The Half Up, Half Down ‘Do Taylor Swift Hair Tutorial

Taylor Swift hair

It’s time to up your hair A-game Latest-Hair readers, and who better to take your cue from than country’s favorite sensation, Taylor Swift? While her smoky eye is almost always a given, the blonde-haired maiden loves to change up her ‘do and you ought to do the same. Today’s “Taylor hair du jour” is her romantic-meets-modern half updo that she wore to the PUNK: Chaos to Couture Costume Institute Gala this past May.

“I love the idea of modernizing this style,” says L’Oréal Professionnel artist Pepper Pastor, who notes that the half up/half down thing got a bad rap for a while since it seemed dated.

“Swift brings a soft, sexiness to it,” she says. “I think the key to wearing hair half up is to have some length to your hair. Locks cascading below the shoulder give a freshness to the trend.” She also says to keep the hair soft for that young, fresh vibe.

Taylor Swift hair

Pastor’s How-To for This Taylor Swift Hair Look:

You’re five steps closer to this sexy ‘do. Follow each one carefully and be the belle of the ball. Or belle of the office party / holiday shindig / friendly gathering. You get the idea.

1. On dry hair, apply L’Oreal Professional Texture Expert Expansion Body Activating Mousse on ends in a scrunching motion. This lightweight mousse gives the hair some texture and adds hold.

2. Next, apply a combo of L’Oréal Professionnel True Grip texturizing powder at the root and follow with L’Oréal Professionnel Fresh Dust dry shampoo throughout hair. These products are great tools to use as a base. They keep hair movable, absorb unwanted oil and add texture to easily manipulate the hair.

3. Starting at mid length and using 2 to 3 inch sections of hair, loosely wind hair around a 1-inch iron. Try the Kiss Silicone Styler.

4. Gently back comb hair at root with a small bristled brush, which provides fullness and soft texture around the face.

5. Begin pulling hair up and away from the face and start securing 2 to 3 inch sections on/at the crown of head with bobby pins. Continue until hair is swept off face. Lastly, brush out at the lengths of the hair, leaving hair slightly frothy.

Tip for Making This Look Last Longer:

“For extra hold and a long night of dancing, criss cross bobby pins when securing them in the hair,” advises Pastor. “Do this by placing a second pin on top of the first, but so one is vertical and one is horizontal, making an ‘X.'”

If you loved this look on Taylor, then you’ll really love recreating her 1920s-inspired hairstyle!