers. Play around with a bang if you have a square or triangle shape. This look is great for all hair types and textures except for very fine and straight.


Use a medium hold pomade, paste or wax scrunched into the curls to add piecey texture. Try Aveda Defining Whip or Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Paste.

The Wavy Lob

Change up a versatile mid-length lob with shiny, subtle waves and romantic makeup. Try soft and versatile makeup in hues like pink, peach and violet for an ultra-girly feel.

Medium Length Wavy Honey Blonde Bob Hairstyle For Teenagers

How to Style:

1. Blow dry or air dry with a frizz-preventing product.

2. Wrap 2” or larger sections around a large barrel curling iron (1”+) starting around cheekbone, with the exception of a bang.

3. Allow to cool, then loosely break up waves with hands and add anti-frizz serum for shine.


Redken Smooth Down Shampoo and Conditioner or Matrix Total Results Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner

Best Face Shape/Hair Type:

Heart, round and oval shaped faces can wear this look best. Styling will be easiest with straight to loosely curled textures of any thickness.


Alternate which direction hair is being curled in for a looser, more tousled look.

Whether you are headed back to school or starting a new phase in your life, make the change a little more enjoyable with a fresh new hairstyle. Which one of these celebrities will you channel?