Channel Your Inner Doll With This Taylor Swift Ponytail

Taylor Swift has an almost doll-like quality about her in this whisper worthy look. Her illuminating makeup and bright, doe eyes help, but so does that glorious, refined pony she’s rocking.

“What I love about this Taylor Swift look is that it is truly elegant, to say the least,” raves Anna Barseghian, a hair and makeup artist.

Barseghian says this is one of those hairstyles that works for a variety occasions, be it a work event, holiday soiree or even a Friday night at your favorite eatery. “Realistically, ladies, we don’t walk the red carpet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t wear it just as well!”

Taylor Swift Ponytail

How to Get This Pretty Taylor Swift Ponytail:

Step 1: Prep

First, round up all the necessities. You’ll need the following: a 1-inch curling iron or wand, a comb, two clips, hairspray, a hair elastic and bobby pins. To achieve the ultra glossy vibe that Swift has, you’ll want to start with healthy hair. Try Briogeo’s “Don’t Despair, Repair,” a deep conditioning mask, beforehand!

Step 2: Section and Curl Hair

“Clip up the top section of your hair,” instructs Barseghian. That includes everything above your ears. Then, curl the remaining hair in 1-inch sections. “Remember that¬†using bigger sections of hair will get you bigger, looser curls, while using smaller sections of hair will give you smaller, tighter ringlets,” she notes. Try NuMe’s classic curling wand, which uses top of the line materials to ensure you get a glossy curl without damaging your locks.

Step 3: Continue Curling

“When the bottom section of hair is finished, unclip your hair and let out a little more, clipping up the excess again,” says Barseghian. “Continue working this way until all your hair is curled, leaving out the front.”

Step 4: Curling Front Hair

You want a more relaxed curl in the front, which will help frame the face and lay nicer against your head. “To do this, hold the curling iron vertically in front of the end of your brow,” says Barseghian. “Then draw the hair over to the iron and wrap the hair away from the face.”

Step 5: Pony Up

Once all that curling’s complete, gently bring it together into a low pony tail. “Next, take a small section of your ponytail and wrap it around the elastic,” instructs Barseghian. This conceals the ponytail elastic and gives you a more polished look. “Take a bobby pin and secure the wrapped piece at the base under the ponytail.” Use two bobby pins to make an “X,” which helps keep them in place.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

“To complete this look, mist hair with a hairspray, such as White Sands Infinity Hair Spray,” advises Barseghian. You can leave as is or add a hair accessory or two for additional glamour.

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