Hair How-To: Selena Gomez’s Easy Spiral Curls

One of the things we love most about Selena Gomez is her totally approachable style. She looks laid-back, totally cool and effortlessly stylish. We love how natural these spiral curls look on her and the easy breezy look is a cinch to recreate, too! We spoke with Federico Calce, owner of Federico Salon in Manhattan whose team has worked with loads of supermodels and counts A-listers like Nicole Kidman as clients, on how to get Selena Gomez’s spiral curls. And, he gave us not just one but two easy ways to get this look!

Get The Look: Selena Gomez’s Easy Spiral Curls

Get The Look: Selena Gomez's Easy Spiral Curls

1. Shampoo and condition hair. Prep by misting FaBriq Volumizing Mist all over damp hair. Apply liberally.

2. Using a medium-sized boar bristle brush, dry hair until soft and smooth. A little wave is ok, just as long as hair is completely dry.

3. For the spiral curls, use a 1/2-inch curling iron and take wide long sections of the hair, “preferably five sections for the back of the head and three for each side,” Calce says. Be sure to not clamp the hair and instead, wrap the hair around the barrel of the iron so you get a nice wave instead of a curl. “Keep the iron at a 25 degree angle to the head. After curling, immediately roll the curl up while still hot and clip at the base. Do this for each section,” Calce says.

4. Remove all clips once hair has cooled. Gently comb through curls with your fingers and part hair to preferred side.

5. Finish with FaBriq Firm Hold Hair Spray. “The added UV protection is a great benefit for outdoor wear,” Calce says.

OR: Try flat iron curls instead!

1. Follow steps one and two above.

2. Instead of a curling iron, grab a flat iron. Calce recommends Cortex Professional Series because it heats up quickly and regulates temperature well.

3. Working with two-inch sections of hair, clamp the flat iron close to the scalp so that the iron is perpendicular to your head. “With your wrist, twist the iron down and towards the scalp so that the knuckles of your hand face upward,” Calce explains. Twist again in the same direction, hair should now be wrapped around the iron. Glide the iron down the length of the hair to create loose curls. For more of a visual, check out this tutorial on how to get flat iron curls.

4. Mist hair with FaBriq Firm Hold Hairspray. Brush curls out with your fingers to loosen and reveal soft waves.

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