Get Taylor Swift’s Signature Curls in 5 Easy Steps

If there’s one thing Taylor Swift’s known for — aside from her music pipes — it’s that sweet head of curls she wears on the reg. They’re not just any ol’ curls, though. They’re Taylor Swift curls. These signature ringlets may seem difficult to recreate, but it can actually be done in a few easy steps.

“This hair is wearable, soft and can be dressed up or down depending on the outfit and occasion,” says celebrity hairstylist and beauty expert Hasblady Guzman. “It will also hold for hours.”

Guzman says that thicker or medium hair will hold this look best. “Thin, fine hair will lose the robustness of the curl in five hours or in humidity, or if you’re dancing and sweating,” she notes. “If the person has a slight, natural wave and body, it is heavenly and will last three days, provided the person is not playing in a sandbox.”

Taylor Swift Curls Tutorial

How To Get Taylor Swift Curls:

1. Round brush your hair with a medium to large brush, instructs Guzman.

2. Make 1 and a 1/2-inch ponytails around the crown of your head with baby rubber bands.

3. Go around your head, curling each ponytail with a 3/4-inch curling wand. Try Chi’s Orbit Ceramic Curling Wand, a slightly tapered wand that ranges from .7 inches to 1 inch.

4. Set the curls with flexible hold hairspray. Guzman recommends Aveda’s Air Control Hairspray, which offers a flexible finish that holds your curls for hours and hours.

5. Remove the ponytails and gently brush out the curls with a medium Mason Pearson brush. As an alternative, run your fingers through your hair to break them up a little bit.

Styling Tip:

You can style these Taylor Swift curls however you want. Leave it down like Taylor often does, pull it half up, or even gather it into a low ponytail. Guzman says this look will also last into the next day, so your efforts are worth it. To preserve the look overnight, just wear a shower cap whenever you hop in the shower.

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