Feeling Bold? Try This Insanely Sexy Rihanna Hairstyle

Anything that makes a statement earns my utmost respect. Whether it’s a piece of art, an inspiring song or a bold beauty move, I’m all about it. Which is probably why I’m so drawn to this seriously intrepid hair style worn by singer Rihanna at her “Unapologetic” Album Launch in NYC. Unapologetically audacious is what she is, and who can’t help but love it?

Award winning celebrity hairstylist Dominick Pucciarello — whose work has been featured in the glossy pages of myriad haute couture magazines, and whose hands have manipulated the tresses of Heidi Klum, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gisele Bundchen and other notable names — agrees.

“I like this look because it looks simple and can be recreated effortlessly, yet it is still glamourous,” he says.

Lucky for you, this NY-based stylist has supplied the DIY breakdown for this ‘do, so listen up.

Five Steps to Fierce Rihanna Hair:

rihanna hairstyle

Step One: “Start by curling the hair using the Kiss Silicone Styler,” he says. “Take 1-inch sections and clamp the styler at the ends of strands and flip upwards, slowly pulling styler in a downward motion.”

Step Two: Take bangs and comb downwards to the right ear, making sure hair stays over the forehead. Secure hair in place with two criss-crossed bobby pins.

Step Three: Next, Pucciarello says to “pull hair to the right side and secure with an elastic, creating a low side ponytail.”

Step Four: To complete this look, tie a leather head wrap (or similar) near the hairline and secure at the nape of your neck. Style with flashy cat eye sunglasses and gold bling a la Rihanna, and don’t forget a bold lip.

Step Five: To keep things in place all day long, Pucciarello says to apply a strong hold hairspray, such as L’Oréal Professionnel Infinium 3 Hairspray, which creates a “workable hold and tames flyaways.”

If bold Rihanna hair is what you crave, then you’ll want to learn how to copy her fiery red locks here.