Get Super Shiny, Taylor Swift Straight Hair in 4 Simple Steps

We normally see Taylor in big curls or hair with lots of body, so this super straight and shiny look she wore at the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is a big change. She’s obviously working against her natural texture here, which is OK every once in a while, especially if you’re using products that protect hair from potential damage done by heating tools.

Like the Taylor Swift straight hair look, but aren’t sure you can pull it off? With the right tools, products and expert know-how, you definitely can. We spoke to Lisa Lobosco, the lead hairstylist for ECRU New York, about how women with a thick and wavy hair texture like Taylor’s can get this same look.

Taylor Swift Straight Hair Tutorial

How to Get Taylor Swift Straight Hair:

1. “To create Taylor’s smooth, silky look, apply a protein serum to damp hair first,” advises Lobosco. She recommends ECRU New York’s Acacia Protein Oil, which she says will “protect the hair and reduce drying time.”

2. Next, using a large round or flat paddy brush, dry the hair with a blow dryer so that it’s as smooth as possible. A nice, quality brush can really help with your blow dry process. For example, the Goody Style Boar/Nylon Hot Round Brush is made with ceramic, which minimizes drying time, and natural boar bristles, which add shine. It’s also ionic, which minimizes frizz. If your hair is thick, course or curl-inclined, you’ll likely have more body and texture at this point than Taylor Swift does in her final look. That’s OK, because we’re not done yet.

3. Once you’ve got dry hair, it’s time re-apply a small amount of ECRU New York Acacia Protein oil to the hair before straightening. The protein oil helps protect the hair from the heat of the iron and also allows the iron to glide through the hair. It may seem time consuming to move on to a straightening product right after you blow dry, but if you want those super straight locks, it’s a necessary step.

“A flat iron is necessary to thoroughly smooth the hair,” notes Lobosco. “Choose a flat iron that gets very hot — 425 degrees. It is better for the hair to use a hotter iron and pass it through once than a cooler iron that requires multiple passes to straighten and smooth the hair.”

In addition to using an iron that gets very hot, Lobosco recommends a flat iron with a rounded shape. “This makes beveling the ends and bangs easier,” she says. Try the GHD Classic 1″ Styler. It has a rounded barrel, goes into sleep mode (if you accidentally forget to turn it off), a swivel cord, universal voltage and advanced ceramic heater technology.

4. Clip up the hair leaving a two-inch wide section at the nape of the neck. Slide the flat iron slowly without stopping from root to ends.

“Never hold the iron still on any section of hair, for this will burn the hair,” says Lobosco. “Working in two-inch panels, repeat this process throughout the entire head. For the bangs, curve the iron up and under as you slide through the hair to create a beveled effect.”

BONUS TIP: To maximize your blow dry and straighten, use a dry shampoo on subsequent days. Lobesco recommends New York Streets Dry Shampoo.

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