3 of the Best Hairstyles Spotted at the Teen Choice Awards

There was certainly no shortage of hot hair and glam looks at the Teen Choice Awards this weekend. We saw plenty of ponytails and tons of messy, relaxed looks. Take a look at our three favorite hairstyles and learn how to recreate them!

Lea Michelle

This starlet was positively glowing with her chic bangs and relaxed, beachy look.

Lea Michelle Teen Choice Awards 2014Image Source: HollywoodLife.com

How To Style:

  1. Blow dry and style your bangs as desired. Lea’s are on the longer side, so if yours are long as well, push them to the side a bit.
  2. If your hair is naturally straight or has only a little bit of wave, let your hair dry naturally or blow dry it using a paddle brush or your fingers. If you have very curly or wavy hair, use a round brush to smoothly dry your hair.
  3. Take large sections at random and wrap them around a 1¼-inch curling iron or curling wand.
  4. Run your fingers through the curls to make them appear more natural.
  5. If needed, spray everything with a light hold finishing spray.

Recommended Products:

I love a little styling prep product before you blow dry. Try applying Body Builder Mousse by Kevin Murphy to your roots pre blow dry.

Shailene Woodly

This breakout star added a simple touch of class to her short ‘do. She made chic and elegant look effortless!

Shailene Woodley Teen Choice Awards 2014Image Source: GotCeleb.com

How To Style:

  1. Use a flat paddle brush to dry your short hair straight.
  2. Using a comb, create a defined part on either side of your head.
  3. Use a strong hold gel or cream to smooth down your hair. Use your comb to smooth it even more if needed.
  4. Spray everything with a strong hold hairspray.

Recommended Products:

The right product is crucial when trying to achieve a look like this. I love Super Goo by Kevin Murphy. It has a very strong hold but is easy to work with and will give your hair the same sheen that Shailene is rocking.

Selena Gomez

This beauty never fails to bring us a glam look. Even with a ponytail, she found a way to look classy and fabulous!

Selena Gomez Teen Choice Awards 2014Image Source: HollywoodLife.com

How To Style:

  1. Begin with dry, smooth hair.
  2. Use a comb to create a defined center part.
  3. Use a gel to smooth your hair into a tight ponytail in the back/middle of your head.
  4. Use a ponytail holder to secure the hair.
  5. Take a small piece of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the ponytail holder to hide it. Secure the end of the piece of hair with a bobby pin.
  6. Spray everything with a strong hold finishing spray.

Recommended Products:

At the end of creating a tight ponytail, you need a great hairspray to pull everything together. I absolutely love Classic Hairspray by Bumble and Bumble. It’s light yet has a decently strong hold that’s perfect for this style!

These glamorous gals’ Teen Choice Awards hairstyles offer up three chic hairstyling options for you to try. Perhaps they will give you an idea of how to change up your everyday short style, ponytail or messy look? They are all super simple and you’ll have these red carpet-worthy looks down in no time. Happy hairstyling!