A Taylor Swift-Inspired Vintage Updo You Can’t Miss

Taylor Swift has a naturally vintage look to her. Perhaps it’s her pale, doll-like skin, those pouty lips or her classically beautiful features. Maybe it’s her poise and inner glamour shining through. Whatever the case may be, Swift often plays up that vintage vibe, this hairstyle serving as the perfect example.

“I love this look on Taylor because it is simple, yet sophisticated,” notes Lisa Lobesco, the lead hairstylist for ECRU New York. She walks us how to get this gorgeous look step by step. Plus, she offers some tips for transforming this look! Of all the Taylor Swift hair tutorials out there, this is one you can’t help but try.

Taylor Swift Hair Tutorials - Vintage Updo

How to Create Taylor’s Vintage Updo:

Step 1: Make Waves
“Start by creating some soft waves on the ends of the hair from about the ear down,” instructs Lobesco. She says to use a 1 1/4-inch or 1 1/2-inch curling iron for this. Try the Rainbow Gold 1 1/4-inch Curling Iron which quickly heats up to a variable temperature of 430 degrees and creates long-lasting hold.

To create the curls, clip up most of your hair and then spray a one-inch section with a styling spray. Lobesco recommends ECRU New York’s Sunlight Styling Spray. This will protect the hair from potential heat damage.

“Curl the ends, rolling from the bottom until you reach approximately the ear,” she says. “Continue this until all the ends have soft waves.”

Step 2: Texturize
Take a small amount of ECRU New York Silk Texturizing Balm, emulsify it in the palm of your hands and then gently work through the ends of hair.

“This will smooth fly aways and add additional shine to the curls,” says Lobesco.

Step 3: Pin and Style
Now it’s time to pull your hair up. Lobesco says to first brush the hairline back and pin your hair right behind the ear. Then she says to take the remaining hair and divide it into two strands. Tie these two strands into a knot.

“Secure the knot at the nape of the neck, allowing any ends to fall free,” she notes. You can use extra large bobby pins to secure. She recommends crisscrossing them, which will help hold everything in place.

Bonus: Transform It!
“This is a great look from day to night as hair can be left down during the day, and then quickly transformed in these few simple steps,” says Lobesco. “To add fun for the holidays, you can add a bit of sparkle by taking rhinestones or jeweled buttons. Small branches are also a great hair accessory and can be attached by simply using bobby pins.”

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